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English, Technology, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 6 hours 24 minutes
Innovating Infrastructure is a new podcast from the Global Infrastructure Hub that showcases new and emerging technology-based solutions to infrastructure challenges. This ten-part series is for anyone interested in innovation, technology, or infrastructure. Hosted by GI Hub's Monica Bennett, each episode is a 25-minute interview with one of the finalists from GI Hub's InfraChallenge, a global innovation competition that helps start-ups advance their solutions for more resilient infrastructure. Through 1:1 conversations, discover how the InfraChallenge Top 10 teams are leveraging technologies from artificial intelligence to remote sanitation solutions to create better and more resilient infrastructure. Can machine learning solve one of infrastructure's data conundrums? What are the implications as our roads go digital? How is recycled rubber reducing waste noise, and vibration on railways? Join us for Innovating Infrastructure and discover technology solutions that are transforming infrastructure for the better. Subscribe now on your favourite podcast app.
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Charl van Niekerk - risk evolution

Charl is the Executive Vice President of Transit at Infrastructure Ontario, Canada.A project delivery leader with experience in the South African and Canadian infrastructure sector, Charl currently leads the major projects team at Infrastructure Ontario. In this role he is delivering the Metrolinx RER Alternative Financing and Procurement program, and previously led the highways delivery group.We speak to Charl about the importance of risk allocation when it comes to improving infrastructure delivery and explore key lessons learnt and approaches to contractual model selection and risk on the Metrolinx program.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
01/06/202226 minutes 45 seconds
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Bernadine Fernz - data's link to sustainability

Bernadine is the Head of Infrastructure at Open Contracting Partnership, leading their global infrastructure programme as well as thought leadership on how future infrastructure investments can be spent effectively and fairly through more open contracting. A barrister by trade, Bernadine has 20 years of experience across the legal, consulting, and international development sectors. We speak to Bernadine about the various benefits of open contracting to the infrastructure sector and discuss practical examples from Bernadine’s experiences at Open Contracting Partnership. For related resources from the GI Hub, subscribe to our newsletter at For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
01/06/202228 minutes 22 seconds
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Gabriela Engler- financing needs bankability

Gabriela is the Deputy Secretary of Partnerships of the State of São Paulo in Brazil and is instrumental in the state’s pipeline of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).After graduating from Columbia Law School (NY), Gabriela went on to oversee dozens of major infrastructure projects. One highlight was the USD$2.5 billion Piracicaba Panorama, the largest road project ever pursued in Brazil.We speak to Gabriela about the theme of finance when it comes to improving infrastructure delivery, discuss how São Paulo is utilising the PPP model to deliver infrastructure, and explore what improvements can make projects bankable.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
25/05/202228 minutes 6 seconds
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Richard Scott - building capability and capacity

Richard is the General Manager of Pre-Contracts and Estimating at John Holland, an Australian integrated infrastructure and property company.A qualified civil engineer and with over 20 years of industry experience, Richard is currently working through one of the largest infrastructure project pipelines in Australia’s history.We speak to Richard about the importance of building capability and capacity when it comes to improving infrastructure delivery and explore the need for procuring entities to be contractually agnostic.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
25/05/202224 minutes 31 seconds
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Sonya Campbell - cooperation is not a contract

Sonya is the Head of Infrastructure and Structured Finance Unit at New South Wales Treasury in Australia.She joined Treasury in September 2018 following an 18-year career in the private sector specialising in PPP and major project procurement.We speak to Sonya about the importance of cooperation between the public and private sector, regardless of the contractual model used, drawing on recent experiences procuring major projects.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
01/04/202225 minutes 32 seconds
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Helena Henao-Fernandez - efficiency through teamwork

Helena is the TEAM2100 Programme Director at the UK’s Environment Agency where she leads the first phase of a 100-year flood risk management plan for the Thames Estuary. TEAM2100 covers tidal flood defences to manage increasing flood risk from rising sea levels and deteriorating assets to the end of the century.We speak to Helena about TEAM2100’s program of works, focusing on the performance and organisational efficiencies derived from the delivery approach used.For all resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes at for privacy information.
01/04/202221 minutes 4 seconds
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Season 2 Trailer

How can we improve the way we deliver infrastructure?Season two of Innovating Infrastructure explores answers to that very question.This six-part season includes 1:1 interviews with global infrastructure leaders, drawing on insights from GI Hub’s Improving Delivery Models initiative which aims to help industry address common challenges faced in infrastructure delivery.The initiative includes a framework, case studies, an overview of different contractual models and a library of key reference documents. You can learn more at us for season two and hear first-hand experiences from some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects and programs in the world, including:Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM 2100)State of Sao Paulo, BrazilNew South Wales Treasury, Australia</li
28/03/20221 minute 6 seconds