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It Gets Better with Lindsay Adkinson

English, Education, 1 seasons, 51 episodes, 1 day 6 hours 11 minutes
It Gets Better Podcast (hosted by Lindsay Adkinson) is a place for healing, growing, feeling, being, and manifesting. Instagram:
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MONTHLY REPORT: Magnolia Parks, Love Is Blind & Film Photography

Welcome to the monthly report, where each month I will share what I'm reading, eating, playing, obsessing over, ranting and T... Well, we haven't decided what the T stands for yet. Any ideas? haha This Januarys Report is all about Magnolia Parks Universe, Reality TVs like Love Is Blind & The Traitors, Film Photography and learning to bake!
27/02/202454 minutes 18 seconds
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Not everything goes as planned - and that's ok!

The It Gets Better Podcast is BACK with Lindsay Adkinson after a little hiatus and a rebrand haha! Noah will still be joining on occasional episodes, don't worry!! Today we discuss WHAT happened with the couples podcast and why it didn't work as well as me getting off of my antidepressant meds, the future of the podcast, branding myself as a creator and learning to work with who you are & what you have! PODCAST SOCIALS: PERSONAL SOCIALS:
20/02/202449 minutes 21 seconds
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Should you heal before you meet THE ONE?

Today on Better Together we discuss how to navigate relationships while dealing with mental health issues, mental illness, healing and more! PS sorry for the beginning giggles & still not-so-perfect audio haha, we are definitely still in our 'learning how to podcast' phase! Lindsay's IG & TikTok: @lindsay.adkinson Lindsay's Youtube:
24/10/202336 minutes 40 seconds
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Building a routine that works for YOU

Today on Better Togetherrrrr, we discuss our different morning and night routines & what works for each of us. Along with tips to finding your own healthy routines & balance.
10/10/202326 minutes 6 seconds
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Playing The Newlywed Game!

Today Noah and Lindsay play the Newlywed Game! The perfect episode to get comfy recording and to let you get to know us a bit better! Questions found here: Follow Lindsay on Instagram & Tiktok: @Lindsay.Adkinson
03/10/202342 minutes 58 seconds
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Introducing... Better Together

Introducing the new cohost.. my husband haha and why It's now Better Together instead of It Gets Better! Don't worry, the topics won't change, it'll just make it easier to have someone join the convo!
19/09/20239 minutes 31 seconds
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Wellness Habits & Content Creation Tips with Alex Mandserstam

Today's episode with Alex Manderstam goes through helpful wellness habits, mindset shifts and how to get started on your content creation journey! Follow Alex: Join Alex's Full Time Creator Academy: My personal Instagram: ⁠⁠ My personal TikTok: ⁠⁠ Podcast Instagram: ⁠⁠
14/06/202350 minutes 24 seconds
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Health Anxiety Triggered By Grief?

Today we're talking about my recent bout of health anxiety and how I've been dealing with it! My personal Instagram: ⁠⁠ My personal TikTok: ⁠⁠ Podcast Instagram: ⁠⁠
07/06/202329 minutes 2 seconds
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Mental Health Awareness Month Q&A

Today&#39;s episode of It Gets Better podcast is all around mental health, mental illness, wellness, self care and more! Resources: Crisis Hotline: Open Path: Better Help: ED hotline: My personal Instagram: ⁠⁠ My personal TikTok: ⁠⁠ Podcast Instagram: ⁠⁠ Podcast TikTok: <a href="https://www.tikt
31/05/202357 minutes 45 seconds
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Taylor Swift Healed My Inner Child ✨

On this episode of It Gets Better, Lindsay Adkinson shares all about her experience at the Taylor Swift Era&#39;s Tour concert. Let&#39;s discuss healing our inner child, having fun as adults, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and seeking unapologetic, childlike joy! My personal Instagram: ⁠⁠ My personal TikTok: ⁠⁠ Podcast Instagram: ⁠⁠ Podcast TikTok: ⁠⁠
24/05/202329 minutes 7 seconds
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How to reverse imposter syndrome

Let&#39;s talk about imposter syndrome: the 5 ways imposter syndrome held me back (and may be holding you back) and 5 ways to reverse it! My personal Instagram: ⁠⁠ My personal TikTok: ⁠⁠ Podcast Instagram: ⁠⁠ Podcast TikTok: ⁠⁠
16/05/202333 minutes 8 seconds
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Slow living in a small town vs Fast Paced life in NYC

Today&#39;s episode is a bit of a short one, but let&#39;s talk about my personal pros &amp; cons of going from a small town to NYC! My personal Instagram: My personal TikTok: Podcast Instagram: Podcast TikTok:
09/05/202320 minutes 15 seconds
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Heal from your past and Manifest your future with John Anthony Savino

Today on it gets better podcast we talk all about healing, becoming your most authentic self and manifestation with John Anthony Savino! John Anthony on Instagram: John Anthony on TikTok: Book a session with John Anthony:
02/05/202339 minutes 47 seconds
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30 life lessons turning 30 years old!

today&#39;s episode I&#39;m sharing 30 life lessons I&#39;ve learned before turning 30 years old! Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinson
25/04/202351 minutes 43 seconds
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STOP LIVING ON AUTOPILOT | How to take change your life with Intentional Living

Today&#39;s episode is all about how to stop living on autopilot and take control of your life, again. If you have felt stuck, unsure of why your actions or habits aren&#39;t getting you to where you want to be: this is for you. I share the reasons WHY intentional living is so beneficial and exact steps to apply intentional living into your daily life via habits, routines and more. Follow Lindsay on Instagram and Tiktok @lindsay.adkinson
18/04/202322 minutes 15 seconds
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From brain injury & burnout to finding TRUE wellness with Sam Cutler (The Fit Fatale)

Today I am joined with Sam Cutler @TheFitFatale to talk all about her life transformation from corporate burnout to being forced to rest after a brain injury and then finding her true path of inspiring women to find wellness, community and self love! Sam is vulnerable, inclusive, inspirational and will leave you ready to finally stick to those habits you&#39;ve been longing for. Keep up with Sam Cutler: Instagram: TikTok: Email List: Fit Planner: Keep up with Lindsay Adkinson (host):</p
04/04/202344 minutes 1 second
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5 Ways To Protect Your Peace!

In 2023, we are protecting our peace. Today I shared my top 5 lessons and changes I made to protect my pease to become my best self. IG &amp; TT: @lindsay.adkinson Join my email list:
28/03/202320 minutes 35 seconds
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7 Signs Of Self Sabotage + How to overcome it!

Self sabotage leads to lack of discipline, self worth and success! Whether you are trying to get better at the gym, make new relationships and friendships, or start a side hustle.. self sabotage will always be the thing that holds someone back. Good news, it&#39;s fixable and it&#39;s your time to realize your worth and value! Follow Lindsay on IG &amp; TikTok: @lindsay.adkinson Join my email list:
21/03/202338 minutes 20 seconds
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Step Into Your Power with Lauren Taylor

Today on It Gets Better: Lauren Taylor shares authentic tips on cultivating self love, self acceptance and finding your voice so you can step into your power! Lauren is vulnerable and powerful.. this episode will leave you so inspired!&nbsp; Join the Better Together Community: Check out Lauren: Check out Lindsay:
07/03/202340 minutes 18 seconds
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Sober Curious? Why I stopped Drinking

Why I stopped drinking and what lead me to a sober curious lifestyle. Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinson Join Better Together Tapping:
21/02/202337 minutes 35 seconds
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Create your own path with Stefanie Elsperman

Today we're joined by Stefanie Elsperman as she shares her journey of going from model to corporate life to spiritual entrepreneur. She gives the truth about what it takes to really find your purpose and feel good about your career path!&nbsp; Follow Lindsay Adkinson IG: TT: Better Together Tapping: Follow Stefanie: IG: TT:
14/02/202337 minutes 9 seconds
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Addiction stole my mother & childhood

Addiction hurts not only the user, but everyone around. Today I&apos;m opening up about my childhood and what it was like growing up with an addict mother and how that changed my life. Membership:
07/02/202338 minutes 6 seconds
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How to change your limiting beliefs!

How to come to terms with the story you tell yourself and your subconscious beliefs! This episode is filled with growth mindset inspo learned from Tony Robbins and tons of tips on changing your belief system to create a new you and a new life!Links:
31/01/202326 minutes 42 seconds
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Ending toxic friendships

#29 Let&apos;s discuss toxic friendships, red flags, friendship breakups and why we stay longer in bad friendships than we should. Follow Lindsay @lindsay.adkinson on IG &amp; TikTokJoin Better Together:
24/01/202346 minutes 31 seconds
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Take Your Meds - My journey on mental health medication!

#28 Today&apos;s episode we have a tangent (lol) update bout the future of the video podcast version. Then we jump straight into my story of being diagnosed with PTSD which led to depression and anxiety, my incorrect medication &amp; diagnosis &amp; then getting put on zoloft/sertraline. I share all of my zoloft/sertraline side effects, pros/cons, and how I feel on my medicine now. We also go through the most common mental health misconceptions and I go on a little itty bitty rant (LOL) about shaming and judging people who choose to take medication for their mental health. No more mental health &amp; mental illness stigmas in 2023! &lt;3Follow me on IG &amp; TikTok @lindsay.adkinsonJoin the $22 membership:
17/01/202338 minutes 29 seconds
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Become wealthy with a healthy money mindset! Ft. Kat Cozadd

#27 Todays episode is jam packed full of inspiration from self worth, healing and money mindset shift. Kat is honest, raw and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to finding true self worth, taking accountability, becoming aware of the story we tell ourselves and manifesting true wealth through a healthy money mindset. Follow Kat: of Lindsay&apos;s links:
10/01/202334 minutes 7 seconds
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Be Bold in 2023

#26 Today we are starting off 2023 with my &apos;word&apos; for the year and how I plan to embody being bold in 2023 through friendships, mindset, self growth and more!Join Better Together membership (first month free): &amp; TikTok: @lindsay.adkinson
04/01/202315 minutes 39 seconds
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You deserve healthy love. Healing from toxic relationships & love bombing with Kelly Ann Shuman

#25 Today we&apos;re joined by Kelly Ann Shuman and she shares her story of healing from an emotionally abusive, narcissistic relationship and overcoming love bombing and people pleasing to heal, find self growth and now be in a healthy, loving relationship! She also shares her tips for making a long distance relationship work and overcoming anxiety! Follow Kelly Ann here: Lindsay Adkinson everywhere:
27/12/202246 minutes 30 seconds
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3 Manifesting Mistakes you're making & how to fix them!

#24 Let&apos;s discuss three common manifestation mistakes you might be making that are holing you back from manifesting your dream life and how to fix these mistakes!Tiktok &amp; Instagram @lindsay.adkinson
20/12/202219 minutes 36 seconds
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The ONE things you need to do before January 2023!

#23 If you are looking to manifest big and achieve all our you new years resolutions in 2023, this episode is for you. We discuss the one priority you should have before the end of the year. Let&apos;s discuss burnout, productivity, comparison and healthy balance.Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinsonWatch the video version of the podcast on
13/12/202220 minutes 18 seconds
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Being diagnosed with PTSD

#22 I was diagnosed with PTSD. Let&apos;s talk about mental health, mental illness, the stigma with mental health medications, getting diagnosed and rediagnosed, trauma treatment such as EMDR, finding the right therapy for you and more!
06/12/202228 minutes 14 seconds
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ED Recovery & Cycle Syncing with Carolina Salazar

#21 Today we are joined by Carolina Salazar from @thecarolinalifestyle and also the host of Inner Growth podcast. She shares her journey of overcoming perfectionism, ED recovery and healing her cycle through cycle syncing. This episode is packed with helpful tips and inspiration! Find me on Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinson
29/11/202249 minutes 27 seconds
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Generational Trauma Healing - What I wish I knew before!

#20 Today&apos;s episode is all about generational trauma healing and things I wish I knew on my journey. Hopefully this helps anyone currently on their healing journey!Also, I&apos;ll be guest speaking at the 10 Day Manifestation Activation Challenge from November 28-Dec 9. You can sign up here:
22/11/202247 minutes 42 seconds
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Struggling with the Holiday Blues

#19 This episode is for anyone struggling with the holiday blues due to family struggles, financial problems or just stress in life. Let&apos;s talk about validating our feelings and finding the joy where we can!
15/11/202227 minutes 30 seconds
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From $25K in debt to 6-figure entrepreneur ft. Giulia Guerrieri!

#18 Giulia Guerrieri shares her story of going from $25k in debt to becoming a multi 6 figure entrepreneur. Giulia&apos;s story is filled with resourcefulness, mindfulness and motivation! Follow Giulia everywhere: me on Instagram: TikTok:
07/11/202243 minutes 14 seconds
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Cry it out. Why its more than ok to cry and my crying 'routine'

#17 Let&apos;s talk about crying, why its more than ok to cry, the benefits of crying, emotional release and my crying &apos;routine&apos;My instagram and Tiktok @lindsay.adkinson
01/11/202218 minutes 54 seconds
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Leaving your hometown: the good, the bad and the why! Ft. Brooke Smith

#16 Today&apos;s podcast is my first ever guest episode! My friend Brooke Smith sits down to talk all about moving out of your hometown. We spill the tea on the bad times, the good times and why ew think it&apos;s such an essential moment for growth. We also both share some fun stories about our times of moving out and experiencing NYC!Follow Brooke on Instagram and Tiktok @iambrookecsmithBrooke&apos;s website: reverieinspiredco.comFollow me on Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinson
25/10/202250 minutes 12 seconds
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Change your life using visualization, affirmations and scripting!

#15 Todays episode of Its Gets Better we are talking all about the power of visualization, affirmations and scripting. We are diving into my favorite ways to do each activity, figuring out your own best practice and finding the balance between using these tools and actually taking action for your life!
18/10/202243 minutes 7 seconds
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Romanticize your life + embarrassing travel storytime

#14 Todays episode is a recap of my recent trip abroad along with a few embarrassing travel stories as a reminder that nothing is perfect.. even if it looks perfect on instagram! We also discuss the importance of romanticizing your life and how much it effects your self worth, gratitude and ability to be happy with what you have while working for other things you want. Instagram and TikTok @lindsay.adkinson
11/10/202250 minutes 18 seconds
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Mental Health AMA - intrusive thoughts, medication, grief, boundaries and more!

#13 Today&apos;s episode of It Gets Better is another ask me anything, focused on mental health! We talk about everything from the stigma around mental health medication, when to seek therapy, setting boundaries with family, handling grief, mental health routines and more!
19/09/202248 minutes 21 seconds
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Ask Me Anything Manifestation & Law Of Attraction Part 2

Today&apos;s episode is part two of my q&amp;a style ask me anything about manifestation &amp; law of attraction! 
05/09/202239 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

All of your Manifestation questions ANSWERED!

Today&apos;s episode of It Gets Better is a q&amp;a style ask me anything about manifestation. We discuss how to manifest, what got me started with law of attraction and how to keep from getting discouraged when you don&apos;t see results. 
22/08/202246 minutes 3 seconds
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How To Create Your 'Perfect' Routine

Today&apos;s episode I am back after a long, unplanned hiatus with an update on where I&apos;ve been. Then we jump into the topic of creating the perfect routine: morning routine, night routine, workout routine, skincare routine, any routine you want or need to help make your life the best it can be for you!
25/07/202234 minutes 30 seconds
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How to become independent

Hi! Let&apos;s talk about independence! How to become more independent, what indolence means and how much freedom it gives you when you truly to become independent. I share a few vulnerable stories on how I felt I lost my independence over the past few years and then strategies I&apos;m currently working on to get it back!
13/06/202224 minutes 48 seconds
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Live more intentionally with these 10 steps!

In today&apos;s episode I&apos;m telling you 10 of my favorite ways to live more intentionally. Intentional living can help you bring in more confidence, success, happiness, abundance and help you manifest you goals a lot easier and faster!
31/05/202227 minutes 29 seconds
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Navigating grief and loss from a toxic parent.

Today I&apos;m opening up about my grief process and how I&apos;ve been feeling about the loss of my mother. I share a lot about navigating new feelings of grief while also finding new happiness and balancing my emotions. I was a bit scared to share this one, but I hope it helps someone out there who may be struggling with the loss of a toxic, but still loved love one.
16/05/202232 minutes 16 seconds
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29 Life Lessons I've learned by 29

I am officially turning (or have already turned, depending on when you are listening) 29 year old! I am by no means an expert at life and would say I figure a lot of it out as I go. However, I definitely have had my share of life lessons; as we all have! And I figured what a perfect time to share those with you today. I appreciate you taking the time to listen! &lt;3Instagram &amp; TikTok @Lindsay.Adkinson
02/05/202238 minutes 47 seconds
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The Magic of Mindfulness - What it is and how to master it

#4 Todays episode of It Gets Better... I&apos;m sharing all about what IS mindfulness. What is the true purpose behind meditation and being present. is it more than just sitting in silence?  Let&apos;s find out together. :)My instagram and TikTok are both @lindsay.adkinson
25/04/202232 minutes 17 seconds
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Be Delusional - How I manifested a free apartment & $70,000

#3 Today&apos;s episode of It Gets Better is all about the new term be delusional.  I tell you the story of how I won a free apartment &amp; $70K and all of the mindset work that went into going from negative with limiting beliefs to showing up for myself and believing in abundance.My instagram: -Kierra Lewis (Be Delusional original audio):
18/04/202230 minutes 21 seconds
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Stop being a doormat by setting healthy boundaries.

#2 In today&apos;s episode of It Get&apos;s Better Podcast with Lindsay Adkinson we discuss what are boundaries, how to set your own healthy boundaries, how to stop self-sabotage and identifying people-pleasing habits. I share my own personal stories of having no boundaries and how that played out in my life as well as how I learned to finally set boundaries and set myself free from being everyone&apos;s doormat. Boundaries are a big step to creating healthier relationships and friendships and also help you create a more positive, intentional, less-stressed everyday life.
10/04/202238 minutes 51 seconds
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Welcome to It Gets Better Podcast.

29/03/20223 minutes 47 seconds