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English, Education, 1 season, 37 episodes, 18 hours, 31 minutes
Fellow engineering students of Concordia University, IISE Concordia Chapter is proud to announce the launch of our brand new IISE podcast INDU Talks. From this podcast, you will be able to gain insight on engineering topics through our engineering series and to entertain yourself through our casual episode series. Stay tuned on all our social media platforms for our upcoming episodes and don't forget to listen to our podcast for a taste of engineering life.
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I’ve graduated!!… Now what? : With Louis Arbaud

"🎓 Excited to unveil our latest episode of INDU Talks, where we explore the post-graduate journey in engineering! Join us as we sit down with Louis Arbaud, a master's student specializing in renewable energy, to discuss the diverse options awaiting engineering graduates. Whether you're considering further education or diving straight into the workforce, this episode is your roadmap to navigating the next steps after earning your bachelor's degree
3/19/202430 minutes, 56 seconds
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From Concordia to Consultant: Geordan Ferri's Tecsys Insights in a Student Q&A

Explore the journey from Concordia to the professional world in our latest episode featuring Geordan Ferri from Tecsys. Dive into a thoughtful Q&A session where industry insights meet student curiosity. Listen now for a blend of academia and real-world application.
2/12/202422 minutes, 45 seconds
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Presidential Insight: IISE Leadership stories

"In this episode of INDU Talks, we bring together the current and former presidents of our industrial engineering association. They share their unique experiences, challenges faced, and the impact of their leadership on the association and beyond. Tune in for an insider’s view on student leadership in industrial engineering, innovative ideas shaping the field, and valuable lessons for aspiring leaders. A must-listen for students and professionals alike in the world of industrial engineering!"
1/30/202436 minutes, 38 seconds
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A Conversation with Taryn Texeira-Bynoe: Big Bang, ERP Systems, and Navigating the World of Consulting

🎙️ Thrilled to have the pleasure of hosting Taryn Texeira-Bynoe, Director of Professional Services at @bigbang.360 on 'Indu Talks'! Together with your host join us for an insightful deep dive into the world of ERP systems and Taryn's impressive journey as an engineer!💼 Also, hear about what the company is looking for in an intern!
10/5/202325 minutes, 21 seconds
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Studying Abroad as an Engineering Student

On this episode of INDU TALKS you host Thomas presents the study abroad program at Concordia and speaks about his own experience in South Korea!
9/19/202317 minutes, 33 seconds
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THE CAPSTONE JOURNEY, Part 3/3: Final Presentation & Tips for Success

Part 3!
9/12/202317 minutes, 54 seconds
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THE CAPSTONE JOURNEY, Part 2/3: Organizing Workflow, Technical Approach & Challenges

Part 2!
9/12/202334 minutes, 22 seconds
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THE CAPSTONE JOURNEY, Part 1/3 : Finding a Project, Associate Professor + Team dynamics

On this episode of INDU TALKS your host Thomas along with special guests Anthony Montanaro, George Kromidakis and Timothé Blanchet take a deep dive into the teams award winning capstone design project.
9/9/202320 minutes, 23 seconds
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The transition

Welcome to the 13th episode of INDU Talks!  Today, we talk with Anthony Montanaro, the outgoing president, and Liam Cassey, the incoming president of IISE. In this episode, we will discuss IISE's accomplishments over the past year and why they were significant for IISE and the Concordia student body. We'll also hear from Liam on what's in store for IISE during the 2023-2024 academic year and the changes we should look out for. Additionally, we'll explore the topic of balancing academics and extracurriculars with Anthony and Liam, and learn about their experiences and advice for students who may be worried about their grades dropping if they participate in student associations. Tune in to gain valuable insights on IISE's past and future ideas, and learn tips on how to balance academics and extracurriculars. Instagram:
5/7/202357 minutes, 21 seconds
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INDU Pro-Tips: Straight from our own playbook+Eelective Must-Haves!

Join us, your friendly trio of senior industrial engineering students - George, Anthony, and Tim, as we reveal our exclusive playbook of pro tips for aspiring industrial engineering students! These are not your run-of-the-mill tips, but rather gems of wisdom gleaned from our own experiences in the field.  Plus, we'll spill the beans on our all-time favourite electives that have inspired us, and we highly recommend them to you! So, tune in to this special episode and get ready to take your industrial engineering game to the next level!
4/22/202349 minutes
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Pet Food and Planning: LIDD's Insights on Supply Chain Management

In this episode, we talk with Jida Antar, a senior consultant at LIDD (and a 2020 INDU grad!).  Jida guides us through a creative supply chain case study about a fictional exotic pet food company.  Using this case, Jida helps us understand the brand-new Sales and Operational Planning practice at LIDD.Check out LIDD's Sales and Operational Planning page here -> LIDD is a long-time sponsor of IISE.  We value our relationship with them.  If you want to intern at LIDD in Fall 2023, we invite you to message Jida via her LinkedIn page -> -------------------------------------- IISE is recruiting! For an opportunity to build the next iteration of the IISE team, apply here -> of every available position here -> Hurry! The application portal closes on April 19 at 23h59!!! Cheers!Tim.
4/8/202347 minutes, 51 seconds
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Homeownership with FÉRIQUE Investment Services

Are you interested in buying a home or learning more about it? Listen to our episode with Férique about homeownership!
3/24/202331 minutes, 33 seconds
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Being a consultant at Bastian Solutions

Our very own Kimberly Richards here to explain what it is she does, how her job relates to INDU courses and what Bastian Solutions does.
3/3/202329 minutes, 37 seconds
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strategies for your CV, interviewers, LinkedIn

Do you need any advice for your CV, interviews or your LinkedIn?? Tune in and listen to someone with experience give you her tips and tricks!
2/15/202334 minutes, 24 seconds
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What is consulting?

Have you constantly been hearing the word consulting and have no idea what that means? Well hopefully this episode answers your questions! Today my brother and I talk about consulting, what it is, the different types, what being a consultant looks like and more! Enjoy! 
2/1/202332 minutes, 9 seconds
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How do you study for finals?

Need any inspiration for how to study for your finals? 
11/22/202240 minutes, 47 seconds
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The power of sleep

Tips and Tricks to improve your quality of sleep. How sleep affects your grades and the ways to use it as a tool for success.
11/8/202238 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ways to cope with stress

Right on time for midterm season!  Hopefully this episode can be helpful to anyone struggling! 
10/25/202234 minutes, 13 seconds
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Fun things to do in Montreal.

Need ideas for the next fun outing? Take a listen! @mtlblog
10/11/202235 minutes, 43 seconds
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Why industrial engineering?

Meet the president of IISE, our senior VP and our VP external! They are all in their last year and talk about their journey in industrial engineering as well as IISE.  @georgebouzouki.
9/27/202253 minutes, 23 seconds
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First episode of the semester!

My name's Tamara I'm going to be your new host for the year! Here is a little introduction!
9/13/20224 minutes, 43 seconds