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English, Comedy, 5 seasons, 687 episodes, 5 days 2 hours 51 minutes
The rude shocks of young adulthood ? ‘Is It Just Me?’ is like an on-demand radio show for young people with old souls. Catch the weekly FULL episode, or squeeze in a mini episode if you've got a short attention span (cos same) Hosts Mitch Churi (KIIS-FM) and Mitchell Coombs (TikTok comedian) celebrate what it means to be odd while navigating the hurdles of life in your 20’s, like dating, mental health, study struggles, moving out and so on… If you’ve got a dumb sense of humour and aren’t ready to grow up, this ‘Couple of Mitches’ will surely make you feel less alone with their absurd commentary and confessions. Follow @coupleofmitches ?️‍?
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Jenna Fling 4 - WORST Guests Of All Time

In the final episode of The Jenna Fling, Jenna is rudely disrupted by her arch-nemesis (Nat Penfold) and some other dope (Mitch Churi).They ruin the episode.See for privacy information.
09/01/202213 minutes 36 seconds
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Jenna Fling 3 - Top 5 Cats

It's time for an IIJM- I mean a JENNA FLING TOP 5 featuring Idiots Callum and Steph.What are we ranking, you ask? Cats!See for privacy information.
02/01/202217 minutes 24 seconds
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Jenna Fling 2 - Meowing Fit Chicken

She's baaaaack!Let's play some meowing fit chicken. Jenna will call a celebrity and randomly start meowing.Meowwww.See for privacy information.
26/12/20216 minutes 56 seconds
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Jenna Fling 1 - History Debating

While the Mitches are away, Jenna comes out to play!This week, Jenna takes on Liz in a round of History Debating.Was the moon landing staged? Let's debate!See for privacy information.
19/12/202111 minutes 24 seconds