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Inspo Podcast with SOCO Lashes & Jena Cash

English, Finance, 16 seasons, 169 episodes, 2 days, 6 hours, 53 minutes
Teaching people how to let OTHER PEOPLE grow your business for you, and simplifying your business as much as you can. Let’s start working smarter than our younger selves.
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5/19/202349 seconds
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Feeling…. Blah? This episode is for you.

Lately, I think that so many of us have been feeling… well… blah. 2020 has changed life, even if the stupid masks are gone. Nobody wants to work, businesses are only open from 11-4, and you’re supposed to tip people at the movie theater now. Everyone seems to want to receive more, but do less… and they want to be paid as if they are a master in their first year. Yet, small businesses like us are supposed to keep our prices low. Nothing makes sense right now, and I found a solution for you to start being happy again.
4/20/202330 minutes, 47 seconds
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113. My Social Media Experiment

Next year, I’m pivoting and giving back ONLY to our SOCO Community. For those of you who buy from us and support us, we want to give back. But how do we do this? This episode is all about social media experiments, and how I’ll be getting a little more clear on my mission: Creating a SOCO Community that puts reciprocity at the forefront of every decision we make. Welcome to Inspo podcast.
12/20/202226 minutes, 23 seconds
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102. A tip that can double you income, quadruple your reach, and tenfold your reputation as a master

Here’s something that I teach everyone. Let’s get you back out there and start increasing productivity, decreasing wasted time, and start focusing in what really matters when you’re trying to scale your business.
10/15/20227 minutes, 14 seconds
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101. We’re not the boss. We work for you.

SOCO Lashes runs their business a little different other companies.
10/15/20227 minutes, 23 seconds
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Have you always wanted to come to our Annual SOCO Business Retreat, but for one reason or another it it’s hasn’t happened? Well, it’s your lucky day!!! We have been offered opening night THIS YEAR at The Lash Conference in Pasadena to host a workshop that includes ALL if the same, incredible material that we offer at our SOCO Business Retreat, all for $99! This is my Cliff Notes (or Spark Notes of your young haha) my version of ‘work smarter, not harder.’ At Lash Booth Collective, I will teach you how how to cultivate a business model that allows other people to grow your business for you. Whether you’re rebranding or starting from scratch, this workshop is for! You’ll inadvertently master collaboration, internal branding, and how to determine if ‘the business and the business owner’ are in alignment, and why that’s most important when you run a business. You DO NOT have to have a ticket to Lash Conference to attend our Lash Booth Collective event! Shoot me a message on Instagram or an email to [email protected] to learn how to reserve your seat today!!! We only have 30 tickets left!!!
9/21/20226 minutes, 11 seconds
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Inspo Podcast with SOCO Lashes & Jena Cash (Trailer)

12/25/202137 seconds