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English, Interview, 3 seasons, 100 episodes, 1 day 5 hours 2 minutes
The official podcast of Free Country Nights with Patrick Hanes. Listen to the show every weeknight on 99.9 WFRE from 7:00 PM to Midnight.
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Interesting People #85: Elin Ross E.D. of Federated Charities

Interview with the Elin Ross, the Executive Director of Federated Charities. We talk about where Charity the Dog Statue is, get an overview of Federated Charities' mission, and have a quick chat about pickling! Site - -  Get More Interesting People iTunes - Google Play - Spotify - Every Interview - Federated Charities operates the only nonprofit center in Frederick and
22/03/202113 minutes 30 seconds
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Light the Night - Kristin Zimmerman

Light the Night will be virtual this year. Get all the updates form Kristin Zimmerman.See for privacy information.
04/11/202010 minutes 32 seconds
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Checking in with the Tour de Frederick

We are checking with the Boys and Girls Club's director of special events Kelly Jarvis on Day 6 of the virtual Tour de Frederick. We chat about how the Club is doing, the Tour de Frederick pivot, and reminisce about the traditional version of the ride.  Check out my page and join our team! for privacy information.
06/08/202012 minutes 28 seconds
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Interview: Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger is the headliner for the 2020 The "Over the Limit" Comedy Fest. He is a comedian and actor that needs to 100% be on your radar. There is a good chance that you have already seen him before. Funny jokes, his marvel universe legacy, and BABY GOOSE! NOTE: We are talking about a joke from his latest album at the start of the interview. Get your tickets for the show now: Check out Matt's Links:Website: Listen to his latest special "Please Hold Me" Follow my Podcast
02/03/202024 minutes 33 seconds
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Interesting People #84: Eduardo Sánchez

Interview with Eduardo Sánchez about the creation of The Blair Witch Project, his directorial career, and hopes for Maryland film. Featuring Jeffery Keilholtz from Phenomenology, Inc. Event Link: iTunes - Play - - Every Interview - 20th Anniversary of The Blair Witch Project Join members of the cast and crew for a red carpet screening of this horror classic. Fri October 18, 2019 | 8:00 PM Ed's Twitter bi
04/10/201942 minutes 31 seconds
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Interesting People #83: Mark Lambert of Dragon Distillery

Mark Lambert is the founder and owner of Dragon Distillery. Website: iTunes - Play - - Every Interview - Dragon Distillery is a small, veteran-owned business strongly rooted in the local Frederick, Maryland community. In the mid-1700s our family settled on a 200 acre tract of land about 25 miles away from the current distillery location. We are continuing the tradition of supporting and enjoying Frederick through our craft distillery. We create hand-crafted, premium, artisan spirits using locally-sourced, natural ingredients. ​So why did
03/10/201916 minutes 52 seconds
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Interesting People #82: Inga James - Heartly House

Inga James is the President and Executive Director of Heartly House. We chatted about their newly revamped Rock A Mile Event, how Heartly House has changed during her tenure, and her background before coming to Frederick. Website: iTunes - Play - - Every Interview - Heartly House is the only organization in Frederick County, Maryland, that provides comprehensive services to survivors of domest
20/09/201916 minutes 28 seconds
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Interview: Southern Halo

Fun chat with Southern Halo before they take the stage tomorrow at our 4th of July show at Baker Park! Find out more about the show: for privacy information.
03/07/20198 minutes 1 second
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Interview: Aaron Watson

Got a chance to have a quick chat with Aaron Watson about his new album Red Bandana! We chat about his song writing style, staying independent, and what songs you need to hear! iTunes - Play - - Every Interview - for privacy information.
28/06/20195 minutes 52 seconds
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Interview: Dylan Jakobsen

Fun interview with Country Artist Dylan Jakobsen. We chat about his new album, his traveling stories, and what defines a Dylan Jakobsen song. Website: Dylan Jakobsen isn’t your typical country artist. He didn’t grow up on a farm & he doesn’t drink alcohol. His love of country music stemmed from artists like Church, Stapleton & Petty whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and shape his career. “I don’t want to be just another one of many. I’m here to prove that this is where I’m supposed to be.” Though you won’t see him onstage without his acoustic, Dylan has spent the last 2 decades learning all the instruments you hear throughout his music. His first album [From Where I Began] was a testam
15/05/201913 minutes 30 seconds
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Interesting People #81: Lori Swerda (Author of Star-Spangled Scandal)

Lori Swerda is a Frederick based author who discovered a little corner of American history that has taken on a life of its own. We talked about how Thomas Johnson was the catalyst for the book, the challenges of publishing in 2019, and the mystery before a murder! Website:|Novel: iTunes - Play - - Every Interview - Based on the true story of an 1859 murder that occurred in front of the Whit
13/05/201917 minutes 12 seconds
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Interview: Big Kenny

I got a chance to chat with Big Kenny from Big & Rich. We chat about the Matrix, horses, and holiday plans.See for privacy information.
28/12/201814 minutes 54 seconds
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Interview: Darci Lynne

Quick chat with Darci Lynne before she takes the stage at The Great Frederick Fair. Get tickets now.;performance_id=6528069&amp;partner_id=944&amp;method=restoreToken Ventriloquist, Darci Lynne is the youngest contestant to ever win &ldquo;America&rsquo;s Got Talent.&rdquo; Following AGT she sold out her headlining show in six minutes, having to add more shows. She is a young ventriloquist who is inspiring the next generation to keep it alive. Darci is someone to watch for as her career is just getting started. But in her mind, positively affecting one person through her performances is all she desires.</p
20/09/20183 minutes 55 seconds
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Interview: Lucas Hoge

Headliner for In the Street 2018! We chat about Lucas' background in writing music for tv, finding the perfect kid for the Power of Garth video, and what he is doing the two days after In the Street!See for privacy information.
10/08/20189 minutes 4 seconds
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Interview: CJ Solar

Patrick Hanes catches up with CJ Solar! They chat about CJ's amazing summer, what he does on the tour bus, and his favorite carnival food! Don't miss CJ at the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department Carnival on July 19th! for privacy information.
17/07/20186 minutes 11 seconds
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Free Country Lounge #4: Ryan Sims

Ryan Sims stopped the WFRE studio to play a few songs off his new album My Side of the Story. We had a chance to chat about the heartbreak behind this album, his appearance&nbsp;on the first season&nbsp;of X-Factor, and his travels in Canada!&nbsp; Facebook:&nbsp;; Music Video: American Things&nbsp;-&nbsp; Music Video: Get Away -&nbsp; iTunes -&nbsp;
27/06/20188 minutes 45 seconds
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Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan will be headlining the Over the Limit Comedy Fest at the Weinberg Center on June 8th! The show benefits the SOS Safe Ride Foundation and their mission to end drunk driving in Frederick! We talk about Myq's Boston roots, the ways he spreads positivity, and his many podcast connections! I am now also 3 for 3 with comedian interviews that mention breast milk. Go me. Get Tickets: Website: and Ice Cream:
01/06/201815 minutes 14 seconds
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Free Country Lounge #3: Dave McElroy

Dave McElroy stopped the WFRE studio and played a short set on Facebook Live. This interview covers the style of his music videos, his musical influences, and how he still has time to goof off on the road. Watch him in the Free Country Lounge: Music Video "Without You": Video "Tangled Up": DIG IN w/ DMac - Episode 1: for
23/04/201813 minutes 18 seconds
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Interview: Southern Halo

Learn more about the stars of our next Random Act of Country!&nbsp; 99.9 WFRE &amp;&nbsp;Mick&rsquo;s Plumbing &amp; Heating&nbsp;invite you to a Random Act of Country with Southern Halo with special guest&nbsp;Adam Rutledge at 7:00 PM on April 18th at&nbsp;Champion Billiards Sports Bar! This is a free show! Brought to you by&nbsp;Avis Car and Truck Rental&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;Canyon Contracting.See for privacy information.
18/04/20185 minutes 4 seconds
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Interesting People #52: Teacher Talk with Ms. Lynch

It's a show within a show! Welcome to my first conversation with a teacher on the podcast. Ms. Lynch is a 1st-grade teacher that is also a multi-time finalist in the Free Country Sing-off! This conversation covers how she got into teaching, the kinds of technology she uses in the classroom, and her love of hockey. I ALSO MAKE A SPORTS JOKE THAT TOTALLY WORKS. We also touch on how social media can be difficult for teachers. You can check out her blog here -&nbsp; Do you know a teacher that would like to be featured? Email [email protected] iTunes -&nbsp; Play -&nbsp; Every Interview -&nbsp;
04/04/201820 minutes 52 seconds
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Collin Moulton Interview

Collin is part of the&nbsp;Boys &amp; Girls Club of Frederick County: 1st Annual Comedy Night this weekend at the Wienberg Center! This interview was a ton of fun, all over the place, and included a baby. Enjoy! Buy Tickets -&nbsp; Check out his act -&nbsp; This show will benefit the Boys &amp; Girls Club of Frederick County!&nbsp; Listen on iTunes:&nbsp; on Google Play:&nbsp; Audio Links:&nbsp;<a href="
01/02/201816 minutes 33 seconds
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Anita Renfroe Interview

Anita is part of the&nbsp;Boys &amp; Girls Club of Frederick County: 1st Annual Comedy Night this weekend at the Wienberg Center! Learn about her style of comedy, a quick story about milk, and her 4H background. Watch William Tell Momisms -&nbsp; Buy Tickets -&nbsp; This show will benefit the Boys &amp; Girls Club of Frederick County!&nbsp; Listen on iTunes:&nbsp; on Google Play:&nbsp; Audio Links:&nbsp;<a href="" targ
01/02/20187 minutes 59 seconds
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Free Country Lounge #2: Jessie Chris

Jessie Chris stopped by the Free Country Lounge to play us "One More" and talk about the early release of her new album!&nbsp; She just released her 2nd Album "In It For You" -&nbsp; Watch her perform in the Free Country Lounge -&nbsp; Facebook:&nbsp;; for privacy information.
23/01/20184 minutes 37 seconds
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Free Country Lounge #1: Risa Binder

Welcome to the first episode of the Free Country Lounge! An interview series highlighting up and coming artist that stop by the WFRE Studio. Today we are featuring Risa Binder and her new song You Haul. Check out the music video - We chatted about her background in theater, the joys of songwriting, and her excitement about becoming a new mother. Oh yeah. She also smashed a lava lamp. Website: for privacy information.
15/11/20178 minutes 19 seconds
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Shane Owens

I had a chance to catch up with Shane Owens before he hits the stage at our next Random Act of Country at Frederick&nbsp;Champion Billiards Sports Bar on November 8th! We talked about his love of hunting, traditional&nbsp;country music, and the meaning of 19.See for privacy information.
31/10/20176 minutes 4 seconds
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Tracy Lawrence

I got a chance to talk with Tracy Lawrence about Nashville, his new album, and his future. Don't miss him in Frederick! Join 99.9 WFRE and Tri-County Pumps for Free Country Rewind with Tracy Lawrence and special guest Shane Gamble at the Weinberg Center for the Arts on October 22nd at 7:00 PM. Special thanks to Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps, South Side Tire and Auto, South Mountain Creamery, and GAC Services.See for privacy information.
17/10/20174 minutes 34 seconds
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Jessie Chris Interview

Find out more about one of our In the Street 2017 stars! We talked about her Boston roots, her favorite instruments, and her anti-bullying work with Disney. You can see Jessie Chris on September 9th at 2 PM in Downtown Frederick!See for privacy information.
30/08/20175 minutes 53 seconds
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Interview: Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen will be taking the stage at The Patty Pollatos Fund Family Fundraiser FUNomenon on August 26th with Kellie Pickler &amp; Collin Raye. There is a lot more to Morgan than his time on the voice. We talk travel, his baseball injury and his favorite parts about collaborating with other artists. There is some silly stuff too! We get the bottom of his mullet tweet and I get his reaction to my Rob Lowe quest. Check it out.See for privacy information.
11/08/20177 minutes 21 seconds