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English, Technology, 1 season, 7 episodes, 42 minutes
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iSchool Africa

iStore are taking good corporate social responsibility to a whole new level. Since 2009 iSchool Africa has managed to infiltrate 167 of the most remote and rural schools in South Africa, including special needs schools. Giving iPad access to an underprivileged school gives those children access to musical instruments, the biggest library in the world, the most advanced science lab imaginable, the experience of millions of the best teachers globally, but more importantly, it gives them a sense of confidence. iStore has also partnered with UNICEF to encourage children to speak out on abuse. Michelle Lissoos from the Education Initiative at Core Group joins Gareth Cliff to talk about this incredibly important and life changing work they perform. If you want more information or to get involved, contact [email protected]. ·
10/9/201512 minutes, 6 seconds
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iPhoneography with Marc Forrest 13.8.15

Marc Forrest, blogger and creator of iPhoneography, joins Gareth Cliff to chat all things iPhone and photos. The way we use our phones has changed so much in the last few years, with the camera being central to this. Michael Flax jumps in with some selfie tips. ·
8/13/201520 minutes, 45 seconds
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Any network...any time

Did you know that you can get an iPhone on any network in SA from the iStore. Whether you want a new iPhone or upgrading the iStore can help you. T&c's apply ·
9/23/201458 seconds
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Get up to R5000 cash back on your iPhone

At iStore you can get up to R5000 cash back on your old iPhone and you can choose from any of the networks to get the lowest price on your new iPhone. Leigh-Ann also has some keyboards tip on iOS8 ·
9/22/20143 minutes, 7 seconds
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Problem downloading iOS8? Get to an iStore

The iStore can help you download iOS8 onto your Apple device for free. Plus you can get great deals on all Apple products including an iPhone from just R369 a month T&C's apply. ·
9/19/201458 seconds
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iOS8 is here!...The iStore can help you get it

Gareth Cliff talks about iOS8 for iPhone and iPad and the features it brings. If you need help putting iOS8 on your device you can head down to an iStore to help you free of charge. ·
9/18/20142 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why you should go to the iStore?

Gareth Cliff explains why the iStore is the best place to buy Apple products and the benefits you get when you purchase a product in store. ·
9/17/20142 minutes, 28 seconds