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Indian Foreign Affairs

English, National/National politics/National assembly, 1 season, 6 episodes, 24 minutes
This podcast channel completely focuses on a huge diversity of topics that are pertinent for us to be aware of.
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Good will trip

The PM's Bangladesh visit was strong on optics and nobody minded.
4/5/20212 minutes, 9 seconds
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Why is India building its strategic bases around China!!!

India has started working on the 'Necklace of Diamonds' strategy. This strategy aims at garlanding China or in simple words, the counter encirclement strategy. India is expanding its naval bases and is also improving relations with strategically placed countries to counter China's strategies.
4/4/20214 minutes, 14 seconds
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India's neighborhood dilemna

This podcast talks about how it is important for India to maintain good relationships with its neighbours as a part of the Neighbours first policy.
4/4/20214 minutes, 39 seconds
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India decides to reduce its reliance on Oil from Saudi Arabia

This podcast would take you through why India has taken a decision to cut down its reliance on oil from Saudi Arabia and how this is to be seen from the light of the global developments.
4/3/20213 minutes, 6 seconds
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India Bangladesh ties

Recently Bangladesh had completed 50 years of their liberation from Pakistan and this podcast takes you through the roller coaster ride that the India and Bangladesh relationship had enjoyed in the past decade and how the recent visit of the prime minister of India is going to shape the relationship in the future.
4/3/20215 minutes, 44 seconds
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A podcast on the need to recalibrate the ties between India and Taiwan

This podcast explains the need for a better engagement between India and Taiwan and how they need to be recalibrated in the future
4/2/20214 minutes, 24 seconds