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Urdu, Finance, 1 season, 16 episodes, 5 hours, 34 minutes
What is happening at PSX? How to start investing? How to make good returns? How have an investing mindset? All this and more covered at InvestKaar's Podcast
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My Take on #petrol #subsidy vs #imf Program vs Economic Logic

Why would the government decide to subsidize #petrol when we haven't yet finalized #IMF? Where are these numbers coming from? It is political or sane economic decision-making? Why does the FILER category exist if the subsidy can be enjoyed by Non-Filers also? My Take on all this with a short story! 📌 Website: ➡️ - InvestLetter by InvestKaar: ➡️ Stocks FAQs: ➡️ Mutual Funds FAQs: ➡️ Personal Finance: --- Send in a voice message:
3/22/202310 minutes, 6 seconds
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SVB, USDC, Bull Market and Pakistan - Everything you should know!

What happened to #SVB?  Why did it fall?  Why would a stable coin #usdc would come down cox of this?  Why would markets go up the next day?  Is there any lesson for Pakistani investors?   This is everything we will discuss today, in detail!     Important Links  - InvestLetter by InvestKaar:   - Why is US FED will not stop increasing rates:   📌 Website:       ➡️ Personal Finance:       ➡️ Stocks FAQs:      ➡️ Mutual Funds FAQs: --- Send in a voice message:
3/16/202314 minutes, 54 seconds
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Huge dividends coming in #OGDC and #PPL? How much?

News reports are saying that OGDC and PPL will give massive dividends.  They might be more that the price they trading at! We discuss:  1. Can OGDC and PPL give such huge dividends? 2. If yes, what will be the process to do it? 3. Is increasing gas prices part of all this adjustment? 4. Will they increase in prices or after dividends they will not go back again? 5. Is there a structural re-rating happening? 6. If he had to buy a stock today in the E&P sector, which would that be? 7. What kind of overall returns can they give  One knowledge-packed podcast on the oil and gas exploration sector in Pakistan. --- Send in a voice message:
1/24/202336 minutes, 47 seconds
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Podcast: How to become a better #retail #investor in #pakistan?

Who can hold #retail #investors' hand better than a #retail #investor himself? Right? We thought so!   So we bring to you a #podcast in which a retail investor explains his entire thought process, his experiences, his learning, his profits and losses! Everything!  We look at questions like 1. Can a #retail #investor compete with a #fundmanager? 2. What did he do to become such a #savvy #investor? 3. Which sectors did he #invest in? #cement #power 4. What is #value #investing? 5. What should be a #retail #investor's thought process for #stock #picking? 6.  Important #tips for #retail #investors? 7. What to do when a #stock #broker gives you a #tip? 8. When should a #retail #investor sell a stock? 9. When should an investor take a #loss? 10. 2008 vs 2022! similarities, economic issues and what is forward? 11. Portfolio tips 12. step-by-step guide to #stock #picking for an #active #investor? 13. step-by-step guide to portfolio making for a #passive #investor 14. How to handle volatility? 15. Should you buy a stock when it's #falling? or wait for it to settle? 16. How much does #management matter? 17. 2 steps to improve returns  If there is only one thing that you should see, it's this podcast! --- Send in a voice message:
1/23/202356 minutes, 12 seconds
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Should you invest in Cement stocks? If Yes Why? If No, Why Not?

A very in-depth podcast on the cement sector and cement stocks.  We bring Mr Aitezaz Farooqui, Head of Research at Multiline Securities to discuss what does he about the cement sector in this economic condition. We talked about 1. What's the most important thing to consider when thinking about investing in the cement sector? 2. What happens when cement prices go up? 3. Is cement prices the most important factor? if so, why? 4. Does cement companies have a price consensus? 5. What does he think about demand in the future? 6. If economic growth slows down, how will it impact the demand? 7. When will re-rating happen? 8. What are the ingredients for re-rating? 9. What are the stocks to look at?  We discuss all this in a knowledge-packed podcast.   For beginners, it might sound very advanced, but TRUST ME you will learn a  lot... just keep listening!  --- Send in a voice message:
1/23/202358 minutes, 54 seconds
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How does a #fundmanager think? & How should an #investor think? #stocks #psx #mutualfunds

We as retail investors don't have someone to guide us to become better investors in #pakistan.  Most of the YouTube channels are telling us which 3 stocks to buy!   But why those three stocks only? Why not some others? And if they will keep telling us which stocks to buy then when will we learn?  And who can we learn the most from? Someone who has been investing for their fund holders for a long time! So to make it all easy, we invited a  fund manager to guide us!  We sit with an experienced #fundmanager to discuss his thoughts before buying a #stock? and through his approach, how should a #retail #stockmarket #investor think?  Does he think about the economic situation first or does he thinks about the #company first?   We then moved to #portfolio allocation for an #investor.  What should he consider first?  How and from where should he start his own research process?  What sources does he have? When should he choose #mutualfunds over #stockpicking? How can #SIP help?  A knowledge-packed #podcast for retail stock market investors so that no one is left behind and we all learn the correct way of thinking! Also available on YouTube Youtube: --- Send in a voice message:
12/2/202247 minutes, 15 seconds
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Worst comparison investors do! Demanding wrong things from companies!

Should you compare #EFERT with #SYS? Or #FFC with #ILP?    If you are doing this comparison and asking questions that which company should you buy from them, your thinking process is flawed!   After this podcast you will exactly understand two major business models with examples and what are they good for.   One is GROWTH and the other is MARGIN!   They both trade at different PE multiples, different yields and give different returns and without understanding their primary business model,  it will be very difficult for you to choose the best!   We explain these business models in this PODCAST so that you understand what should you expect from which companies!   In the end, I will tell you which business model would I choose over the other for myself and why!  MUST WATCH for all investors!  #psx #stocks #kse100 --- Send in a voice message:
11/20/202222 minutes, 26 seconds
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Young? You should buy stocks! - Wrong!

Since the start of our career, we are advised to buy stocks - It goes like this: Compounding works the most when you give it more time or your income profile will grow so you should take more risks or get into stocks! All of this is correct but this is not LAW! There can be a few high savings and earnings individuals that might not have the appetite for risk! We explore today why this statement doesn't apply to everyone and what is MY rule of thumb that I use when deciding HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD I PUT INTO STOCKS - this will also help you to crystalize your thought process! We end the PODCAST with a test - this will exactly tell you how much risk can you take! Hope you will like it! This topic was chosen through a Youtube Poll so if you have any topic in mind or want to vote for the next topic do subscribe to our channel --- Send in a voice message:
11/15/202218 minutes, 56 seconds
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What does LOTCHEM's rally tell us about the overall stock market?

From Rs8-10/sh to Rs30/sh, from unknown to the best performer! LOTCHEM But is there anything that we can learn from this rally? Why is there so much difference between target prices and current stock prices? What's missing? All this in this episode! Links: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:  --- Send in a voice message:
11/11/202218 minutes, 7 seconds
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Oil prices - Geopolitics vs Economics - Between all this is Pakistan

Today we look at oil prices in very simple-to-understand examples!  Why have oil prices gone up and why do we think it's geopolitics vs economics? And what happens when they both collide? Which is impacting it more? What are other commodities indicating? What would happen if they come down for Pakistan? Once again, the new format includes more discussions on thought processes, patterns of thinking, the psychology of investing, etc. So you may refer to it to streamline your thought process but shouldn't use it as financial advice! Hope you would like it! --- Send in a voice message:
11/9/202217 minutes
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We ask so many questions about the same stock when markets are down and none when they are up. Why?

I read a tweet about Google #GOOG and realized something. We ask so many questions about the same stock when markets are down, that we use to buy without looking at the price. Why? Asking questions is good but only when you use to ask the same amount of them every time, not when something is out of favour! So whats happening?  Let's explore! If you have liked it, do visit our Youtube Channel --- Send in a voice message:
11/7/202213 minutes, 7 seconds