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From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 528 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than 50,000 Crew Members. How? By being comfortable with being different. Every episode takes you Inside Trader Joe’s in a podcast series only Trader Joe's could deliver. Are you a Trader Joe’s fan? Want to know what keeps people coming back? Hungry for all the new and exciting stuff coming to your neighborhood store? Let's go Inside Trader Joe’s. Thanks for listening.
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Episode 68: It's a Holly Jolly Trader Joe's Holiday Shopping List

When the holliest and jolliest of holiday seasons is on the agenda, Trader Joe’s should absolutely be on your list of must-visits. In this episode, we celebrate some of the best we have to offer this holiday season. Danish cookies and delightfully decorated pretzels; candles redolent of chocolate croissants and 12 Days of Beauty to make your skin and spirit shine; cinnamon bun inspired coffee accoutrements and baking mixes… and SO. MUCH. MORE. To make your season merry and bright, have a listen, then, with a Jingle and a Jangle, pay a visit to your neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Transcript (PDF)
27/11/202327 minutes 21 seconds
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A Mini: A Happy Thanksgiving Wish from Trader Joe's

In this mini episode of Inside Trader Joe’s, we spend just a few minutes with our Chairman and CEO, Bryan Palbaum, and our Vice CEO and President, Jon Basalone, to talk about the things we’re thankful for this year. Friends, family, customers, Crew Members, favorite products being in-stock… And thanks to you, as always, for listening. Transcript (PDF)
20/11/20236 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 67: Inside the Trader Joe's Holiday Tasting Panel

Before most of the world has even packed away its holiday decorations, Trader Joe’s is busy developing new products for the following year’s holiday season. How do we decide which products you’ll see in stores during the holidays? Our Tasting Panel is at the heart of it, and in this episode of Inside Trader Joe’s, we’re taking you inside the Holiday Tasting Panel, a days-long event where our product developers put forth their best ideas for future holiday fare, and The Panel tastes and questions and ponders… and ultimately comes to consensus on which products will fill our shelves in the holiday season ahead. As an added bonus, we revisit the origins of one of our most beloved holiday sweet treats – Jingle Jangle – and chat with suppliers making a couple of this year’s new creations. <sp
06/11/202322 minutes 45 seconds
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ICYMI: What's Not In Trader Joe's Products

You can see what’s in a product just by looking at the ingredient listing on the package. What you might not know is that Trader Joe’s has a long list of ingredients we don’t use in our products. There are reasons we use certain things, and reasons we don’t use other things. What’s what, and more importantly, why? Tune in to the latest in our series of bite-sized episodes, ITJ ICYMI, to get the scoop.  Transcript (PDF)
16/10/20238 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 66: A Trader Joe's Shopping List for Fall? Heck, Yes!

Are you ready to fall in love? With fabulous faves like Fall Harvest Salsa and Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese? Or maybe new, destined-to-be-faves like Mini Maple Marshmallows or Maple Fudge? (Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some returning Maple marvels as well.) This fall-forward episode of Inside Trader Joe’s is a harbinger of the season, and a surefire way to whet your appetite for all things cozy and comforting. Honeycrisp Apple Granola? Wicked Good Mini Chocolate Bars? (Yes!) Have a listen, and have a pencil ready… you’re going to want to make a list of your own! Transcript (PDF)
12/09/202330 minutes 48 seconds