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Influence with Damian Bradfield

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 43 episodes, 22 hours, 8 minutes
Influence is a show about…influence (surprise!) Join Damian Bradfield as he explores who has it, who wants it, and most importantly, how to use it for good. This season, we are going back to our roots and zooming in on the influential voices shaping culture and creativity today. Damian goes down some unexpected avenues with a host of brilliant minds as he discusses what makes great art, the thrill of taking a risk, and the social good that can come from following your passions. This show is 100% for you if you can’t read or simply like listening. Our producer Rachel works wonders to make Damian sound half interesting and sometimes adds a jingle (budget allowing). Damian was voted as one of the world's favourite faces for podcasts in 2021 and has also written a book called the Trust Manifesto that all his family bought but haven’t yet read. Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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Episode 8 - The birth of modern PR

In this episode, Damian explores how the godfather of modern PR, Edward Bernays, mastered the art of spin. From soap to cigarettes, Damian chats with author Larry Tye on how Bernays dramatically changed the way we live. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/9/201939 minutes, 6 seconds