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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 11 episodes, 6 hours 15 minutes
Invest in Progress is a podcast brought to you by the Scottish Mortgage Team. It offers a backstage pass to the conversations that occur between our managers and visionary leaders solving some of the world’s most complex problems. This podcast is for UK investors and existing Scottish Mortgage shareholders only. The views expressed are those of the contributors and should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular investment. The content of this podcast was accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC (Scottish Mortgage) is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is not authorised or regulated by the FCA.
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Invest In Progress: Season 2 Trailer

Invest in Progress from Scottish Mortgage is back. In season two, we head behind the scenes with the founders and leaders of some of the most innovative companies of our time. We welcome well-known brands such as Moderna and HelloFresh, as well as some you may not have heard of yet like Climeworks, who is on a mission to remove carbon dioxide from the air, Joby Aviation who is pioneering electric air taxis and Aurora who is developing technology to make trucks autonomous.Season two will be available from Tuesday 31 October 2024. Hit follow to never miss an episode.  Check the podcast description to ensure this content is suitable for you. Your capital is at risk. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/10/20231 minute 9 seconds
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Invest in Progress: Season 1 Trailer

All six episodes of the first season of Invest in Progress are available now!What lies behind the world’s most innovative and exceptional companies?The Scottish Mortgage team invites you behind the scenes to hear the extraordinary conversations that take place when business leaders and entrepreneurs meet Scottish Mortgage managers Tom Slater and Lawrence Burns.In season one, from ecommerce to Alzheimer’s treatments, drone delivery to cultivated meat, discover the real secrets behind building a great company, as well as what makes these businesses potentially great cases for investment.Check the podcast description to ensure this content is suitable for you. Your capital is at risk.Invest in Progress is a Listen production for Scottish Mortgage.Credits:Presenter: Claire ShawAudio production agency: ListenProducer: Phil SansomExecutive producer: Suzy GrantProduction manager: Niamh KiddEd
27/06/202357 seconds
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UPSIDE Foods: real meat, no slaughter

We speak to UPSIDE Foods about how it makes cultivated meat. The product is genetically identical to the much-loved meat you find central to global cuisine, but avoids animal slaughter and could benefit the environment.In this episode, UPSIDE Foods’ co-founder and chief executive Uma Valeti tells Scottish Mortgage’s deputy manager Lawrence Burns how his firm developed a way to create meat without needing farmed livestock. They explore how the cultivation process works and discuss how a US regulator’s approval paves the way for the product to sell to restaurants and, eventually, supermarkets.The two examine the implications for the broader $2tn meat industry and the potential for the business to enhance the health profiles of different meats using its innovative technology.Valeti, a former medic, founded UPSIDE Foods in 2015. Almost a decade later, it takes stem cells from chickens and grows them in a controlled environment to create meat. The technology involved
05/04/202351 minutes 20 seconds
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Recursion Pharmaceuticals: where biology meets technology

We speak to Recursion Pharmaceuticals about its use of artificial intelligence, data science, and robotics to create medicinal drugs more efficiently than before and at a lower cost. In this episode, Recursion’s co-founder and CEO Chris Gibson tells Scottish Mortgage’s manager Tom Slater how the firm uses cutting-edge technologies to create novel insights about biology and chemistry that can lead to potential treatments. They discuss why Recursion’s methods mean it can target rare diseases, which might not make financial sense for more traditional drug companies to explore. In addition, they discuss the importance of company culture and taking time to onboard new recruits.Recursion Pharmaceuticals was founded 10 years ago. It performs millions of experiments every week using high-precision robotics. Researchers then analyse the results using machine learning techniques to home in on promising drug candidates.The company already has five drugs in clinical trials.
15/03/202346 minutes 47 seconds
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Ocado: when retail meets robotics

We speak to Ocado about how its futuristic technology and platform have cut the cost of preparing home deliveries and unlocked vast opportunities in the grocery market.In this conversation, Ocado’s co-founder and CEO, Tim Steiner, speaks with Scottish Mortgage’s deputy manager, Lawrence Burns. They discuss the enormous complexities involved in delivering groceries, how the firm stays innovative by avoiding complacency, and the origins of Ocado’s name.UK consumers often characterise Ocado as being ‘upmarket’, given that they have been able to order Waitrose and Marks & Spencer’s goods from its site. But the firm also provides behind-the-scenes automation to the supermarket chain Morrisons in the UK and other brands across the world. Ultimately, Ocado aims to drive efficiencies that will reduce the price of the goods sold by all its partners.With AI and robotics at its core, Ocado is one of the most exciting companies in Scottish Mortgage’s portfolio. From swa
01/03/202352 minutes 3 seconds
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Denali Therapeutics: defeating degenerative diseases

We speak to Denali Therapeutics about overcoming the challenge of the blood-brain barrier to treat devastating neurodegenerative diseases.In this episode, Denali’s founder Ryan Watts tells Scottish Mortgage’s manager Tom Slater why he thinks his company can succeed where big pharma has failed to develop effective treatments for neurological disorders. The two discuss why the biotech company is not only targeting Alzheimer’s but Parkinson’s and the motor neurone disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), among other conditions. In addition, they cover the importance of giving the firm’s staff a strong sense of mission and the need to be prepared for failures along the way.Denali is tackling one of the greatest medical challenges of our time. Every day in the UK, 600 people develop dementia, and roughly one in 14 people over the age of 65 currently live with its effects. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of the condition, and no cure or treatment currently slows it d
15/02/202341 minutes 45 seconds
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MercadoLibre: the company leading Latin America’s digital revolution

We talk to MercadoLibre about squaring up to Amazon and the need for constant innovation.In this episode, MercadoLibre’s chief financial officer, Pedro Arnt speaks to Scottish Mortgage’s deputy manager Lawrence Burns. The conversation covers the company’s early days, how it keeps Amazon at bay, and the firm’s role in shaping the future of the Americas.Meaning ‘free market’, its online marketplace lets smaller businesses sell to the masses. In addition, the firm delivers reliable, low-cost financial services to all via mobile apps. That includes many who don’t have a separate bank account. In doing so, it allows millions of people to pay and be paid, to borrow, lend and invest. In a region often beset by political and economic turmoil, the firm has the potential to generate huge long-term value for society and its shareholders.Check the podcast description to ensure this content is suitable for you. Your capital is at risk.Read more:<a href="https:/
01/02/202345 minutes 11 seconds
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Zipline: why the sky's the limit for delivery drones

We talk to Zipline about building the world logistics system of the future.In this episode, Zipline's founder Keller Rinaudo Cliffton talks to Scottish Mortgage's manager Tom Slater. They discuss the benefits of working in Africa; how a mission can give a company its competitive edge; and their vision for approximating teleportation with instant delivery.Founded in 2014, Zipline’s first contract was with the government of Rwanda to deliver blood to its hospitals. Since then it’s expanded to Ghana, Japan, Nigeria, and the US, and moved beyond medical supplies to everyday shopping and groceries. While they’ve received attention for their innovative, clean-energy drones, it’s also their software infrastructure, organisational competency, and inspiring vision that has enabled their extraordinary growth.Check the podcast description to ensure this content is suitable for you. Your capital is at risk.Read more:<a href="
18/01/202341 minutes 37 seconds
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Welcome to Invest in Progress

What drives the world’s most innovative and exceptional companies? Scottish Mortgage invites you behind the scenes to witness the extraordinary conversations that are driving the future forward. In this fascinating series, we go from ecommerce to Alzheimer’s treatments, drone delivery to cultivated meat, to discover the real secrets behind visionary entrepreneurs – as well as what makes them potentially great cases for investment. Invest in Progress is a Listen production for Scottish Mortgage. The producer is Phil Sansom, and the executive producer is Suzy Grant. Mixing and sound design by Jonathan Last. From Scottish Mortgage, the presenter is Claire Shaw, the production manager is Niamh Kidd, and the editorial lead is Malcolm Borthwick. Check the podcast description to ensure this content is suitable for you. Your capital is at risk.
11/01/202345 seconds