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Journey with Jahmal

English, Religion, 3 seasons, 43 episodes, 13 hours 18 minutes
Embarking on a spiritual journey to strengthen my spirit man and to truly become the man God has called me to be, as well working on getting my health back to where it should be.
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If You’re Too Close, Step Back

Talking about being too close to the battle that sometimes you can’t see a way out!
30/09/202320 minutes 55 seconds
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I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up!

Talking about how we will fall, but we can and should get up, because we have a Savior that is waiting to help us up!
03/09/202321 minutes 34 seconds
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Prejudice isn’t just about Skin Color!

Talking about how we shouldn’t show favor to some people over others… no matter how they dress, smell, or where the live or work! James 2:1
14/08/202326 minutes 48 seconds
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The Rainbow Is For EVERYONE!

Talking about the fact that the Rainbow is sign of the covenant that God made to mankind and not a banner for Pride!
16/06/202330 minutes 58 seconds
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He Is Risen!

It’s Resurrection Sunday! Reading Mark 16 and talking about how thankful I am… and giving encouragement while doing it!
09/04/202319 minutes 17 seconds
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Deeply Depend on Him!

Talking about how we should deeply depend on God and the joys of being in a relationship with Him!
21/03/202321 minutes 25 seconds
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It’s Only 2 Choices

Talking about how we have created so much choices in order to fit in to our own version of the truth, when it is actually only 2 choices!!
16/03/202338 minutes 2 seconds
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I Left the Church… Not His Presence!!

Getting a little heated about how people think that just because you don’t attend church anymore, you have strayed away from God! God doesn’t live inside the four walls of the church building!!
05/03/202318 minutes 3 seconds
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It Aint Over After The D!

Finally revealing what storm I was going through and talking about the different D’s of life!
01/02/202325 minutes 2 seconds
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The Birth Of Jesus

Talking about not only that He came, but how He came and what the Birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ means to me.
20/12/202220 minutes 55 seconds
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He Picked Me!!

I’m back! Speaking about things to come and Good God is that he saw ALL my dirt and still picked me!
19/10/202213 minutes 54 seconds