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Interviews with the world's best investors and find out what they are currently investing in whether it be the stocks, retirement accounts, Wealthfront, Betterment, Vanguard, mutual funds, real estate, Forex, REITs, or other types of Investing methods. Millionaire Sam Marks and Entrepreneur Johnny FD invest like a boss while sharing what their personal portfolios are, and how they save their hard earned money for travel, life and retirement.
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284: Escaping Inflation Through Location Arbitrage

Johnny and Derek discuss one of the best strategies to escape inflation: Location Arbitrage. For those of you that can work remotely or do not need to work, living in a cheaper place is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck. Johnny explains where he has decided to spend the winter at and they compare prices to where Derek is at in Los Angeles, a notoriously expensive place to live.   Discussed:  Big Mac Index Numbeo Cost of Living $16 Big Mac Story Where we are: Johnny FD – Kyiv, Ukraine
16/11/202342 minutes 40 seconds
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283: Are Vacation Homes Worth the Hassle?

Inspired by a topic that came up in last week's Quarterly Update (ILAB 282) Johnny and Sam go over the actual costs of owning a vacation home versus staying in hotels on vacation. Sam uses his real life examples he personally owns in Thailand and the United States for the cost basis. Results may surprise you on the costs of these properties versus what you could be spending that same amount on in going on vacations around the World! Discussed: ILAB Episode 282: Q3 2023 Quarterly Update Where we are: Johnny FD – Kyiv, Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Bangkok / IG @sammarks12 Derek – Los Angeles / IG @DerekRadio Sponsor: WebStreet (Formerly Empire Flippers)WebStreet is launching their 6th fund. Webstreet buys & operates cash-flowing websites and is now offering SaaS businesses as well! Learn how to invest in this diversified online business portfolio HERE ILAB PatreonJoin the Invest Like a Boss Patreon now and get tons of bonus content, including additional episodes, full
26/10/202357 minutes 37 seconds
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282: Q3 2023 Quarterly Updates

It's quarterly update time with Sam and Johnny catching up about what life has looked like the last 3 months. The guys both share they've become more introverted and lost their hunger to make more money. They also discuss bad flights, point hacking and how Thailand is changing for the worse. As always, the lifestyle portion is free to the public, but if you also want to also see Sam & Johnny's portfolios and investment portion, you can access instantly when you sign up for the ILAB Patreon at Discussed: ILAB 227: Travel for (Almost) Free with Credit Card Points Hacking ILAB 276: Timeshares 101 - How to Exit This Bad Travel Investment ILAB Patreon Where we are: Johnny FD – Kyiv, Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Bangkok / IG @sammarks12 Derek – Los Angeles / IG @DerekRadio Sponsor: MasterClassBoost your confidence and find practical takeaways you can apply to your life and at work with MasterClass. Our listeners will get an additional 15
19/10/202358 minutes 40 seconds
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281: Black Hops CEO Nathan Hyde Talks Australian Beer Business

Derek goes live on location in Australia to interview Black Hops Brewery CEO Nathan Hyde on the challenges of the Australian beer industry. ILAB Bosses may remember that Sam Marks was an early investor in Black Hops (ILAB Episode 06: Invest in Yourself and Startup an Award Winning Brewery) and the company has faced some financial issues as of late. Nathan was brought in earlier this year to help them turn around. Derek and Nathan talk Australian government interference, getting Gen Z into beer, drinking culture and expansion into new markets. Then Sam and Derek give their thoughts on the Australian beer scene and what they think of the current state of Black Hops. Discussed: Black Hops Official Site <a href="https://www.facebook.
12/10/20231 hour 19 minutes 12 seconds
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280: Assets vs. Liabilities

After seeing a video online featuring rapper The Game, Johnny and Derek discuss what many assume to be assets, actually turn into liabilities. They talk real estate, cars, clothing, jewelry collectibles and more.... you might be surprised at what items are actually liabilities! Discussed: Bust Down Rolex DJ Skee&#39;s Shoe Collection The Game&#39;s Shoe Collection Bearbrick Dolls Where we are: ILAB Patr
05/10/202338 minutes 36 seconds
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279: How Johnny FD Turned YouTube into a Full-Time Income Source

Johnny and Derek discuss the challenges with trying to earn income off of creating YouTube videos. Johnny has estabilshed a large chanell and been able to turn that into a full-time income while Derek is still struggling to grow his channel and monetize. Johnny discusses his strategy, shooting style, schedule and how much he makes per video in this episode. Learn how you can potentially earn a lot of money by becoming a content creator on YouTube! Discussed:  Johnny's YouTube Channel "JohnnyFD" Derek's Car YouTube Channel "Petrolectric" Derek's YouTube Channel "15:01" Where we are: <
24/08/202359 minutes 38 seconds
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278: Q2 2023 Quarterly Update

Midway through the year and time for another quarterly update! Johnny is in Ukraine and Sam is in Thailand for this one. The guys cover experiences living with monks, neighbor disputes, the best places in Thailand and answer your Patreon questions.  In the Patreon only section, they cover what they invested in this quarter and where they are keeping their cash to earn some interest to capitalize on current high rates. That section is only available to Invest Like a Boss Patreon members and can be instantly accessed along with hundreds of other member only posts for just $5/month at Discussed:  ILAB 268: Russians Driving Up Real Est
03/08/202339 minutes 57 seconds
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277: Invest Passively in Online Businesses with WebStreet (Formerly Empire Flippers Capital)

WebStreet Operations Manager Kyle Kuderewski joins the show to tell us about their transition from Empire Flippers Capital into WebStreet and what's coming up to invest in. As a reminder, Webstreet allows you to invest passively in online businesses, whether they be Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Content (Affiliate), Software as a Service (SaaS), Kindle Direct Publish (KDP) & more. The funds have been active since 2021 and have built up a solid track record so far. Sam handles the interview as they break down what's available in the upcoming round of funds and how you can invest in the business of WebStreet itself. Then Johnny joins in the end of the episode to share his personal results from investing with WebStreet and what he would choose as his next investment choice of funds within the platform. Discussed:  <a href="" target="
20/07/20231 hour 10 minutes 42 seconds
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276: Timeshares 101 - How to Exit This Bad Travel Investment

Johnny and Derek sit down for a 101 episode on a terrible investment - the Vacation Timeshare! Many people, especially in America, get suckered into these seemingly great vacation getaway deals only to find out they are much less glamorous than was pitched to them in their sales presentations. Besides the initial high fee to get in on these timeshares, they annual fees and restrictions really start to make you regret buying in. On top of that, when you want to get out, it's not easy to do! We go over everything in this episode from why timeshares are a bad to how to get out of one if you find yourself stuck.  Discussed:  VIDEO: Inside Timeshare Sales Staff Meeting VIDEO: The Queen of Versailles Trailer   Where we are: <li style=
29/06/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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275: How to Maximize Your Savings Rate

U.S. savings account interest rates are at decades long highs, so Sam and Johnny hop in on this 101 episode to help you find ways to maximize your savings rate of return. The guys go over High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSAs), treasury bonds, annuities, money market accounts & more creative ways to get those extra percentage points. They'll also discuss how much savings you should be holding in case of emergencies. They'll also go beyond the United States to help out with some options for our overseas listeners as well. Share this episode with your friends, you'd be surprised how many people do not having any or very little savings!   Discussed:  U.S. Treasury Bonds ILAB Episode 004: Stan the Annuity Man <a href= "http://www.investlikeab
08/06/20231 hour 4 minutes 33 seconds
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274: How To Spot & Avoid Ponzi Schemes with David M. Shapiro

This is part two on financial fraud and ponzi schemes. Our previous episode (ILAB 273) featured the biggest ponzi schemes of all-time. Our guest, David M. Shapiro, comes on to help explain how to avoid being involved in a ponzi scheme and what signs to look out for. He also talks the government structure around going after these crimes and some of the newer tech driven financial crimes involving cryptocurrency, identity theft and more. Sam and Derek follow up with their thoughts on the interview and Sam tells us about a ponzi scheme he almost fell into in Thailand.   Discussed:  David Shapiro's CV Watch Madoff: Monster of Wall Street o
18/05/20231 hour 5 minutes 40 seconds
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273: The Biggest Ponzi Schemes of All-Time

After both watching the new Netflix docuseries on Bernie Madoff, Sam and Derek decide to dive deeper into the art of the Ponzi Scheme. They discuss how they came about and go over some of the biggest financial fraud cases in history. This is part one of a two episode run on financial fraud and ponzi schemes. ILAB 274 will feature an expert with tips on how to spot fraud in your investments.   Discussed:  Watch Madoff: Monster of Wall Street on Netflix Where we are: Johnny FD – Phuket, Thailand / IG <span style= "font-weight: 400
11/05/202349 minutes 32 seconds
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272: Two Year Status Update on Citizenship By Investment

It's been two years since Sam (Spain) & Johnny (Ukraine) embarked on their citizenship by investment journies. Find out where they each stand with respect to what they had to go through to qualify, get residency, and what their next options are. They'll go over hidden filing expenses, ongoing costs, and unexpected things that came up along the way that the citizenship sites don't tell. The guys will also go over why the programs they chose may not have been the best options for their particular situation and what some alternative countries' programs are like.   Discussed:  ILAB 188: Pros & Cons of Relocating to Kiev & Barcelona 2023 Top 10 Residency Programs by Investment</li
04/05/202353 minutes 8 seconds
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271: Pace Morby on How To Buy Real Estate & Build Wealth Without Cash

Star of A&E's "Triple Digit Flip" and expert on creative real estate financing Pace Morby joins the show. Derek interviews him on his new book, Wealth Without Cash, and all the types of ways that Pace has been able to accumulate thousands of pieces of property with little or no money down. Johnny and Derek round it out with their own experiences on house flipping, creative financing and what they think about the TV show. About Pace Morby:  Pace Morby is known as the go-to “sub to guy” bringing creative strategies to the mainstream real estate investment industry such as subject to and seller finance deals. Pace’s high energy and no BS approach has attracted a loyal following across social media. Though he began his real estate journey as a general contractor running a successful business and then as a HomeVestors franchisee, he and his partner have since amassed over 32 million dollars in buy and hold properties while continuing their full operation of
20/04/20231 hour 11 minutes 45 seconds
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270: Q1 2023 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

It's quarterly update time and Sam & Johnny are together in the same place for this one! They both record from Thailand and cover all things in their recent travels. The guys cover value in Thailand, Japan, business vs economy flights, credit card points, and more. Sam & Johnny both discuss their plans for the upcoming quarter and where they plan on living. In the Patreon only section, they cover what they invested in this quarter and where they are keeping their cash to earn some interest. That section is only available to Invest Like a Boss Patreon members and can be instantly accessed along with hundreds of other member only posts for just $5/month at Discussed:  <a href= "
13/04/202332 minutes 23 seconds
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269: Jade Warshaw on Paying off $460K in Debt & Working Alongside Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey's newest on-air personality hire Jade Warshaw is our guest on this episode. Derek will talk to her about how she was able to pay off $460K in debt using the Ramsey method while working in music, doing side hustles and practicing life hacks. Jade also gets into what it's like working alongside Dave Ramsey on their show - which is a consistent Top 20 Podcast in the U.S. Johnny & Derek round it out about their thoughts on the Ramsey plan and how they may disagree with certain aspects of it. The guys also get into some of the crazy side hustles they had while trying to pay off their own debt. About Jade Warshaw: At Ramsey Solutions, Jade Warshaw serves as a debt elimination expert, financial coach and co-host of The Ramsey Show. Jade has a professional background in entertainment and has performed in over 92 countries worldwide. She has appeared on Fox News and Cheddar News and been featured in Fortune magazine. Since paying off over $460,000 i
06/04/20231 hour 7 minutes 7 seconds
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268: Russians Driving Up Real Estate in Bali & Thailand

Johnny & Sam are in the same country for the first time in nearly 2 years! They both find themselves in Thailand, but things have changed drastically since the last time they were there. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened in February 2022, Russians have been fleeing in droves. Top on their list of destinations has been Bali & Thailand. We invite a Bali Airbnb company to give us their expert opinion on what's going on their with the villa rentals. And then Johnny & Sam discuss what they're seeing in Thailand and how it's effecting the real estate market and overall culture.  Discussed:    Where we are: Johnny FD – Pattaya, Thailand / IG @johnnyfdj <li st
30/03/202350 minutes 4 seconds
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267: Space Tourism via Balloon with Zero 2 Infinity CEO José Mariano López Urdiales

In this episode, Derek interviews Zero 2 Infinity Fouder & CEO José Mariano López Urdiales on a unique take on the space trousim industry. Instead of rockets, Zero 2 Infinity is using balloon technology to (hopefully soon) fly humans into space on a more comfortable, leisurely alternative to the rocket. Zero 2 Infinity also has a satellite delivery business that José explains and lays out the investment opportunities. Sam Marks jumps on the intro and outro to tell us where he's been traveling all through Asia, and tell why he is excited for this space technology... but won't be a passenger himself. About José & Zero 2 Infinity: Jose Mariano López is the founder and CEO of Zero 2 Infinity, the most active player in Europe in Near Space flights with over 50 successful missions. Jose Mariano is an engineer and a pioneer in NewSpace, whose vision is to make access to Space affordable and sustainable. His seminal work has sparked a renaissance of high-altit
23/03/20231 hour 31 minutes 35 seconds
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266: Navigating the New & Used Car Market

In this episode, Johnny & Derek discuss one of their favorite subjects - cars! Your vehicle is often the second biggest asset you'll purchase behind your home, so it's important to get what fits your needs best at a great price. They'll discuss the benefits of buying new vs. used, what options are worth paying for, along with some of their favorite cars on the market now. Derek goes over what new car he just bought, how to negotiate with the dealer and get the best deal if you need to finance. Lastly, just for fun, the guys build and price out a new Porsche for Johnny online and see how much more he would have to pay to get something comparable to his used one. Discussed:  The Suzuki Jimny The Ford Bronco Sport <a href="https://www.lotusc
09/03/20231 hour 35 seconds
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265: RAD Diversified CEO Dutch Mendenhall Talks Turning Disasters into Real Estate Profit

RAD Diversified CEO Dutch Mendenhall returns to the show (last appeared on ILAB 178 & 194) to give us an update on real estate and so much more! Dutch has previously told us about past visionary moves that he was able to capitalize on and this appearance is no different! Find out how he was able to profit from the Russian-Ukrainian War, why he moved out of California, how he is able to purchase more homes in this economic landscape & more. Plus, he addresses concerns about RAD Diversified brought by our listeners who have previously invested. About Dutch Mendenhall: Dutch Mendenhall is a husband, father, American patriot, and
02/03/202347 minutes 41 seconds
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264: Johnny's Worst Real Estate Investment

Johnny and Derek sit down for a special one on one episode to discuss Johnny returning to his investment property in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This was his first time back at the property since the war between Russia & Ukraine broke out almost exactly a year earlier. At the time, Johnny's Kharkiv condo seemed like a cash flow dream situation, which thanks to Russia, turned out to be too good to be true. Find out what Johnny found when he arrived and how much he's lost on this investment so far. Discussed:  Johnny's Kharkiv Condo Tour (Pre-War) Johnny's Journey Back to Kharkiv Where we are: Johnny FD – Uk
23/02/202350 minutes 6 seconds
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263: Daffy CEO Adam Nash on State of Silicon Valley & Charitable Giving with Donor Advised Funds

Sam and Derek partner up on this interview with a man who has been involved in hundreds of Silcon Valley startups as well as working for some of the largest tech companies over the last 30+ years. Daffy Co-Founder/CEO Adam Nash joins the show to talk the current state of technology and funding, and his move to non-profits and charitable giving through his new Donor Advised Fund platform Daffy. Sam and Derek share some stories on their experiences with giving and also have some fun, although embarrassing, stories to share with the audience on how we got this interview to work. About Adam Nash:  Adam Nash is the co-founder and CEO of, a not-for-profit community built around a new, modern platform for giving. Adam is a seasoned executive, investor, and advisor. Adam currently sits on the Board of Directors for Acorns, the country’s fastest-growing financial wellness system, and Shift Technologies. Adam also 
16/02/20231 hour 34 minutes 38 seconds
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262: Closed End Funds (CEFs) & Lucrative Investor Newsletters with Michael Foster

Sam and Johnny kick off the episode talking Sam's trip to Andorra and revisiting the past appearances of our guest this week, Michael Foster. Michael has appeared twice before on ILAB in episodes 63 (Listen Here) and 68 (Listen Here) both back in 2017. Sam then interviews Michael Foster on both the advantages of Closed End Funds (CEFs) and how much money one can really earn from having an investment newsletter subscription. Sam learns he may have been investing with his CEFs in a less effective way as Michael explains his strategy. Johnny & Sam circle back and discuss their investing philosophies for 2023 after a rough last year and if CEFs fit into them.    Abo
09/02/20231 hour 9 minutes 4 seconds
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261: Impact of ChatGPT & Generative Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT has taken over the conversations of the internet and (literally) writing millions of new conversations utilizing generative AI technology. We bring back guest Tom Taulli (last on ILAB 163) to break down the basics of ChatGPT technology, the company that created it and how we may be able to invest int he future of Artificial Intelligence. Sam and Derek then go through their experiments with using ChatGPT and its potential world changing impact on technology as we know it.  About Tom Taulli:  Tom Taulli is an advisor/board member to startups and the author of Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction and The Robotic Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Implementing RPA Systems. He also writes for various publications like, Kiplinger and Barro
02/02/20231 hour 17 minutes 53 seconds
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260: Creating a New Sport with OmegaBall Founder Anthony Dittmann

OmegaBall Founder Anthony Dittmann sits down with Derek Spartz to discuss what it takes to create a whole new sport, how to market and monetize it and how they're raising capital. Sam and Derek catch up and discuss their experiences at an OmegaBall event as well as what potential they see in this very early investment opportunity in the sports industry.  About Anthony Dittmann:  Anthony Dittmann began his career working for the San Diego Chargers until 1998.  After the NFL, he worked for ESPN in several capacities; all involving the design, construction and management of ESPN-owned events including the ESPY Awards and culminating as the Director of Operations as well as Event Director for X Games in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Aspen and Tignes, France. Since the X Games, Dittmann has produced events for NBC Sports and The Enthusiast Network before ultimately starting Kilowatt Events with several colleagues.  Kilowatt specializes in designing and executing
26/01/202352 minutes 29 seconds
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259: "The Real Asset Investor" Dave Zook

Johnny and Derek kick off the episode with New Year's updates, including a scary moment for Johnny in Kyiv. Then Johnny interviews "The Real Asset Investor" Dave Zook on his various funds and their structures for self-storage, car washes & ATMs. Dave lays out how to invest, who can invest and how to get your federal tax rate into the single digits! Then Johnny & Derek follow up on their thoughts into Dave's investing philosophy and provide an exciting new feature for ILAB Patreons.  About Dave Zook:  Dave is a successful Business owner, Syndicator and an Investment and Tax Strategist. Dave and his team at The Real Asset Investor have placed more than $800M across various asset classes which offer Cash Flow, Tax Impact and Equity Growth for investors. These asset classes include ATMs, Car Washes, Energy, Self-Storage and more. He and his team are one of the Top 5 ATM Fund Operators in the
12/01/20231 hour 1 minute 9 seconds
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258: Q4 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

Johnny and Sam go over the end of year 2022/Quarterly Updates. They talk about settling into their respective homes in Barcelon and Kyiv. Johnny traveled to Greece to await his permanent Ukraine residency and Sam went on a month long trip through Japan. The guys talk what daily life looks like in Ukraine during the war, Sam's upcoming job freedom and more! This is only the public portion of the podcast, if you'd like the entire show in audio and video formats including our actual portfolios, you can instantly access when you join the ILAB Patreon.  Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj <spa
05/01/202346 minutes 18 seconds
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257: Top 10 Guests of 2022

Johnny and Derek go over the Top 10 guests of 2022 on the Invest Like a Boss podcast. List was compiled using votes and download numbers and topics range anywhere from crypto to wine to traveling the world and more! Tune in to find out who made the top guest of the year! Listen to ILAB 257 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona / IG <a href= "https://
22/12/20221 hour 19 minutes 10 seconds
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256: BTCGandalf Talks FTX, Crypto Storage & Why Bitcoin is King

In the wake of the FTX collapse, we invite BTCGandalf to the show. He is a mysterious supporter of Bitcoin under the guise of Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf. Gandalf talks about what happened to FTX, how healthy other exchanges may be, and the most secure way to store your coins. Derek reveals to Sam a major change in his crypto investment and seeks advice on what to do next in this wild market. In his previous life, Gandalf was a real estate broker and entrepreneur for a decade. He created his pseudonymous Twitter in early 2021 as he began to get interested in Bitcoin and now dedicates his full time-attention to Bitcoin both independently and through his work with Companies in the space. Listen to ILAB 256 on iTunes here or subscribe on
08/12/20221 hour 24 minutes 55 seconds
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255: Inflation Rate – Is it Accurate?

Johnny and Derek do a one-on-one episode to talk about the effects of inflation across the World. Although media outlets may make it seem like inflation is solely an American issue, it is something that affects every country. Johnny and Derek will go over their next travel plans and what they are seeing in each of their respective locations as far as inflation is concerned. Johnny also gives advice on some hacks to fight inflation that anyone can use to their advantage. Listen to ILAB 255 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Moldova / IG <span style= "font-weight:
17/11/20221 hour 11 minutes 41 seconds
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254: Return of the “King of Self-Storage” Kevin Shee

Sam’s friend and Hong Kong “King of Self-Storage” Kevin Shee returns to the podcast for his 3 rd appearance. Kevin previously appeared on ILAB 07 & ILAB 106. Kevin goes over his attempted transition out of self-storage and into passive investor and why it failed. He goes over his current business model in Hong Kong and why he’s brought Sam along for a new business venture in Japan. Sam and Kevin also go over the intricacies of Japan’s daily life and why it’s so traveler unfriendly to visit. Then Sam and Johnny recap their status and discuss their thoughts on Kevin, a
10/11/20221 hour 26 minutes 40 seconds
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253: Cost of Living Expenses in U.S. vs. Abroad

Johnny & Derek sit down for a one on one episode to compare their respective cost of living expenses. Johnny has utilized location arbitrage by living in cheaper countries outside the U.S. while Derek lives in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., Los Angeles. They’ll break it down by category and find out who is getting the better deal in each. Johnny also gives helpful tips for those considering relocating from the U.S.   Listen to ILAB 253 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Greece / IG @johnnyfd<span s
03/11/20221 hour 19 minutes 43 seconds
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252: Hedging Inflation Through U.S. I Bonds with Maggie Gomez

A timely topic we’ve been hearing about from listeners for months – U.S. I Bonds. These are bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury to hedge against inflation and currently pay an incredible 9.62% rate… but there are a lot of restrictions and time is running out! We invite CFP Maggie Gomez, aka Money with Maggie, to the show to break down the ins and outs of I Bonds. Then Johnny and Derek discuss if they think I Bonds are a good play or if your money is better served invested elsewhere. Maggie Gomez is on a mission to help you feel strong and confident in your financial situation. Maggie’s professional experience in major brokerage firms made her realize that clients with less than 6 or 7 figures to invest weren’t getting quality attention from a financial professional. That left most people with nowhere to turn to manage their financial life and start investing in their future! So that is why she started “Money
27/10/202250 minutes 19 seconds
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251: Q3 2022 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

Sam and Johnny go over their adventures during the third quarter of 2022. Johnny has been bouncing around Europe while waiting for his permanent residency to come through for Ukraine while Sam has been between Barcelona, Tajikistan and Thailand working on an exciting new business deal. Hear those stories and more on this free to the public podcast version. Afterward, the guys go over their portfolio performance (including screenshots) in the Patreon-exclusive section. Plus, Sam gets into detail why he is getting royal treatment on his business dealings in Tajikistan. You can access all of these parts of the show for as little as $5 a month at Listen to ILAB 251 on iTunes <span st
20/10/202234 minutes 14 seconds
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250: Social Investing with Stocktwits CEO Rishi Khanna

Derek interviews Stocktwits CEO Rishi Khanna to talk about social investing, how Stocktwits can help you invest smarter and how they are evolving. Then Derek and Johnny catch up with their travels and Johnny has an update on his status to get back into Ukraine. Rishi Khanna is the CEO of Stocktwits, the original social platform for individual investors and traders with 6M registered members. Before Stocktwits, Rishi was Managing Director at SS
13/10/20221 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds
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249: Investing in Post-War Ukraine

Johnny and Derek discuss an investing game plan for a (hopefully) potential victory for Ukraine in their ongoing war with Russia. They talk about real estate, infrastructure, industry and more in Ukraine around what they’ll need to recover in a post-war environment. Johnny also gives us an update on what he’s seeing from Ukraine and why he thinks a victory over Russia in the coming months could be a possibility. Listen to ILAB 249 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – United Kingdom / IG @johnnyfd<span style= "font-weight:
06/10/202256 minutes 17 seconds
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248: Azure 3D Printed Homes with Co-Founder Gene Eidelman

Derek goes on site to the Los Angeles headquarters of Azure 3D Printed Homes to see how their approach to affordable housing with 3D printing differs from Boxabl’s assembly line approach (ILAB Episode 245). Derek sits down with co-founder Gene Eidelman to talk how he went from growing up in Ukraine to running a startup to solve the housing shortage. Then Derek and Johnny discuss if they’d invest in this, and how they’d utilize these homes for themselves. Gene Eidelman is a co-founder of Azure Printed Homes, the first-to-market construction company to utilize 3D printing technology and recycled materials to create modern prefab units 70% faster than traditional building methods, while making a positive impact on the environment. Gen
29/09/202252 minutes 40 seconds
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247: What Are You Gonna Do with All That Money?

Sam and Derek do a one on one episode to discuss how your spending habits change at various high wealth levels. The guys break down real cash flow, income growth and spending habits for income brackets from $10-30 Million, $30-100 Million, $100M-1 Billion & $1 Billion + net worth. Sam belongs to one of these brackets already and is able to share his personal experiences on this while for Derek this is more of an aspirational episode as he hopes to be in these brackets soon. Listen to ILAB 247 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG <span style= "font-weig
22/09/202258 minutes
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246: Combining Machine & Digital Gaming with Winner Winner

Derek travels to the Las Vegas headquarters of gaming company Winner Winner to speak with co-founder Cody Flaherty. They discuss how Winner Winner is allowing users to play real machine gaming from anywhere in the world via their mobile phones. Plus, Winner Winner has since expanded to online gaming, live trivia events and more. Sam Marks is an active early investor in Winner Winner and has worked extensively with one of their founders. Sam and Derek wrap up the episode discussing Sam’s investment, why he believes in it and what he expects from the company going forward. Cody Flaherty is the Co-founder and COO of Playtertainment, the development studio behind the live gaming app Winner Winner.  Prior to launching Winner Winner with his partner Jon in 2019, Cody was an early member of the team, an online retailer of pet food and supplies. Cody was a key member of the senior executive team, helpi
15/09/202239 minutes 2 seconds
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245: Tiny Home/ADU Investment with Boxabl’s Founders

Derek travels to Las Vegas to visit the Boxabl Factory, where they are taking advantage of the tiny home/ADU trend happening in housing right now. He sits down with Father & Son founder team Paulo & Galiano Tiramani to discuss Elon Musk buying one of the first casitas, scaling up to multiple factories to fulfill demand, investment opportunities & more. Then Johnny & Derek talk about their experiences with the concept and whether or not they would invest in the company. Each have their concerns but are also optimistic about the industry if they can execute.   Boxabls are built in a precision factory environment from cutting edge materials and are packed with the latest technology. This means your building will be stronger, last longer, and be more energy efficient. The Boxabl mission is to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone. Obsessively designed to the highest standards of qua
08/09/20221 hour 4 minutes 45 seconds
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244: Meb Faber Returns to Talk Inflation

Fan favorite Meb Faber returns to the show after a 6 year absence to tell us about the current state of inflation. Johnny &amp; Sam also talk about how inflation has effected them living in Europe compared to what Meb is seeing in the United States. Mr. Faber is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. Faber is the manager of Cambria’s ETFs and separate accounts. Mr. Faber is the host of The Meb Faber Show podcast and has authored numerous white papers and leather-bound books. He is a frequent speaker and writer on investment strategies and has been featured in Barron’s, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. Mr. Faber graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Engineering Science and Biology. Listen to ILAB 244 on i
01/09/20221 hour 10 minutes 6 seconds
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243: Update on The All-Seasons Portfolio with Meb Faber

An ILAB Callback episode to our original interview with Meb Faber from ILAB 15. Johnny and Derek create an all-new intro and outro to Sam’s interview to give an updated version of a timeless interview that is very much still relevant to today. We wanted to re-air this interview in preparation for Meb’s return on next week’s episode where he will talk about inflation. Mr. Faber is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. Faber is the manager of Cambria’s ETFs and separate accounts. Mr. Faber is the host of The Meb Faber Show podcast and has authored numerous white papers and leather-bound books. He is a frequent speaker and writer on investment strategies and has been featured in Barron’s
25/08/20221 hour 12 minutes 32 seconds
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242: Primal Virtues of the Modern Man with Jonathan Rios

Sam interviews author and psychotherapist Jonathan Rios on his book Primal Virtues of the Modern Man. They talk about issues with today’s men and what they can do to get back to their ‘primal’ nature and balance their lives better. Sam and Derek catch up on the show and talk about how this applies to their lives currently and what they are doing themselves to get back to their own primal virtues. Jonathan Rios is an athlete turned mental coach and licensed psychotherapist who is deeply committed to remaining undomesticated. He works extensively with addicts, performers, veterans, stay at home mothers, business professionals, and spiritual seekers. He is a military academy graduate and former division 1 athlete with a deep appreciation for the warrior ethos. He currently lives in Jupiter Florida with his wife and four daughters. Listen to ILAB 242 on <a h
18/08/20221 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds
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241: Buy This, Not That with Financial Samurai Sam Dogen

Johnny brings the Financial Samurai back to the show, who last appeared in 2016 on ILAB 24. The Financial Samurai created a popular financial blog and was until recently only known as an image online… but he has finally revealed his identity as Sam Dogen. Dogen has a new book out titled Buy This, Not That. Johnny and Dogen discuss the book, his path to financial freedom, why he stays living in San Francisco and more. Derek jumps in on the intro and outro with Johnny where the guys catch up and discuss the Financial Samurai’s hitting points and what they agree/disagree with. <img src= "" alt="" width
11/08/20221 hour 8 minutes 7 seconds
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240: AG Tech & Cattle Investing with Harvest Returns CEO Chris Rawley

Harvest Returns CEO Chris Rawley joins the show to talk about the different type of agricultural (AG) investments they offer. Harvest Returns has some unique investments including tech plays, indoor farming, cattle, aquaculture and more. Johnny and Derek discuss their thoughts on the food industry as a whole and whether they’d invest in these. The guys also do a quick followup on their car situations since they last spoke about them in ILAB 236. While serving as a career naval officer, Chris Rawley visited dozens of war-torn and poverty stricken countries and began to appreciate the importance of agriculture to every single person on earth. As a professional investor with this new found appreciation, he decided to invest in a farm, but quickly discovere
04/08/20221 hour 17 minutes 28 seconds
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239: Q2 2022 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

Sam and Johnny go over their wild quarter of life experiences in Q2 of 2022. Both are recording from their actual homes together for the first time, Sam in Barcelona and Johnny in Kyiv. The guys take philosophy of life, updates on the Ukraine war, plus a happy charity update from the school in Bucharest that we donated to earlier this year! Full financial breakdowns for the quarter are available to Patreon members only. Sign up for as low as $5 a month to instantly access when you sign up HERE Listen to ILAB 239 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG <a href="h
28/07/202243 minutes 39 seconds
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238: Ask Sam Marks Anything

We polled ILAB listeners for your questions and said Ask Us Anything! We received so many questions that we decided to split it into two episodes, one for Johnny and one for Sam. Last week (ILAB 237) was Johnny and now it’s Sam’s turn. Sam will answer questions on investing as well as lifestyle in this open forum style episode. Listen to ILAB 238 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Montenegro / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona / IG <a href= "
21/07/20221 hour 14 minutes 17 seconds
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237: Ask Johnny FD Anything

We polled ILAB listeners for your questions and said Ask Us Anything! We received so many questions that we decided to split it into two episodes, one for Johnny and one for Sam. First up is Johnny, where he answers questions on investing as well as lifestyle in this open forum style episode. Listen to ILAB 237 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Montenegro / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona / IG <span style= "font-weig
14/07/20221 hour 6 minutes 7 seconds
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236: Expenses of Owning a Car

Johnny and Derek do a one-on-one episode about a subject they are both passionate about – cars! We try not to bring them up too much in the show, but both guys are certified car nuts, so this is a fun episode that hopefully you’ll get something out of as well. Your car is an expense that often gets overlooked as many deem it a necessary cost to live life. Nonetheless, the guys talk how to find a deal in this crazy car market, new cars they are in the market for, cars they love, cars they hate and more in this fun riff of an episode. Listen to ILAB 236 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Montenegro / IG <a href=
07/07/202257 minutes 57 seconds
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235: Composer’s Quantitative Strategy Tool Let’s You Invest Like Hedge Funds

Johnny interviews Composer CEO & Co-Founder Ben Rollert on this episode to talk quantitative strategies. If you aren’t familiar with quants, they’ve been used by hedge funds for decades to determine trades and were only available to those with advanced mathematics degrees until now. Composer has created an easy to use tool featuring hundreds of pre-determined strategies aka “symphonies” like following your favorite billionaire investor, buying dips in sectors, hedging inflation and so much more. After the interview, Johnny and Derek go through some of the various pre-determined “symphonies” and which ones they’d execute in their own portfolios. Ben Rollert has
30/06/202254 minutes 2 seconds
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234: Sam & Derek’s Metaverse Portfolio Update

Sam and Derek provide updates on their drastically down metaverse portfolios. They go over each individual holding and their respective current losses in this bear market. They also indicate why they are still excited about this space and which companies they are continuing to invest in. Individual stock holdings mentioned in the episode: $AI, $AMD, $ATVI, $BILI, $AVID, $EA, $KWEB, $MTTR, $COIN, $NHNCF, $RBLX, $SONY, $U Listen to ILAB 234 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Balkins / IG @johnnyfd<span style= "font-
23/06/202248 minutes 25 seconds
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233: Our Investment Plan for the Bear Market

Johnny and Derek do a 1 on 1 episode discussing their investment plan for the ongoing bear market. What’s changed in their philosophy, now that everything is not just blindly going up, dealing with inflation and what they’re buying/avoiding in today’s market. Listen to ILAB 233 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Balkins / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona / IG <span
16/06/20221 hour 4 minutes 40 seconds
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232: Sam Marks on Building & Exiting His $100M Business with Justin Donald

We pull Sam's recent interview from Justin Donald's "Lifestyle Investor Podcast" for our bosses to hear in case they missed it. Sam and Derek provide intro/outro duties to help set up the interview and elaborate further on Sam's journey to a $100M exit with his company at the end of the show.  Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald “The Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” Imagine being able to earn passive income, long-term equity, and achieve financial freedom while gaining total freedom from your business or a job. That’s what Lifestyle Investing is all about. Justin Donald has mastered the low-risk cash flow investment principles he shares with entrepreneurs around the world. His alternative investing principles center on creating passive income and significant wealth while liberating yourself from a day-t
09/06/20221 hour 15 minutes 39 seconds
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231: Investing in Luxury Watches with European Watch Company's Joshua Ganjei

Derek interviews European Watch Company representative Joshua Ganjei about the explosion of interest in trading and investing in luxury watches. Joshua breaks down watch culture, what the market looks like, what brands/models are hot and which watches are the most sought after today. Then Derek and Johnny share their experiences with high end watches and how they're looking to get in on this opportunity.  Established in 1993, European Watch Company is one of the premier watch dealers in the world. This family business strives to treat you like family. European Watch Company offers seamless and trusted watch buying, selling and trading services globally. The 5- Star reputation, and the curated selection of the finest timepieces in the world is what sets this business apart. The in stock inventory listed on the website is always up to date, and is ready to be shipped globally to your door. Download the iOS a
26/05/20221 hour 25 minutes 10 seconds
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230: Johnny's Update on the Ground From Ukraine

Johnny and Derek discuss in long form what's happening on the ground in Ukraine. Johnny crosses back over the border and breaks down what everyday life looks like now since the war with Russia has begun. They discuss the different regions of Ukraine, where Russia has attacked, what's still open, how people are maintaining "normal" lives during wartime & more. Johnny also gives an update on the state of his properties in Ukraine plus what his plan is going forward in Ukraine.   Listen to ILAB 230 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Poland / IG @johnnyfd<span style
19/05/20221 hour 6 minutes 46 seconds
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229: Sam's Firsthand Bordeaux En Primeurs Week Experience

A follow-up to ILAB Episode 228, Sam shares his personal experiences at Bordeaux's famed "En Primeurs" week. He went along with Julien Angevin, who is the curator for Volume Wine Vault. They tell us about the experience tasting, investing and the attitudes that these vineyards carry toward pure wine investors.  Listen to ILAB 229 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj <span style="font-weight: 400
12/05/20221 hour 12 minutes 41 seconds
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228: Investing in Bordeaux "En Primeur" Wine Futures

Sam interviews Cult Wines CEO Tom Gearing for the second time (first appearance ILAB 161), to get a more specialized look at the most important wine region in the world. Bordeaux, France has an annual wine futures purchasing period called "En Primeur" and Tom explains how to get involved in this and find the best values for future wine profits. Then Sam and Derek talk about their thoughts on wine and how we've progressively covered this subject on ILAB. Sam also teases that he will give a first hand telling of his experience at En Primeur in the next episode as Sam actually attended the event and was able to sample over 100 wines from the barrel. Listen to ILAB 228 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favo
05/05/20221 hour 16 minutes 14 seconds
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227: Travel for (Almost) Free with Credit Card Points Hacking

Derek interviews Mile Method's Trevor Wright to talk about his secrets of flying around the World for (almost) FREE. Trevor has flown to 133 countries for an average of $16/flight! Johnny also hops on the intro and outro to tell us about his place in Kyiv, which is where he's recording this episode from. Derek and Johnny talk about their experiences with points, flying and whether chasing the points game has paid off or not for each of them.  North Dakota-born, Nebraska-raised, Trevor's globetrotting has spanned the spectrum from study abroad student to broke backpacker to luxury traveler. He has averaged $16 per flight to 133 countries while staying free in some of the world's most prestigious hotels. In 2014 Trevor started MileMethod, a 1-on-1 service that earns US clients enough miles/points via credit card signup bonuses to visit their Top 3 Destinations at 95%+ discounts. <span style="fo
28/04/20221 hour 26 minutes 8 seconds
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226: Economics of Adult Entertainment with Dan Leal

This episode contains adult themed content, but we tried to keep it as PG-13 as possible! Johnny interviews "Porno Dan" Leal, who has been a porn producer and actor for over 20 years where he's produced over 5,000 scenes. Dan tells us about the economics of getting into the adult entertainment industry. Learn about how little performers make in scenes and how much they make branding on their own in today's world of OnlyFans. Johnny and Derek discuss takeaways from the interview at the end and discuss a bit about their experiences dealing with people in the industry.  Porno Dan is an American pornographic movie director and actor. He has been nominated for over 150 AVN Award, XBIZ Award and XRCO Award nominations and was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2015 Listen to ILAB 226 on <span style= "font-weight:
21/04/202259 minutes 34 seconds
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225: Q1 2022 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

Johnny and Sam recap the most tumultuous quarter in ILAB history. Everything from escaping the war in Ukraine and leaving the fate of his properties behind, to then going to Hungary, Greece and now Poland for Johnny. During this time, Sam left Spain and decided to start a motorcycle trip around Thailand. And that's just the lifestyle update for the audio podcast portion! If you'd like the full episode with portfolio breakdowns and the announcement of major changes to ILAB coming soon, you have to be a Patreon. You can sign up now to instantly access for as low as $5/month HERE. Listen to ILAB 225 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are:</
14/04/202244 minutes 24 seconds
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224: Tax Savings Hacks 101 with Johnny & Sam

It's tax time in the United States, so Johnny and Sam go over some of the (legal) tax hacks they've learned about and taken advantage of over the years. Many of these may apply to other residents of other countries as well, so find out what you may be missing out on in this episode. If you have more hacks to add, make sure to let us know! Listen to ILAB 224 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Greece / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Thailand / IG <a href= "
07/04/20221 hour 5 minutes 15 seconds
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223: Intro to Digital Land Investing with WeMeta CEO Winston Robson

This is our first episode on the topic of digital land investing. Derek interviews WeMeta CEO/Founder Winston Robson to get an introduction to digital land and how it differs from physical land. They go over use cases, restrictions, future potential and challenges for digital real estate. It's super early in the space, but there are a lot of people betting on the future of land in the metaverse. Derek and Johnny end the episode with their takeaways on digital land and potential use cases of the metaverse.  Winston Robson is a data scientist and CoFounder at WeMeta. Inspired by the open source capabilities within the MetaVerse, Winston launched the company in May of 2021. Origi
31/03/20221 hour 6 minutes 13 seconds
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222: Emergency Funds 101

Johnny & Derek go over everything related to the ever important "Emergency Fund". From how to save for it, where to store it, use cases where it saved them and more. It's extremely important to have readily accessible funds for emergencies, but many people still don't do it! Listen to this episode and get your emergency fund sorted before you need it. Listen to ILAB 222 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Greece / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona / IG <a href= "https://www.
24/03/202242 minutes 5 seconds
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221: "Adventure Capitalist" Author Jim Rogers

A book mentioned many times over on ILAB throughout the years is "Adventure Capitalist" and we were finally able to speak to author Jim Rogers on this episode! Sam and Derek kick off the show both talking about the influence of the book and then jump into the interview. Sam interviews Jim where he touches on his experiences visiting nearly every country in the world, even ones at war during the time. Jim then speaks of his views on the current state of the economy, what markets you should be looking to invest in, the importance of history to the economy, and where he plans on traveling to next. Sam and Derek wrap up the show with travel experiences of their own and what they think about Jim's thoughts on the future, especially with regards to China.  Jim Rogers, a native of Demopolis, Alabama, is an author, financial commentator, adventurer, and successful international investor.  He has been frequently fe
18/03/202250 minutes 12 seconds
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220: Cryptocurrency Tax Hacks with Chris Kotarba

This episode kicks off with Johnny telling of the journey to make it out of Ukraine safely. This sparked a conversation on the importance of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in times of war and failing fiat currencies. Then the show jumps to longtime ILAB listener and tax professional Chris Kotarba (Chris K) who explains ways, for U.S. citizens in particular, to hack the system and legally save on taxes. Legislation rules in place for other investments do not necessarily apply to crypto, so he explains how you can potentially save a lot on your taxes if you are holding crypto. Then Sam and Johnny circle back to share thoughts on the complicated tax situation around crypto and tease an upcoming 101 episode on more broader tax hacks.  Chris Kotarba (“Chris K”) is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Taxand, LLC in San Jose. He specializes in international tax and his primary areas of concentration are
10/03/202246 minutes 42 seconds
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219: FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk Returns to Talk Rapid Growth of Farmland Investing

FarmTogether Founder & CEO,  Artem Milinchuk, returns to ILAB exactly one-year later to talk about their incredible growth as they approach nearly $200M AUM, as well as their commitment to funding sustainable and prosperous farming. Check out Artem's first appearance on Episode 172 to hear the basics and come back to this episode to hear about the advancements they've made since then. Johnny and Derek also discuss the challenges facing the U.S. food system, and of course, Johnny addresses the tense situation with him in Ukraine while Russia is in the middle of an invasion. FarmTogether <span style="
03/03/202256 minutes 10 seconds
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218 : Saifedean Ammous Explains The Bitcoin Standard

Sam and Derek take a deep dive into Bitcoin as it pertains to use cases, perception, future growth, inflation and more. Sam interviews Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard, who was once a critic of Bitcoin himself but now has seen the power of its capabilities. Saifedean expertly drops deep knowledge on all things Bitcoin and explains why it is a superior alternative to fiat currency.  Dr. Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking, the best-selling groundbreaking study of the economics of bitcoin. The book was a pioneer in explaining bitcoin’s value proposition as the hardest money ever discovered, and the only working alternative to national central banks for international payments. Dr. Ammous holds a
24/02/20221 hour 8 minutes 19 seconds
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217 : Codie Sanchez on Overcoming Obstacles to Hustle & Think Like a Contrarian

Codie Sanchez is the founder of Contrarian Thinking, a newsletter, and media company read by hundreds of thousands about thinking critically and cash flowing unconventionally. She owns 25+ boring businesses and is known for making Main St. sexy again. Before being an investor and writer, she ran a cannabis PE fund, Latin American investment biz, worked at Goldman, Vanguard and was a conflict journalist in Mexico. Listen to ILAB 215 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj <span style="font-weight
17/02/202252 minutes 30 seconds
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216: How to Examine Charitable Organizations with Child's Dream Foundation's Marc Jenni

Sam interview's Child's Dream Foundation's Co-Founder and Managing Director Marc Thomas Janni on how to properly vet out charities you're thinking of donating to. Sam and Johnny have both worked with Child's Dream in the past and they have seen their accomplishments first hand. Marc explains what to look out for when considering an NGO (Non-governmental organization) to donate to and speaks of the work Child's Dream has accomplished so far. Sam and Johnny circle back to reveal who they've been donating to and by what means it is done. The guys also explain the other benefits they've experie
10/02/20221 hour 2 minutes 51 seconds
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215: MLG Capital CEO Tim Wallen on the Current State of the U.S. Real Estate Market

MLG Capital CEO Tim Wallen returns to the show (ILAB 121 - Investing in Private Real Estate Funds, with MLG Capital's Tim Wallen - Invest Like a Boss) to give us an update on how things have changed in the U.S. real estate market in the last two years. Sam asks about the returns on his personal investment in MLG Capital's Fund IV and how to get involved in MLG Capital's latest fund V. Tim also covers the effect of ri
03/02/20221 hour 1 minute 14 seconds
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214: Fine Wine Investing with OENO Group

Sam takes a deeper dive into the world of fine wine with London's OENO Group to fdiscuss their approach to getting involved in the sector. OENO offers a new approach that we have yet to see in the wine space, only drawing commissions off profits with no management fees! Sam and Derek do a quick catchup on how their new year has started so far and share why they may not be starting so great. Then Sam interviews Chief Portfolio Manager Sid McNamara-Rajeswaran & Head of Asia Ashley Ling from OENO Group. Sam and Derek circle back to talk more about wine, what Sam currently invests in for wine, and what they think of OENO's business model. Learn more about investing now here OENO, from Ancient Greek οἶνος (oinos “wine”) Our award-winning, luxury wine company was born out of our fo
27/01/20221 hour 25 minutes 49 seconds
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213: ILAB 101 - The Incredible Math of Compounding Interest

Sam and Derek take it back to basics with a special episode on the incredible math of compounding interest. They'll show you how anyone can passively become a millionaire with a little disciplined investing and time. This is an evergreen topic that has proven itself for decades and should apply to anyone for the foreseeable future. Make sure to share this one with family and friends who are new to investing or have yet to start!  Listen to ILAB 213 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj <span s
20/01/202252 minutes 55 seconds
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212: Commonstock CEO David McDonough Talks Social Media Influence For Traders

On this episode, Derek interviews Commonstock CEO David McDonough to talk about their new social media platform catered specifically to traders. They go over the growing influence of retail investors, how Commonstock helps avoid fraudulent traders and the overall market of today. Then Johnny and Derek discuss how they are using Commonstock and their differing views on the retail investor/trader strategies.  Commonstock is a social network that amplifies the knowledge of the best investors, verified by actual track rec
13/01/20221 hour 13 minutes 9 seconds
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211: Q4 2021 Update with Sam and Johnny

Sam and Johnny go through their lifestyle updates in the 4th quarter of 2021. They then venture into their full financial updates through the quarter, including portfolio screenshots, that can be accessed by becoming an ILAB Patreon member for as low as $5/month by Clicking Here. Listen to ILAB 211 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Ma
06/01/202246 minutes 36 seconds
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210: Top 10 ILAB Guests of 2021

Johnny and Derek count down the Top 10 best Invest Like a Boss guests of 2021. They'll go over the episodes, how they came about, provide takeaways and audio clips from each interview. Votes were taken from the Boss Lounge, download counts and directly from Sam, Johnny & Derek to create the list. Another great year in the books for ILAB - thanks for your support and don't forget to tell us who your favorite in 2021 was! Listen to ILAB 210 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj <span styl
30/12/20211 hour 15 minutes 39 seconds
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209: Why Capital Appreciation is More Important Than Cash Flow with Omar Khan

Boardwalk Wealth's Omar Khan returns to Invest Like a Boss to talk capital appreciation with Sam. Omar tells us why you should stop focusing solely on cash flow and look to appreciation to truly grow wealth. Then Sam and Derek discuss Omar's ideas, go over their appreciable assets and do a general catch up as the year comes to an end. Omar is responsible for capital raising, strategic planning and investor relations. He has over 10 years of global investment experience. He has participated in capital financing and M&A transactions valued at $3.7 billion. He is a CFA Charterholder and graduated with honors from the University of Toronto with a B.Com in Finance. Omar moved from Canada and lives in Texas with his wife and newborn son. Listen to ILAB 209 on <a href="h
23/12/20211 hour 9 minutes 1 second
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208: Dave Ramsey Personality Ken Coleman on How To Find Your Dream Job

Derek interviews 'America's Career Coach' & Dave Ramsey Personality Ken Coleman on his new book From Paycheck to Purpose. They go over his 7 stages to go through in the process of finding your dream job. Then, Johnny & Derek talk about their own personal journeys of feeling stuck in dead end jobs and how they switched their paths to be where they are now.  Ken Coleman is the #1 national bestselling author of The Proximity Principle and nationally syndicated host of The Ken Coleman Show on the Dave Ramsey Network. Pulling from his own personal struggles, missed opportunities and career successes, Ken helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. The Ken Coleman Show is a caller-driven career show that helps listeners who are stuck in a job they hate or sear
16/12/20211 hour 13 minutes 35 seconds
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207: NFTs 101 with Hashkey Group's Ben El-Baz

An introduction to the world of NFTs with Hashkey Group's Ben El-Baz. Hashkey is one of the largest Digital Asset investors in Asia. Sam and Johnny catch up before the interview where Sam reveals that something shocking happened at his Barcelona condo while he was gone. Then Johnny jumps into the interview to get the basics on Non-Fungible Tokens and how they differ from Fungible Tokens. After the interview, Sam and Johnny circle back to discuss their takeaways on investing in NFTs.   Ben leads HashKey Group’s strategic partnerships, blockchain applications and asset tokenisation projects, and post-investment management of a US-based tokenised securities firm. Ben is also an Advisor to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Bank for International Settlements’ projects on tokenised financial products. With over 13 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Main
09/12/20211 hour 6 minutes 18 seconds
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206: DeFi 101 - Introduction to Decentralized Finance with Clayton Roche

Sam, Johnny & Derek all weigh on this introduction to Decentralized Finance AKA DeFi. Sam interviews DeFi Nation's Clayton Roche to go over the new types of financial tools available in DeFi and compares them to traditional financial institutions. Then Johnny & Derek recap the interview and give their thoughts on how they might utilize DeFi in the future. They also touch on what to look out for on these platforms that may be too good to be true. Use this episode as a stepping stone into the DeFi space and we will dig deeper into specific DeFi tools in future episodes.  Listen to ILAB 206 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Lithuania / IG <a href= "htt
02/12/20211 hour 18 minutes 27 seconds
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205: Top 10 Listener Voted Non-Accredited Investment Platforms

Johnny and Derek go over the listener voted Top 10 Favorite Investment Platforms for Non-Accredited investors. We polled the Boss Lounge and these were everyone's favorites. The guys go over which ones they also personally invest in and their thoughts (good or bad!) on each. Listen to the episode to hear the entire list! Listen to ILAB 205 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Lithuania / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona/ IG <a href= "
23/11/202144 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

204: "The Lifestyle Investor" Justin Donald

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the “Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” He’s a master of low-risk cash flow investing, specializing in simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. His ethos is to “create wealth without creating a job.” In the span of 21 months, and before his 37th birthday, Justin’s investments drove enough passive income for both he and his wife Jennifer to leave their jobs. Following his simple investment system and 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing, Justin negotiated deals with over 100 companies, multiplied his net worth to over eight figures, and maintained a family-centric lifestyle in less than 2 years. Just 2 years later, he doubled his net worth again. He now consults and advises entrepreneurs, executives, and successful
18/11/20211 hour 12 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

203: Venture Capital Fund Access for All with Sweater Ventures CEO Jesse Randall

CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Randall is a fintech startup executive and venture capitalist helping to usher in the new era of generational wealth creation for everyday people. His roots in small farm life in rural America as part of a very large family gave him a unique foundational work ethic and view of the world. He has come to understand that he would rather imagine the world as it can become rather than settle for the shortcomings that surround us everywhere. Anything is possible with the right mindset, people, and resources at hand. Outside of work, he enjoys endurance sports such as Ironman races, cycling, and marathons, and wouldn’t trade his life with his sweetheart and five children for any amount of treasure. Sweater is hell-bent on leveling the playing field and reinventing venture capital to reach its maximum p
11/11/20211 hour 21 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

202: A Modern Approach to Charitable Giving with Charityvest CEO Stephen Kump

Sam interviews Charityvest CEO/Co-Founder Stephen Kump about their new modern donor-advised fund platform. Charityvest's goal is to make charitable giving easier for the masses and also cut down on tax paperwork. Sam and Derek then go over their thoughts on Charityvest and it's simplicity of giving. They also talk about what to look out for when giving to charities and why you should always vet them first.  Stephen Kump aims to shape the world to be more generous. He leads <span
04/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

201: Investing in Co-Living with Homeroom CEO Johnny Wolff

Johnny FD interviews Homeroom CEO Johnny Wolff about co-living both as a tenant and potential investor. Then Johnny & Derek share their roommate stories, investing in Homeroom, and exploring creating your own co-living investment property. Johnny Wolff is the CEO and Founder of HomeRoom Coliving – one of the fastest growing coliving companies in the United States. After starting his career as a financial analyst in Silicon Valley (EA, SanDisk, Guidespark), he relocated to Austin, Texas to pursue real estate investing fulltime. His love for real estate investing and living with roommates motivated him to start HomeRoom in 2017, after an unusually terrible Craigslist roommate experience. In 2020, HomeRoom boasted 99% on-time rent payments, full occupancy, and zero evictions. Sales velocity for HomeRoom is up 300% in 2021 with hundreds of happy residents across 23 cities in 3 states. Powered by investor funds
28/10/20211 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds
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200: Q3 2021 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny

A very special ILAB - episode 200! Sam & Johnny reflect back on 200 episodes of ILAB and then give lifestyle and investment strategy updates from the last quarter. If you'd like access to the second half with Sam & Johnny's full investment breakdowns and Johnny's full portfolio screenshots, you must sign up as an ILAB Patreon. Listen to ILAB 200 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Were we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfd<span style= "font-wei
21/10/202135 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

199: Co-Owning a Luxury Second Home with Pacaso CEO Austin Allison

In this episode, Derek interviews Pacaso CEO Austin Allison about owning shares of luxury vacation homes and how it all works. Then Derek and Johnny catch up and give their thoughts on second home co-ownership. This is more a lifestyle play than a pure investment, but we can see where this would be a great option for many people.  Austin co-founded Pacaso to make the dream of second home ownership a reality for more people after experiencing the profound effect it had on his own life. Pacaso is Austin’s second startup. In 2009, he founded dotloop in his hometown of Cincinnati, a company that created software to seamlessly manage real estate transactions. Zillow acquired dotloop in 2015, and Austin continued to run dotloop as a Zillow executive until 2018. Austin started selling real estate at the age of 18 and worked in residential and commercial real estate fo
14/10/20211 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

198: Crowdfunding the Bed in a Box with Viscosoft Founder & CEO Gabriel Dungan

Sam interviews Viscosoft Founder & CEO Gabriel (Gabe) Dungan about crowdfunding his bed in a box startup. The two go back over a decade to their startup days in China and explain the technology and how Gabe has transitioned the business to the United States. Then Sam and Derek recap the business, talk about their experiences with bed in a box, talk bad mattress stories and go over Sam's personal investment in the company. Viscosoft wants to change the way the world sleeps. With a background in textile engineering, product development, and sensor technology, our mission is to provide consumers around the world with high-end bedding products that deliver ultimate comfort, unmatched value and the smartest, data-driven sleep experience ever to exist.   Viscosoft is poised to become one of the most recognized brands in the $432B sleep industry. We are an Amaz
07/10/202157 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

197: Jon Radoff Gives Us the Metaverse Vision Quest

Sam interviews Beamable CEO Jon Radoff, who has been expertly laying out building of the metaverse on his YouTube Channel. After the interview, Johnny and Sam go over new additions to the metaverse portfolio and also why Johnny's friend thinks Sam's strategy may not be the best play in the metaverse.  Jon Radoff is the CEO of Beamable. Before founding Beamable, Jon built one of the first commercial games on the Internet, took a web content management company public, grew a game advertising network, and launched mobile games played by millions of people including Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines. Listen to ILAB 197 on <a href="
30/09/20211 hour 15 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

196: Breaking Down Sam's $500K Metaverse Portfolio

Sam and Johnny go over each pick in Sam's new $500K allocation into the metaverse. Public companies, private companies and more are discussed in this episode that lays out Sam's plan to double his investment over the next 3 years.  Listen to ILAB 196 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdj Sam Marks – Barcelona/ IG @imsammarks <span style="font
23/09/202159 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

195: Diving into the Metaverse with Virtual Reality Picks

Sam's been taking a deep dive into the "Metaverse" concept that is coming. We take our first step into the submject by going over some picks in the Virtual Reality space based on John Divine's article found HERE. After the interview, Sam and Derek talk about where they see the space going and potential plays for the Metaverse. This is the first of a series of shows that will focus on potential investment ideas in the upcoming Metaverse. John Divine is a senior financial markets editor for U.S. News & World Report, where he’s been covering the stock market, Wall Street and the economy since 2016. Prior to U.S. News, Divine covered the stock market for The Motley Fool and InvestorPlace. <span style="font-we
16/09/202155 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

194: Dutch Mendenhall Tells Us About Investing in the Survivalist Movement

Derek catches up with RAD Diversified CEO Dutch Mendenhall 6 months after his first ILAB appearance Episode 178. This time around, they talk about the American Survivalist Project, of which RAD is invested in. They talk about emergency plans, future growth in the segment and how it ties into their investment strategy. Then Johnny and Derek come on to talk about what they would do in the case of an emergency and how this would fit into their plans.  Dutch Mendenhall left the baseball world to pursue his business career after having coached at the University of San Francisco, a top Division I team. He began his business career as an executive recruiter in a billion dollar company specializing in commercial real estate and banki
09/09/20211 hour 3 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

193: Nick Ringling Quit His Six-Figure Job After Discovering Land Flipping on ILAB!

Nick Ringling is the Co-Owner of Vacant Land Club. Nick spent the last decade working in the Industrial Sales space, most recently selling Electrical Supplies and Electrical Engineering Solutions. Three years ago he first heard of vacant land investing through Invest Like a Boss, and took massive action. Since then Nick has left his cushy sales job to buy and sell vacant land full time. So far in 2021, Nick's team is on pace to buy and sell roughly 150 properties, with an average ROI of about 400%. Every one of which was never seen in person prior to purchase. Vacant Land Club brings value to land sellers by offering them quick cash for properties that they no longer see value in. They offer value to buyers by offering easy owner financing that they wouldn’t typically be able to secure from a financial institution. Vacant Land Club is growing and scaling very quickly with potential investment opportunities on the horizon for investors looking for a wa
02/09/202151 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

192: Buy Shares of High End Art with Masterworks CEO Scott Lynn

Masterworks CEO Scott Lynn returns to Invest Like a Boss after appearing on the show for Episode 146 in June 2020. A lot has changed since then and Masterworks has grown tremendously. Scott talks with Derek to give an overview of the market and how the platform has performed since. Then Sam joins in with Derek to discuss investing in art and possible disruptions (Digital art, NFTs, etc) coming to the market. Scott Lynn is the Founder and CEO of He Founded Masterworks <span
26/08/20211 hour 9 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

191: Costa Rican Tourism Bonds with Richard Bexon

Johnny interviews Richard Bexon from Costa Rica Tourism Bonds to find out about this investment in the Central American country which not only allows you to earn a return on your money, but also provides accommodations and the chance at Costa Rican residency. Richard has lived in Costa Rica since 2004. He's the co-owner of Central America's largest luxury travel agency and has vast experience in real estate investments, both commercial and private. Sam hops on with Johnny before and after the interview to talk about this investment.   About Costa Rica Tourism Bonds:  It goes without saying that a company offering investments has a strong focus on financial returns, but it doesn't end there. Costa Rica Tourism Bonds places a high value on lifestyle, respon
19/08/202149 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

190: Carbon Index Investing with Kraneshares' Luke Oliver

Sam interviews Kraneshares' Luke Oliver on their Global Carbon ETF and the current state of the carbon allowance market. Sam and Derek then discuss the investment potential and market for this fund... and both make a big move - listen to find out what happened! Luke Oliver is a Managing Director and Head of Strategy at KraneShares. He has extensive experience as a leader within the ETF and investment industry, having built businesses, diverse teams, and bringing innovative product solutions to market. Prior to his asset management experience, Luke was part of the award-winning Foreign Exchange division of Deutsche Bank in both London and New York. Luke holds FINRA series 3, 7, 24, and 63 licenses. About the Kraneshares Global Carbon ETF:  The KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (the “Fund”) seeks t
12/08/20211 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

189: Dividend Investing with Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is a Lawyer & 20 year military veteran turned Travel Vlogger! He is also an avid dividend investor and uses them as his primary source of income. In early 2019, Kevin decided to quit his job as a lawyer at a corporate law firm to travel the world! You can follow his adventures on YouTube. Kevin has also recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to dividend investing that can be found here. Listen to ILAB 189 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG <a href="
05/08/202155 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

188: Pros & Cons of Relocating to Barcelona vs. Kyiv

Sam and Johnny compare each of their respective cities they chose to relocate to since the Covid-19 pandemic. Sam bought a condo in Barcelona to get the elusive 'golden visa' and has since completed renovations, but is now finding the visa process harder than expected. Johnny went with Kyiv and bought not one, but two condos! Johnny's in the middle of renovations on his Kyiv condo and already got his temporary residency. But, is still in the process of obtaining  permanent residency. Find out what each boss has learned in the process and why they chose each city as their new home base.   Listen to ILAB 188 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: <span style="font-wei
29/07/20211 hour 10 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

187: Q2 2021 Quarterly Update Live from Kyiv

The Bosses finally are in the same place as they meet up in Kyiv Ukraine. They talk about what it is like to meet Derek for the first time in person, as well as what they think about Ukraine. Later they discuss changes both personally and financially in their lives as well as what is in store for them and the show in the coming months.  Listen to ILAB 187 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – Ukraine / IG <a href="https://www.inst
22/07/202145 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

186: Bitcoin & Altcoins with CoinFlip CEO Ben Weiss

One of our most requested topics on ILAB is for cryptocurrency, since we've ton a couple episodes on Bitcoin already we decided to focus more on Altcoins. Derek talks with CoinFlip CEO Ben Weiss to look beyond Bitcoin and see what coins may be worth investing in. Then Sam and Derek give their takeaways, what they're currently holding for cryptocurrency and where they see the future of the crypto market heading. CoinFlip’s mission is to give the world quick, easy, and secure access to the benefits of cryptocurrency. We believe that cryptocurrency provides an inclusive financial system, which puts individuals' needs first. CoinFlip believes that bitcoin and blockchain technology have the ability to serve everyone. Since 2015, CoinFlip has empowered those left out by the traditional banking system to join an innovative and inclusive global economic system.<
15/07/202156 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

185: Market Vulnerability Analysis with Roger Khoury, CEO of Market Forecasting Academy

Roger Khoury is an expert in the field of Market Forecasting, with over two decades of experience. In 2010, he developed an innovative probability-based form of price forecasting, called Market Vulnerability Analysis™ (or MVA™), to overcome an inherent flaw he had discovered in most trading systems and strategies, which is the root cause of large drawdowns and inconsistent results.  This form of analysis enables its user to uniquely reduce the downside risks in the market, without sacrificing the upside performance potential. After successfully deploying his proprietary analysis and forecasting methodology to reach his own goals, people began to inquire about his accomplishments. In 2011, Roger brought on partners, Bo Yoder and Dr. Jared Goldstine to help establish a tra
08/07/202156 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

184: FOMO Investing for the Not So YOLO Crowd with Matthew Tuttle, CEO Tuttle Capital Management

Matthew Tuttle is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Tuttle Capital Management, LLC. Matthew is a familiar face among the financial media. He has been a frequent guest on CNBC and Fox Business and has been frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. He is the author of How Harvard & Yale Beat the Market and Financial Secrets of my Wealthy Grandparents. Matthew has an MBA in finance from Boston University.FOMO (the “Fund”) seeks to provide capital appreciation. The Fund takes its name from the phrase “Fear of Missing Out” and seeks to reflect current or emerging trends. In pursuing the Fund’s investment objective, the Fund will invest in equity securities of any market capitalization, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), fixed income ETFs, volatility and inverse volatility ETFs and ETNs,
01/07/202157 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

183: Kiev Real Estate Recovery Funds Founder John Suggit

A Canadian citizen, John has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He has over 10 years of investment banking experience in Ukraine and has spent many of these years also developing successful property investments in both Kiev and Montenegro. His prior positions include Chief Operating Officer with Dragon Capital, Managing & Founding Partner with Concorde Capital and Vice-President with MFK. Previously John had 10 years of retail and commercial banking experience with the Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada. During his time in Ukraine John has been regularly interviewed and quoted by The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Institutional Investor, Fortune Magazine, CNN Money, EuroWeek, EuroMoney, Focus Money, FDI Magazine, The Kyiv Post, Kontrakty, Delo, ForUm and Korrespondent.John speaks English, Russian and some Spanish, Serbian and French. <span style="font-weight: 400;"
24/06/20211 hour 20 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

182: I Have $X Amount, Where Do I Invest it? A 101 Investing Refresher

Johnny and Sam take it back to ILAB basics with a 101 how-to on where to invest your money at various dollar amounts. A refresher and update for everyone out there who is looking for places to grow their hard earned money.  Listen to ILAB 182 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – South Carolina/ IG @imsamma
08/06/20211 hour 2 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

181: Alternative Food Investing with Very Good Foods CEO Mitchell Scott

Our mission is lofty, badass but beautifully simple: Get millions to rethink their food choices while helping them do the world a world of good. By offering plant-based food options so delicious and nutritious, we’re helping this kind of diet become the norm. When you have a simple goal, it’s hard to mess it up: create damn good food, and well, keep it simple. Unlike most plant-based alternatives out there, we don’t overcomplicate things. We go hard on taste, texture, protein and then call it a day. In return, you get all the benefits you had before, plus the extra feels of doing a s****tload of good for yourself, your planet and your furry friends. No brainer or what? Plant-fuelled vete
27/05/202154 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

180: Teenage Investing with 18-Year-Old Jack Rosenthal

Jack Rosenthal is an 18 year old entrepreneur and investor. He's the author of "Teen Investing" which has become the #2 best selling book on teenage investing. He's also the founder of the Young Investors Club, LLC the largest teen investing club in the country with $120,000 in assets. Lastly, he maintains his own investment portfolio.    Listen to ILAB 180 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdk S
18/05/202151 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

179: 8 Things Sam Marks Has Learned from Startup Investing

Sam goes over the top 8 things he has learned from investing in startups. Sam has invested in 9 startups in the last 8 years and has seen 3 exits and/or partial exits in the last six months. He'll go over the process of investing in a startup, what to look for and what to avoid as well.  Listen to ILAB 179 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – South Carolina/ IG <a href= "https://www.instagram
04/05/20211 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

178: RAD Diversified REIT President/CEO Dutch Mendenhall

Dutch Mendenhall is a loving father and husband. He currently runs 3 real estate investment funds. He creates positive returns every year for his investors. Dutch is a gifted visionary who has very different beliefs than the average fund manager/leader. He has made his investors millions of dollars and in real estate circles is thought of as a step ahead, a step above, and a step beyond what others are doing.  He believes in taking care of people first: investors, the team of people that drive the funds, vendors, contractors, tenants, and many more. The constant is "Creating Consistent Goodwill for the Business."  His decade of experience of investing is coupled with a decade of consulting real estate companies. Dutch's experience includes residential, commercial-assets, low- income housing, luxury-housing, assisted-living, self-storage and apartments. <
29/04/20211 hour 11 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

177: Frank Song - From Sleeping in Walmart to 8 Figures

Frank Song is currently managing $20 million in committed capital to pursue buyouts of, partnerships with, and/or building highly profitable businesses in unsexy markets. Frank increases enterprise value by implementing large, sustainable competitive advantages into the businesses, such as: increasing operating sophistication, pursuing strategic acquisitions or partnerships to create a national oligopoly or local/regional monopoly dynamic, implementing technology advantages, and increasing performance marketing returns.   Additionally, Frank currently works as a confidential advisor to business with at least $10mm in revenue and politicians to advise on how to implement an art of war campaign in their markets or campaigns to defeat competitors who are larger or better resourced.   Previously, Frank worked at Accel-KKR, one of the top private equit
22/04/20211 hour 5 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

176: Johnny FD, Millionaire & Q1 2021 Update Preview

Johnny is officially a millionaire! Johnny and Sam discuss the journey from starting ILAB in 2015 to growing his portfolio to the million dollar mark today.  Patreon members get access to the full show and can watch the full breakdown of all assets in Sam & Johnny's portfolio and Q1 2021 performance when you sign up at   Listen to ILAB 176 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.     Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG <a href= "htt
15/04/202122 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

175: Sam’s Top 10 Biggest Investment Mistakes

Sam and Derek review some of Sam’s biggest investment mistakes and help you learn from his mistakes.   Listen to ILAB 175 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Ukraine / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – Thailand / IG @imsammarks <span
18/03/20211 hour 6 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

174: Buying Your Own Private Island with Farhad Vladi

Few people can withstand the longing for their own private piece of land in the midst of vast oceans or an idyllic lake, far from the rush and confinement of the rest of the world. Even though it is of manageable size an island feels infinite - the water creates a natural boundary that provides island dwellers with a freedom not found in any piece of real estate on the mainland. Yet it is the mainland that gives islands their special character. The luxury of a private island consists of the freedom to escape into solitude and to return from it at any time - therefore, even the smallest island with a simple log cabin is of immense value to its owner. lt is a great and very moving privilege to observe the passing of the season on one's own island. Even after spending many years on their islands, many island owners have described to me how overwhelmed they felt by
11/03/202140 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

173: International Allocation (Index Funds 202)

Sam and Johnny do a follow up to the popular Index Funds 101 episode (Please link this) and expand the topic to international allocation into index funds.    Listen to ILAB 173 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – Thailand / IG @imsammarks
02/03/20211 hour 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

172: Invest in Farmland with FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk

Artem has over 11 years of finance experience in food, agriculture, and farmland. Prior to founding FarmTogether, Artem was employee #1 and CFO/VP of Operations at Full Harvest Technologies, a now post-Series A B2B platform for buying and selling produce. He previously worked at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Sprott Resource Holdings, E&Y and PwC. Artem holds an MBA from The Wharton School, and a BA and MA in Economics from the Higher School of Economics. Listen to ILAB 172 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: <li style="font-weight: 400
23/02/202158 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

171: Offshore Investing as an Ex-Pat with Escape Artist's Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup is the host of The Expat Money Show podcast and the Director at He is the author of #1 Best-Selling book Expat Secrets on Amazon. Mikkel has spent more than 20 years in continual travel around the world, circumnavigating the globe more than 400 times visiting over 100 countries including Colombia, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Iran. His goal is to help people just like you to generate additional streams of income, eliminate your tax bill, and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again.   Listen to ILAB 171 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: <li style="font-weig
18/02/20211 hour 24 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

170: Passive Online Business Investing with Empire Flippers Capital

Mike Vranjkovic is the manager of Empire Flippers Capital. EF Capital is a platform for matching up passive investors and experienced online business operators. Accredited investors can acquire multiple deals to put together passive and diversified portfolios of online businesses. Listen to ILAB 170 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – Thailand / IG <a href= "
09/02/202159 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

169: Exit Rich - How to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit

Seiler Tucker’s twofold approach to selling your business for maximum profit combines two of the most powerful elements of her mergers and acquisitions toolkit: the “ST GPS Exit Model ™” to help business owners set goals for the sale before their business hit the market, and the “Six Ps Method ™” to help them objectively evaluate their business’s worth, before their potential buyers do. Combined, these tools provide invaluable insight into the process of preparing a business for sale, finding the right buyers, and staging the sale itself. In Exit Rich, author and authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses, M&A advisor Michelle Seiler Tucker joins forces with Sharon Lechter, finance expert and co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad<span style="font-weight:
02/02/20211 hour 16 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

168: Drew Bledsoe, from Pro Football to Wine Estates

Upon his retirement from the NFL in 2007, Drew Bledsoe "doubled back" to his hometown of Walla Walla, Washington to realize a long held dream. Drew and his Wife, Maura, purchased a piece of property on the southern edge of the Walla Walla Valley AVA and subsequently launched Doubleback as an estate focused winery with the goal of crafting America's best Cabernet Sauvignon in an elegant, true to varietal way. Drew had long been planning for this moment during his years playing football and success came immediately as the very first vintage earned a spot in Wine Spectator's Top 100 List. Drew hired Josh McDaniels, now CEO & Director of Winemaking, away from Figgins Family Wine Estates where he had trained for almost a decade under their longtime mentor and friend, Chris Figgins. Josh, also a Walla Walla native, has been named a "Washington Prodigy" and a "Game Changer of Washington Wine" by Wine Enthusiast M
26/01/20211 hour 4 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

167: 2021 Bitcoin Outlook with Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera is a Bitcoin Podcaster and co-founder Ministry of Nodes. He hosts one of the world's leading bitcoin podcasts focused on the economics and technology of bitcoin. Stephan came to the space in 2013 and started the podcast in 2018, hosting many leading names in the bitcoin world as a means to provide high quality, curated information. Stephan contributes articles, speaks and hosts bitcoin events and conferences. Professionally and previously Stephan worked as an Australian chartered accountant and auditor within financial services.  Listen to ILAB 167 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Where we are: <span style= "font-weigh
18/01/20211 hour 33 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

166: Q4 Updates and 2021 Plans (Patron Preview Episode)

To watch the full 1 hour and 45 minute version sign up for any plan starting at just $5 a month at:    
14/01/202127 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

165: Top ILAB Guests of 2020 + 2021 Preview

With a crazy 2020 year during the Covid Pandemic Johnny and Derek review the top 5 guests for the year 2020.    During the episode, Johnny and Derek reminisce about some of the interviews they had during the year and how they have opened their minds during this year. They later discuss ideas for upcoming shows for 2021.   Listen to ILAB 165 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.     Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk <li styl
05/01/202158 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

164 : Evaluating Doordash's IPO & Business Model with Mike & Joe Murgio

Mike Murgio returns to the show (Last appearance: ILAB 165 - Bitcoin vs. Stocks, Tesla vs. Ford) along with his brother Joe Murgio to talk with Sam Marks about the upcoming Doordash IPO. They know the ins and outs of the delivery business as Joe is the CEO of DeliverLogic, a software company that services clients in the delivery space. Sam is also an investor in DeliverLogic. Joe Murgio goes over the Series 1 for Doordash's IPO and Doordash's overall business model. They'll discuss whether Doordash looks to be a solid investment and if it'll skyrocket like Tesla did after Mike correctly predicted on his last appearance.   Listen to ILAB 164 on <span style
14/12/20201 hour 11 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

163: Should You Buy the Airbnb IPO? With Forbes' Tom Taulli

Tom Taulli has been in the tech industry for some time. While in the eighth grade, his dad bought him a computer and just left it on his desk. So he started to figure it out. And yes, he became obsessed with this machine. Then when he was a freshman in high school, he started to code and sold some of his programs to magazines (in the early 1980s, these publications had listings of code for readers to type in!) From all this, he knew he wanted to be a part of the tech world. Although, it was not until college that he started his first business. You see, he was fairly bad at taking exams. What to do? Well, he created software for exam preparation. He would sell this to a national provider of bar exam preparation. The business would then go on to grow, as they added more and more exams. But the biggest venture of his was launched in 1997. It was Thi
08/12/20201 hour 8 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

162: Farmland Investing with AcreTrader CEO Carter Malloy

Carter grew up in a farming family and has a lifelong passion for investing and agriculture. Prior to AcreTrader, he was part of an equity investment firm for 5 years. Before joining in 2013, Carter was a Managing Director with Stephens Inc., a large private investment bank, where he was an equity research analyst focused on the Internet, Data & Analytics and Real Estate Processing sectors. Prior to Stephens, he owned small businesses focused on internet marketing and sustainable fuel technologies. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and has previously held Series 7, 63, 86 and 87 licenses with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Listen to ILAB 162 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.
20/11/202056 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

161: Investing in Fine Wine - Cult Wines CEO Tom Gearing

Tom Gearing is CEO and co-founder of Cult Wines Ltd, the world’s leading fine wine investment company with assets under management of £130 million. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in London, the company has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and New York (late 2020). Cult Wines provides physical fine wine portfolio management services to private individuals and clients of family offices, wealth managers and private banks globally. Tom has overseen the growth of the business receiving a number of awards including appearing on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 in 2015 and 2017, as well as receiving a Queens Award for International Trade. Tom regularly features as a market commentator appearing on media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC Europe, CITYAM and more. Tom is a former runner-up on the BBC’s Apprentice in 2012. Listen to ILAB 161 on <span style=
13/11/20201 hour 23 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

160: 1 Euro Houses in Italy - Karl Pierre

Karl Pierre is a Real Estate Investor, serial entrepreneur and educator. He earns over 1,000,000 every month, manages more than 400 workers, and he owns and controls over 15,000,000 in real estate assets. He started In Healthcare Staffing in his family business at age 14. Doing everything from hiring, payroll, billing, and staffing, later went on to flipping salvage automobiles. In 2006 he participated in his first real estate transaction and has been growing his portfolio as an investor ever since. Listen to ILAB 160 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG <a href= "
06/11/20201 hour 5 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

159: Q4 2020 Update Preview & Bill Perkins Follow-Up

In the first half of this episode, Johnny and Sam give you a preview of their 3rd quarter 2020 investments. If you want to hear the full episode and see the video including screenshots of both Johnny and Sam's accounts you must become a Patreon. Sign up for the Invest Like a Boss Patreon account for as low as $5 per month to gain access.  In the second half of the episode, Johnny follows up with Die With Zero author Bill Perkins. (Listen to his first ILAB interview in Episode 149).
23/10/202034 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

158: Peter Mallouk Talks The Path with Tony Robbins

Peter Mallouk is the President of Creative Planning, named the #1 Independent Financial Advisory Firm in America by Barron’s (2017). Barron’s magazine named Peter the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in America three straight years (2013, 2014, and 2015). CNBC named Creative Planning the #1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in the United States on the only rankings the network ever released (2014–2015). Peter is featured on Worth magazine’s 2017 and 2018 Power 100 rankings, a list featuring the 100 most powerful men and women in global finance. In 2017, Peter was a recipient of the Ernst & Young Central Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Creative Planning provides comprehensive wealth management services to high-net-worth clients, including investment management, financial planning, charitable planning, retirement plan consulting, tax planning, and estate planning services. Creative Planning currently manages nearly $50 billion for clients in al
15/10/202047 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

157: Meet Derek Spartz: New Member of Invest Like a Boss

Meet Derek Spartz, the newest member of Invest Like a Boss. Derek has been a member of ILAB since March 2020, mostly behind the scenes, but will be taking on a larger role going forward. So, we decided to have him on the show to learn more about his career background and investment portfolio. Johnny speaks with Derek to learn how he went from a corporate job in the music/radio industry with near zero savings and buried in debt to becoming self-employed, debt-free and achieving a 50% savings rate in less than 2 years. Derek has done all this while continuing to live in one of the most expensive places in the United States - Venice Beach, California. Learn why he continues to live there, what his plan is going forward, and how he was inspired by ILAB and eventually came to work on the show. Listen to ILAB 157 on <a
08/10/20201 hour 7 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

156: How to Buy Real Estate Overseas in 8 Easy Steps

In Buying Real Estate Overseas For Cash Flow (And A Better Life): Get Started With As Little As $50,000, Kathleen Peddicord and Lief Simon explain how to incorporate an investment in foreign real estate into your portfolio for as little as $50,000. With a lifetime of experience on the subjects of living, retiring, and investing overseas, the authors delve deep into this complex topic. Simply put, this book is a practical guide to buying property overseas as a strategy for earning cash flow to fund your dream retirement. Buying Real Estate Overseas includes a breadth and depth of information on the world’s best markets for investing in real estate for cash flow. Its up-to-date information about this investment category puts to bed much of the outdated advice and guidance cu
01/10/20201 hour 14 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

155: Strip Club Economics - Rori Gordon

Rori Gordon attended the School of Hard Knocks. After high school Rori worked in several facilities as a bartender. She learned about operations and management at the various places she was employed. In 1980 Ms. Gordon was offered a position managing the Hollywood Motel. After two years the nightclub located at the Hollywood Motel became available for lease. Ms. Gordon started Rori Promotions. At the same time she signed a lease with the Motel owner for the nightclub space naming it Anvines. Anvines  became an overnight success and remained in operation from 1982 until 1989. In 1988 Rori Gordon decided to enlist the services of Billy Deans Entertainment. She ultimately hired Billy Deans Male Revue every Friday night at Anvines. The following summer Billy Deans “Foxy Boxing” was created with sold out shows for a 16 week booking. Ms. Gordon was at a crossroad in her career and had to make a decision.  In 198
24/09/20201 hour 16 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

154: Investment Returns for Ski-Country Vacation Rentals – Vacasa’s Shaun Greer

Shaun Greer serves as VP of Sales and Marketing for Vacasa and is responsible for short-term-rental portfolio growth and real estate sales/compliance. He brings extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and public and private partnerships to his role. Shaun has been with Vacasa since 2015 and has held several positions including Senior Director of Real Estate, Director of Corporate Development and Mergers and Acquisitions Manager. When not cultivating relationships within the vacation rental industry or building the Vacasa Real Estate network, he is enjoying time with his family and outdoor activities. Listen to ILAB 154 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.     <st
17/09/20201 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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153: Investing in MLPs; Is Now a Good Time To Invest? - Stacey Morris

Stacey Morris is the Director of Research at Alerian, which equips investors to make informed decisions about energy infrastructure and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Ms. Morris was previously the Investor Relations Manager for Alon USA Energy, overseeing investor communications for the corporation and its variable distribution MLP, Alon USA Partners. Prior to Alon, she covered the integrated majors and refiners at Raymond James as a Senior Associate in the firm’s Equity Research Division. Ms. Morris graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Stetson University and is a CFA charterholder. Listen to ILAB 153 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Where we are: <li styl
11/09/20201 hour 3 minutes 42 seconds
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152 - Equity Estates - Philip Mekelburg

Philip Mekelburg, CEO and Fund Manager, Equity Estates. Philip has over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, management and operations. After graduating from Cornell University, he worked as a corporate trainer and management consultant. His accomplishments include starting a fast-growing, new-to-market retail concept which he built up and sold within four years. The industry respected his novel approach and elected him president of their international association. Afterwards, Philip was hired as Director of Operations for a financial services firm where his work in channel sales garnered him praise, while expanding his knowledge and experience in marketing specialty finance products. He co-founded Equity Estates in 2006 and enjoys building a real estate portfolio that is also a smart investment that offers memorable experiences. Listen to ILAB
04/09/20201 hour 21 minutes 46 seconds
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151: Location Arbitrage - Living and Investing Overseas

Sam and Johnny talk about some of Sam’s investments in real estate, and the benefits and challenges with investing in properties overseas as opposed to properties in the US. Listen to ILAB 151 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.     Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – North Carolina / IG @i msammarks Sponsor:
29/08/20201 hour 8 minutes 7 seconds
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150: Worthy Bonds - Sally Outlaw

Sally founded Worthy Financial to bring higher yielding alternative investments to the public. Her personal and company mission is an economic opportunity for all. She used newly updated securities regulations as part of the JOBS Act, to create a way for everyone to painlessly save while earning 5% on their money – and to do it while helping community businesses thrive.  With a focus on the JOBS Act, she works to help investors and business owners navigate the new capital opportunities that arose with these new laws. Sally is a seasoned entrepreneur having run her own businesses for the last 30 years. Her media and business ventures took her across the globe – including ten years of conducting business in Russia. More recently, she has been a contributor to and speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine, various universities, and busines
21/08/20201 hour 13 minutes 38 seconds
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149: Die With Zero - Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins is the CEO of BrisaMax Holdings, a consulting services firm based in the US Virgin Islands. Called “The Last Cowboy” in a recent Wall Street Journal profile, after studying electrical engineering at the University of Iowa and training on Wall Street, Perkins moved to Houston to make a fortune as an energy trader.  In this episode, Bill will share the plan for optimizing your life, stage by stage, so you’re fully engaged and enjoying what you’ve worked and saved for. You’ll discover how to maximize your lifetime memorable moments with “experience bucketing,” how to convert your earnings into priceless memories by following your “net worth curve,” and find out how to navigate whether to invest in, or delay, a meaningful adventure based on your “spend curve” and “personal interest rate.” Where we are: <span style= "font-weight:
11/08/20201 hour 21 minutes 6 seconds
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148: Q2 Update 2020 - Patreon Exclusive

Sam and Johnny sit down to review our investments, talk about our new trades, buys, sells, holds, what we thought of the quarter and what we plan to do going forward into the next few months. This and all quarterly updates going forward will be Patreon only exclusives, and will be in video format so we can more easily share our screens and account dashboards. Watch the full 2 hour video update and breakdown by becoming a Patreon supporter and support the show!    Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – North Carolina / IG @imsammarks Sponsor:
24/07/202023 minutes 13 seconds
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147: Stripper Economics 101 - How Lucrative is Professional Dancing

MEET YOUR FAVORITE LUSCIOUS BABE COACH, LAUREN ALLEN A semi-retired stripper turned Super CEO, this bitch has seen it all. Sex, Psychedelics, Music Festivals, and an abusive relationship sent this queen on a journey of exploration and self-discovery at 18. Hella mistakes, alcoholism, and a ballsy jump into the strip club a year later catapulted her to become her very first mindset client. Her intuitive approach to the hustle, soulful sales strategy, humor, and trauma-informed mindset work makes her a sexy + well-rounded coach whether you're 9-5 or shakin' that ass. You can expect a Sailor Levels of cursing, lots of laughs, brilliant brainstorming, and a business bestie that will hype you up as you bust through your own bullshit. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri L
15/07/20201 hour 13 minutes 54 seconds
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146: Does Art Out-Perform the S&P500? MasterWorks’ Scott Lynn

Scott Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Masterworks, the first company to allow investors to buy shares representing ownership of great masterpieces by artists like Warhol, Monet, and Banksy. Scott has been an active collector of contemporary art for more than fifteen years and has built an internationally-recognized collection of Abstract Expressionism that has included works by Clyfford Still, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and more. In addition to Masterworks, Scott serves on the board of v2 ventures (Adparlor, Giant Media, Reachmobi, Amply, and Sellozo), Payability, and the Brooklyn Rail (a non-profit publication in the art industry). In this episode, Scott is discussing art as an investment class and compares it to other regular investments and how the regular person can get involved. After listening, you will better understand Art as an asset class and information on the company Master
20/06/202052 minutes 35 seconds
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145: Coffee Shop Economics with Coffee Beanery’s Kevin & Laurie Shaw

Laurie Shaw is the COO of Coffee Beanery, the best provider of 100% Arabica Specialty coffee with 40+ Flavored Coffees offered in Decaf Swiss Water Process. In addition, she manages gift sets, fundraising, franchising, & wholesale. Kevin Shaw, the Director of Franchise Sales, joined the family business as a manager of the Ren Cen store in Detroit and soon after moved back to corporate to develop the roasting, flavoring and packaging processes that have evolved into what you see today. In this episode, Laurie and Kevin are taking us behind the scenes of their franchise to share what it’s like to run a coffee shop. Learn about the epic risks and big rewards of opening a coffee shop including the earning potential. After listening, you will understand the economics of owning a coffee shop and the vital steps in making it your next financial success! Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG <a href= "https://www.instagr
10/06/20201 hour 25 minutes 8 seconds
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144: Own Your Future – Digital Assets, with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison

Blake Hutchison is an accomplished entrepreneur and the CEO of Flippa, a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, based in Melbourne, Australia, and San Francisco. Prior to Flippa, Blake was the general manager and chief revenue officer of Luxury Escapes and head of strategic partnerships at Xero. Blake was also the founder of GOOD44, a venture capital-backed specialty food marketplace helping small business owners target a new customer base. In this episode, Blake will share his experience with buying and selling domains including other digital assets. Find out how to successfully invest in this space and what you need to know before buying a new website. Listen to the end to learn about new online business opportunities. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – North Carolina / IG @
22/05/20201 hour 39 minutes 52 seconds
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143: Luxury Real Estate, with Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is an American real estate broker, bestselling author, producer, and star of Bravo’s two-time Emmy Nominated reality television series, Million Dollar Listing New York, and its spin-off, Sell It Like Serhant. Ryan is also the leading member of The Serhant Team—an NYC-based, bi-coastal real estate group that has consistently ranked as the #1 sales team in New York and among the top five teams nationwide. In this episode, Ryan Serhant will share an inside look into selling a billion-dollar per year of luxury real estate. Get insight into how high-end private deals are created including buyer and seller fee structures. In the end, you’ll hear about the ways Sam and Johnny FD are maintaining personal and professional success during this pandemic. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG <a
06/05/202055 minutes 51 seconds
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142: Q1 Investment Updates – The 2020 Downturn

Sam Marks and Johnny FD are self-made entrepreneurs who invest their own money and use modern technology to invest like a boss. During this episode, Sam and Johnny FD provide their perspectives on managing investments at different wealth levels as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. They’ll share an update on how their portfolios have been performing over the last quarter. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG @johnnyfdk Sam Marks – North Carolina / IG @imsammarks Sponsor: Su
21/04/20201 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
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141: Online Businesses – The State of the Industry, with Empire Flipper’s Joe Magnotti

Joe Magnotti is the CEO of Empire Flippers, an Inc. 5000 company and the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses. Joe has a background in engineering and spent the 90’s at a startup in San Francisco before moving onto the mortgage business. Now Joe spends the majority of his time in Manila, Philippines.  In this episode, we will discuss the 2020 trends for buying and selling online businesses. Expect to hear predictions of where this industry is headed including ways to navigate businesses during the COVID-19 crises. Whether you are buying a business and want to grow it, or you want to sell your business for maximum value, you’ll discover insight to help achieve that goal. Where we are: Johnny FD – Sri Lanka / IG <a href= "
10/04/20201 hour 22 minutes 37 seconds
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140: John McAfee – COVID-19, and the Best Chapter of Life

John McAfee is a US computer programmer, businessman and fugitive millionaire, who is well known for his antivirus software company McAfee. John McAfee is wanted in the US for various crimes and he is in hiding. In this episode, Sam and Johnny FD, talk with John McAfee about his life in hiding, his view on coronavirus pandemic and his predictions about cryptocurrency future. Hear John McAfee tells stories from the early days of McAfee antivirus company and how he escaped jail in Guatemala. Listen to the episode till the end to learn what Sam & Johnny FD predict about the future of the economy after the coronavirus outbreak is over. Where we are: Johnny FD - Sri Lanka Sam Marks - Charlotte <li style="font-weig
01/04/202050 minutes 18 seconds
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139: How to Buy Stocks and Index Funds for Newbies: Investing 101

People across the world are shaken by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Stocks are plunging and the economy crash feels inevitable. And as bad as news seems to every person this situation might have some new opportunities for everyone to finally start investing. In this episode, Sam and Johnny, who are long term investors, discuss the current situation with the market. They explain why this might be the best time to look into investing. They explain the basics of investing for beginners, give advice on what stocks to look into, how to avoid typical mistakes and what books to read about the topic. Learn why investing in index funds the safest way and how to balance your stock portfolio. Where we are: Johnny FD - Sri Lanka Sam Mark
24/03/20201 hour 13 minutes 30 seconds
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138: How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer – Nicholas Shaxson

Nicholas Shaxson is a renowned financial journalist from Germany who authored the book, The Finance Curse: How global finance is making us all poorer. He is a journalist, campaigner, and world expert on both tax havens and financial centers, as well as the resource curse. His writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, the Financial Times, the Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and many others. On this episode, Nick talks about his take on the issues in the economy based on his experiences. He shares his insights about the schemes in the business industry which poses a great danger to the economy and democracy. During the discussion, he delves into the paradox of financialization to a country and enlightens the listeners to the idea of monopoly and imbalance to the business. This episode reveals the problems that an investor may encounter in the business industry. Where we are: Johnny FD - Sri Lanka Sam Marks - North Carolina</l
18/03/20201 hour 10 minutes 46 seconds
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137: Best Visas & Citizenships by Investment, with Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson is a lifelong entrepreneur and the world’s most sought-after expert on offshore strategies and global citizenship. He coordinates Nomad Capitalist’s global strategy, R&D, and media efforts as part of his mission to help millions of people go where they’re treated best. Andrew has spent the last twelve years personally studying and applying the principles of Nomad Capitalist. In this episode, you will learn how to go offshore, keep more of your wealth, and enjoy an unprecedented level of global freedom. Find out what you need to consider when renouncing your US citizenship including insight into the best passport to obtain as a digital nomad and international investor. After listening to this in-depth conversation, you’ll understand why you need to ultimately go where you’re treated best! Links:<
04/03/20201 hour 6 minutes 2 seconds
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136: KingMakers - the shift to investing in offline businesses

Kylon Gienger is the president of KingMakers, an investment fund and accelerator for small business buyers. He founded and operated multiple business investments in the construction, food service, fitness, real estate, online education, and digital marketing industries. On this episode, Kylon talks about investing in small businesses that would potentially grow to a million-dollar business, with the help of his company, the KingMakers. He explains some key points in strategically building industry by starting with leverage and having a partnership to successfully pay the loan and gain the profit. There are more ideas and lessons to learn here, so listen in! Where we are: Johnny FD - Sri Lanka Sam Marks - Barcelona Links: Website: New Site: Patreon: <a href= "
18/02/20201 hour 15 seconds
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135: Innovation at AT&T, Investing in 5G and IoT with Chris Penrose

Chris Penrose is Senior Vice President of AT&T’s Advanced Solutions organization. He has responsibility for leading AT&T’s business development and specialized sales efforts for next-generation technologies, including 5G, Internet of Things, edge computing and networking solutions. During the episode, Chris reveals how AT&T conceptualize and plan out their innovations, especially on coming up with the best ideas for technological developments. He explains the advancements in the new 5G and IoT technology; and how they will be delivered to the consumers. He also shares what AT&T is looking forward to in the next years. Where we are: Johnny FD - Bangkok Sam Marks - Barcelona Links: Website - Newsroom - Twitter - <a href="
07/02/202054 minutes 27 seconds
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134: 2020 New Year’s Investment Updates, with Johnny FD & Sam Marks

As the year 2020 begins, Sam Marks and Johnny FD give a head start to those business-minded individuals with their investment advice. Sam and Johnny are self-made entrepreneurs who use their hard-earned cash to invest in the best investment platforms, grow their net wealth, and live their dream. In this episode, Sam and Johnny share their investment strategies, one of which is generating passive income. They reveal a ton of insights on how to handle your finances by sharing their own investment choices. They also provide advice to cope with the plummeting economy and provide effective ways to manage funds. So sit back and listen to this episode’s investment ideas for 2020. Links: Support ILAB on Patreon: Pat
10/01/20201 hour 19 minutes 20 seconds
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133: 2019 Year in Review, Sam Marks & Johnny FD

As the year 2019 comes to an end, it is time for Sam Marks & Johnny FD to share their year in review. Both Sam and Johnny are digital nomads, investors, and travelers who love exploring the world while growing their net worth. During the episode, Sam and Johnny share their amazing travels for the year, including the Trans-Siberian Trip, which has been on Sam’s bucket list for quite some time. They share their experiences while on their adventures and their realizations throughout the year. They also reveal their top purchases for the year, the books they read, and their ultimate goals for 2020. Where we are: Sam Marks and Johnny FD – Chiang Mai, Thailand Links: – Use coupon code BOSS20 Get Your FREE audiobook <a href= "
16/12/20191 hour 9 minutes 2 seconds
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132: Buying a Business vs. Starting a New One, with Ace Chapman

Ace Chapman is an Investor Strategist who has bought and sold over thirty businesses and has helped his clients buy over one hundred businesses all over the world. He bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it, he then realized that there are more benefits in buying a business over starting one, which paved the way for his investment career. On this episode, Ace weighs the difference between buying a business and building a business. As an investor himself, he explains his approach to business that may help other investors generate the best returns. This is also an inspiring episode where he shares his amazing journey from being a college drop out to becoming a successful businessman.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Mexico Sam Marks – Russia Links: AceChapm
12/11/20191 hour 23 minutes 49 seconds
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131: Equity Crowdfunding in 2020, with StartEngine CEO Howard Marks

Howard Marks is the CEO of StartEngine, an Equity Crowdfunding platform that allows ordinary people to invest and help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of building successful businesses. Before launching StartEngine, he co-founded Activision (Call of Duty) and was the Chairman of Activision Studios from 1991 until 1997. As a former Board Member and Executive Vice-President of video-game giant Activision, he and a partner took control in 1991 and turned the ailing company into the $37 billion market cap video game industry. On this episode, Howard explains the impact of Equity Crowdfunding on the economy. He believes that this investment platform is the future of finance, especially for small businesses. He shares his journey in building StartEngine and the vision that led him to transition into crowdfunding - despite his success in his previous career. This is an insightful conversation that is perfect for both entrepreneurs
28/10/201955 minutes 17 seconds
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130: Family Offices – Lifestyle Strategies of the Super Rich with Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is the CEO of Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC, a company providing performance-based family office solutions for $100M+ net worth families. He is also the founder and head of Family Office Club, the largest community of registered family offices globally with over 1,750 private investor members. During the episode, Richard brings us into the world of the super rich with over $100M net worth. After working for them for several years, he has learned several strategies on how they accumulate their wealth. He explains how the ultra-wealthy manage their assets and lifestyles, how they aspire for growth, and what common mistakes they make.   Where we are: Johnny FD – Mexico Sam Marks – North Carolina   Links:  
14/10/20191 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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129: Q4 Investment Updates & Portfolio Review - Sam & Johnny

Sam Marks and Johnny FD are self-made entrepreneurs who use their hard-earned cash to invest in the best investment platforms, grow their net wealth, and live their dream. During this episode, Sam and Johnny share their investment strategies which helped them maximize investment returns. They also share their travel experiences which include finding an amazing recording studio, living a new home, and flying on a private jet. This is an episode filled with asset-growing ideas that will help you with your next investment venture. Where we are: Sam & Johnny – Los Angeles Discussed: – Use coupon code BOSS20 ILAB 124: Q3 2019 Updates: Sam & Johnny FD Review Investments, Lifestyle, and Quarterly Plans <a href= "http://www.investli
02/10/20191 hour 11 minutes 5 seconds
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128: 5G Has Arrived – How to Invest, And What To Expect with Matthew Cochrane

Matthew Cochrane writes articles for the Motley Fool, mostly on companies in fintech or payments, though my investing interests definitely extend outside those sectors. During this episode, Matthew will share how investors can profit off the 5G wireless revolution. Learn what 5G is, why it’s so important and what the risks are when investing in 5G. Listen for specific stocks that may beat the market over the next several years. Find out how you can meet the biggest bosses like Adam Nash, Meb Faber, and Brett Crosby at the Invest Like a Boss Summit. This event will help those wanting to learn how to invest their money, whether you are just starting out or already advanced and wanting to diversify. Links: How to Invest in 5G Stocks - The Motley Fool <li st
13/09/20191 hour 2 minutes 3 seconds
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127: SaaS Businesses – Valuing, Investing, and Exiting with Dustin Struckman

Dustin Struckman is one of the founding Partners at Digital Acquisitions. Having sold several of his own businesses through his business partners previous brokerage, they decided to found Digital Acquisitions in 2016 in order to provide exit services to an underserved market segment. They are now one of the leading web-based business brokerages in the world. During this episode, Dustin will share how to value, exit, and invest successfully in a SaaS business. Learn about the typical deal structures and digital acquisitions including Sam and Johnny FD’s experience selling their business. Listen to the end to find out of investing in a SaaS business is right for you. Check out the new Invest Like a Boss Summit in California! Links: <a href= "https://digitala
28/08/20191 hour 1 minute 54 seconds
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126: Happy Money, Improving Your Relationship With Money - Ken Honda

Ken Honda is the author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money. He is a bestselling author of self-development books in Japan, where he has sold more than seven million books since 2001. While his financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, his writings bridge the topics of finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.  During this episode, Ken will help you discover the tools you already possess to heal your own life and relationship with money. Learn how to treat money as a welcome guest, allowing it to come and go with respect and without resentment; understand and improve your money EQ; unpack the myth of scarcity; and embrace the process of giving money, not just receiving it. <br
12/08/201941 minutes 17 seconds
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125: Vetting Real Estate Deals Terms, with Omar Khan

Omar Khan’s global experience has been leveraged across commercial real estate and capital markets. He has advised on over $3.7 billion of capital financing and M&A transactions. Being a seasoned professional in capital markets (capital financing, M&A, sell-side equity research), strategic planning and operations has provided him with a unique perspective.  In this episode, Omar will discuss why every potential investor should read and understand the PPM. Find out ways to leverage property tax advantages that will bring down your tax bracket. Learn how real money is made in real estate private equity while investing in deals where there is an alignment of interest with the sponsors.   Links: Linkedin <li style="fon
30/07/20191 hour 23 minutes 11 seconds
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124: Q3 2019 Updates: Sam & Johnny FD Review Investments, Lifestyle, and Quarterly Plans

Sam Marks and Johnny FD are self-made entrepreneurs who invest their own money and use modern technology to invest like a boss. During this episode, Sam and Johnny FD give an inside look into their financially independent lifestyle and share how their current investments are performing. Listen for unique travel stories like when Sam ran with the bulls, Johnny broke his nose, and their experiences after exploring new countries. Listen to the end to hear about Johnny’s first investment in a new startup.   Links: Sam’s Running with the Bulls 2019 POV Check out the new Invest Like a Boss Summit in Vegas! Where we are: Sam Marks - Kieve, Ukraine Johnny FD - Temecula, California Discussed: <a href= "
18/07/20191 hour 13 minutes 18 seconds
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123: Inside an Accelerator, with Startup Wise Guys’ Jone Vaituleviciute

Jone Vaituleviciute is a partner at Startup Wise Guys, Europe's most experienced B2B startup accelerator and one of the most active early-stage investors in the Nordics. During this episode, Jone will reveal details on the 3 month-long on-site mentors driven program held in either Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) or Vilnius (Lithuania). Learn how they help teams position themselves to raise the next funding round within 6 months. Find out how founders support themselves during early-stage accelerators and discover your chance of survival as a new startup. Listen to the end for practical use cases of bitcoin and cryptocurrency including insight into the future of blockchain.   Links: Linkedin   Check out the new <a href= "
01/07/201951 minutes 18 seconds
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122: Lifestyle Investing, Passive Income, and The Financial Dream

Sam Marks are Johnny FD have been transparently sharing their investment journey on this podcast for over three years. They have personally and professionally benefited from learning the tools and techniques that drive their successful investing lifestyle, passive income, and ultimately financial dream. During this episode, Sam and Johnny FD will share how their investments generate a passive income that affords them to live an adventurous lifestyle while growing assets. Listen as they dissect their vastly diverse asset allocation so that you can replicate a portfolio that fits your style of investing. You’ll also find out if you need to be accredited or non accredited to make the best possible investments for your future.   Links: Check out the new Invest Like a Boss Summit in Vegas!   Where we are: Sam Marks - Lithuania Johnny FD - Eastern Uk
10/06/20191 hour 3 minutes 47 seconds
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121: Investing in Private Real Estate Funds, with MLG Capital’s Tim Wallen

Tim Wallen is a Principal, CEO, and sits on the investment committee for MLG Capital. The company offers real estate investment services to accredited institutional or individual investors. Tim joined MLG in 1989 as the Chief Financial Officer and remains committed and involved with daily, integral functions of the investment and development segments. During this episode, Tim will share how you can generate superior returns through the meticulous execution of real estate investment strategies. Learn how MLG aligns the funds & investors interest in fee structures including the tax advantages for the individual investor. Listen to the end for insight into making your first real estate investment.   Links: LinkedIn   Where we are: Sam Marks - Tampa, Florida Johnny FD - Kharkiv, Ukraine<
20/05/20191 hour 5 minutes 34 seconds
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120: Real Estate Investing in Belize, with Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is a Canadian real estate investor and the author of The Investor's Guide to Belize Real Estate. His years of real estate experience in both Canada and Belize has allowed him the ability to identify value in growth markets and recognize opportunities others miss
. During this episode, Will share why you may want to invest in the Belizean real estate market. Learn how to how to buy real estate in Belize and what property taxes are like. Find out why Belize is the fastest growing country in the Caribbean from a tourism perspective and how it creates a favorable environment for investors, nomads, and retirees.   Links: The Investors Guide to Belize Real Estate   Where we
07/05/20191 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds
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119: Q1 2019 Review, Sam & Johnny’s New Investments and Update

Sam Marks and Johnny FD will discuss any updates to their finances, investments, and personal portfolios. During this episode, Sam and Johnny will share insight into last quarters earnings and losses in investments like Wealthfront, online and property realty funds, Annuity policies, and startups. Learn to manage your portfolio, balance your travel expenses, and business property investment failures. Listen to the end to hear their future travel adventures and possibly meet up with them along the way!   Links: The 8 Best Investing Podcasts of 2019 Discussed: ILAB 04 – Stan’s Brutally Honest Factual Expertise About Annuities ILAB 105 – Cap Rates – Unde
18/04/201956 minutes 18 seconds
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118: Estate Planning 101 with Matthew Wiley

Matthew Wiley is a managing partner at Wiley Etter, LLC, who are passionate about helping you plan for the future. Matthew believes in two fundamental principles, estate, and financial planning should be simple and focused on the client’s needs. He works with a team of advisors, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that his clients’ needs come first… Always. During this episode, you’ll be given the tools and techniques to create a financial and legal plan for your future regardless of your wealth level. Find out some of the most important documents you’ll need when preparing your estate plan. Learn the proper process so that you can successfully transfer wealth to your heirs. Listen to the end as Johnny FD and Sam Marks reveal exactly what their wills include.   Links:   Where we are: Sam Marks - Tampa, Florida Johnny FD - Sri Lanka
08/03/20191 hour 18 minutes 29 seconds
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117: The Big Short? Danny Moses Now Calls The Big Long – Cannabis

A Wall Street insider since 1991, Danny Moses has seen his fair share of Bull and Bear Markets and has been able to observe the markets from a number of perspectives: Municipal Bond analyst, Institutional Sell-Side Broker, Trader, and Hedge Fund Manager. The book, and later the movie, "The Big Short" chronicled a few people who saw the housing bubble forming in 2004 and figured out how to successfully navigate through the volatility in the financial markets. Danny was part of this small group who were forward-thinking and brave enough to have bet against the market and to have participated in one of the greatest trades in Wall Street history. During this episode, Danny will talk about investing in the emerging industry of cannabis which he now calls ‘The Big Long’. Learn how and why you should invest including what companies and categories to choose. You’ll also hear entertaining insight into “The Big Short” movie and how it compares to what actually happened in real l
22/02/20191 hour 3 minutes 29 seconds
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116: Bob Sapp - MMA, Entertainment, and Financial Planning for Athletes

Bob “The Beast” Sapp is an international MMA megastar, professional wrestler, actor, and former NFL player, WWE professional wrestler, and world champion kickboxer. He mostly fought in Japan where he has appeared in numerous commercials, television programs, and various other media. He remains the most- merchandised, most-adored, and most-watched fighter in the history of the sport with 54 million Japanese who watched him bully Akebono in 2003. During this episode, Bob will share how his transition from a fighter to an entertainer has given him long term success. Expect to learn about his personal portfolio including his plans for retirement and future investments. Find out how Bob will add a key element to the MMA industry in Thailand.   Links: The Official Bob Sapp   Where we are: Sam Marks - Tampa, Florida Johnny FD - Chiang Mai, Thailand</li
11/02/201958 minutes 25 seconds
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115: 2019 Financial Resolutions, Life Plans and Updates

Sam Marks and Johnny FD are here to talk about their 2019 financial resolutions, life plans, and investment updates. Although this may have been their worst performing quarter since they started the podcast there were many other gains. During this episode, you’ll hear an update on Sam and Johnny’s investment accounts such including Vanguard, Wealthfront, PeerStreet, Fundrise, and Forex. Learn a few simple but effective tips for new investors and how Sam and Johnny plan to grow their own bank accounts. Find out how much money is enough to live the life you want! Check out the new Invest Like a Boss Summit in Vegas!   Links: Digital Nomad Conference: Invest Like a Boss Summit: Live Event Where we are: Sam Marks & Johnny FD
27/01/20191 hour 17 minutes 9 seconds
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114: Opportunity Zones – Dissecting the Opportunity in O Zones, with Eddie Lorin

Eddie Lorin is the founder of Founder of Alliant Strategic Preservation Funds, an integrated owner/operator of affordable and workforce housing across the U.S. They sponsor a variety of residential real estate equity funds focused on economically distressed communities. If you're planning to realize a sizeable capital gain in the near future, the time is right to learn about opportunity funds so you can make an informed investment decision. During this episode, Eddie will share how your investment in Opportunity Zones have the potential to pull millions of Americans out of poverty and generate both financial and social returns for investors. Find out what exactly O Zones are and ways to put yourself in a position to understand this business in order to successfully invest yourself. Listen towards the end to hear Sam Marks and Johnny FD discuss a potential downside to O Zones.   Links: Alliantstrateg
17/01/201953 minutes 42 seconds
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113: Mortgage Servicing, How it Works, and AHP’s New $50m Fund - DeAnn Donovan

DeAnn Donovan is the President & CEO of AHP Servicing which uses crowdsourced funds to purchase past due loans at a discount. As an investor, benefits include earning a competitive return of up to 10%, monthly dividends, and best efforts liquidity. Additionally, funds are open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. When you invest with AHP Servicing, you are rebuilding communities, keeping borrowers in their homes, and inspiring hope for those who need it the most. During this episode, DeAnn shares talk about what mortgage servicing is, how it works, and how you can make a passive income while getting monthly payouts. Learn how AHP is protecting investors, borrowers, and proprietary information. Find out if this investment puts you in a strong possession regardless of an up or down market.   Links:   Where we are: Sam Marks & Johnny FD - Chain
14/12/201835 minutes 35 seconds
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112: FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early

Sam Marks and Johnny FD has officially hit FIRE, meaning that they are financially independent with an early retirement. They’ve both reached their success in such unique ways that will inspire you! During this episode, Sam and Johnny FD will share how they hit FIRE including how YOU can do the same. Find out how much money you actually need to retire and how to calculate it. Understand the 4% rule and learn to apply it to your life. Listen to the end to hear about the downside to the FIRE movement and what you can do even after you hit your ultimate FI number.   Link: 4% Rule Math Spreadsheet <a href= "
05/12/20181 hour 25 minutes 17 seconds
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111: O’Shares ETFs Quality Weighted Approach with CEO Connor O’Brien

Connor O’Brien is the CEO and President of O’Shares, a rules-based ETF designed to provide investors with the means to invest in some of the largest global companies that derive most of their revenue from the Internet and e-commerce sectors that exhibit quality and growth potential. Mr. O’Brien has extensive global investment experience encompassing over 25 years of involvement in the Canadian, U.S. and international markets. During this episode, Mr. O’Brein will share a series of ETFs designed to be core long-term investment holdings. He will talk about the rule-based approach that provides attractive performance and limited volatility with an emphasis on income. Expect to truly learn how to ‘Invest Like a Boss’ with this simple and straightforward strategy.   Links: O'Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Qual Div ETF - OASI <a href= "
27/11/20181 hour 17 seconds
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110: How Anyone Can Beat the Market with Mad Hedge Fund Trader John Thomas

John Thomas is one of the founding fathers of the modern hedge fund industry. He broadens the public understanding of the techniques and strategies employed by the most successful hedge funds so that they may more profitably manage their own money. In his free time, John climbs mountains, does long distance backpacking, practices karate, performs aerobatics in antique aircraft, collects vintage wines, reads the Japanese classics, and engages in a wide variety of public service and philanthropic activities. During this episode, John will share some of the investing principals that he’s used to yielding him up to 35% returns. Learn about the trade alerts, his favorite platforms to use, and how traveling the world has only improved his success. Expect to hear about his thoughts on passive verse active investing. After hearing this you might want to adjust your strategy.   Links: Madhedgefundtrad
16/11/201843 minutes 1 second
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109: Why Modern Portfolio Theory Fails Investors with Daniel Peris

DANIEL PERIS, Ph.D., CFA, is Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors, Inc., in Pittsburgh where he oversees $20 billion dollars in equity portfolios the firm's dividend-oriented funds. Before transitioning into asset management, Peris was a historian focuses on modern Russian history. He is the author of two prior books in investing, The Strategic Dividend Investor, and The Dividend Imperative, and the new book Back to Business. During this episode, Daniel will talk about how you can bring some common sense back to your investing. He’ll speak on some old strategies that just don’t work anymore including why Modern Portfolio theory may not be the answer. Expect to learn how to achieve higher yields including tips to managing your Index funds, Mutual funds, and SMAs. Find out if you really need a financial advisor to get the most out of your investing and how to choose one properly. Listen to the end for insight into Sam Ma
11/11/20181 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds
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108: Money2020 Conference Takeaways with Paytient Founder Brian Whorley

Explore the future of money with Sam Marks and Brian Whorley, found of Paytient, an innovative startup that is improving access to affordable healthcare. The Money2020 Conference is where leaders, innovators, and disruptors unite to drive change and revolutionize the future of money. It’s a 4-day experience that facilitates the right conversations and insightful learnings, leaving you inspired and equipped to reach your goals. Although tickets could have been up to $5,000 you’ll gain insights from Sam and Brians perspective on the ways our market is revolutionizing the future of money. Expect to hear key takeaways of their experience from JP Morgan’s after part to conversations with super high-level thought leaders. Listen to the end for ways to cover unplanned out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.   Where we are: <li
31/10/20181 hour 14 minutes 53 seconds
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107: 2018 Q3 Updates – The Downturn

Sam Marks & Johnny FD are back for another quarterly update on their finances, investments, and personal portfolio. During the episode, co-hosts Sam & Johnny talk about the downturn of this quarter in the stock market and the implications it brings. They gave comments on each investment they ventured in that has been significantly affected by this fall. Also, they share their new investments for this quarter and their plans for the upcoming one.   Where we are: Sam - South Carolina Johnny - Chiang Mai   Recommended: Fundrise – start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK) ArtofFX – start with just a $25,000 account RealtyShares – try it free <a href= "http://www.invest
22/10/20181 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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106: How to Build and Profit from a Self-Storage Facility with Kevin She

Kevin She is the owner of SC Storage, Hong Kong's leading low-cost self-storage provider with over 60 convenient locations in Hong Kong and Macau, and more than 18,000 self-storage units. He started his self-storage business 18 years ago and has consistently grown in locations and customers. When it comes to self-storage, he is the king! On this episode, Kevin reveals the step-by-step process of setting up a self-storage facility - from choosing the location to promoting the business. He explains the fundamentals of self-storage and why it is a perfect real estate investment scheme. This discussion teaches entrepreneurs some tips and strategies on how to build a million dollar business, self-storage or not.   Where we are: Johnny - Chiang Mai Sam & Kevin - Iceland   Links: Sam's IG - <a href= "https://ww
12/10/20181 hour 11 minutes 6 seconds
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105: Cap Rates – Understanding Real Estate Yields and Valuations

Omar Khan is a real estate investor with over 10 years of global investment experience. He is one of the people behind Boardwalk Wealth, a private equity firm in Dallas, Texas which connects International investors with US-based multifamily real estate opportunities. He is responsible for capital raising, strategic planning, and investor relations. His vast knowledge in the real estate makes him the perfect person to discuss the fundamentals of cap rates. On this episode, Omar provides a better understanding of what cap rates are for people who are not very familiar with the terminologies in the real estate industry. He explains how cap rates work and what external factors affect its value. He gives away tips and strategies on how to assess real estate yields in order to optimize investment returns. This episode helps you understand the value of the properties or assets you buy or sell.   Where we are: Omar – Dallas, Texas
03/10/20181 hour 21 minutes 58 seconds
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104: AirBnB Rental Business, Listener Investing Questions Answered

Frank Valencia, Sr. Managing Partner, and Victor Sanchez, Operations Manager, are part of Bongo PM Team. Their company, Bongo PM, focuses on AirBnB Property Management for vacation and short-term rentals. Their mission is to find the best real estate services for people looking for a home to rent or a vacation property to stay. This is a special episode where the guests answer the listeners’ questions from The Boss Lounge about short-term rentals. If you are a property owner or a traveler looking for a place to rent, this is a perfect episode to start your real estate journey. Frank and Victor explain what services their company provides and the fundamentals of short-term rentals. They will answer several questions that you yourself might be asking, including the best cities for property rentals, profitability, taxes, and income potential.   Where we are: Johnny - Chiang Mai Sam - Denmark   Link
27/09/20181 hour 45 seconds
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103: After the Big Exit - Investing Philosophy and Life Optimization with David Hauser

David Hauser is an entrepreneur and a speaker based in Las Vegas. He is the founder of Grasshopper, Chargify, and Angel Investor. Grasshopper is a virtual phone system company which was sold to Citrix for almost $175M. His passion in the business industry has led him to build more startups. This successful exit has led him to realize what he really cares about – and that is to inspire others. On this episode, David shares his journey after selling the company that he built and managed for over 12 years. He reveals the emotional struggle he went through after his big exit and what he did with his money after that. David gives his perspective on what financial freedom means. He also shares his investment strategies including the investment platforms he ventured in. This conversation gives you several tips and advice on how to manage and grow your wealth.   Where we are: Johnny – San Francisco, California Sam – Tampa, Florida<
17/09/20181 hour 3 minutes 2 seconds
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102: Understanding Credit Score and Comparing the Best Credit Cards

Ted Rossman is an Industry Analyst at and writes the "Wealth and Wants" column. He has seven years of experience in the credit card and personal finance industries as a member of the award-winning communications department at and its sister sites, The Points Guy and Bankrate. During the episode, Ted gives away the tricks and tips in choosing the perfect credit card that will suit your lifestyle. Since credit cards are used by most of the people, understanding its use is of great benefit. He explains how credit score works and what its associations are. He also helps us understand the credit points, reward redemptions, and credit bonuses for different people with different needs. This is surely an episode we all can relate to!   Links:   Where we are: Sam - Tampa, Florida Johnny FD - L
28/08/20181 hour 16 minutes 35 seconds
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101: ICOs 101, Inside an Initial Coin Offering with Marshall Taplits

Marshall Taplits is the co-founder and chief strategy officer at NYNJA, a company building global operating system for the future of work. NYNJA Group is creating the first international mobile communications app with an on-demand marketplace and its own cryptocurrency ecosystem. Marshall began his career in software quality assurance 18 years ago and has acquired vast knowledge and expertise on online trends and developments including the popular Initial Coin Offering (ICO). On this episode, Marshall explains the fundamentals of ICOs and its impact on the present generation. Since we have reached the era of the internet, much digital advancement has been introduced.  As an expert in ICOs, Marshall educates us on what an ICO is and what benefits we get out it. This is an enlightening conversation about coin ownership, launching ICOs, and ICO investing.   Where we are: Marshall - China Sam - Santiago Johnny - Ukraine  
14/08/20181 hour 23 minutes 49 seconds
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100: 100th Episode - Listener Questions and Answers!

Invest Like A Boss podcasts celebrates a new reaching as it launches its 100th episode. In order to give thanks to all the listeners, Sam & Johnny welcomed questions from the audiences so that they too can be part of this investment journey! Both hosts have personally participated in various investments that they learned through this show. Featuring several financial experts, this podcast has opened limitless possibilities in the investment arena.  On this special episode, Sam & Johnny answers questions from listeners based on their own knowledge and experience. This conversation reveals so many tips and strategies that would help you take control of your finances!   Where we are: Johnny - Ukraine Sam - Arizona   Links: Personal Capital Dropshipping Course <a href="
03/08/20181 hour 21 minutes 26 seconds
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99: Q2 Investment and Performance Updates - Sam & Johnny

Co-hosts Sam & Johnny are up again for another quarterly update on all investment ventures they are personally participating. They have been giving updates on the performances of their investments as well as their new investments every three months to give light on the subject for all the investors and investors-to-be who are on the process of figuring out which investment platform to choose. On the episode, Sam & Johnny reveal the performances of their investments during this quarter. They have been discussing various investment platforms in the past episodes and they will share which funds they invested in and how it turned out. If you are an investor or you want to become one, listen to this episode and learn new trends in the world of funds and investments.   Where we are: Sam & Johnny - Spain   Discussed: <a href= "
24/07/20181 hour 23 minutes
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98: Mobile Home Park Investing with Jefferson Lilly

Jefferson Lilly is a mobile home park investment expert who co-founded Park Street Partners which owns 17 Mobile Home Parks coast-to-coast. He is the host of the Mobile Home Park Investors podcast with over 10,000+ D/L per month. He spent seven years investing his own capital acquiring and operating mobile home parks. He is definitely the go-to-person when it comes to mobile home park investing. During the episode, Jefferson educates us on what a mobile home park is and what investment opportunities surround it. He corrects the misconception of most people when it comes to mobile home owners. He presents the ups and downs of owning and operating mobile homes. He explains the Who, What, and How in the world of mobile homes. This is a very unique investment platform that will surely get you hooked!   Where we are: Johnny - Ukraine Sam - Barcelona   Links: <a href= "http://mobilehomeparkinvestors.
10/07/20181 hour 14 minutes 7 seconds
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97: When Buying a Starter Home Goes Terribly Wrong - Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison and his girlfriend just got their new home. But, instead of cutting down expenses from renting, they spent more on fixing the house they just bought. While the inspection went perfectly well, they discovered so many shortfalls few days after they moved in. The house failed in so many aspects that the couple had to take legal action against the people who apparently ripped them off. On this episode, Chris shares the appalling experience of buying their first home. He enumerates the flaws they discovered in the house including the electrical system, the plumbing, and the termite infestation. He sheds light on the idea of buying a starter home and gives his takeaways from the experience that will surely help those who are planning to buy their own house.   Where we are: Sam & Chris - Florida Johnny - Ukraine   Discussed: <a href= "
03/07/20181 hour 11 minutes 34 seconds
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96: 6 Keys to Protecting your Properties from Lawsuits with Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the owner of Royal Legal Solutions, an asset protection company for real estate investors which develops strategies to maximize tax savings and protect from lawsuits. He himself is a real estate investor who holds real estate investments in 10 states. He believes that if a person is building a real estate empire, he is bound to get sued and being one step ahead is the wisest way to protect his assets. During the episode, Scott explains the 6 keys that would help property owners protect their assets from devastating lawsuits. In the real estate world, getting sued is a common thing and a very expensive one. He explains the foundation of asset protection and several ideas that go with it. Listen in and find out why real estate investors need professional asset protection.   Where we are: Johnny - Ukraine Sam - Florida   Links: Royallegals
22/06/20181 hour 3 minutes 43 seconds
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95: Finance Tips Your College Professors Didn’t Teach You - Michael Taylor

Michael teaches personal finance at Trinity University and writes a weekly finance column for the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News. He previously sold bonds for Goldman Sachs, and used to run a distressed debt hedge fund. He is not your typical finance professor as he gives you the real-life perspective of how to manage your money. During the episode, Michael reveals several tips in growing wealth which you did not learn from school. He believes that venturing into investments at an early age promises a future of fortune. He explains how compound interest works, why we need to understand it, and what benefits it could provide. You might not be interested in learning such early in life, but once you listened to this episode, you’ll have a whole new outlook at your finances.   Where we are: Johnny - Bulgaria Sam - Florida   Book: <a href= "
11/06/20181 hour 34 minutes 33 seconds
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94: Why We Invest, Financial Freedom, and Selecting Base Locations

Zach, Sam’s new road trip buddy, is a nomad who had a successful exit from his business and is now on the quest of finding the perfect lifestyle. He loves flying kites, wandering the ocean, and experiencing freedom. After the big exit, he went on the process of learning new skills which eventually led him to discover his real passion. During the episode, Zach, Sam, and Johnny talk about investing not with money, but with time and knowledge. If we have achieved our financial goal, what then? They discuss what financial freedom really means and what the perfect lifestyle is for each one of them. For expats who love traveling, where in the world would they want to settle? The journey to finding the life you dream of takes times, money, and knowledge. Listen in and learn some tips on how to be financially free and become truly happy.   Where we are: Zach - Columbia Sam - Columbia Johnny - Bulgaria   Discuss
29/05/20181 hour 11 minutes 1 second
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93: Ed Conard - The Upside of Inequality, Optimizing Prosperity

Ed Conard is an AEI visiting scholar who authored two top 10 New York Times bestselling books: The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the MiddleClass (2016) and Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About the Economy Is Wrong (2012). He has written op-eds for most major news outlets and has made hundreds of media appearances. He is a retired partner at Bain Capital, where he headed the firm’s New York office. On this episode, Ed corrects the misconceptions about the middle-class wagers being squeezed by the top 1% as we are all made to believe. He gives a fresh perspective of the upsides of inequality relative to economic growth. He also shares his vision of what the U.S. economy would be like in the next couple of years. At the end of this episode, Ed discloses his own personal portfolio including how he manages his money and where he invests.   Where we are: Johnny - Bulgaria Sam - Florida
09/05/201858 minutes 38 seconds
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92: Q1 Updates – Sam & Johnny on Investments, Business, and Travel

Co-hosts Sam & Johnny are up for the first quarterly update of 2018 as investors, entrepreneurs, and travelers who share their own experiences. During the first 3 months of this year, they have interviewed several experts in the field of investing and have tried some investment platforms that they learned during the show. On this episode, Sam & Johnny share their investment updates including the significant investments they ventured in and the downturns of some of their investments during the 1st quarter. They also share their work progress in the past 3 months and how their returns and income look like. They show us their trail during their travels and the countries that made the most impact on them. Listen to this episode to learn some tips and strategies for investing, building businesses, and traveling.   Where we are: Sam - Tampa, Florida Johnny - Kathmandu, Nepal   Q1 Travel Sam – SE USA
16/04/20181 hour 3 minutes 30 seconds
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91: Behavioral Finance in P2P Lending with Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez is an Associate Professor in Finance at California State University with over 10 years of experience in teaching finance courses. One of the studies she took interest in is behavioral finance in peer to peer (P2P) lending which they conducted an experiment on it. During the episode, Laura reveals the major biases of lenders in terms of approving loans apart from their credit information. She explains the theory of beauty premium which significantly influence the decision of lenders. She also explains how they conducted the experiment to test this theory and what considerable indications were acquired.   Where we are: Sam - Florida Johnny - Nepal   References:   Discussed: ILAB 13 - PeerStreet vs. Lending Club</
12/04/20181 hour 4 minutes 46 seconds
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90: HSAs 101, Health Savings Accounts with Evan Prokup of HSAedge

Evan Prokup is the man behind HSAedge, a leading website on Health Savings Account (HSA) information. HSA are savings accounts for medical expenses which are triple tax-advantaged and allows holders to lower their cost of medical care over time. HSA contributions can be invested in a wide variety of assets and can even be used in retirement. During the episode, Evan explains the fundamentals of Health Saving Accounts (HSA) including its aspects and benefits. He also explains the HSA triple tax advantage, eligibility, investment opportunities, and income requirements. This episode answers all the basic questions you have on HSA which helps you decide in opening up an account.   Where we are: Sam - Nevada Johnny - Nepal   Links: Website - HSA Edge Email - [email protected]   Discussed:</strong
03/04/20181 hour 9 minutes 29 seconds
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89: AirBnB Income Stream, Investment Properties and 3rd Party Management with Frank Valencia

Frank Valencia is the Sr. Managing Partner at Bongo Property Management; a fast-growing AirBnB property management which helps your short-term rental business becomes a success. They are currently operating in the United States, Latin America, and Europe – and are planning to expand to new cities later on. During the episode, Frank explains the services they provide at Bongo PM. As an expert in the business industry, he describes the benefits of having their company manage your properties for short-term rentals. Listen in and learn a lot about the short-term rental market, including size demands, occupancy rates, investment returns, and the ideal countries to own properties.   Where we are: Johnny - Nepal Sam - Denver   Links:   Time Stamps: 09:07 – Who is Frank? 10:06 – The growth of Bongo PM <p
22/03/201848 minutes 20 seconds
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88: Structuring Tax Free Income, Puerto Rico Act 22 - Jorie Roberts

Jorie Roberts is the founder of Marjorie Roberts, PC, a firm composed of attorneys who specialize in tax, corporate/securities, and business law, and work with the economic incentive programs in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has a vast knowledge of tax law and holds law degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and New York University. During the episode, Jorie explains two tax laws, known as Act 20, the Export Services Act, and Act 22, the Individual Investors Act, which shields new residents of Puerto Rico from paying most federal income. And since these laws apply to the residents of Puerto Rico, Jorie discusses the process and requirements in applying for residency. Also, she gives comprehensive examples on what is eligible for tax exemptions.   Where we are: Jorie - U.S. Virgin Islands Sam - Denver Colorado Michael - Bangkok   Links: Jorie’s Firm - <a hre
15/03/201858 minutes 54 seconds
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87: Tax Reform: Investing in 2018’s New Economy with Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman is considered America’s Money Answers Man because he is the man to go to for answers on personal finance questions. He has appeared on several TV and radio shows. He believes that there is a tremendous amount of financial illiteracy in the country and wants to help people learn. He has written 14 books including the popular Fast Profit in Hard Times and The Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. On this episode, Jordan explains the impact of the 2018 tax reform both in corporate and individual level. He also explains its impact on the stock market and other investment ventures. He gives tips and strategies on what, where, and how to invest in this new economy. He also shares his personal favorites in terms of asset classes and trends that will help you decide on your next investment plans.   Where we are: Johnny - Nepal Sam - Denver Colorado   Links: <a href="http://www.mone
06/03/201850 minutes 27 seconds
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86: Index Fund Allocation Modeling with Johnny & Sam

Co-hosts Johnny and Sam are entrepreneurs and investors who share their investment strategies and experiences to all the listeners. This episode is an overview of index fund allocation combined with personal recommendations, understanding from influential books, and insights from the experts. On this episode, Johnny and Sam explain the basics of index funds, stocks, and asset allocation. They discuss investment strategies which helps investors balance their portfolio while minimizing risks. They also talk about fundamental considerations when starting index fund investing, basic asset allocation modeling, and portfolio building. They also present the Buy-and-Hold Portfolio of several investment authorities that will surely help you decide what asset allocation model is perfect for you.   Where we are: Johnny – Thailand Sam – U.S.A.   Links: <a href= "
27/02/20181 hour 2 minutes 3 seconds
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85: Crypto Asset Storage and Security, with Gregor Gregersen

Gregor Gregerson is the founder of Silver Bullion, a company committed to providing the safest place for your precious metals. In the quest to offer the best protection for the clients’ wealth, they have designed the safest storage for cryptocurrencies by physically encrypting and storing private keys. On this episode, Greg reveals how the idea of physical crypto storage came about and what makes it the safest storage for cryptocurrency in the market. He explains the risks of keeping these assets digitally and how to alleviate these risks. This episode talks about the different levels of security for crypto, the advantages of physical storage, and the features that the investors can look forward to in this new product.   Links: Video: Silver / Gold Bullion Storage: https://ww
21/02/20181 hour 2 minutes 51 seconds
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84: Note Investing 101, with Dave Van Horn

Dave Van Horn is the President and CEO of PPR Note Co., a company that brings investors unique opportunities to create passive income through investing in real estate notes. He is an expert in the real estate business with over 30 years of experience as licensed Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and Fundraiser. On this episode, Dave discusses the basic fundamentals of Note Investing including where and how to invest in it. He explains what a note is and how to profit from it. He shares his own venture from the real estate industry to the note business. You may not know what a note is; but after listening to this episode, you will understand how everyone is involved in this business.   Where we are: Sam - Brazil Johnny - Chiang Mai   Links: Dave’s Company: Free ebook:</
12/02/20181 hour 9 minutes 18 seconds
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83: Mutual Funds 101, the $17 Trillion Industry with Mark Renz

Mark Renz is a financial adviser and a sales representative for over two decades and has utilized his expertise in serving as an investment adviser for high-net-worth families since 2001. He is currently the Chief Investment Officer for an independent multi-family office, Socius, which provides honest guidance and shrewd management to preserve, protect, and build their clients’ estate. This episode explains the basics and fundamentals of mutual funds. Mark defines what a mutual fund is and other mutual funds that we might not be aware of. He teaches some strategies on how to beat the market, how to manage funds, and how to achieve greater returns. Listen in and learn more about this investment platform.   Links: Website -   Books: MON
29/01/20181 hour 17 minutes 22 seconds
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82: Dual Momentum Investing with Gary Antonacci

Gary Antonacci is an author, consultant, and public speaker on momentum investing. He introduced the investment world to dual momentum which combines relative strength price momentum with trend following absolute momentum. He is the author of the award-winning book, Dual Momentum Investing: An Innovative Approach for Higher Returns with Lower Risk. On this episode, he explains the fundamentals of momentum investing, its history, and its market efficiency. He also explains the relationship between momentum investing and trend following, his stand on the efficient market hypothesis, and the best application of momentum investing. Listen in and learn from the foremost authority on the practical applications of momentum investing.   Links: Website - Dual Momentum Research -   Book:</stron
16/01/201837 minutes 51 seconds
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81: New Year’s Investing Updates, Plans, and Goals for 2018

Invest Like A boss podcast hosts, Sam Marks and Johnny FD, have been discussing new ways to invest money all throughout the year. They are entrepreneurs who find new investment strategies for their hard-earned money. As another year starts, they share updates on their investments and how their money grew over the years. On this episode, Sam and Johnny reveal the changes in both their assets from various investment platforms they ventured in. They also share their investment plans and goals for 2018 as well as the lessons they learned from the previous year. Sam and Johnny give away tips and strategies on how to increase your net worth. Also, check out the books that they recommend that will surely help you grow financially. Let’s welcome the year with new lessons, new plans, and new goals!   Full Show Notes and Screenshots -    Where we are: Sam
08/01/20181 hour 4 minutes 12 seconds
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80: Mining for Bitcoin with MGTCI’s President Steve Schaeffer

Steve Schaeffer is MGT’s President on Crypto-Capital Strategies. MGT is one of the top Bitcoin producers in North America with the largest individual Bitcoin mining operation. We may have heard about Bitcoin a lot these days, but what we hardly hear about is Bitcoin mining - how does it work and how is it done? On this episode, Steve explains MGT’s mining operations and returns. He also explains why the company chose to mine Bitcoins over other cryptocurrencies. He shares MGTI’s strategies in choosing locations, securing bitcoins, and gaining profit. Listen in and learn other ways to invest on cryptocurrencies.   Links: Ticker (OTC: MGTI)   Discussed: ILAB 78 - Bitcoin 101, How to Invest In Cryptocurrency   Where we are: Sam - Uni
27/12/201757 minutes 33 seconds
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79: Cannabis – Profiting from the “Green Rush” with Michael Berger

Michael Berger of Stonebridge Partners joins this episode to talk about another yet unique means to invest our money in - the Cannabis industry. Cannabis is used in three main forms: marijuana, hashish and hash oil. It is a mood-altering drug that can induce calm and is sometimes used medicinally as a form of pain relief. Countries still have different opinions with regards to the legality of this plant medicine. But on the investment side of things, Michael explains the business opportunities for Cannabis and how investors could actually profit from this industry. Links: Linkedin Technical 420 To Watch: CNBC Video showing growth in the industry   <st
19/12/201751 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

78: Bitcoin 101, How to Invest In Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, a digital currency, has been creating hype for thousands of investors around the world. We probably have heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies circulating around the internet and a lot of people want to understand what it is, how it works, and why they should invest in it. This episode helps you answer the question – Should you own Bitcoin? Johnny and Sam give their insights on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and why it is considered the future. They recount the growth of Bitcoin over the years. They give tips on where and how to buy them, how much should you invest, and how to keep them safely stored. They also specified the downside of Bitcoin and what to expect when owning one. For those who are interested in buying Bitcoin, listen to this episode and find out if this investment strategy is perfect for you.   Links:
07/12/20171 hour 1 minute 18 seconds
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77: Turnkey Real Estate Investing vs. REITs

Matt Bowles is the co-founder of Maverick Investors Group, which helps real estate investors buy performing rental properties in the best real estate markets regardless of where they live. They offer a very interesting investment strategy where you get to own a property without being physically present. On this episode, he talks about the advantages of owning hard assets over investing on paper assets. He explains the process of buying properties, assessing income, and closing contracts. He also explains the management and maintenance set-up and how the net operating income is calculated. He also gives away tips for real estate investors in order to succeed in this investment venture.   Links: Website:   Time Stamps: 0:31 – The mission of Maverick Investors Group 2:03 – What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing? 4
22/11/20171 hour 14 minutes 16 seconds
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76: Marc Faber – is 2018 Heading for Gloom, Boom, or Doom?

Dr. Marc Faber is a Swiss investor based in Thailand. He publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report” which highlights investment opportunities. He is also a published author and a regular contributor to several leading financial publications around the world. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, he is the perfect person to learn from. This episode visualizes the possibilities of the future in terms of Economy and Investments. As an expert in the field, Dr. Faber explains how the world has changed rapidly and what could be expected in the coming years. He also offers great insights on what to consider when investing your money.   Links:   Where we are: Johnny - Canary Islands Sam - Southeast Asia Marc - Southeast Asia   Discussed: <p
13/11/20171 hour 23 minutes 55 seconds
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75: Impact Investing – Running the Vatican’s Accelerator with Steve Forte

Steve Forte is a 5-time entrepreneur who had successful exits in all his businesses. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Fresco Capital, which focuses on seed and early-stage investment to create maximum impact for companies, investors, and partners. Using his experiences in several business ventures, he is heading a new path as a VC. On this episode, he explains what a VC is and what to expect when pursuing this endeavor. He shares his expertise in pitching a startup business to invest and minimize risk. He also shares how Vatican Accelerator started and how it has been progressing over time. This is an interesting conversation about startup businesses and investments.   Links: Twitter   Where we are: Johnny – Canary Islands Sam – Southeast Asia   Discussed</st
02/11/20171 hour 10 minutes 57 seconds
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74: Q3 Investment Updates

Sam Marks and Johnny FD bring another update episode about their high-performing investments, net worth, income flow, and the 3-month digital journey. They'll explain the different investment strategies that they've applied during the past quarter and which modern platforms gave the highest return. Find out why coin-based investments are the future and if you should follow the trend.   Links: - Coworker Lab Yield Street Peer Street   Where we are: Johnny – Las Palmas Sam – Thailand   Discussed: ILAB 59: YieldStreet – <a href= "
16/10/20171 hour 19 minutes 12 seconds
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73: Trend Following: How to Profit with Michael Covel

Michael Covel is an entrepreneur best known for popularizing the controversial trading strategy Trend Following. This is an investment strategy based on technical analysis of market prices, rather than on the fundamental strength of the companies. He is the author of the bestselling classic, Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull Bear and Black Swan Markets. Michael joins this episode to explain what trend following is for the “non-techy” people to understand. He discusses the ways to invest and access trend following to generate profits successfully. Listen to the end and learn from the boss on how and why trend following works.   Link:   Book: Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull Bear and Black Swan Markets Wiley Trading by Michael
09/10/20171 hour 7 minutes 34 seconds
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72: Card Counting: Investing in Math to Take Millions from Casinos

Colin Jones is a Blackjack pro who has mastered card counting and has been beating casinos around the globe. He runs a network of card counters that have beaten casinos for millions of dollars. They created the Blackjack Apprenticeship which trains, equips, and provides a community for card counters. During the episode, Colin talks about the ability to count cards and beat the casinos for profits. He reveals what most gamblers fail to realize – Blackjack is a game that can be beaten. Find out why there is no gamble if you think differently, work smarter, and use the odds to your advantage.    Links: Want to learn how to count cards? Check out Blackjack Apprenticeship Holy Rollers: Watch the documentary   Books: Start Here – Recommended
25/09/201745 minutes 8 seconds
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71: Bitcoin vs. Ethereum, and the Future of the Internet - Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist is a software developer who is a leading expert in Blockchain Technology. He is the founder of Ivan on Tech, a YouTube channel featuring a series of videos explaining blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the tech industry, in general, for the “non-techy” people to understand. On this episode, he explains the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also explains the foundations of Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Applications, and Cryptocurrencies. He shares his visions for the ICOs and the future of the Internet. If you are thinking about buying digital currencies, this is the episode for you.    Links: YouTube   Where we are: Johnny FD – Eastern Europe Sam – Hong Kong Ivan – Sweeden   Books: Start Here – Recomme
18/09/20171 hour 15 minutes 9 seconds
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70: Sports Betting: Invest with Vegas’s Best in This New Fund

Chris Connelly is the founder of Contrarian Investment, an investment strategy in the form of sports betting on select NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and NCAAB contests. This is a new category of investment that wasn’t available to people before - ever in history. On this episode, Chris shows why sports betting is the next big thing and foresees it to become a trillion-dollar industry. He explains how sports betting works and why it should not be considered a gamble, but an investment instead. Listen to the end to find out how to invest alongside Vegas’s best and see how your investments play out.   Link:   Where we are: Eastern Europe: Johnny FD Sam: Hong Kong Las Vegas: Chris   Discussed: <img class= "alignleft wp-image-8242
08/09/201759 minutes 57 seconds
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69: FX Market – Profit From the 5 Trillion Dollar Daily Trading Volume

Brian Jimerson and Teng Su are the founders of The Art of FX, a Fund Management and Trading company that specializes in the Forex and Commodity markets. During the show, Brian and Teng will discuss how geo political events affect the FX market, what it takes to become a full-time trader, and the biggest mistakes to avoid. Listen to the end to hear how they manage multiple accounts and the earnings percentage Sam and Johnny FD have earned since their investment.   Links: Apply for an Account with ArtofFX ($10,000+ minimums)   Where are we: Sam/Brian/Teng - Bangkok Johnny FD - Odessa, Ukraine   Discussed: ILAB 03 – Foreign Exchange Trading with Brian from Art of FX <a href= "
31/08/20171 hour 7 minutes 57 seconds
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68: Municipal Bonds, How Insiders Scale Their Tax Free Income

Michael Foster, the ‘CEF Professor’ from Contrarian Outlook, joins us for another episode to explain how to use municipal bonds to scale your tax-free income.  During this episode, you'll find out how to buy municipal bonds, determine if you should buy an individual muni bond, and understand the risk levels of the entire process. You'll learn how a municipal CEF operates, what tools to use, and how interest rates impact closed end funds. Listen to the end to hear Michael's top three muni funds and what Sam and Johnny Invest into themselves.   Links: The CEF Newsletter   Where are we: Sam/Michael  - Bangkok Johnny - Ukraine   Recommended: Link to the newsletter: <a href
24/08/20171 hour 2 minutes 11 seconds
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67: Strike Oil, Invest in Oil & Gas Projects with EnergyFunders

Casey Minshew is the COO of EnergyFunders, a cutting edge Financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from all over the world invest directly into energy investments, starting with oil and gas. Casey has been a part of three successful startup companies, most recently growing startup iWowWe from zero to twelve million dollars in revenue in less than 2 years. During the show, Casey will explain the different types of oil investments that you can make including the potential returns. You'll learn about the tax deductions you can receive and the key pros and cons of the oil business. Listen to the end for insight on the future of oil and energy resources. Listen to ILAB 67 on iTunes here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.   Links:  
17/08/20171 hour 14 minutes 39 seconds
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66: Meet the Drapers: Invest with Tim, Bill and Jesse Draper

Sarika Batra is the Producer and Director of ‘Meet the Drapers’, the first-ever startup crowdfunding show that features startups pitching 3 generations of Drapers. The twist is that the millions of viewers are the investors! Sarika will reveal how the show was created and how you can have the opportunity to pitch to the Drapers. She will also discuss the structure of the deals and investments that may be made. Listen to the end to learn what it takes to produce a show of this caliber.   Links: LinkedIn > If you’re an entrepreneur or startup and would like to apply to be on the show, you can do so in 2 minutes [Apply here]   Where are we: Sam Marks – Thailand Johnny FD – Ukraine   Discussed: <a href= "
10/08/201754 minutes 6 seconds
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65: Bitcoin vs. Stocks, Tesla vs. Ford

Mike Murgio will explain why Tesla or Ford may be your next investment including how to compare, value, and buy these individual stocks. Find out why Tesla is surpassing Ford in market share and Mike's current view on the equity market and potential crash. You’ll also get an introduction to Bitcoin Cash and understand how cryptocurrency is disrupting the currency industry. Listen to the end to hear some of the Telsa engine types and featured options.   Links: LinkedIn   Where are we: Sam Marks - Thailand Johnny FD - Ukraine   Discussed: ILAB 38 – Chris Dunn: Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and How to Profit ILAB 52 – The #
02/08/20171 hour 29 minutes 48 seconds
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64: Trading Options Full Time: $0 - $100K Annually with Kirk Du Plessis

Kirk Du Plessis is the founder of Option Alpha, an online education and coaching platform for investors interested in learning more about the financial markets and derivative options. Kirk is responsible for everything from maintaining the business model, revenue strategies, marketing, strategic partnerships with brokers, writing, design, and website development. During the show, Kirk will cover options strategies, risk management, trading psychology, option pricing and portfolio allocation. You'll learn how other make this a full-time income including ways to optimize the process. Listen to the end to hear the best trading platforms plus Kirk personal investments.   Links: LinkedIn  (Software)  </p
27/07/20171 hour 3 minutes 59 seconds
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63: Talking CEFs for 9.9%+ Yield with ‘CEF Professor’ Michael Foster

Michael Foster is the Lead Research Analyst for Contrarian Outlook. He is the only analyst in the world who is 100% devoted to CEFs with market caps under $1 billion. Michaels reports are widely read by analysts and portfolio managers at some of the largest hedge funds and investment banks in the world, with trillions of dollars in assets under management. During the show, Brett Owens talks with Michael on the CEFs to buy with safe dividends and high yields. You’ll learn the difference between Closed End Funds, Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds including buying at a discount. Sam Marks will share his experience buying CEFs and explain the process.   Links: <a hr
19/07/201757 minutes 30 seconds
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62: Q2 Investing Updates + Early Retirement

Sam Marks and Johnny FD share their investing updates from the past three months. Listen as Sam explains why he exchanged a half million USD into RMB and how Johnny's Forex account has developed. You'll find out if early retirement is right for you including how Sam and Johnny strive to balance wealth, time, and happiness.   Like these investments? Try them with these special ILAB links: Try ARTofFX – Start a limited account for $10,000 with this link (Unaccredited Investors OK) Try Fundrise – Invest as little as $1,000 with this link (un-accredited Investors OK) Try PeerStreet – Geet a 1% yield bump with this link Try Wealthfront – Get $15,000 man
12/07/20171 hour 13 minutes 57 seconds
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61: RealtyMogul CEO Jilliene Helman, Transforming Commercial Real Estate Investing

Jilliene Helman is the CEO of RealtyMogul, the largest online marketplace for investors to pool money and crowdfund pre-vetted real estate investments. Prior to RealtyMogul, Jilliene served as Vice President at Union Bank, where she spent time in wealth management, finance and risk management. The RealtyMogul team brings over 200 years of collective experience underwriting, managing, and acquiring over $20 billion in real estate across asset classes and markets nationally. During the show, Jilliene will explain why RealtyMogul has over 125,000 investors and what real estate investing can do for you. You’ll learn about popular cash on cash returns, investing limitations and options including the legal underwriting process. Find out how they’ve returned back over 60 million dollars to their investors.   Links: @JillieneHelm
05/07/201739 minutes 21 seconds
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60: M.C. Laubscher - Investing Lessons from the Cash Flow Ninja

M.C. Laubscher is the CEO of Valhalla Wealth Financial, a company that helps individuals, families, small business owners, professionals & entrepreneurs employ wealth acquisition & financial management strategies for growth. M.C. is also the host of the popular business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja. He challenges existing societal belief systems and misinformation on money, saving, investing, wealth, and retirement. During the show, M.C. will reveal the six pillars he learned after interviewing over 150 successful investors. He will speak on accumulation and the cash flow model including the power of masterminds and mentorship. Listen to the end for the three principles to help build your wealth, happiness & success.   Links:</
30/06/20171 hour 16 minutes 3 seconds
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59: YieldStreet - The Future of Non-Correlated Asset Investing with CEO Milind Mehere

Milind Mehere is the founder and CEO of YieldStreet which is an online marketplace for investing in alternative asset-based loans. 8-20% target returns. 1-3 year terms. Milind has worked for industry-defining companies and personally built and scaled three businesses, one of which, Yodle, was acquired by for $342 million in 2016. He is a successful tech entrepreneur who created investment opportunities outside the stock market with real collateral and attractive yields. During the show, Milind explains how you can generate passive income by connecting to asset-based investments with strong returns. You'll learn how the investments are structured, typical duration and investment terms including how pre- and post- settlement financing works. Expect to hear about Milind's personal investment portfolio and how YieldStreet maintains a zero principle loss to investors. Links:
27/06/20171 hour 9 minutes 23 seconds
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58: Royalty Exchange - Acquire Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and Popular Music Royalties

Jeff Schneider is President & CFO of Royalty Exchange which is an online marketplace where artists can sell a portion of their royalty stream to private investors as a way of raising money. They offer unprecedented flexibility that allows qualified sellers to dictate which the portion of their catalog they wish to sell while retaining full control of their copyrights and continue collecting the royalties they decide to retain. During the show, Jeff will discuss royalties as an alternative and modern opportunity for unaccredited investors. He will explain ways to get started investing in royalties, provide examples of the kind of music and royalties they sell on their platform including potential annual returns and quarterly payouts. Links: <span class= "username u-di
15/06/20171 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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57: MJ DeMarco – What the Unscripted & Millionaire Fastlane Author Himself Invests In

MJ DeMarco is the current founder of Viperion Publishing Corp., a media company focused on online and print content distribution. He also is admin/founder for The Fastlane Forum, the webs' leading destination forum for start-up, finance, and entrepreneurial business discussions. He was the former start-up Founder/CEO of, a global ground transportation aggregator and marketplace that he successfully built and grew into a profitable multimillion dollar company, all with no money, no formal training
07/06/201754 minutes 37 seconds
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56: James Altucher - $15 Million to Zero and Back, Investing, Passion, and Creativity

James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, venture capitalist, and podcaster. He has started and run more than 20 companies, some of which failed, several of which he sold for large exits. More important, James has been inspiring people by speaking on topics including stress, fear, anxiety, money, and relationships. During the show, James will share how he quickly lost $15 million, overcame depression and suicide including how he rebuilt his financial wealth and happiness. You'll learn about his strategies for investing in 30 companies and creative process for keeping the perfect work-life balance.   Links: <
31/05/20171 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds
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55: The LandGeek, 5000 Raw Land Flips Through Automation

Mark J. Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek) is widely considered the Country’s most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. He has been actively investing in Real Estate and Raw Land since 2001 and has completed over 5,000 unique transactions. Mark’s company, Frontier Equity Properties, LLC, is an A+ rated BBB real estate company. During the show, Mark will share how he creates passive income in raw land and discuss the systems and automation in real estate that contributes to his success. He will unfold key benefits of owning raw land, how to find quality property, and ways you can start maximizing your investments today.   Links: Youtube @TheLandGeek <a href="https://www.facebook.
24/05/201753 minutes 41 seconds
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54: How Anyone Can Retire in 10 Years or Less, with Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder is a retired hedge fund manager turned money coach and financial blogger at He became financially independent at age 35 through investing and is still an active investor who earns consistent investment returns in both up and down markets. Todd has successfully helped over 15,000 people jumpstart their financial freedom and plan for early retirement. During the show, we will explore strategies much different than the traditional methods taught by many other financial experts. Todd will share his thoughts on Robo-advisors like Vanguard and real estate crowdfunding. We’ll also discuss the unknown side of financial independence and the problems you may face once you’ve achieved success.</sp
18/05/201759 minutes 38 seconds
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53: Commercial Real Estate Investing with CrowdStreet CEO Tore Steen

Tore Steen is the CEO and Co-founder of CrowdStreet which is a crowdsourcing platform connecting investors with Main Street investment real estate opportunities. Tore is a business leader in the internet and software industries with deep expertise in strategy, business development, sales, and marketing for both publicly traded and private enterprises. With commercial real estate being the third-biggest asset class in the U.S. Tore will share how CrowdStreet is empowering individual investors by democratizing investment real estate. Tore will talk about technology solutions that provide real estate sponsors with a scalable platform for managing a large investor base. You'll also learn about the potential yields and the opportunities available to non-accredited investors.   Links: <a href="h
10/05/20171 hour 1 minute 30 seconds
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52: The # 1 Rule of Investing, with Phil Town

Phil Town is an investor, motivational speaker, hedge fund manager and 2x New York Times best-selling author. Through Rule #1 Investing, he teaches personal investing at a free 3-day workshop where he empowers people to invest money on their own and stop relying on fund managers to determine their financial future.  Phil started in the U.S special forces and worked as a Grand Canyon river guide up until 1980. He fell into finance in such a unique way and managed to turn $1,000 into over $1 million in just 5 years. Find out how Phil's methods contributed to all of his success in life and investing.   Links: Linkedin Facebook <a class="P
03/05/20171 hour 12 minutes 54 seconds
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51: Kitco Global Trade Director, Peter Hug’s Views on Markets and Metals

Peter Hug is the Director of Global Trade at Kitco Metals Inc, which has retail and online departments for trading metals as well as a news division called Kitco News. Peter is one of a handful of experts who have succeeded through multiple bull and bear cycles using skills honed during the dramatic fluctuations of the 1980s. Prior to joining Kitco, Peter served as Senior Vice President at Guardian Trust Company, now a part of Laurentian Bank, which became one of the largest international trading houses for precious metals.  With equity markets surging, we wanted to hear from Peter on his views of precious metals, where they belong in your investment portfolio and how fed and geo-political variables can affect prices. Peter also shares with us daily operations at Kitco and some interesting insights to the purchasing of physical metals. Links: Kitco<
26/04/201752 minutes 49 seconds
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50: Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff, Investing the Robo Way

Andy Rachleff is not only a veteran in finance, he is also a pioneer in modern investing. Wealthfront is due more than their fair share of pioneering and innovating Rob-advisors, and helping millions of people start investing in the market in a smarter, more efficient way. At the time of this episode, Wealthfront is managing over $5.5 Billion for all types of investors from beginners to high net worth individuals. Robo-Advisors (or automated investing as Andy prefers to call it) have been sweeping the finance sector making it easy and transparent to invest in the market. On this episode, we get to tap into Andy’s nearly 4 decades of experience in finance and investing, explore efficiencies in the Wealthfront platform, and see who Robo-Advisors are a good investing instrument for.   Links: <p style="text-ali
18/04/201753 minutes 36 seconds
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49: How to Make $500K a Year Doing Door-2-Door Sales

Bryan Ravit is a tenacious, 32-year-old salesman who is mastering the art of the selling. For over a decade, Bryan has been doing sales the hard way, cold calling, and door-2-door. He has continuously developed and refined his skill and used it to bounce back from tough financial situations and thrive, really thrive. He is on track to make $500k this year, with most of that coming in just a 7-month window. Bryan started in sales as just a teenager (and was admittedly not very good) and has since learned how to sell to just about anyone, and anywhere. Drop him in any neighborhood in America and he will end the day several thousand dollars richer. He is as ambitious as he is inspiring, helping all types of people learn how to sell and make their own way by watching him do exactly that. This episode proves that there are many ways to make money by investing in yourself and developing skills, even when it can be extremely
12/04/20171 hour 20 minutes 59 seconds
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48: Q1 Investment Updates: Invest Like a Boss

It’s the end of Q1 and Johnny and Sam catch up on all things including investment performance, winners and losers, what their Q2 plans are, and major takeaways from the last 3 months of Invest like a Boss episodes. They also reveal and disclose their personal investments and asset allocations including some investments you may not of known about. On this episode, you will also hear about which investments of theirs have recently started cash flowing, clarifications and discussions from previous episodes, and their thoughts on early retirement. Each quarter, the two hosts will maintain an episode in this format to formally catch up on all things personal finance and investing related. We hope you find value in this Q1 update from Invest Like a Boss.   Like these investments? Try them with these special ILAB links: Try ARTofFX – <a href=
05/04/20171 hour 13 minutes 33 seconds
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47: CPA to Self-Made, Bryce Leo’s Multi-Million Dollar Crush Empire

Bryce Leo is the 31-year-old owner of Crush Empire, which specializes in online prep courses for advanced education exams. Bryce has a classic hustler story grounded on investing in himself, and one that has evolved quickly over the last 5 years. What makes Bryce so unique is that he started where so many people have been before, out of school with a degree and good career lined up (CPA) and decided to abandon it all to invest in his future and work to live life on his own terms. Most impressive though, is how he is continuously making the decision to reinvest everything back into himself and his business in an attempt to outpace competition and truly innovate in the field. While he had made enough money to retire in his 20’s as only an affiliate, he continues to shoulder more risk and push the limits into new verticals. Where others would get complement with their blossoming earnings, he has scaled his income to now over 6 figures of monthly income. Bryce has an inspi
29/03/20171 hour 17 minutes 13 seconds
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46: Flags Theory, the 5 Flags of Diversification with Lief Simon

Lief Simon is the boss over at Offshore Living Letter, which produces publications and offers services to help people internationalize oneself and their financial interests. He has lived in several foreign countries himself and put his good word to practice in internationalizing his life and assets. There are various reasons individuals should consider planting flags overseas and Lief sits down with us to discuss why it is important. We go into detail on which flag with actionable steps individuals can take to get started on each. Banking, Residency, Citizenship, Asset Protection, and Business Incorporation round out the 5 flags. While internationalizing oneself is not immediately on the minds of everyone, it's important to understand what situations may arise now or in the future that may provide personal and financial benefits to taking active steps. Listen to this full episode for an introductory to Flag Theory with Lief Simon.  
22/03/20171 hour 24 minutes 2 seconds
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45: Behavioral Finance and How Betterment is Optimizing Around It

Dan Egan is the Director of Behavioral Finance and Investments at Betterment. He has spent his career using behavioral finance to help people make better financial and investment decisions. Dan is a published author of multiple publications related to behavioral economics. We were fascinated at the prospects of how technology and psychology may be blended to help us as investors make better decisions, and in many ways, make fewer decisions. Dan joins us to talk about his background in the field, analysis of mountains of behavioral data, and how Betterment is optimizing their platform around a very important part of investing – human emotions. Links: WebsiteLinkedin <a href="
15/03/20171 hour 15 minutes 2 seconds
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44: Building the Crash Proof Retirement System with Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella is the founder and creator of The Crash Proof Retirement System. The Crash Proof System was born in the ashes of the financial collapse of 2000 and developed to bring consumers a strategy that guarantees preservation of principle while still achieving adequate growth. Phil has been in the insurance industry for a whopping 41 years and got his start and success through endless hard work and hustle, which included nearly a decade of door-to-door sales. Over the course of his career, he has interviewed some of the top financial and political insiders in the world and seen just about everything on Wall Street. We sit down for a rare and extended interview with Phil to get his take on the world markets, investing, work ethic, and of course retirement planning.   Links: Website<
08/03/20172 hours 23 minutes 24 seconds
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43: Fundrise eREITs: How to Choose Your Investments with Kendall Davis

Kendall Davis is the All-Star Director of Investments at Fundrise and based in Washington D.C. Since Episode 13 with their CEO Ben Miller, we have made multiple new investments into the Fundrise eREITS. As with other modern investment products, new questions are constantly popping up around the structure of the investment, how it works, and what to expect. Previously, Kendall had fielded several of our questions and helped us grow confidence in our investment selections. We were excited to have her on this new episode to answer a fresh batch of listener submitted questions including some of our own. In addition, Fundrise just announced their own IPO and Kendall discussed what this means for investors and their company.   Links: <a class="ProfileHeaderCard-screennameLink u-linkComplex js-nav" href="" tar
01/03/20171 hour 36 seconds
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42: What You Need to Know About Dividend Investing in 2017

Ky Trang Ho is the founder of Key Financial Media LLC which produces marketing content for financial service firms and is a regular contributor to the financial column including a recent article that peaked our interest called What You Need to Know About Dividend Investing in 2017. The Forbes article has some interesting insights that are both exciting as an investor and cautionary. Ky also covers and reviews Shark Tank and had the recent privilege to interview Kevin O’Leary. We sit down to get Ky’s thoughts on the stock market, how to invest in high yielding funds in 2017, and to hear what she personally invests in.   Guest Links - Ky Trang Ho <a href="http://www.forb
23/02/20171 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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41: Brew Johnson: The New Engine Driving PeerStreet and LA’s Hot Tech Scene

Brew Johnson is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeerStreet, a P-2-P lending platform that collateralizes borrowers property to secure the loans with the underlying real estate asset. PeerStreet has been turning on investors to a great asset class once only accessible to banks and institutional investors. We sat down with Brew in their Manhattan Beach offices to hear about how their new backing from Andreeson Horowitz will help them scale and what their plans are for the future. If you haven’t yet listened to Episode 13 with Brett Crosby, be sure to check it out first as it talks more in depth about what PeerStreet is strategies around utilizing the platform.   Links: <span st
15/02/20171 hour 14 minutes 23 seconds
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40: Simplifying Startup Investing for Un-Accredited Investors is the official spinoff of AngelList and allows unaccredited investors with the ability to invest in pre-vetted startup companies. Equity crowdfunding presents a new sector of investing that has been a long time in the making, but only recently introduced thanks to the JOBS act in May of 2016. Chuck Pettid, partner of joins us to discuss the new opportunity and how their platform is working to simplify the deal terms for investors. We also discuss how Republic sources deals for the platform and bundles the financing into “simplified agreement for future equity” in their Crowd Safe.  This episode is an informative view of how startup and private investing deals are vetted and structured and is valuable at all levels of investment experience. Links: - Website <sp
08/02/20171 hour 13 minutes 9 seconds
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39: Harry Dent: Demographics, Bubbles, and The Sale of a Lifetime

Harry Dent is the reigning expert on demographic trends, consumer fundamentals, and bubbles. He is known for his unique research into how demographic and consumer cycles in spending impact our economies around the world. Throughout his long career as an economic forecaster, he has relied largely on demographics as the key indicator of things to come, accurately predicting the Japanese bust in ’89 and the global recession of ’08. His must-read new book The Sale of a Lifetime looks deep into the issues facing the global economy today, why we should prepare and protect ourselves, and how to take advantage of buying assets at fire sale prices. Mr. Dent joins us to discuss his research, bubbles, and why you should be paying attention to demographics now more than ever.   Mr. Dent's Links: <p s
01/02/20171 hour 11 minutes 33 seconds
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38: Chris Dunn: Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and How to Profit

Chris Dunn is a world-renowned entrepreneur, investor, and educator. He has unique expertise in crypto-currencies that he developed off a background in day trading.  He uses this powerful medium to profit off trades in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as well as direct investments in Fin-tech start-ups.  Chris joins us from his base in Austin, Texas to give us his perspective on how the average investor may look to play Bitcoin, what the risks are, how to acquire and store digital coins, and what the future may look like. It is an eye-opening episode and a great intro to the new and complicated category of crypto-currencies.   Chris's Links: Website: Chris Dunn Company: Skil
25/01/20171 hour 15 minutes
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37: Alternative Financial Medicine with Dr. Meadows

Dr. Kenyon Meadows is a practicing radiation oncologist and avid investment enthusiast. He is launching a new finance blog called Alternative Financial Medicine and has an upcoming book of the same. The blog focuses on what are called alternative assets. Alternative assets, most broadly defined, are anything other than traditional stocks, bonds, money market and CDs. After watching his mentor’s investment portfolios get crushed right before this planned retirement, Dr. Meadows decided to take a different approach to investing and is putting his experience and material out there to share with us all. He has invested in dozens of modern investment platforms including P2P lending, Forex, Real Estate Crowd funding, and many others. Dr. Meadows joins us to talk about his experience with these platforms, his investment portfolio, and new investment plans.   <p style="text-align: justif
18/01/20171 hour 17 minutes 19 seconds
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36: Dr. Daniel Crosby – 10 Commandments of Investing Success

Daniel Crosby is a PHD, and Psychologist, and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of mind and markets. He joins us on this episode to discuss the 10 commandments of investing success he outlines in his New York Times Best-Selling book titled “The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and The Secret to Investing Success”. In this episode, we learn from Dan’s experience and research while drilling down on finance through the lens of psychology. We also learn about Dr. Crosby’s perspective on the financial advisory industry, where it is going in the future, and how robo-advisors are changing the marketplace.   Twitter: @danielcrosby Daniel’s firm:
11/01/20171 hour 19 minutes 23 seconds
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35: Inflation, Wealth Management, and Scotch

Dave Siegel is a Financial Advisor from Northwestern Mutual who focuses on holistic Wealth Management and Financial Planning. He joins us together from his office in West Palm Beach, Florida to discuss 14 different asset classes and how inflation may affect each one. Looking to protect your assets from a hyperinflation scenario? We discuss the best investments and ways to hedge against inflation.   Dave's Links:   Website Linkedin   Recommended Books:   G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island Benjamin Graham: 
04/01/20171 hour 32 minutes
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34: New Years Resolutions, Goals, Plans for 2017

Johnny and Sam recap an incredible year in 2016, having both traveled to 17 countries they share some of the key takeaways from their experiences. They also discuss their favorite books from 2016 and their resolutions and goals for themselves as well as plans podcast for 2017. It's been an amazing year, thanks to everyone for sharing the journey and supporting Invest Like a Boss this last year.   Recommended Books: MJ DeMarco: The Millionaire Fastlane Meb Faber: Global Asset Allocation Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind <span class= "a-declarative" data-action="a-popover" data-a-popover= "{"closeButtonLabel":"Close Author Dialog Popover","name":"con
28/12/20161 hour 4 minutes 3 seconds
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33: Brett Owens, 3 Recession Proof REITs to Buy Now

Brett Owens is the Chief Investment Strategist of Contrarian Outlook and a regular contributor to Forbes investment column. In the flagship publication the Contrarian Income Report,  their focus is secure yields of 6% or better with price upside. As the name implies, they take a contrarian approach to the markets in order to find value (in the form of secure high yield) where headline-focused investors often miss out. Brett was recently featured on CNBC Asia where they discussed new infrastructure plays and joined us on the podcasts to do a dedicated episode on REITs after we read his article in Forbes 3 Recession Proof REITs to Buy Now. Brett's Twitter: Forbes Article – 3 Recession Proof REITs to
21/12/20161 hour 6 minutes 56 seconds
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32: Startup Crowdfunding with Indiegogo Co-Founder, Slava Rubin

Slava Rubin is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Indiegogo. Along with his position on the Board, Slava is responsible for innovation and growth at Indiegogo. He also represented the crowdfunding industry at the White House during the signing of the JOBS Act and has played a crucial role in working with the White House and the SEC to finalize the rules and regulations for equity crowdfunding. Slava joins us on the show to discuss Indiegogo’s new collaboration with MicroVentures and release of “equity crowdfunding”. This is huge news to the industry and game-changing events for investors looking to invest in private deals using the Indiegogo platform.   Equity Crowdfunding on Indiegogo https:/
14/12/201650 minutes 13 seconds
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31: The Landlord: How I Acquired 485 Properties in 12 months

This episode is going to make you stand up or sit down, whatever the opposite is of what you are currently doing. “The Landlord” is famous in Real Estate investing circles. He is the real-life story of Rich Dad Poor Dad mixed with a twist of the hard knock life. Growing up in bad neighborhoods and learning to hustle out of necessity to survive at as early as 14, The Landlord became a master of many crafts, especially in Sales. His ever-persistent attitude led him in a financial quest into different markets and eventually real estate. Learning a unique angle in acquiring properties, he was able to build a private property empire in 12 months. Through his career in real estate, he has amassed an experience, lessons, and stories that are priceless. This episode is tremendously entertaining and has some big value takeaways. This is the ultimate story of hustle.   Where are we: Budapest, Hungary   Recomme
07/12/20161 hour 14 minutes 35 seconds
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30: 10 Modern Investment Performances Reviewed with Johnny FD & Sam

A great recap of some of the key learnings of the podcast to date. We dive into 10 investments Johnny and Sam have made recently through the learnings of the podcast. Vanguard, PeerStreet, WealthFront, ArtofFX, Betterment, LendingClub, Drop Shipping stores, Fundrise, physical property, REITs plus few extras are all reviewed, along with opinions, and likes and dislikes of each investment. With 30 episodes under their belt, the guys aim to rebuild their portfolios for 2017.     Discussed: ILAB 13 - PeerStreet vs. Lending Club ILAB 12 - Real Estate Investing with Fundrise CEO Ben Miller <span style="font-weight: 4
30/11/20161 hour 14 minutes 9 seconds
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29: Predicting, Trading and Profiting from Trump’s Victory

Christopher O’Donnell is the Founder and Investment Manager of hedge fund Automatic. Automatic generates risk managed superior returns by using automated trading systems and trading special circumstances. Christopher has reviewed over 6,000 automated trading systems and has developed a proprietary selection criteria for choosing profitable trading systems. Christopher correctly predicted Brexit and Trump’s POTUS victory, and profitably traded both special circumstances. On this episode, we discuss Christopher’s article “Trump Will Win and How To Profit”.  We drill into Christopher’s predictions on Brexit and Trump, trades made to capitalize on Trump’s win and the next big special circumstances event, the Italy Referendum on December 4 On this episode, we discuss Christopher’s article “Trump Will Win and How To Profit”.  We drill into Christopher’s predictions on Brexit and Trump, trades made to capitalize on Trump’s wi
23/11/201654 minutes 56 seconds
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28: RealtyShares CEO: The Future Landscape of Real Estate Investing

Nav Athwal is the very impressive founder and CEO of RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for Individual and Institutional Investors to securely invest as little as $5,000 into private real estate investment properties all across the USA. Investments are offered by pre-vetted real estate borrowers and companies looking to raise debt or equity capital for their projects in as little as 10 days. Nav joins us to discuss why he started RealtyShares and the impressive path of the business from start-up to leader. The real estate investing landscape is changing, giving everyday investors more access to better deals previously only accessible to people in the know. Nav gives us his view on why technology and real estate now make the perfect intersection for investors seeking yield in one of the world’s oldest asset classes, and what the landscape may look like in the future.   Relevant links: Website:
15/11/20161 hour 15 seconds
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27: DoughRoller, Robo-Advisors and Tax Loss Harvesting

Rob Berger is the man behind We’ve appreciated his material over the last year and found his research and content on Robo-advisors particularly pertinent to our recent discussions. Jon Stein came on the show back in episode 22 to discuss Betterment, and we wanted to get Rob’s take on the benefits of Robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment. On this episode, we compare the top 2 leading Robo-advisor platforms and discuss the pros and cons of tax-loss harvesting, the overall value of this automated feature, and which type of accounts it is most effective in. Relevant links: Blog - Linkedin - Twitter - <a href="https://twitter.c
08/11/201646 minutes 59 seconds
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26: Rob Kall Zero to One - 3 Exits for Over $100m

Rob Käll has achieved the real American Dream. He immigrated from Sweden in his early 20’s wanting to become a Rockstar in Miami. But this dream was short-lived and he quickly pivoted into start-ups as a technical talent. Over the course of 10 years, he went on to apply lessons from a failed start-up he was employed at to building 3 businesses and selling them for a total of close to $100 Million. In this episode, Rob takes us through his path and how the exits came about. We also learn about his perspective and the difference in being a start-up founder and a senior executive for a public company, and key lessons he learned to apply to his businesses that help them become successful where others failed. Uninterested in retiring, Rob has now founded his next company in his new field he is passionate about – Artificial Intelligence. Rob’s Links Linkedin -</s
03/11/201655 minutes 20 seconds
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25: Paul Merriman: 12 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future

Paul Merriman is an internationally recognized authority on mutual funds, index investing, asset allocation modelling and buy-and-hold strategies. He has over 50 years of investing and advising experience and we are stoked to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge. Although Paul is “retired” he is as busy as ever, educating people of all ages on how to take investment decisions into their own hands. On this killer episode, we discuss one of his books “101 Investment Decisions Guaranteed to Change Your Financial Future” and break it down into the 12 top points. On each point, Paul explains the decision in detail and gives us advice on how to apply this practically to our own portfolios. This is a great episode for all levels of investing experience.   Relevant links: Pauls website - <a href="" target= "_blank" data-saferedirecturl= "https://
26/10/20161 hour 34 minutes 3 seconds
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24: Financial Samurai, Sam Dogen Zero to One

Sam Dogen from Financial Samurai is one of the premier bloggers and names in self-made success. His blog provides actionable advice in living responsibly, making smart financial decision, and steps to accumulating wealth for an early retirement. Sam is a guy who transitioned from corporate America, to going out on his own starting with a blog and parlaying his success into other investments to build several income streams. He reached retirement just a few years after at the age of 34, and now enjoys living on the West Coast, playing tennis, and advising FinTech companies. We were pumped to get him on the show to tell his story, his advice, and how he sees the world now being retired in his 30s.   Relevant links for guest: Sam’s <a href= "
10/10/20161 hour 11 minutes 54 seconds
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23: From $0 to Self Made - How to 300X Your Investment

In this episode we do a much anticipated deep dive into co-host Johnny FD’s personal story on how he got started by investing in himself way before he ever bought REITs or ETFs. Most importantly how he made his first dollar even before what he's already shared. He talks about the life lessons he learned from his parents, his first job and how all of that played a part in preparing him for success.    Relevant links for guest:   Where are we: Sam - Graz Austria Johnny – Chiang Mai Thailand   Recommended (books, subscriptions): Johnny FD - Johnny FD -</
30/09/20161 hour 15 minutes 47 seconds
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22: Betterment CEO Jon Stein: A Decade of Pioneering Robo Advisory

Jon Stein is the very popular CEO of Betterment, a platform that is pioneering “Robo-Advisory” and a listener favorite. In fact, the term “Robo-Advisory” was one of the reasons we wanted to start the podcast. When we first heard about Betterment, it was clear a new modern era of technology and investment advice was now available. Aside from the platform itself, we wanted to hear about Jon’s story and why he started Betterment. And a very inspiring one it is. Betterment has been in the works for almost a decade. You’ll be intrigued to hear how and where it got started, and what the future holds.  Jon’s -  LinkedIn Betterment account sign up - For every friend who funds, you get 30 days free, and each friend gets 6 month
23/09/201658 minutes 46 seconds
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21: Silver Bullion CEO: Why and How to Buy Precious Metals

Gregor Gregersen is the Founder and CEO of Silver Bullion in Singapore. It’s a state of the art facility that is truly innovating the category through transparency, technology and cost efficiency. If you do nothing else with this episode, checkout the video loop here of the Silver Bullion “Safe House”, you’ll be impressed. Gregor had an interesting experience during the 2008 financial crisis that led him to starting Silver Bullion that is a fascinating story in itself. On this episode we compare different ways to buy and sell gold, what types of mints and coinages are most common, the comparison of holding physical gold at home or abroad, Singapore as a safe have, and evaluate a few of the systemic risks that face the global today. We also discuss the unique and intriguing P-2-P lending platform that Silver Bullion created where loans are secured by the borrowers precious metals. No matter what your experience in purchasing precious me
14/09/20161 hour 4 minutes 1 second
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20: Glints Co-Founders: Mastering Early Stage Start-Up Investing

If you have ever wondered how a start-up goes from a concept to raising venture capital, than you’ll love this episode. Glints, one of Singapore’s hottest start-ups is fortunate to be driving down a the dream start-up path: from finding an early investor, to joining an accelerator programme, to raising a seed round of investing, finally to closing a larger Series A financing round…all while growing their team from the 3 founders to now more than 20 people in Singapore and Indonesia. The Glints co-founders join us on the show and share their grand experience on determining valuations, finding investors, structuring the deals, and raising money. Glints  Recommended: Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future – Elon Musk Discussed</
08/09/201645 minutes 32 seconds
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19: Simon Black - Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path

Simon Black is the owner and figurehead of the popular publication Sovereign Man. We have been following Simon’s advice and putting it into practice for years, and had the opportunity to have a conversation with him geared toward investing. Appropriately labelled “Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path” this episode focuses on how Simon utilizes his vast world experience (now visited over 120 countries) and enviable network to find investment opportunities around the world. From precious medals & Bitcoin, to agricultural projects and start-ups, Simon is about as well diversified as someone could get and his investment views are shaped through more experience that anyone could hope to obtain in a lifetime… or 2. Relevant links for guest: Website – Sovereign Man YouTube – Sovereign Man HQ Twitter
02/09/20161 hour 5 minutes 44 seconds
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18: How to grow your IRA/401k to $100m tax free like Mitt Romney

Joshua Sharp of is one of the most highly touted experts in retirement planning and investing. He turns the topic of retirement planning into a very exciting episode by illuminating some modern approaches to investing and growing wealth within tax free structures. We dive into how Mitt Romney was able to generate $100m in tax free earnings in his IRA, and most importantly navigate some real world examples to give the listeners a shrewd example of how they may consider better structuring their own accounts. If you have ever wonder how IRAs, 401Ks, SEPs and a variety of other structures may be utilized to optimize your retirement savings than this is a great episode for you. We took a lot away from this episode and are making changes in our own retirement planning.  Relevant links for guest:  For a
25/08/20161 hour 29 minutes 47 seconds
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17: Top 12 Investment Tips: Learning from Episodes 1-16

With 16 amazing episodes under the belt of Invest Like a Boss, Sam and Johnny sit down and discuss the top 12 takeaways and how they have applied this learning to their own investment strategies and overall portfolios. Some major investment vehicles reviewed in previous episodes include investing in stocks, Peer to Peer Lending, asset allocation models, REIT's, Tony Robbins all seasons portfolio, annuities, and tax free IRA investing. Listen to the end of the episode to hear an update on our current portfolio's and possible future guests on our show. Where are we: Odessa, Ukraine What we are drinking: Sam – Corona with ¼ lime Johnny – Beer “Lada brand Bar”  Recommended: Timothy Ferriss – The 4 Hour Work Week <span class="a
17/08/201645 minutes 35 seconds
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16: William Bernstein: Lump Sum Investing vs. Dollar Cost Average

William Bernstein is a financial theorist, neurologist and Best Selling author of several books, including one of our favorites, The Intelligent Asset Allocator. He shows independent investors how to build a diversified portfolio without the help of a financial advisor. In this episode we talk the possible risk tolerance of an all stock portfolio and what age you should be when investing. We discuss major advantages and disadvantages of lump sum investing over a dollar cost average approach especially over a 12-month period. Lastly the importance of knowing financial history to choose the best time to buy stocks and how it correlates with GDP. Listen to the end to hear Williams advice he would like to give to his younger self and other inspiring investors.  Relevant links for guest:  Williams Website –</p
10/08/201640 minutes 23 seconds
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15: Meb Faber on Building The All Seasons Portfolio

Meb Faber is one of our hero’s in Finance. A high energy straight shooter that is highly explorative and analytical. He gave up his skis to catch the surf in Manhattan Beach while co-founding his company Cambria Investments Management. Many of our listeners already follow Meb through his blog, podcasts and many books, and had to chance to catch up with him about modelling an “All Seasons Portfolio”. Originally introduced by BridgeWater’s Ray Dalio, the investment allocation was once again hyped up in its reintroduction of Tony Robbins new book Money Master the Game. Meb has researched and compared dozens of the most coveted asset allocation models dating back to the early 1900’s and we wanted to see how the All Seasons Portfolio stacked up against others like the Perfect Portfolio, and the 60/40. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to model a buy and hold portfolio and learn more about how today’s economic environment may give clues to future inve
02/08/20161 hour 4 minutes 58 seconds
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14: Real Estate Investing Advice: 1-5 Properties

A deep dive into real estate investing with the host of the Australian Property Podcast, Jonathon Preston. At age 29, JP has already acquired 5 properties in Australia’s hot Real Estate market and is mastering the art of financial leveraging to continue to grow his portfolio. He started with a single 15% down payment on a single property and in only 4 years has been able to use that to scale and generate more and more cash flow. We dissect his strategy in actionable steps for anyone to take and explore fundamentals of real estate investments including yields, applying for loans, property rights, cash flows, and market intelligence. JP’s story follows the steps outline in one of our favourite books Rich Dad, Poor Dad and is proof that with good execution you can start in real estate from just about nothing and grow your wealth fast. Relevant links for guest: JP on <a href= "
28/07/201659 minutes
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13: PeerStreet vs. Lending Club

Interview with PeerStreet's co founder and COO, Brett Crosby which is the Peer-2-Peer lending platform that secures the loans against the borrower’s real estate. PeerStreet is unique in that to date they have never experienced a default, and have loan terms of under 12 months compared to other platforms that have minimums of 3 years. Brett and his Co-Founder Brew Johnson have the perfect background of experience between law, tech, and real-estate. In fact, Brett was the brains behind Google Urchin, which was acquired and became Google Analytics. In this episode we discuss how the P-2-P lending space is changing, and how technology can enable more efficient deal flow and better lender-borrower matching. Enabled by sophisticated technology, PeerStreet uses Big Data to cross reference over 20 years of submarket data in order to vet and stress test each loan. We also do a deep dive into our 16 loan positions we currently have invested through the platform and wha
19/07/20161 hour 2 minutes 31 seconds
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12: Real Estate Investing with Fundrise CEO Ben Miller

Ben Miller is the Co-founder and CEO of one of the hottest new investment products available today – Fundrise. Their platform gives unaccredited investors the opportunity to invest directly in big property deals with as little as $1,000. By being a low cost model and required to pay out 90% of income, their eREIT provides high yielding returns to investors on a quarterly basis. Ben comes on the show to discuss his 17 years of real estate and tech experience and how the combination of that skills has lead to the creation of Fundrise.  This episode goes into extensive detail around all forms of real estate investing and will appeal to anyone who is interested on the broader category.  **disclosure, Sam is currently invested in their Growth eREIT Relevant links for guest:  Ben’s Twitter –
15/07/201655 minutes 43 seconds
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11: Advice for 17-24 Year Olds on Money, College, Credit and Finances

In this episode we provide key solutions from leveraging debt and how to use credit, owning stock, real estate, the purpose of college, the benefit of traveling and most importantly why you should start your very own business. We also discuss the importance of experience and how using an internship and mentor can allow you to learn and network properly to more effectively invest and launch a successful business for yourself today. Relevant links for guest:  Boss Lounge Contact Us Where are we: Johnny FD – Berlin Germany Sam -Singapore Recommended (books, subscriptions): Brian Jimmerman For Ex Trading – <a href= "
12/07/20161 hour 11 minutes 28 seconds
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10: Empire Flipper’s CEO: Investing in profitable, cash flow websites

Joe Magnotti is the founder and CEO of Empire Flippers. Since they launching a few years ago they have successfully sold several thousand websites over their p-2-p market place. Empire Flippers only sells profitable, cash flowing websites that are typically in the range of $5,000 to $1,000,0000. Joe discusses with us how they set valuations in the marketplace, trending niche categories such as Amazon FBA, and why 40% of the marketplace buyers are repeat customers. We also take a deep dive into 3 sites currently listed including specifics on revenue, maintenance, and future growth prospects. This episode gives us a unique look into modern investing and is particularly appealing for anyone who is interested in internet commerce. Relevant links for guest: Empire Flippers Website – Twitter – <
08/07/20161 hour 16 minutes 18 seconds
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09: Sam and Johnny's Investment Updates July 2016

Sam and Johnny Share their July 2016 portfolio  including Wealthfront, Lending Club, Betterment, PeerStreet, REIT's, Foreign Exchange, stocks and index funds. As Johnny travels through Europe he talks about why he cancelled his auto investment with Wealthfront, direct Vanguard deposits and wiring $10k to Brian at the Art of ForEx. Sam reviews his back up plan if Lending Club goes bankrupt and why his Wealthfront account is crushing over his Vanguard and Etrade accounts. We also talk recap some highlights of the past 8 episodes and what to expect going forward. Lastly we discuss the incredible value having access to multi- million dollar investors in the Boss Lounge. We would also like to thank everyone thus far for participating in the ratings and the review section of iTunes and also listening and joining us on our investment journey. Relevant links for guest: Boss Lounge</stron
05/07/201655 minutes 59 seconds
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08: Peer to Peer Lending Strategies & Structuring Atypical Investments

Mario has been Sam's personal CPA since 2013 and has him structured dozens of atypical investments. Having filed thousands of tax returns in his careers and created and reviewed countless financial models, Mario has unique insight to the investing world. Sam and Mario discuss P-2-P investment strategies, gambles in property investing, the importance of cash flow historically and in modern times, and structuring new investments in the portfolio. Relevant links for guest: Mario’s firm – Linkedin –  Where are we: Mario – Connecticut, USA Sam – Singapore What we are drinking: Sam: <a href= "
27/06/20161 hour 17 minutes 40 seconds
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07: Building Hong Kong's Biggest Self Storage Business

Kevin Shee went from jobless to building one of Asia's largest private self storages business's in 15 years. SC Storage now is the largest Self Storage company in Hong Kong and expanding rapidly into new markets. Kevin & Sam discuss the financial wizardry behind the business model, the joint venture they co-own in Hong Kong, and investing in US and Asia storage REITs for great yields and recession proof earnings. Relevant links for guest: Kevin on Facebook Kevin on LinkedIn Kevin’s business SC Storage Where are we: Kevin – Hong Kong Sam – Singapore Johnny – Lisbon  What we are drinking: Sam – <a href= "
22/06/201655 minutes 48 seconds
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06: Invest in Yourself to Startup an Award Winning Brewery

Dan Norris, co founder of WP Curve, talks about how he and his team raised enough capital in order to sell his award winning craft beers in just two years. With the helping hand of finance from the first ever crowd-funded brewery campaign via Pozible, together with the backing of a small handful of astute investors, and one very supportive landlord they were able to launch June 18th, 2016.  Dan’s Word Press business – Dan’s website – LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook – Where are we: D
21/06/20161 hour 6 minutes 11 seconds
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05: Turn $50k into $3 Million with SEP-IRAs

David Steiner reaches out to Johnny FD about his recent $60k windfall after selling his dropshipping store last month. David as over 22 years of experience in a wide variety of business and information technology environments including over 17 years of SAP, 15 years of SAP Business Warehouse and 3 years of BusinessObjects. In this episode we talk about how to safety plan a retirement portfolio over a 15-20 year period to produce maximum profit. Contact David – LinkedIn Roth IRA Potential Return – IRS Government Gift Tax Issues – IRS Government SEP Plan FAQ’s – <a href= "
13/06/20161 hour 4 minutes 47 seconds
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04: Stan's Brutally Honest Factual Expertise About Annuities

Stan The Annuity Man, a.k.a. Stan Haithcock, is a nationally recognized expert on annuities known for his transparency, honesty, and endless research. He started out trading millions at the World Trade Center and now 100% of his portfolio is invested in his unique approach to annuities. In this episode we talk about the low risk options for long term investors that want to know their income stream 20 years from now. We also talk about fixed interest, stock market risks and what you should know before investing your money with other agent companies. Stan’s Website – Stan The Annuity Man Stan’s Contact info – <tb
13/06/201645 minutes 8 seconds
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03: Foreign Exchange Trading with Brian from Art of FX

Brian Jimerson, founder of Art of FX learned how to trade foreign exchange currency while homeless and living in his car. It was there while stealing Wi-Fi from Panera Bread he made his first million dollars with FX trading. In this episode we talk about how ForEx can for everyone, how Sam Marks got 30% returns last year when all of his other returns were flat, and how using leverage will maximum your return on investment. We also talk about the actual time and hard work it requires to make up to 200 trades per day and overcome a loss of $1 Million dollars. Where are we: Bangkok, Thailand (Brian’s Penthouse) What we are drinking: <a href= "" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl= "
13/06/20161 hour 15 minutes 39 seconds
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02: From $1k to Future Millionaire: Johnny FD's Investments

Just three years ago Johnny FD had less than $1,000 in his bank account. Today his net worth is over $300,000. In this episode, he breaks down exactly how he grew wealth and shares his private investment portfolio.  Johnny’s First Book – Life Changes Quick Charles Schwab ATM Card – How to not get F*cked by your Bank when Traveling Facebook Stock – How I made a ton of Money with FB How I Invest my money Blog – Six Steps Wealthfront Tony Robbin – <a href=""
13/06/20161 hour 5 minutes 34 seconds
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01: Sam Marks Personal Millions + Show Introduction

This episode is an overview of what the new Invest Like a Boss Podcast is all about, transparency, new modern day investments, peer to peer lending, firing your financial manager and using robo investing, mastering the investment game and to start it all off, we're talking about where co-host Sam Mark's personally invests his millions. Sam Marks Tony Robbins – Money Master of the Game Sam Marks - imsammarks Instagram Nomad Speech 2016 - Building a $100 Million Dollar Company   Time Stamp Topic (04:18)             Peer to Peer Lending (06:40)             Weathfront (09:30)             Insurance Annuities (11:23)             Windfall (18:56)             Capital Ga
13/06/201657 minutes 26 seconds