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Journey to perfection through Christ .

English, Education, 1 seasons, 16 episodes, 4 hours 37 minutes
Hey guys , I use this medium to rant about my everyday experiences as someone growing to be perfect in Christ (Philippians 3:12) and share lessons learnt from my experiences. Nothing too serious or official ,let’s have fun and grow!.
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I tried to do something, but I wasn’t happy with the result. Let’s talk!

In this episode guys I truly just ranted. Ever just wished a situation or something did or did not happen? I have a little solution to that! The solution is actually not little , I take my words back! It’s life changing and very needed In this our journey to perfection! Listen and be blessed! IG :@jtpcpodcast
22/04/20238 minutes 41 seconds
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#Thursday rantsss. How do you deal with challenges as Christians?

Hey . I know it’s been a while. I miss all my listeners🥰. Recorded this episode about 2 weeks ago. I ranted about challenges. How I used to deal with challenges now versus then. I would like to know how you face challenges before and after meeting with Christ! This is journey to perfection through christ!!. Instagram @jtpcpodcast
20/04/202315 minutes 58 seconds
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Overcoming addictions with Adebayo Obe.

Hello , thank you for listening, on this episode I Adebayo shred his testimony with us and gave us insights on his journey of overcoming addiction so far, listen and be blessed! Message our guest @tparchives on Instagram or +44 7472 543554 on WhatsApp . Don’t forget to give feedbacks @[email protected] and jptc_podcast on intagra
30/03/202130 minutes 59 seconds
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Hey guys , this is just be saying “I’m new here , pray for me!” . You can give your feedback on 07311545450 . Thank you for listening God bless you!
18/01/202110 minutes 55 seconds