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English, Education, 4 seasons, 57 episodes, 14 hours 52 minutes
Improve your English by listening to true motivating stories told be people from all over the world in this podcast for intermediate to advanced learners. Listen to different English accents, learn new vocabulary and test your comprehension. For transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises, visit
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Mission in Paris

When Luke’s daughter loses something important, he goes on a mission through Paris to get it back. Level:  Advanced Accent: United Kingdom (London) 5 words and expressions in today's story: - TO NOT FIT IN: When you don't feel like you belong or are accepted in a specific group or situation. Examples: "I felt like I didn't fit in at the new job because I didn't know anyone there." or "In a foreign country, it's common to not fit in at first due to language and cultural differences." - TO PUNCH SOMETHING OR SOMEONE: A strong hit made with a closed fist, often used in sports or as a sign of aggression. Examples: "In boxing, a well-placed punch can knock out an opponent." or "She gave a light punch on the shoulder to get her friend's attention." - TO BE SEEDY OR DODGY: A part of town that is considered run-down, di
17/10/202326 minutes 29 seconds
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Chef Clive Travels the World

Clive tells his story of opening businesses in different countries, working as a chef on private jets and yachts, in a search for new experiences and human connection.Level:  Upper-intermediateAccent: North American (Canada)5 words and expressions in today's story:TO TALK YOURSELF / YOUR WAY INTO SOMETHING: To talk yourself into something" means convincing yourself to do it using persuasive words, like when someone persuades themselves to ride a roller coaster despite being scared. Clive explains it as "to talk your way into an opportunity," which is using convincing words or arguments to get someone to give you a chance or access to something,. For example, "He talked himself into a job interview by impressing the hiring manager with his skills" PINNACLE: the highest point or peak of something, often used to describe achieving success or excellence. For example, "Winning the championship w
03/10/202324 minutes 47 seconds
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TEDx Event at the US-Mexico Border

Mark tells the story of organizing a unique TEDx event hosted at the US-Mexico border.Level:  AdvancedAccent: North American (California)6 words and expressions in today's story:TO COME UP WITH: To think of or create something, like an idea or a plan. Examples: "I need to come up with a new recipe for dinner tonight." or "She came up with a brilliant solution to the problem."IT’S ALL ON YOU: You are responsible for something; everything depends on you. Examples: "If you want to succeed, it's all on you to study hard." or "The success of the project is all on you now."TO BE MESSED UP: To make a mistake or cause a problem. Examples: "I messed up my presentation by forgetting the main points." or "Don't worry if you mess up; we all make mistakes."TO DODGE A BULLET: To narrowly avoid a dangerous or problematic situation.
19/09/202325 minutes 24 seconds
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Dealing With Uncertainty

Bonnie tells a story about receiving news about a terrorist attack in Nice, France, where her daughter and family were vacationing, highlighting the power of staying grounded and present in the face of uncertainty.Level:  intermediateAccent: North American (Canada) 5 words and expressions in today's story:TO SCROLL: Scrolling refers to the action of moving the content up or down on a digital screen using your finger or mouse. It's what you do to see more information on websites, social media, or documents. For example: I was scrolling through my social media feed to see pictures from my friends' vacations. She scrolled down the webpage to read the entire article.MAYHEM: Mayhem means a state of chaos, disorder, or extreme confusion. It often describes situations where there is a lot of noise, movement, and unpredictability. For example: After the soccer match, there was mayhem in the stadium as fans celebrated
05/09/202320 minutes 18 seconds
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A Long Trip Home (Rebroadcast)

Keena makes a long trip home after spending the summer in Greece. This episode originally aired April 2021.Level:  upper intermediateAccent: North American (Canada)5 words and expressions in today's story:FANNY PACK: A small bag or pouch with a strap, typically worn around the waist, used for carrying personal items. In British English, it's known as a "bum bag." Example: "She kept her keys and phone in her fanny pack while hiking."STASH: A hidden or secret supply of something. Example: "She had a stash of snacks in her desk drawer for when get got hungry."TO GET RID OF SOMETHING: To dispose of something, eliminate, or remove. Example: "I need to get rid of these old clothes that no longer fit."TO PICK AT YOUR FOOD: To eat small amounts of food without much appetite or enthusiasm. Example: "When she's nervous, she tends to pick at h
22/08/202317 minutes 11 seconds
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Finding Your Purpose

Alicia was sick with cancer, for the second time. She was at her lowest low. It was 3 am, and she made a decision: if she could find one person a day to talk to and effect positively, then she knew she could make it through. Level:  intermediateAccent: North American (Texas)5 words and expressions in today's story:TO PULL YOURSELF OUT OF SOMETHING means to remove oneself from a difficult or undesirable situation. It is like freeing yourself from a problem or challenge. Example: "After a difficult breakup, she had to pull herself out of the sadness and start afresh." TO STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE means to start a conversation in a friendly or informal manner, often with someone you don't know well or have just met. Example: "At the party, I struck up a conversation with a stranger who shared similar interests."  TO HEAL, TO BE HEALED, TO BE HEALING are related t
08/08/202320 minutes 26 seconds
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Horse Trip Adventure

Sam embarks on a seven-day horseback trip with her boyfriend in the picturesque wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. She reconnects with her childhood love of horse riding after the loss of her mom, finding solace and adventure in the mountains. As they navigate through stunning landscapes, unexpected challenges arise. Level:  intermediateAccent:  Canadian 5 words and expressions in today's story: TO BE IN AWE OF: To feel amazed and impressed by something very special. Example: The kids were in awe of the beautiful fireworks on New Year's Eve.EERIE: Something that feels a bit scary or strange. Example: Walking through the foggy forest at night felt eerie because of the spooky sounds.TO BE UNEASY/ ANTSY/ANXIOUS: To feel a little nervous or worried, not feeling calm. Example: Sarah was uneasy about her first day at a new school. Tom felt antsy before the big test because he wasn't
25/07/202321 minutes 38 seconds
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Olympic Weightlifting Champion, at 63

Our storyteller is Laura Eiman from Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. She tells us about her amazing journey to become a champion in Olympic Weightlifting when she was 63 years old. Want to know her secret? It all began when Laura started studying the Navy SEAL Training Program and developed a strong interest in being tough (strong and positive).Level:  High-intermediateAccent: United States (Boston)5 words and expressions in today's story: 1. WANDER OVER: "Wander over" means to casually or aimlessly walk or move to a specific location without a clear purpose or direction. It implies a relaxed and unhurried movement.   "During the vacation, we would often wander through the streets of the city, exploring different neighborhoods." 2. MENTAL TOUGHNESS This is an important concept in today’s story. Mental toughness means being able to stay strong and
11/07/202321 minutes 52 seconds
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Finding Your Voice

In today's episode of Into the Story, Jill shares how a simple comment from her high school teacher inspired her to overcome extreme shyness and pursue her true passion in life, leading to a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Have you ever listened to that voice inside of you? Level: IntermediateAccent: Canadian5 words and expressions in today's story:1. TO ROLL UP (SOMEWHERE): To arrive at a place, typically in a casual or relaxed manner. Example: She decided to roll up to the party and see if any of her friends were there.2. (TO BE) BITTER SWEET: A mixture of happiness and sadness experienced simultaneously. Example: Graduation day was bittersweet for Sarah, as she was excited about the future but sad to leave her friends behind.3. TO BE BUZZING: To feel excited, energetic, or full of anticipation. Example: The crowd was buzzing with excitement before the
27/06/202321 minutes 20 seconds
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Climbing Mount Everest (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the episode “Climbing Mount Everest”, you’ll listen to the story of Laurie Skreslet and a team of climbers, face difficult conditions as they attempt to reach the summit. They face challenges like broken ribs and frostbite —will they make it?If you haven&apos;t already listened to Climbing Mount Everest Part 1, go listen now!Level: Upper-intermediate to AdvancedAccent: Canadian  CLICK HERE TO USE THIS EPISODE&apos;S FULL LEARNING MATERIALS WHILE YOU LISTEN5 words and expressions in today&apos;s story:1. To brace yourself: To brace yourself means to prepare yourself for something that might be difficult or unpleasant.  2. Get down to business: To start focusing on an important task or activity, and stop wasting time. 3. To be touch by something: <
13/06/202320 minutes 30 seconds
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Climbing Mount Everest (Part 1)

In 1982, Laurie Skreslet attempted to climb Mount Everest. He shares his thrilling adventure with a team of Canadians and Sherpas, facing dangerous avalanches, the closure of the only route up the mountain, and a life-changing moment.Level: AdvancedAccent: Canadian  5 words and expressions in today&apos;s story:&quot;To ignite&quot; means to start something, either literally by starting a fire or figuratively by sparking an idea or feeling, as Laurie discusses igniting a passion for climbing.&quot;Little did I know&quot; expresses discovering or experiencing something unexpectedly, often referring to unexpected consequences. For instance, loving a food you thought you would hate or finding a test more difficult than expected.A “diving board” is a platform used for jumping off into a pool, commonly used in the sport of diving.A “leap” refers to a big jump, like a cat jumping from a table to the ground, or a sudden change,
30/05/202320 minutes
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Season 4 Trailer

Into the Story is back with new episodes on May 30!
25/05/20231 minute 20 seconds