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Joey B vs. the World

English, Comedy, 1 season, 33 episodes, 22 hours, 36 minutes
Comedian Joey B and his struggle to make sense of the modern world. Known for his animated shorts and social commentary videos on YouTube, Joey B aka "Joey B. Toonz", highlights the absurdities of popular trends with his twist of sardonic humor, sarcasm and common sense. This show is his therapy session. Support this podcast:
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Am I Allowed To Do This?

In this episode: Lizzo "Quits" • YouTube Removes My Videos • Fake DJ Responds with Diss Track • Twitch Streamer Meltdown • Furry Stalker • Fan Mail --- Support this podcast:
4/7/202429 minutes
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How to Ruin Christmas

In this episode: Sad Beige Moms • The PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) Community Wants Me Dead • Fake DJ's • Angry Ravers • Nose Surgery Update • My Hospital Experience • Holiday Wishes • Artist Showcase • Fan Mail --- Support this podcast:
12/17/202334 minutes, 31 seconds
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No Laughs Allowed

In this episode: India Hates Me • Human Pup Gathering in Germany • Narcissists and Earthquakes • Parents Breaking Eggs Over Kids Heads for TikTok • What Happened to Victoria's Secret? • Climate Change Hypocrisy • Artist Showcase --- Support this podcast:
10/5/202321 minutes, 33 seconds
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What Have We Become?

In this episode: Selfies with Wild Animals • Snake Guy Responds • AI Generated Instagram Models • TikTok Bottle Trend • Plea to Send TikTokers to Space • Jada Pinkett Smith Introduces Psychedelics to Her Children • Artist Showcase --- Support this podcast:
7/16/202325 minutes, 25 seconds
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Sick New World

Today we explore people who bring nothing but grief to society. In this episode: TikToker Who Walks Into Random Homes • Willow Smith Crying Selfies • Obese Airline Passenger Demands • The Dangers of Sharing Your Life Online • Las Vegas Stories • Artist Showcase --- Support this podcast:
6/12/202318 minutes, 34 seconds
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Generation Zero

In this episode: Auschwitz Selfies • 90's Concerts vs. 2023 Concerts • Kids Who Beat Teachers Over Smartphones • Bud Light Update • Guy Who Harasses People in Traffic • Low IQ Americans • Sugar Daddy Celebration Day • Unhinged Americans • White Trash Bars • Miami Degenerates • Q & A --- Support this podcast:
4/30/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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It's a Mad World

In this episode: Adults in Diapers • Woman Who Married A Tree • Reading Machine Gun Kelly's Tweets • Serial Killer Obsession • Clown Surgery Regret • Moms with OnlyFans Accounts • Paris Garbage Strike • Fan Mail / Artist Showcase --- Support this podcast:
3/31/202320 minutes, 13 seconds
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Jackass vs. TikTok

In this episode: Rick Kosick From Jackass Joins The Show • Selfie Deaths • More Creepy TikTokers • UFO Sightings • TikTok's New "Rule" • Woman Who Made Herself Blind • Asking Gen Z Simple Questions • Jackass Pranks • Jackass vs. TikTok • Where Is Brandon Dicamillo? • Bam Margera Not Being in Jackass • Filming During Pandemic • Deranged Pop Stars • Where's the Talent? • Following Your Dreams • Closing Thoughts --- Support this podcast:
3/6/202343 minutes, 59 seconds
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New Year, Same Mistakes

In this episode: MLK Schlong Statue • 'Good Girl' Creeper Guy Responds • New Years Eve TV Review • 90's MTV vs. Now • Oli London Update • Harry Styles Media Obsession • AI Generated Children's Books • Greta Thunberg Photoshoot / Political Theater • Fan Mail --- Support this podcast:
1/29/202326 minutes, 12 seconds
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Christmas in Clown World

Let's roast some nutjobs on an open fire, shall we? In this episode: Rudolph vs. Barney • Ms. Uncah Jams Update •  Black Friday Brawls • Simon Cowell's New Face • Thoughts on AI Art Generators and AI Robots • Degenerate Christmas Specials • Deceptive Marketing • Fan Mail --- Support this podcast:
12/22/202229 minutes, 17 seconds
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Make It Stop!

In this episode: Influencer Who Hit Golf Balls Into Grand Canyon • TikTokers In Grocery Stores • Protestors Who Glue Themselves to Things • Degenerate Moms • Gen Z Kid Cries Because He Has To Work • Megan Fox/MGK Derangement •  Kanye West/Chris Cuomo Interview • Fan Mail --- Support this podcast:
11/17/202225 minutes, 17 seconds
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Welcome to the Horror Show

In this episode: Vabbing • A Mom who Became a Dragon • The Black Alien Project • Plastic Surgery Obsession • Comedian Violet Jones Calls In • Fake Butts • Shop Class Teacher with Prosthetic Chest & more. --- Support this podcast:
10/13/202241 minutes, 45 seconds
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Banned From TikTok!

In this episode: What's wrong with the youth? • TikTokers and #Vasectomies • Banned from TikTok! • Billie Eilish's boobs • Fan Mail • Attack of the Microphone Lickers! • Will Smith Apology Video • My Trip to Florida • Keyless Apartments • The Internet Was A Mistake • Where did our pride go? --- Support this podcast:
9/15/202237 minutes, 43 seconds
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Interview With A Furry

In this episode I interview a furry from an undisclosed location in eastern Europe in an attempt to understand furryhood once and for all! --- Support this podcast:
7/28/202225 minutes, 31 seconds
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Hide Your Kids

In this episode: Phone Zombies Stop Traffic in NYC • Selfie Crashers • Fart Sniffing Couple Respond to My Video • Christina Aguilara's PRIDE Performance • Outrageous Gas Prices • BP Oil Pretends to Care • NYC Ads Empowering Fentanyl Users • Gatorade "Health" Ads • People Who Normalize Ped0s • Protecting Your Children From Brainwashing • High School Was Worthless • Pursuing Your Passions --- Support this podcast:
6/28/202230 minutes, 40 seconds
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Why Are People Like This?

In this episode: Men Who Dance Shirtless Together • What Is a Belle Daphine? • Britney Spears' Instagram Account • Morning Show Mocks Stay-At-Home Mom • The 1950's vs. The 2020's • Trusting Elon Musk • Bill Gates Hypocrisy  + More --- Support this podcast:
5/19/202231 minutes, 19 seconds
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TikTok Hell

In this episode: Lizzo Makes Me Gag • TikTok Causing Tourettes Amongst Teens • TikToking in Emergency Rooms • People Who Hold Their Phones Up For Entire Concerts • Selfies During Car Accidents • Virtue Signalers • NPC's • Gilbert Gottfried Tribute • Jussie Smollett Releases A Song & more... --- Support this podcast:
4/19/202232 minutes, 48 seconds
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In this episode: Narcissists and Ukraine • Stupid TikTok Challenges • Shoplifting Videos • The Blockbuster Video Popcorn Bandit • Pro-Mask Rally • Rapper Hi-Rez Calls In • Freedom Marches • Performing At The Lincoln Memorial • Losing Fans For Standing For Freedom • Hip-Hop Talk --- Support this podcast:
3/14/202253 minutes, 5 seconds
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Tony Hinchcliffe

In this episode: Joe Rogan smear campaigns • White privilege emojis • Angry Voicemails • Tony Hinchcliffe calls in • Comedy in LA vs. Austin • 80's/90's Pro-Wrestling • Playing the villain --- Support this podcast:
2/14/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 32 seconds
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Kat Von D

This is the one year anniversary of the show! In this episode: Human pups • Furries on planes • a toast to normal people • a girl who sells farts in a jar • the latest in clown news • Tattoo artist Kat Von D joins the show to talk about leaving Los Angeles • Influencers who flood her neighborhood • Following your passion • Patriotism --- Support this podcast:
1/14/202255 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ryan Long

In this episode: A woman who identifies as a bug  • Flight attendants gone wild • A mom yelled at me at a restaurant • Comedian Ryan Long joins the show to talk about the absurdities of America's political divide, the Canadian government fining comedians for jokes, the strange behavior of Justin Trudeau and living your entire life online. --- Support this podcast:
12/19/202149 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Return

In this episode: Why I was banned from American Airlines • Self worship • My COVID experience • Race baiters • Woman who praised the 'Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre' • My Timcast IRL Appearance • We close the show with an ULTIMATE TikTok Gauntlet roast. --- Support this podcast:
11/30/202141 minutes, 33 seconds
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YouTube Hates Me

In this episode, I’ll be addressing my latest YouTube prison stint • Donnelly, the 46 year old virgin calls in • The latest in clown world news including Demi Lovato's new announcement • racist cookbooks • TikTok roasts and more. --- Support this podcast:
9/9/202146 minutes, 10 seconds
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Anthony Rodia

Today we explore a woman who re-arranged her entire body, we get an update on the guy who got surgery to "become Korean", and we monitor the "progress" of Generation Z.  Comedian Anthony Rodia also joins me to analyze the latest happenings in clown world, how America got "soft" and growing up with old school values. We also trade stories about the similar behaviors of our Italian fathers. --- Support this podcast:
7/28/202152 minutes, 10 seconds
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Michael Rapaport

Today we explore a British "influencer" who got plastic surgery to become Korean, political theatre in France and a video game I'm going to be in. Michael Rapaport joins me to talk crime in America, Israel/Palestine, 90's hiphop, basketball, movies and hanging with Tupac, Ice Cube and Snoop in '92. --- Support this podcast:
7/4/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 24 seconds
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Michael Chandler (UFC)

In this episode we explore the mind of a deranged NYC psychiatrist, we get an update on rapper Lil' Poopy and I have fun with people asking me for money. UFC fighter Michael Chandler joins me in the second half to talk about the victim mentality running rampant in this country, overcoming obstacles and having pride in your country. --- Support this podcast:
6/23/202156 minutes, 17 seconds
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Cart Narcs

Today we explore men who refuse to be intimate with their wives unless they wear a mask. We look at a newly discovered human-like species, men who wear tails, and I give my take on the "cancelling" of comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. Later in the show, I'm joined by Agent Sebastian of Cart Narcs who patrols grocery store parking lots looking for people who refuse to return their carts. --- Support this podcast:
6/5/202143 minutes, 3 seconds
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John Joseph (Cro-Mags)

In this episode, we explore government "microchips", the demasculation of men and twerking drag queens. NYC Punk Legend John Joseph (Bloodclot/Cro-Mags) joins me to talk about his protest concert in NYC during lockdown, growing up in 70’s NYC - crime, fights, murders and cannibals! --- Support this podcast:
5/6/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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In this episode, we explore the latest in "Upside Down World" including Gen Z's attempt to cancel Eminem, Cardi B's Grammy performance, and worthless TikTokers. Political cartoonist MADEbyJIMBOB, weekly contributer to the Washington Examiner, joins me in the second half to talk about mind control, fear, compliance and the joys of roasting Ben Shapiro. --- Support this podcast:
3/26/202156 minutes, 24 seconds
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Johnny Brennan (The Jerky Boys)

In this episode, I make YouTube eat my shoe. We explore my latest YouTube ban, social distance Valentines Day cards, Gina Carano being fired from Disney and my dad tells a story about punching a kid in a martial arts class recently. Prank legend Johnny Brennan, voice of Mort Goldman on Family Guy and creator of The Jerky Boys, joins me in the second half to talk about his new Jerky Boys Album, why New Yorkers are such ballbusters, the history of his characters and the people behind cancel culture. --- Support this podcast:
2/20/202158 minutes, 47 seconds
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Today we talk to a girl who went viral for taking a selfie with a hotdog. In the second half of the show, we talk to popular political humorist & YouTuber, WhatsHerFace.  She talks about being labeled a "conspiracy theorist", being endorsed by Alex Jones, government hypocrisy and how people are conditioned to obey authority. --- Support this podcast:
1/24/202148 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sean Avery

In this episode, we explore why people with no talent have the biggest followings online, why Mukbang exists, social media censorship and the importance of having standards. NHL legend/actor Sean Avery joins the show in the second half to talk about the absurdity of the current state of affairs in America, his confrontations in NYC and LA, fighting in hockey and preparing his child for the modern world. --- Support this podcast:
1/7/202144 minutes, 16 seconds
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Savvy The Amusing

Today we explore people who twerk in grocery stores, practice outdoor yoga in plastic bubbles and wear masks during intimate moments.  Comedian/Impressionist Savvy the Amusing joins the show in the second half to play 'Wheel of Impressions'. He talks about how the handling of the pandemic has affected the LA comedy scene and his ability to do comedy, his experience working on Fuse TV's animated series Sugar & Toys and the creative process in developing impressions.  --- Support this podcast:
12/18/202046 minutes, 3 seconds