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English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 3 hours, 44 minutes
The Inuka Talks Podcast was created as a result of industry shaping conversations that we felt needed to fall upon more ears. We speak with market leaders and sector pioneers within emerging markets, unpacking the challenges and vast opportunity that these markets hold.The Inuka Talks Podcast is hosted by Inuka Partners, a search firm specialising in emerging markets ( If you would like to come on the show or have any recommendations please feel free to connect with Shaun, Director and Founder of Inuka, on LinkedIn:
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Ep. 6: Zaina Otieno - Navigating the investment landscape

Zaina has a background in the energy and investment space with top tier investment banking on wall street and canary wharf. She then moved back to Kenya, where she was born and raised, to work with Crossboundary as part of their investment team to deploy capital for energy projects across the African continent. On the podcast we explore:Her journey into the energy investment spaceThe driving force behind her move back to KenyaAdapting to the different working cultures between wall street/canary wharf and NairobiWorking in large investment banks vs. boutique investment firmsAttracting more women into the energy and investment spaceCapital raising challenges for energy projects in AfricaThe most important lessons she has learnt throughout her careerOur favourite quote from the podcast:“There have been challenging moments. Honestly, there were moments when I was ready to step out. Ready to quit and take a different career trajectory.There is always a voice in your head reminding you that you don’t fit but it’s important to shut that voice and remind yourself of what you bring to the table. ”— Zaina on challenging moments she has faced being a female in the energy and investment sector
3/27/202346 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep. 5: Andreas Sakellaris - Helping businesses decarbonise

3/24/202347 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ep. 4: Erik Rakhou - The Future of Hydrogen

Erik began his journey within the Hydrogen sector in 2017, out of personal interest and a desire to shape an industry that was at a nascent stage. Fast forward to 2023 - he has worked on over 50 clients cases within the sector with Baringa Partners & Boston Consulting Group, co-authored a free book on our hydrogen future called “Touching Hydrogen Future” and chaired the World Hydrogen Leaders congress. On the podcast we explore:The motivation behind the “Touching Hydrogen Future” bookThe book writing and publishing journeyWhy the book took a colourless approach to hydrogenSolving the issue of water accessibility for GH2 projectsKey takeaways on Africa’s Hydrogen potentialThe importance of governmental supportOur favourite quote from the podcast:“To inspire (the future hydrogen workforce) on how the future could look like in their country... You travel around the world, login to different countries and picture how it feels to be standing there in 2030/2040. It is also to give free means of reading about it before following the path.”— Erik on the inspiration behind the "Touching Hydrogen Future" book
3/3/202337 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep. 3: Dan Demilew - Understanding Green Hydrogen

Dan has a background in delivering critical infrastructure projects across Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australia. He found his way into the Green Hydrogen sector with Fortescue Future Industries, attracted by the prospect of helping a start-up scale in a new and exciting technology. Through that journey he has gone on to establish himself as an industry specialist and is the author of the Green Hydrogen Insight newsletter.  On the podcast we explore:His journey into the Green Hydrogen sectorThe various colours of HydrogenHydrogen use cases and the impact on reducing CO2 emissions Busting the Hydrogen mythsAfrica’s Green Hydrogen potentialOur favourite quote from the podcast:“Africa has this tremendous intersection of opportunities (renewable energy potential, affordable land compared to Europe and a very capable workforce) that is not too dissimilar to what the Middle-East had in the 50s and 60s. This is Africa’s opportunity. ”— Dan on Africa's Green Hydrogen Potential
2/24/202338 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep. 2: Bhavik Pattni - Building a Data Center Company in Africa

Bhavik is at the forefront of the data centre boom in Africa. He started his career working in private equity before moving to Raxio where he has played a key role in leading the business to becoming one of Africa’s premier data centre businesses. On the podcast we explore:The driving force behind Raxio’s growthHow DC companies can approach scaling their teamsRaising capital within the sectorThe challenges that might hinder the growth of the sectorRaxio’s ambitions moving forwardOur favourite quote from the podcast:“I’m very bullish about using renewable energy to power data centres. We are experimenting with newer technologies that the continent has not yet seen.”
10/1/202227 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep. 1: Diana Mongare - Getting African Start-Ups Investment Ready

Diana is a rising star when it comes to investment facilitation for SMEs in East Africa. She currently works at Future Africa, where she helps their portfolio companies get investment ready and is also a founding member of the Nairobi Business Angel Network. On this podcast, we explore:The Nairobi Business Angel Network (NaiBan)The need for a stronger local funding ecosystemCapital raising tips for start-upsFunding disparity between male and female foundersKeeping African talent in AfricaOur favourite quote from the podcast:“The summary of what could be done is as short as less mentorship (for women) and more investments. If we just move away telling them how to do it or how to raise and just give them funding.”— Diana on bridging the funding disparity between male and female founders.This podcast is created by Inuka Partners, a talent partner specialising in emerging markets. If you would like to be a guest of have any recommendations please connect with Shaun Mogul, Director and Founder at Inuka. 
9/22/202227 minutes, 22 seconds