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Inside the Junos

English, Music, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 2 hours 3 minutes
We pull back the curtain on Canada's premiere music awards show and go deeper into the top winning songs with a Canadian master musician.
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Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh

The opening monologue of the JUNOS needs to hook you to watch the whole show. Meet the husband and wife team who have written 70 award shows in their careers. They critique some of the best JUNO openers and reveal their trade secrets.
16 minutes 14 seconds
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The Wedding Dress

In 1984, classical guitarist Liona Boyd got to take something home along with her JUNO. This is the story of how a dress made for the JUNOS found a whole new life.
7 minutes 31 seconds
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Get a glimpse of the series that pulls back the curtain on Canada’s premiere music award show with lively stories and backstage moments from the people that were there.
1 minute 43 seconds
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Where is Paul Anka ?

Do Canadians like music as much as they like hockey? This was the question in 1975, when the JUNO Awards first went to air for its first televised broadcast. No one knew. The CBC was willing to give it a try, but asked the producer one land the biggest Canadian star in the world to host. This is the story of how Canada's biggest draw in Las Vegas came to host the first JUNOS, along with great moments from that show from the CBC archives.
15 minutes 35 seconds
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How The JUNOS Got Its Name

Some say the Roman Goddess Juno is the inspiration for Canada’s premier music award show. Others cite a less romantic origin...a politician. Hear the real story.
13 minutes 21 seconds
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Top 5 JUNO Acceptance Speeches

At one time or another, we’ve all looked into a mirror and given a mock acceptance speech. Of the thousands given at the JUNOS, there are five that stand out. Hear them now!
15 minutes 1 second
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Trivia with Battle Of Santiago

Magdelys Sauvigne and Lyle Crilly are members of the band Battle Of Santiago. They're nominees in the World Music Album Of The Year category. As first-time nominees, we wanted to prepare them for their inaugural trip to the JUNO Awards with lots of fun facts and trivia about the JUNOS. Play along!
13 minutes 31 seconds
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The JUNO Snub

It was unexpected. A group of young Vancouver rappers tuned down a JUNO. This is the story of Rascalz, and how they started a conversation about the role of urban music at the JUNOS.
13 minutes 46 seconds