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Revolutionizing Women's Healthcare: Allara’s Telehealth Platform and the Fight Against PCOS with Rachel Blank

Have you ever felt like a mere statistic in the vast expanse of the healthcare system, especially when facing a condition as complex as PCOS? Rachel Blank, the visionary CEO behind Allara, joins us on the Selfish Mom Podcast to change that narrative. She opens up about her own battle with PCOS and how it propelled her to pioneer a healthcare revolution with Allara’s telehealth platform. Rachel's story is not just one of personal triumph; it's a roadmap for empowering women's health across the globe. We dive into the heart of what it means to provide a holistic approach to treatment, breaking down barriers and crafting a future where every woman's health journey is validated and supported.The conversation turns a corner as we explore how Allara is seamlessly blending top-notch healthcare with the ease of technology. Say goodbye to the days of healthcare being out of reach; Alara is making a previously unimaginable level of care accessible and affordable.
31/01/202422 minutes 47 seconds
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A New Approach to 2024

Have you ever felt crushed under the weight of unrealistic New Year's resolutions and the relentless pursuit of perfection? You're not alone. Journey with me as we explore the transformation that unfolds when we embrace the power of starting small. Like the first tender sprouts in a spring garden, the tiniest steps can often lead to the most sustainable growth. In today's conversation, I peel back the layers of my own life, revealing the evolution of my home, my quest for a sustainable lifestyle, and how adopting the bare minimum approach has allowed me to progress without the pressure to be perfect. I'll guide you through the art of making incremental changes, sharing how they can cumulatively lead to significant personal and environmental transformations.Navigating through the thicket of societal expectations, we'll uncover the art of setting boundaries for the sake of our own peace and well-being—especially as the years grace us with wisdom on w
24/01/202425 minutes 12 seconds
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Navigating Putting Your Happiness on Hold & the Limbo Phase into Living The Life You Want Today

On this solo episode, Ali discusses her limbo phase along with answering questions.Ever felt like you're continually postponing your own happiness, waiting for that elusive 'perfect moment'? You're not alone. This podcast is a soul-stirring journey through my own struggle with self-worth, postpartum weight gain, and the fear that kept me from chasing my dreams. I'll candidly share how I finally stepped into action, chasing my dreams instead of waiting for life to happen.Motherhood, work, relationships - managing all three can feel like walking a tightrope. As I reveal my 'hustle girl' era and the birth of my third son, you'll see how my values shifted and how I learned to prioritize my family's needs while living off a single income. With personal anecdotes and hard-won wisdom, I'll also navigate through the rocky terrains of relationships and personal motivation. Through heartening conversations and enlightening insig
15/11/202342 minutes 47 seconds
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Start Thriving: Hormone Hacks, Cycle Syncing, and Kicking Toxins to the Curb for Ultimate Wellness w/ Carly Hartwig

Picture yourself as a teenager, handed a box of birth control pills to 'fix' your irregular periods. You know nothing of the long-term effects and blindly trust the solution. As a grown woman, you finally realize the importance of truly understanding your menstrual cycle and the need for hormone health. That's the story of Carly Hartwig, a holistic reproductive health practitioner and soon-to-be-certified fertility awareness educator, who joins us for this enlightening conversation. We examine the long-term effects of birth control, the importance of functional medicine, and why it's crucial to consider more than just a basic blood panel for achieving optimal health.What if there was a way to understand your body better? What if the menstrual cycle was not just a burden, but a gauge of your overall health? We delve into how menstrual health impacts hormones, why it can be seen as a fifth vital sign, and the influence of hormonal birth control on our cyc
19/10/202354 minutes 39 seconds
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Welcome to the Selfish Mom Podcast

Welcome to the Selfish Mom podcast. A podcast for YOU so you don't get burnt out like a mother. I'm your host Ali Kay and this is the selfish mom podcast. Learn to prioritize your mental and physical health first so we can THRIVE and not just survive. Let's take action become our best selves together and redefine selfish as the most selfless thing we could do. Support the show
20/09/202326 seconds
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How to Become a Selfish Mom so you Don't Get Burnt Out like a Mother!

On this episode, Ali discusses her definition of what it means to be a &quot;selfish&quot; mom in a society that praises &quot;selflessness.&quot; This episode discuses that prioritizing your mental and physical health is key in order to give your best self to your loved ones. Ali defines self-care and tangible takeaways how you can apply emotional, physical, and spiritual self-care in your life today!*For more information on the “Invest Your Best” online coaching AVAILABLE NOW visit:<
28/03/202322 minutes 16 seconds