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English, Pop, 1 season, 242 episodes
Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.
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Richie Ren 任賢齊

Have a listen to music from Richie Ren, the most gentlemanly Taiwanese singer/songwriter and actor you'll ever get to know! On Jukebox Republic!
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Jolin Tsai 蔡依林

Jolin Tsai is known as Queen of Chinese pop, but also as Queen of Mandarin Pop and Asia's Dancing Queen. Enjoy her music on Jukebox Republic.
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EggPlantEgg 茄子蛋

EggPlantEgg is a Taiwanese band specializing in Taiwanese pop. A couple of their songs became popular overnight to this day, like "The Prodigal Son". Enjoy their music on Jukebox Republic.
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Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac is a Taiwanese rock band that was founded in 1999. They are still going strong with a keyboard/lead vocalist and a drummer, even though they lost their bass guitarist to cancer in 2018. Hear their music on Jukebox Republic.
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Wu Qing-feng 吳青峰

Have a listen to Wu Qing-feng, known to have a singing technique that forges a genderless voice, on Jukebox Republic.
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Wubai 伍佰

On Jukebox Republic this week, have a listen to Mandarin Chinese songs with very typical local Taiwanese accent by Wubai.
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Mayday 五月天

Tune in to Jukebox Republic to find out who has always been the Taiwanese rock band Mayday's idol.
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Deserts Chang 安溥

Deserts Chang is one of the few independent artists who have won at major categories in the Golden Melody Awards, the equivalent of the Grammys in Asia. Listen to her unique melodies with very different lyrics, on Jukebox Republic.
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Harlem Yu 庾澄慶

Hear how Harlem Yu brought R&B music into Taiwan and what he's up to now in his life on Jukebox Republic.
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Boon Hui Lu 文慧如

Boon Hui Lu is a Singaporean singer/songwriter and actress. She's now making a mark in Taiwan. Have a listen to her great singing on Jukebox Republic.
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Jody Chiang 江蕙

Listen to soothing, mesmerizing singing from retired top Taiwanese diva of the Taiwanese language, Jody Chiang and her sister, Nana Chiang, on Jukebox Republic.
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Bobby Chen 陳昇

Have a listen to talented singer songwriter Taiwanese artist Bobby Chen, a person who speaks his mind, on Jukebox Republic.
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Rene Liu 劉若英

Rene Liu is a talented singer and actress. Find out on Jukebox Republic why she chose to pursue a career in pop music over classical music.
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Andy Lau 劉德華

Despite being better known for his acting, Cantopop artist Andy Lau still has a passion for singing. Enjoy his voice singing Mandarin songs on Jukebox Republic this week.
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Vivian Hsu 徐若瑄

On this week's Jukebox Republic, enjoy Vivian Hsu's music as well as find out how the birth of her child came at just the right time.
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Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩

Lala Hsu is a mother now, but still loves to write and make music. Enjoy her originality and flawless singing on Jukebox Republic.
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Motorcycle license tests made harder

On Jukebox Republic, a talk about how the government wants to make motorcycle license tests more difficult in light of frequent accidents on the road.
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New flavors of drinks

On Jukebox Republic, learn about how Taiwan researchers are looking for more interesting, unique drinks for the ubiquitous drink shops around the country.
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An upgrade

On Jukebox Repubic, learn about how the city-wide bike rental service in Taipei will be upgraded and become greener.
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Ivan Yanakov

For a change, Jukebox Republic this week features renowned concert pianist from Bulgaria, Ivan Yanakov. He shares with us recorded works of Chopin, Liszt, and a couple of other composers Ivan admires. 
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Kids need new vaccine

In the past week, health experts are calling kids under the age of 18 to get new COVID vaccine because of yet another new Omicron subvariant. The COVID pandemic is still going but when is it ever going to end? Shirley Lin talks about that on Jukebox Republic.
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NTU trademark

A talk about the National Taiwan University suing a cram school for using its name on the basis of trademark infringement, on Jukebox Republic.
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Love for fried foods

On Jukebox Republic, a talk about Taiwanese people's love for fried foods called popcorn chicken which isn't just chicken.
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Coolest street

The global magazine Time Out has rated Taipei's Yongkang Street as one of 33 coolest streets in the world. Enjoy songs about being 'cool' on Jukebox Republic.
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Cut from 10 hours to 3 hours only?

On Jukebox Republic, hear how a speed ferry helps cut down on travel time between the main island of Taiwan and the Matsu Islands.
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No typhoons in 3 years

It's official...we've not had typhoons in Taiwan in three years straight! Is that good or bad? Find out on Jukebox Republic this week.
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Dependents > working population

A talk about how Taiwan's dependent population will outnumber its working population earlier than predicted, on Jukebox Republic.
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Vietnam month

On Jukebox Republic, hear about the Vietnam month at the National Palace Museum, the Southern Branch, in Chiayi.
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Soap box derby in Taiwan?

On Jukebox Republic, listen to songs like "a racing car", "getting rowdy" and "adventurous" as you hear about a soap box derby in its 9th year organized by the Siraya National Scenic Area Management Office in Tainan.
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What are the risks?

On Jukebox Republic, you get to hear songs from Li Rong Hao of Beijing and Usay Kawlu of the Amis people as Shirley Lin reveals a shocking study result that's been in the news lately.
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Stranger in a new town

On this week's Jukebox Republic, listen to songs on how to comfort someone who's new in town.  
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Taiwan helps with strays in Guam

On Jukebox Republic, a listen to how a Taiwan university helps the serious stray animal population in Guam and songs about "nomads", "wanderers", and "homeless".
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Mom, Don't Do That

On this week's Jukebox Republic, a look at the talk of the town: a TV comedy series that won the audience award at the Taipei Film Festival about mother-daughter relationships and their separate dating lives.
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Willing to fight?

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin discusses an article about an urban warfare workshop that took place outside of Taipei. Would you take up arms to defend your country?
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Tanya Chua wins at Golden Melody

Tanya Chua from Singapore won four awards at the recent Golden Melody Awards, often called the GRAMMYs of the Chinese-speaking world. On Jukebox Republic, listen to songs from Tanya's winning album DEPART. 
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Taiwan girl wins MasterChef Junior

On Jukebox Republic, you get to share the joy of a 13-year old girl who is the first Taiwanese-American to win at the popular US culinary TV show MasterChef Junior and then hear songs of "joy".
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Food trucks and don't call me Auntie

On Jukebox Republic, you learn why Taiwanese women don't like to be called Auntie and how food trucks offering free Central American and Filipino dishes were a hit.
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The Heathcliff Trio

For a change of pace, this week's Jukebox Republic plays classical music performances by the Heathcliff Trio, who just won first prize at the recent International Johannes Brahms Chamber Music Competition in Poland. Shirley Lin interviews the trio composed of Taiwaneses violinist Ashley Tong, British cellist Sebastian Kolin, and Danish pianist Jonathan Siahaan. 
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Carved in gold

On Jukebox Republic, you get to hear about a craftsman who loves to use a magnifying glass to make the smallest possible kind of art using gold or grains of rice.
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Telemedicine consultations

On Jukebox Republic, hear the good news of remote telemedicine consultations in Taiwan for those COVID patients who can't go to the hospitals while in quarantine. And hear songs to lighten up your spirit in the midst of the misery that COVID has brought to all of our lives.
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Helping Hualien farmers

On Jukebox Republic, learn about farmers in Hualien getting help from a university to resolve problems like preventing thieves from stealing their crops.
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Least favorite vegetable

On Jukebox Republic this week, what are Taiwanese people's most and least favorite items in the six major food categories. You'd be surprised to find out which vegetable people like the least!
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Contact tracing cancelled

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin reports on the cancellation of the COVID contact tracing system at public and business venues. But she also reminds us not to take the Omicron variant of COVID lightly.
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Civil defense handbook

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin gives you the details on the recent publication of a civil defense handbook and what a particular political party thinks about it. You will also hear songs like "Do not be afraid" and "Be prepared".
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A-mei making a comeback

After a seven year hiatus, Taiwan's Mandopop diva A-mei is back! She just finished a round of 12 concerts, but not without problems. This week's Jukebox Republic also features some of her powerful music!
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Taiwanese-Australian artist wins award

On this week's Jukebox Republic, you can hear the story of the Taiwanese-Australian instrumentalist Matt Hsu coming to grips with internalized racism from growing up in Australia. He won an award at the recent Queensland Music Awards.
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Hard to have savings

According to a survey conducted by the job bank Yes123, 20% of young Taiwanese workers have no savings. Learn more about it on this week's Jukebox Republic.
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One more crossed on bucket list

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about her best friend's first oil painting exhibit, which turned out to be a great success. The event was something her friend has had on her bucket list for 26 years!
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Solution for passiveness

On this week's Jukebox Republic, learn how Shirley Lin was given a way to become less passive... in exercising!
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No scooters on sidewalks please

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about what's been in the news last week with Uniqlo reversing its decision on Russia and Kaohsiung police catching scooter riders on the sidewalks.
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Reservists and global warming

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin touches on two topics of importance: new reservists' training program and the impact of global warming on Taiwan.
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Taipei has IG Museum too

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about another museum she visited recently, except this time, a really photogenic one!
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Museum of Failure

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about her thoughts and the memorable parts of her visit to the Museum of Failure in Taipei. Also have a listen to songs on 'failure', but most likely failed relationships!
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Upgrade in public facilities

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin covers two vital improvements in public facilities around Taiwan that had been taken for granted up till now.
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Chinese New year recap

On Jukebox Republic this week, the host reminisces on the food she consumed during the Lunar New Year holiday and the differences she felt this year compared to last year.
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As always on Lunar New Year's Eve

More than anything, Shirley Lin talks about what dishes she will have on this year's Chinese New Year's Eve dinner at her in laws on Jukebox Republic.
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Pumice stones and green power

Thanks to creative minds and advanced technology, Taiwan is doing better as you hear about what some people are doing with pumice stones drifting to Taiwan from a recent volcanic eruption somewhere outside of the country, and why some farmers can survive only because green energy is becoming more and more developed in Taiwan. All this on this week's Jukebox Republic.
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Masks back on

On Jukebox Republic this week, Shirley Lin updates you on the COVID situation in Taiwan and what new regulations are in place.
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Off to a good start

On Jukebox Republic this week, Shirley Lin is off to a pretty good start in the new year with songs about 'beautiful'.
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Into the new year

For Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin briefs everyone on what she was planning to do counting down to the new year, and talks about 'pineapple papers'!
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Getting along with Shalom

On Jukebox  Republic this week, Shirley Lin updates her interaction with Shalom, their new member in the house! You get to hear more songs about cats by Taiwanese and Hong Kong artists.
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I'm Shalom

Shalom is the new cat in Shirley's house. Hear her talk about the first two weeks after Shalom arrives, on Jukebox Republic.
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Double decker and rum

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin covers some interesting stories on a double decker bus and rum coming out of Taiwan.
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Most humble guy I know

Shirley Lin talks about her favorite Taiwanese American movie director, Ang Lee and how a Taiwanese supermarket chain offers to set up vaccine sites at their stores, on Jukebox Republic.
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Tea-based sweet drinks

Shirley Lin talks about a research center in Taiwan trying to develop new flavors and concoctions of tea-based drinks to meet growing demands, on Jukebox Republic.
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Peacock nuisance

On Jukebox Republic this week, you get to hear the issue of peacocks running amok on the outlying island of Kinmen. 
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Cats love it!

Shirley Lin talks about a new cat food made from silkworm pupae, about the sudden turning cold weather and the opening up to migrant workers, on this week's Jukebox Republic.
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Yoga in Taiwan

What's the yoga scene like in Taiwan? Tune in to Jukebox Republic to find out and learn about an upcoming, Taiwan's very own yoga festival: Oceansound Yoga Festival 2021.
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Flip flops and water caltrops

Believe it or not, a Taiwanese marathon runner wore flip flops to run in a race? Also, do you know what is a water caltrop? Hear more and find out the answers on this week's Jukebox Republic.
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Palau opening up more to Taiwan

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley talks about how Palau wants so badly for Taiwanese people to travel to the Pacific island country and Taiwan is gradually going maskless when exercising outdoors!
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A week of good news

Shirley Lin recaps some of the good news coming out of Taiwan in the past week, on Jukebox Republic.
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Proud of Taiwan

How can Taiwanese people not be proud of their country when local COVID cases have gone down to zero for several days in a row? That's what you'll hear on this week's Jukebox Republic: pride.
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What to do about the birthrate?

Find out how the Taiwan government is trying to boost the national birthrate by working on the dads-to-be, on Jukebox Republic.
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Nothing better than good news

On Jukebox Republic this week, you get to hear some good news coming out of Taiwan.
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The most humane egg farm

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin touches on an interesting story about a man in Miaoli who intends to become the biggest humane egg producer in Taiwan. He believes that "happy farmers raise happy chickens". Guess what songs you will hear on this week's show?
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Getting a pet

Hear how Shirley's house will soon have a pet and all the songs about cats, on Jukebox Republic.
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The art in you

On this week's Jukebox Republic, find out what a school principal in Yilan likes to do most during school meetings.
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My bucket list

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley shares how she started a bucket list for real!
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Seeds shape our lives

On Jukebox Republic, learn about seeds from a seed exhibition in Taipei and how a pet caiman was lost and then found.   Photo credit: JonRichfield, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
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Sustainability is the issue

On Jukebox  Republic this week, Shirley Lin focuses on Jane Goodall, environmental issues and climate change.
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Ten pieces of pineapples?

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin shares thoughts about the training life behind Taiwan's bronze medalist Huang Hsiao-wen in boxing.
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Olympic medalists behind the scenes

On this week's Jukebox Republic, learn about one Taiwanese Olympic medalist's childhood days and philanthropic act, and another foreign medalist who has a Taiwan connection!
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Got the jab!

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley talks about her whole COVID-19 vaccination ordeal.
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Dare to venture out

On Jukebox Republic. Shirley Lin gives an update on what places are reopened with eased restrictions in Taiwan and how the turnout has been while still under Level 3 alert.
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Get to go to the movies again!

Shirley Lin talks about some of the relaxed COVID restrictions as Taiwan extends its soft lockdown for another two weeks, on Jukebox Republic.
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Speed up vaccination

Shirley Lin talks about an advice from Taiwan's former Vice President Chen Chien-jen why it's important to get vaccinated as soon as possible, on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2021-06-28

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Had to get a haircut

On Jukebox Republic, hear songs about impatience and annoyance that the host felt out of desperation.
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Who get the vaccines?

With Japan and the US donating more vaccines for Taiwan, are the Taiwanese people feeling any better? Find out from the songs on Jukebox Republic.
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What if there's a total lockdown?

Shirley Lin says we must "be prepared" in case there's a real full lockdown in Taipei City, on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2021-05-31

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On Jukebox Republic, learn what's one thing you can also do while staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Taiwanese people are into panic buying.
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Finally made it there

Shirley Lin talks about her trip to the Cingjing Farm in Nantou County, finally seeing the sheep and feeling like singing "The Sound of Music" on this week's Jukebox Republic. She hugely hints that she would like to go back again some day!
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Biggest community in Longtan

On this week's Jukebox Republic, a one-day trip to Longtan, Taoyuan City brought excitement, purplish feeling, and warm hospitality to the host.
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Introducing Tsay, Shyu and Kangujam

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about news stories from the past week that inspired her.
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Name change? Again?

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin brings up the "salmon name change chaos" but in a positive light.
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What should we do?

On Jukebox Republic, what should we do about the serious drought situation in Taiwan? Also, let's come together and celebrate with Taiwanese director Ang Lee on the BAFTA award he just won.
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A lake tucked away in Yilan

Shirley talks about her first time to the Mei Hua Lake in Yilan, on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2021-04-05

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-03-29

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-03-22

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-03-15

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-03-08

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-03-01

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What kind of name is that?

Hear about a memorable but short Lunar New Year getaway to a villa with an unusual name and pronunciation, on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2021-02-15

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-02-08

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-02-01

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-01-25

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-01-18

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-01-11

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Jukebox Republic - 2021-01-04

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Christmas mood

Join the host on Jukebox Republic as she talks about her festive mood during this Christmas, despite the COVID-19 pandemic!
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Jukebox Republic - 2020-12-21

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Forbes ranked our president again

This week's Jukebox Republic featured songs like "great woman", "strong", and "Praise, kudos, compliments", because Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen is again ranked in Forbes' "World's 100 Most Powerful Women".
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About con artists

On this week's Jukebox Republic, the topic on scams and con artists is discussed, with songs hopefully to soothe your soul if you were someone who once got scammed.
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A first in life

On Jukebox Republic, hear the host talk about her first ever to be hospitalized other than giving birth.
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Jukebox Republic - 2020-11-23

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-11-16

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-11-09

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Tourism factory industry in Taiwan

On this week's Jukebox Republic, a trip to a tourism factory in Hsinchu that makes rice vermicelli.
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Last leg of a long trip

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin reminsces the last leg of her seven-day trip around Taiwan, with a long stop at the Sanxiantai Bridge in Taitung.
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A restaurant wihout a menu

Shirley Lin embarks on the second leg of her unplanned seven-day trip around Taiwan, on Jukebox Republic. This time she is on her second day in Hualien after three days in Yilan.
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Next stop, Hualien

On Jukebox Republic, the host continues to describe a crazy trip she took with her daughter's in laws. This time they arrived in Hualien for a two night stay.
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Starting off on 2nd leg of a seven-day trip

Shirley Lin recounts her round trip around Taiwan with her daughter's in laws, on Jukebox Republic.
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First part of a 7-day trip

Tune in to Jukebox Republic to hear different versions of songs about "making a round trip around the island".
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Jukebox Republic - 2020-09-21

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Rain, rain, rain

On this week's Jukebox Republic, the host literally talks about raining on her parade!
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Slacking off

Have you slacked off about COVID-19 rules for putting the disease under control? Tune in to Jukebox Republic to hear from one who has lowered her defense a little.
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What's new?

Tune in to this week's Jukebox Republic to find out what's new with the host!
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Loving it

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about why and how she got a new watch and absolutely loving it.
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Taking up Zumba

Shirley Lin talks about taking up Zumba classes wtih her mom, on Jukebox Republic.
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Raps his way into English

Hear Shou Zi raps as he makes his way 12 times on to the top 50's charts this past week, on Jukebox Republic.
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Proud but also a tad worried

On Jukebox Republic, find out why Shirley plays songs about being proud but also about being worried when it comes to her son's future acting career!
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Another victorious feat

On Jukebox Republic, you get to hear about a hiking trip into the mountains in Miaoli County and songs about elation.
Episode Artwork

Go climb a mountain

This week's Jukebox Republic takes you over mountains and valleys while listening to songs that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone!
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No regrets and while young

James Yang has a law degree and worked in finance for a while before he realized his passion is in music. He said he has to give it a try while he's young, otherwise he'll regret it for life. Tune in to Jukebox Republic to hear his throaty voice and love songs. 
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So great to connect after all those years!

On Jukebox Republic, a fun, exciting online class reunion ever to be held.
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A lovely place tucked away in a quiet street

Tune in to this week's Jukebox Republic as Shirley Lin talks about her invitation to a lovely cafe/gallery opening and brought her "artistic" friends with her.
Episode Artwork

Going vegetarian, maybe?

On this week's Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about her possibility of going vegetarian.
Episode Artwork

Spend a night at a reservoir?

The Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan not only provides clean water, it also provides leisure and entertainment. How so? Tune in to Jukebox Republic to find out.
Episode Artwork

What's my hobby?

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin talks about maybe it's time to find a hobby.
Episode Artwork

A big house

What's it like to stay at a big house in Yangming Mountain with 13 people? Hear the story on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2020-05-25

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-05-18

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-05-11

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-05-04

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Stands the test of time

This week, Jukebox Republic takes the opportunity to introduce some old classics of Taiwan. What would be some of the most representative ones of Taiwanese pop music? To name off one that’s a household name, among others, would be Ye Lai Xiang which is the Chinese name for evening primrose. It is most well-known sung by the late Teresa Teng, who was Taiwan’s cultural icon and considered as one of the most influential singers in Asia.   Brian Newell who is a long time listener of RTI’s English language programs from Logansport, Indiana, USA, agrees on the song Ye Lai Xiang. He also has a liking for an a cappella version of the song performed by Taiwanese singer/songwriter David Tao. He thanked the invention of Google Translate to finally make him realize what the lyrics to the love song are all about.   Brian also said how he has a liking for the Puyuma aboriginal singer Samingad for her absolutely captivating voice. He even read from the notes that he jot down at the time when he heard her voice for the first time. He mentioned another song by Samingad, a harvest song which I also played in the show. He said it is a song that inspires him get up and get moving, when he doesn’t feel like it.   In an email, Brian also mentioned another favorite though sad song called Ring the Bell by Samingad. He said it was a song in remembrance of Samingad’s grandmother when Samingad moved to the city. “Ring the Bell” had something to do with treasuring every phone call she made to her granny. Brian’s thoughts on Samingad’s voice were that it’s very moving and authentic.   Along the line of Taiwanese indigenous singers, Brian also appreciates the music from the Amis singer/songwriter Ilid Kaolo. The music program this week ends with two songs from the winner of three categories at the Golden Melody Awards in 2012.
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Jukebox Republic - 2020-04-20

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-04-13

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-04-06

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-03-30

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-03-23

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-03-16

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-03-09

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-03-02

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-02-24

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-02-17

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-02-10

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-02-03

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-01-27

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-01-20

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-01-13

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Jukebox Republic - 2020-01-06

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-12-30

Episode Artwork

Jukebox Republic - 2019-12-23

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-12-16

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-12-09

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-12-02

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-11-25

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-11-18

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-11-11

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-11-04

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-10-28

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-10-21

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Willing to try anything though blind

Ricky Hsiao is famous Taiwanese singer who's blind. He recently released another single but also challenged himself to star in a musical. Hear his flawless singing on Jukebox Republic.
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Actress turned singer and vice versa

A fun episode of Jukebox Republic, where actress-turned-singer Ivy Shao and singer-turned-actress Pets Tseng are introduced.   Photo credit: Chingyee kwan [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
Episode Artwork

Jukebox Republic - 2019-09-30

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Sodagreen's frontman gone solo

Wu Qing-feng, the frontman of the famous band Sodagreen, released his very first solo album which got raving reviews. Hear his unique voice and his sophisticated lyrics and music, on Jukebox Republic.   Photo credit: Gene Wang [CC BY 2.0 (]
Episode Artwork

Sacrifices, sacrifices, sacrifices

Learn the ins and outs of making a movie among college students, on Jukebox Republic.
Episode Artwork

Working with her can make you a lucky person

Want to hear great jazz singing in Chinese? Then tune in to Jukebox Republic to hear 9m88 (it's not a radio frequency) and learn how she got that name!
Episode Artwork

Preparing daughter's wedding

Hear how preparing daughter's wedding has been a new experience and fun, on Jukebox Republic.
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My daughter's engaged!

Hear about Shirley Lin's daughter's engagement surprise on Jukebox Republic.
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Top on KKBox music charts

Talented singer songwriter of Hong Kong, Gloria Tang was on the top of the KKBox music charts for the week. She's from a family of incredible musicians and no wonder, her music is loved by nearly the whole world. Check her out on this week's Jukebox Republic.   Photo credit: GEM_Ady [CC BY 2.5 (]
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Jukebox Republic - 2019-08-12

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-08-05

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-07-29

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A singer songwriter who's also a novelist

This week on Jukebox Republic, you are introduced to the winners of the Best New Artist and Best Male Singer in the Taiwanese language.
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More winners of Golden Melody awards

Jukebox Republic this week introduces winners of the Best Taiwanese Album, Best Arrangement and Best Mandarin Male Singer.
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Time for winners!

This week's Jukebox Republic introduces the winners of the Best Song of the Year, the Best Album of the Year, the Best Mandarin Album and the Best Female Mandarin Vocalist from the 2019 Golden Melody Awards.   Photo attributes:  Алый Король [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] SSeun [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] Pete Yeung [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]    
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From blues to pop and rock

After 50 years of dreaming and 30 years in Taiwan, DC Rapier of Chicago finally released his first solo album in Taiwan. Have a listen to his rich deep voice on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2019-06-24

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A Cinderella like story

Ella Chen, a former member of the yet not disbanded hot group S.H.E., is married and has released several solo albums. Hear her charismatic voice on Jukebox Republic.   Photo by HSU CHIH CHEN [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
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Mayday's concert movie a blast

This week's Jukebox Republic, you get to hear songs from Mayday's third 3D movie which supposedly covers 122 of their live concerts.
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A movie for those who didn't make it to their concerts

Introducing Taiwanese rock band Mayday who made a movie showing moments from 122 concerts they performed, on this week's Jukebox Republic.   Photo credit: Mayday [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
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Queen of love songs

Fish Leong is still popular especially among young fans. Hear her everlasting love songs on Jukebox Republic.   Photo attribution: 90 Esq.( ) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]
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Queen of original soundtracks

Yisa Yu has been a recent newsmaker as the singer of the original soundtrack to a very popular TV drama. Hear her voice on Jukebox Republic.   Photo courtesy of SSeun [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
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'King of the lovelorn people'?

Eric Chou is young, just 23 but why is he able to write songs that speak the minds of the heartbroken ones? Tune in to Jukebox Republic to find out!   由 Gene Wang -, CC BY 2.5,
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Stephanie Sun and her forever classics

Some young netizens say they've heard of the name Stephanie Sun for a long time but have never heard her songs. Well, here's a good dose for them to enjoy, on Jukebox Republic.   Photo By User:Thejymw - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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Jukebox Republic - 2019-04-22

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-04-15

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Let's hear from Hush and Joey Yung

Tune in to this week's Jukebox Republic to hear a feast of wonderful music from Taiwan's Hush and Hong Kong's Joey Yung.
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Finally made it...

On this week's Jukebox Republic, hear from the host about her trip to the Gold Museum in Jiufen, finally!
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Moved to tears

Shirley was at her son Charles' first movie debut. In this week's Jukebox Republic, she gives you all the details of the plot and cast because who knows, the movie might never be shown at any theater near you.
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Promotes Taiwan using music video and rap

Sandy Huang is from Taiwan but fluent in Japanese. She made a music video using Japanese rap to introduce Taiwan to Japanese tourists. The video became viral and now she has made many more other music videos including a company profile. Hear her brainwashing music on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2019-03-11

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-03-04

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-02-25

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Propose a second time?

A trip was specially planned and a surprise was meticulously thought out for the wife of a married couple at the famous Sun Moon Lake. Hear songs about happiness and romance on Jukebox Republic.
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Jukebox Republic - 2019-02-11

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Jukebox Republic - 2019-02-04

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Eason Chan and the Duo Band

Eason Chan just can't stop having fun. He loves friends and decided on a group of friends to come together and make more music for L.O.V.E., on Jukebox Republic.
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Running a charity bazaar

Have you ever had a hard time deciding how to price something for a charity rummage sale? Find out also what a song about "spoils" have to do with an elephant sale on Jukebox Republic.
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Bobby Chen doesn't seek perfection

Bobby Chen doesn't care much about what people think. He just makes music the way he likes it. Hear him out, on Jukebox Republic.
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What's new at RTI?

A new year means so much more when you have new things to work with or to look forward to. Tune in to Jukebox Republic to find out what's "new" at RTI.
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Best of 2018

The last Jukebox Republic of the year features Shirley Lin's favorite artists that she has presented in her music shows for the year 2018. It also includes some artists who have been off the grid for some time and have made a comeback, to Shirley's delight.
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Caught the last foliage!

Shirley Lin tells her two day trip to Wuling Farm in Taichung of central Taiwan to marvel the foliage and cherry blossom, on Jukebox Republic.
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Two singers who make you want to fall in love all over again!

Sit back and enjoy music from A-Do of Singapore whom we haven't heard in 7 years and from Li Ronghao whose voice is definitely one of a kind, on Jukebox Republic.
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Two singers who discovered their other talent

Enjoy music from Crowd Lu, who won Best Newcomer and Best Leading Actor at this year's Golden Bell Awards, and Vera Yen, who was nominated for Best Leading Actress at the same awards, on Jukebox Republic.
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Stage play composition with the trumpet

Yannick Barman is a world-class trumpet player from Switzerland and is often on tour in Taiwan. Today you get to hear his perfect works including "Lonely Perfection" and "Carbon" on Jukebox Republic.
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Hear music from Golden Horse Awards

The 55th Golden Horse Awards, the Taiwan equivalent of the Oscars, took place on November 17. Enjoy songs from several prominent Taiwanese and Hong Kong singers who performed in between award presentations that evening, on Jukebox Republic.
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Wish there was a dance floor at this concert!

This week's Jukebox Republic features oldies in Mandarin and English that were performed at a live concert in Taipei. 
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Seattle-based pop group sings in Chinese!

It's not the first time Moose Light Kingdom visits Taiwan, but this time they're singing all in Chinese, like the creative numbers Hide and Seek, and Chinese version of Tattoo. Groove to their new music, on Jukebox Republic.
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RTI celebrates with KTV party

Shirley Lin went prepared with a list of songs to sing her heart out at a KTV party put on by RTI, but was she surprised or dismayed? Find out on Jukebox Republic.   Photo courtesy of
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A trip to the hot springs

Shirley Lin talks about a recent trip to the hot springs in Beitou and what she got out of it with songs inspired by Taiwan's hot springs, on Jukebox Republic.   Photo courtesy of Emperor Spa
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Music numbers to let you relax

On Jukebox Republic this week, Shirley Lin brings you on a whirlwind of some of the most relaxing songs you can find in Taiwan.
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Thankful for the opportunity

Shirley Lin plays songs of gratitude for the opportunities in hosting, on Jukebox Republic.
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Mao Buyi and Bae Lin

Jukebox Republic this week introduces two new artists Bae Lin of Taiwan and Mao Buyi from China.
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That's what friends are for

Shirley Lin talks about what good friendship means to her, through songs on Jukebox Republic.
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Migration Music Festival

David Chen of the Muddy Basin Ramblers was in the studio to talk about his band, their latest album and the Migration Music Festival, on Jukebox Republic.
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David Lee in the 80s

David Lee's music was part of Shirley Lin's family life when her kids were younger. Hear his fascinating life story and popular songs of the 80s, on Jukebox Republic.
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Update on my workout

Shirley Lin is going strong on her workout routine, with songs to inspire you to do the same, on Jukebox Republic.
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My trip to Tainan

Hear about Shirley Lin's Tainan trip which was way more than a sightseeing weekend, on Jukebox Republic.
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The 'hike'

Shirley Lin talks about the challenges and memorable moments of a mountain climbing trip with songs guessed it...challenges! On Jukebox Republic.
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Andy Goode from the UK

Andy Goode has been in Taiwan for 13 years and is making it his home. He loves writing and singing his own music, as well as helping others make theirs, on Jukebox Republic.
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More Golden Melody winners

Shirley Lin introduces the remaining outstanding winners of the Golden Melody awards, including the recipients of the Best Band, Best Music Video, Best Lyricist, and Best Arrangement awards, on Jukebox Republic.   Photo courtesy of:
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Ricky Hsiao and Su Rui

Shirley Lin announces the winners of Best Taiwanese Male Vocalist Award and Special Contribution Award, on Jukebox Republic.
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Seredau and CMO

Shirley Lin introduces two winners in the aboriginal language at this year's Golden Melody Awards, on Jukebox Republic.   photo courtesy of:
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Jonathan Lee and Qiu Lin

Jukebox Republic introduces two more winners of the Golden Melody Awards 2018.
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More Golden Melody award winners

Tune in to Jukebox Republic to hear wonderful jazz music from Hsu Yu-ying and melodious Taiwanese tunes from Elly Chang.
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Lala Hsu and Crowd Lu

Lala Hsu and Crowd Lu are two other artists who won two awards each at the Golden Melody Awards this year. Hear their creative music on Jukebox Republic.   Photo courtesy of:                  
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Eason Chen and MJ116

Both Hong Kong artist Eason Chen and the Taiwanese group MJ116 were winners at this year's Golden Melody awards. Hear their music on Jukebox Republic.