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In The Real Life Podcast

English, Education, 2 seasons, 11 episodes, 5 hours 11 minutes
This podcast is for you! We talk about everything real life and personal growth. We’re obsessed with taking lessons from big L’s, getting to the bag, being the best version of yourself that you could possibly be. We just want to thrive and I know you want that too.
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Your questions are DESTROYING YOU darling. Shut up or re-direct 💓🫶🏽

We waltz around life asking ourselves the most mindless and unconscious questions! Ask stupid questions get stupid answers OR!! Hear me out! VICE VERSA --- Send in a voice message:
28/11/202312 minutes 46 seconds
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My people; Have some shameeeee! It’s a good thing💓

This episode we speak deeper on how being ashamed of certain things in our lives is not all that bad. Shame can be a great pointer to our true desires and it’s best that we actually pay attention instead of suppress or ignore these feelings. What do you think? Polarity-Clarity Workbook Link: --- Send in a voice message:
20/11/202320 minutes 5 seconds
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700 years later ☄️🥹😂

What is there to describe? I said we’re for lifers and I meant that shit. Mommy’s back and she has been cooking if I’m being honest! Bout to serve you new new every week and I know you’d enjoy these wholeheartedly! Be sure to leave a review❤️ --- Send in a voice message:
14/11/202313 minutes 10 seconds