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English, Christianity, 2 seasons, 16 episodes, 8 hours 42 minutes
What started as an exclusive look into The Same Room, organically evolved into intimate conversations about the Christian faith journey. Join us #InTheRoom with hosts, Stephanie Ike (@stephanieike), Fatima Elswify (@fatima.elswify), Brenda Palmer (@iambrendapalmer), and Caitlin Mier (@_caitlinmier) as they unpack their outlook on faith, and the vital role it plays in their lives, culture, love, and more! New episodes every Tuesday.
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How To Find Peace in Loneliness

Join us #InTheRoom for a Q&A episode on Loneliness. Text "Roomie" to (310) 347- 4619 to join our community & follow us @tsrpodcasts
16/08/202219 minutes 38 seconds