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English, Finance, 1 season, 15 episodes, 40 minutes
Welcome to "JTalks", a podcast series brought to you by JurisTax Group. JTalks hosts a diverse group of business leaders, financial experts, and investment enthusiasts to discuss about the financial services sector.
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Finance Act 2023 – Individual Tax in Mauritius

Lorna Ramasawmy, Assistant Manager of Finance at JurisTax explores the significant changes reshaping the individual tax landscape in Mauritius
8/29/20232 minutes, 26 seconds
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Finance Act 2023 - Work & Live in Mauritius

Pallavi Ettoo, Senior Executive from the Business Development Team at JurisTax, discusses the changes introduced by the Finance Act 2023 regarding non-citizens who wish to relocate to Mauritius.
8/16/20232 minutes, 13 seconds
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Acquisition immobilière à l'île Maurice

Taroonah Doolub, directrice des affaires internationales chez JurisTax, nous parle des différentes options dont les non-résidents peuvent acquérir un bien immobilier à l'île Maurice.
7/17/20231 minute, 49 seconds
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Mauritian Budget's Impact on South African Residents

Discover key aspects of the Mauritian Budget for South Africans considering residency. Taroonah Doolub (Director of International Business) and Ian Chambers (Tax Expert) got you covered. From the abolition of the solidarity levy to changes in property acquisition threshold for retired non-citizen to the changes to the issue of Occupation Permit and Residence Permit as Retired, tune in for valuable insights!
6/29/20239 minutes, 1 second
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Individual Tax in Mauritius

Wafiiqah Earally from JurisTax's Operation’s team has got you covered! Tune in to this episode to gain insights on computing and filing your individual tax returns with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).
5/2/20231 minute, 46 seconds
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Variable Capital Company (VCC)

In this episode, Kate Kwok-Choon from Business development team at Juristax provides you with an over view on Variable Capital Company. For example, insights on this new legal entity, which has been added to the suite of corporate vehicles in Mauritius.
4/17/20232 minutes, 16 seconds
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Structuration d'entreprise à l'Île Maurice

Avec une législation favorable aux investisseurs étrangers et son vaste réseau de conventions (#DTAA, #IPPA), l’Île Maurice est une juridiction attrayante pour les entreprises. Notre équipe d’experts chez JurisTax vous guide et vous accompagne en matière de structuration et de planification successorale. Souhaitez-vous mettre en place une société à l’ile Maurice ?
3/2/20233 minutes, 2 seconds
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Tax Resident in Mauritius

In this episode, Taroonah Doolub, Director of the International Business desk at JurisTax, provides you with an overview on residency and tax residency in Mauritius. JurisTax can assist you to relocate to Mauritius and advise you on the best way to set up
2/14/20231 minute, 27 seconds
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Property Acquisition in Mauritius

Taroonah Doolub, Director of International Business at JurisTax explains the different ways through which non-residents may acquire an immovable property in Mauritius.
1/11/20231 minute, 44 seconds
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Corporate Bank Account Opening in Mauritius

In this episode, Vanessa Kong from the International Business team at JurisTax answers the most common question asked by our clients and lists the benefits of opening a corporate bank account in Mauritius.
12/7/20221 minute, 47 seconds
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Investment Dealer Licences in Mauritius

In this episode, Divya Bhurtun from the Business Development team at JurisTax talks about the different types of investment dealer licences in Mauritius.
11/16/20222 minutes, 37 seconds
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Trusts and Foundations

In this episode, Divya Bhurtun from the Business Development team at JurisTax talks about the similarities and differences between Trusts & Foundations and what to consider before establishing a fiduciary structure.
11/3/20223 minutes, 36 seconds
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Residence Permit for Retired Non-Citizens

In this episode, Karuna Rose from the Business Development team at JurisTax speaks about the residence permit available for non-citizens who wish to retire in Mauritius.
10/24/20221 minute, 37 seconds
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Occupation Permit in Mauritius

In this episode, Karuna Rose from the Business Development team at JurisTax elaborates on the three categories under which foreign nationals may apply for an Occupation Permit in Mauritius.
10/10/20223 minutes, 15 seconds
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Residence Permit through Property Acquisition

In our first episode of JTalks, Karuna Rose from the Business Development team will talk about Residence Permit for the main applicant and dependents through property acquisition in Mauritius.
10/5/20221 minute, 30 seconds