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inRadio with Dom Chambers

English, Radio, 1 season, 30 episodes, 18 hours, 47 minutes
A regular podcast with features, interviews and conversations about radio and audio with a special focus on public benefit. Host Dom Chambers is a well-known advocate of community media. Currently, he runs Somer Valley FM, The local Radio Alliance and is CEO of the Somer Valley Education Trust. He is a trustee of the Radio Academy.’ Dom has worked in most radio sectors and has visited over 70 local radio stations in the UK. He bridges grass-roots knowledge with nation strategic vision.
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25: World Radio Day 2022 and Dom heads to Salisbury on his UK Local Radio Tour

2/11/202233 minutes, 44 seconds
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24: Models of Local Radio - Episode 1 - Rhubarb Radio (online & DAB)

11/28/202131 minutes, 39 seconds
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23: inRadio Conversations - Johnny Beerling talks about the past, present and future

9/25/202143 minutes, 53 seconds
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22: Evolution, Innovation, Connection - inRadio conversations for #WorldRadioDay 2021

2/12/202148 minutes, 24 seconds
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21: COVID-19: Local Radio Responds Episode 3

12/5/202034 minutes, 39 seconds
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20: COVID-19: Local Radio Responds Episode 2

5/27/202031 minutes, 37 seconds
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19: COVID-19: Local Radio Responds Episode 1

4/28/202018 minutes, 23 seconds
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18: #WeAreDiversity World Radio Day 2020

Exploring some of UNESCO's themes in celebrating World Radio Day Dom Chambers talks with Somer Valley FM's Women's Power Hour presenter Yvonne B.
2/13/202023 minutes, 42 seconds
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17: The inRadio Manchester Conversations recorded at the Community Media Conference 2019 with Mike Shaft, Phil Korbel, John Dash & Lesley Pullar

1/20/202046 minutes, 16 seconds
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16: Local radio is thriving in South Wales thanks to community broadcasters

10/23/20191 hour, 12 minutes, 19 seconds
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Fab stories exploring the links between radio and education

9/22/201937 minutes, 35 seconds
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15: inRadio Conversations - the passion for radio informing social action

Conversation with Miranda Rae on Ujima Radio's The Word
8/11/201922 minutes, 50 seconds
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inRadio Conversations - the new age of audio

Spotlighting local radio in Wales, Radio Festival 2019 & The New Age of Audio, getting started tips and the impact of inclusion.
7/6/201945 minutes, 43 seconds
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The definition of local radio

We are the definition of what is local - inRadio explores many themes of local radio as it joins Glastonbury FM in celebrating its first 10 years.
5/12/201925 minutes, 31 seconds
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14: Local Radio at the heart of community: 2000 miles, 20 stations, 2 dudes in a pic & 1 World Radio Day

2/13/201957 minutes, 7 seconds
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13: The Future of Radio panel debate recorded at the national Community Media annual conference in September. Featuring Lawrie Hallett, Lucinda Guy, John Jenkins & Carolyn Powers.

12/2/201840 minutes, 9 seconds
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12: New Beginnings: inRadio's summer tour featuring Andover Radio, ExmouthAiR, Radio Ninesprings and Radio Scarborough

10/14/201857 minutes, 9 seconds
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Radio: The impact of inclusion and training. Featuring Vijay Umrao, Edward Stourton, Diane-Louise Jordan and Janet Ellis.

7/29/201858 minutes, 28 seconds
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What's the future? #RADFEST18 had some ideas.

June 2018
6/21/201832 minutes, 16 seconds
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A tribute to Dame Tessa Jowell and some of her achievements including the launch of community radio in the UK.

May 2018
5/23/201835 minutes, 21 seconds
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10: E10 – April 2018 South Bank Conversations. Media careers and the impact of training with Caroline Diehl, Dotun Adebayo, Victoria Hutton and Matthew Leyton.

4/21/201847 minutes, 9 seconds
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9: Episode 9 March 2018 Off to Southampton to talk training, engaging people and business.

3/10/201843 minutes, 18 seconds
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8: Episode 8 February 2018 UNESCO World Radio Day - The impact of local sports coverage & volunteer inclusion

2/9/201833 minutes, 33 seconds
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7: Episode 7 December 2017 Ed Vaizey MP, Internews & Impact Stories

12/20/201736 minutes, 19 seconds
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6: Episode 6 November 2017 Heading east for The Radio Hub & Sheppey FM

This edition sees 20 community media organisations gathering in Sheerness for the Radio Hub meeting in October and explores the culture and economic conditions of the area to find out what social challenges Sheppey FM are helping to solve,
11/26/201744 minutes, 27 seconds
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4: Episode 4 Sept 2017 Pre-CMA conference with Ujima Radio, CMA Chair & The Community Radio Awards

A pre CMA conference special. Roger Griffith is Chair at Ujima Radio in Bristol who are hosting the 2017 Community Media Conference. Lucinda Guy is the Chair of the Community Media Conference talking about why they chose this year’s theme of Voices in a Changing World. Martin Steers is the founder of the Community Radio Awards talking about the 2nd year of the awards event.
11/8/201728 minutes, 40 seconds
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3: Episode 3 July 2017 Media Reform Coalition, Sheppey FM & Nicky Ness

Justin Schlosberg chairs the Media Reform Coalition Julie Nicholls is the Project Manager at Sheppey FM talking to me at June Radio Hub event. Nicky Ness is the controller of Radio & Entertainment at BFBS. I catch her just after she was honoured with a Radio Academy Fellowship at the 2017 Radio Festival.
11/8/201724 minutes, 51 seconds
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5: Episode 5 October 2017 - Keynsham Town Community Radio

First point of call on my summer Community Radio Tour #CrTour17 is the town of Keynsham in Somerset. This edition of Third Sector is all about bringing community radio to this town as I talk with Ric Davison who is leading the application to Ofcom for a licence.
11/7/201734 minutes, 56 seconds
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2: Episode 2 June 2017 Reporting Faith, Centre for Community Journalism & Launching the Community Radio Awards 17

Anna Wynn Roberts from NUJ Training Wales talking about the Reporting Faith event in Cardiff. Emma Meese on the new Centre for Community Journalism based at the University of Cardiff. Martin Steers, Chair of the Community Radio Awards, opening the 2017 awards up for entries.
10/27/201717 minutes, 42 seconds
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1: Episode 1 January 2017 - Wickers World Foundation, Word On Health & Wycombe Sound

Two interviews from the CMA’s AGM event in December 2016: 1. Jane Mote from the Wicker’s World Foundation. 2. Paul Pennington from Word On Health. Conversation with Pippa Sawyer in a Wycombe Sound studio shortly after the station launched.
10/27/201720 minutes, 19 seconds