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English, Political, 8 seasons, 295 episodes, 2 days, 21 hours, 23 minutes
The ITRH Urban Survival Podcast is about focusing first on the things that matter most: What’s likely to happen. Then get you ready for the mundane to the insane. (And sometimes Zombies.) We are the show that keeps you safe and sound! Hit subscribe.
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E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

In this episode, Daisy Luther drops back by. We discuss starting and stocking your prepper pantry, cutting the grocery bills, and being a food in the apocalypse. Let's face it, building out and stocking a good pantry isn't sexy for most of us. It's meticulous work requiring a lot of thought and care -- especially for new preppers.  Stocking food and water doesn't go bang, isn't shiny, won't word off zombies, and isn't something we can brag to our friends about. (Well you could, but it's not advisable.) And it can require a lot of planning ahead. You must know what your family will and won't' eat. There's no point in stocking and squirreling away food items if it's going to go uneaten. You may be thinking, "they can just eat it or go hungry" or you may be thinking, "if they're hungry enough they will eat it". But this creates unnecessary stress for everyone. Why bother? But with a bit of thought, planning, observation, and smart buying you can put together a great pantry. Then it's just a matter of maintenance; that's the easy part. There are many considerations, obviously. Fortunately, Daisy did most of the thinking for you and shares her great tips and strategies with you in this episode...   Building out a Propper Prepper Pantry Topics Discussed: Where to begin Why it's important Leveraging a pantry for saving money and budgeting What are good food items to store How to store food with bugs and vermin in mind Keeping everything organized Staying on top of what you have so you don't waste or turn meal time preparation into a scavenger hunt The place for freeze dried food Episode Resources: ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at:    
9/25/201732 minutes, 1 second
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E211: Surviving a Terrorist Attack in The Borrowed World

In this episode, we sit down with author Franklin Horton to discuss his book series The Borrowed World. It’s a story about an everyday non-super-ninja guy who finds himself far from home and surviving a terrorist attack and it's crippling effects. And the book wrestles with something many of us worry about: What if SHTF while I'm traveling? What would you do if you were hundreds of miles from home and a terrorist attack crippled the nation? If you had to walk home, could you make the arduous trek on foot? These questions often weigh on my mind when traveling. Thoughts of how to get home and what would happen to loved ones during that period run wild through my mind. Your thoughts turn to where and how to procure improvised survival tools, obtaining firearms, and how crazy would people be along the way. There are a lot of variables. And most of the outcomes are harsh at best. Fortunately, Horton shared the same thoughts and wrote a whole series of prepper fiction around this idea. ~ Topics from The Borrowed World Discussed: * Who is author Franklin Horton * How he got into writing * How he got into prepping * What he does in his day job and how it played a role in crafting the Borrowed World series * How surviving a terrorist attack sets the state for the series * How a love backpacking can inform a prepper's gear decisions * What's the best $100 dollars he ever spent on prepp and the piece of gear he feels is most important * How he wove practical survival information into the story without making it a technical manual * The biggest takeaway he wants readers to get from these books * What are his EDC essential items * Which authors inspire Franklin Horton * His prepper pet peeves * His go to apocalypse rifle ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at:    
3/27/201733 minutes, 12 seconds
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E149: Veterans Day Special Episode

It's veteran's day 2015. This year we're doing a special episode with Jeremy Paris, host of the Veteran Resource Podcast. Whether you are a vet or just want to find about about getting involved with organizations, you'll get a lot out of this epsidoe. Typically folks in the survival podcast genre will talk about what it means to serve. And they may tell stories of their service. But we have something different that could actually help vets. You see, the Veteran Resource Podcast was created to introduce veterans to Veteran Service Organizations. And as you find out in this episode there are THOUSANDS out there! We've all heared of the Wounded Warrior project. But there are a lot more out there, it turns out. One is even focused on sustainable farming. ~ Veteran resource topics discussed: * Jeremy's service in the military * How the the Veteran Resource Podcast got started? * What is the mission his podcast? * What keeps you inspired to do his show? * How many veteran organizations are there? * Why are there so many different veteran organziations? * Why is it important to support veteran organizations? * What are some of the different organizations out there that people might want to get invovled in? * Can people who've never served get involved and voluteer? * If someone wanted help support vets, would supporting one of these organizations be the best way? * How would people go about evaluating a few organizations to find the one that's right for them? ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at:
11/11/201528 minutes, 1 second
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E126: Surviving The Walking Dead

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss survival lessons of The Walking Dead. Yes, after a fair amount of scheming and consoling, Aaron managed to get Jason to watch The Walking Dead. And now the two discuss the deeper points of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. What they uncover: The most important survival resource. ~ So join us as we discuss: * Why Jason is now hooked. * Normalcy Bias. * Community. * Addressing the hard survival choices. * Lone-wolf survival. * Knives and their importance. * ...and a lot more. ~ Become a supporting member here: ~ Resources from this episode can be found at:
4/23/201544 minutes, 46 seconds
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E0 – Introducing The Urban Survival Podcast

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9/16/20149 minutes, 4 seconds