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In The Drink is a weekly podcast focused on better understanding the world of delicious alcoholic beverages through interviews with some of the most engaging people in the industry. It is hosted by Food & Wine Sommelier of the year and NY restaurant owner Joe Campanale. Who also happens to make a little wine in Italy himself, called Annona. Joe will be talking with winemakers, sommeliers, brewers, beverage directors, bartenders, distillers and journalists to hear first hand what goes in to making our favorite drinks.
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Episode 224: Pascaline Lepeltier on Creating World-Class Wine Lists

This week In The Drink welcomes Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier. Pascaline grew up in the Loire Valley, so it almost seems like her career as a wine expert (and wine lover) was predestined. After moving to New York to be the Beverage Director of Rouge Tomate, Pascaline quickly made a name for herself in the wine world. In 2017 The World of Fine Wine named her list at Rouge Tomate the “Best Long Wine List in the World 2017” and “Wine List of the Year 2017.” Now she is a managing partner at Racines NY in Tribeca. Joe talks to Pascaline about what it’s like to be one of the world’s best sommeliers. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
12/19/201843 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 223: Athena Bochanis of Palinkerie on Hungarian Wine

This week Joe talks to Athena Bochanis, founder and owner of Palinkerie, a company dedicated to bringing the wine culture of Hungary to the US. Athena was getting her law degree when she discovered her love of Hungarian wine while in Budapest. That discovery that led her away from law and into the world of wine where she has carved a place as the go to for Hungarian wine. Joe talks to Athena about how she started her company and what makes the wine she imports so unique. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast
12/5/201847 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 222: Talia Baiocchi on Writing about Cocktails and Wine

This week on In The Drink, Joe welcomes back Talia Baiocchi. Talia is a James Beard Award-winning author and Editor-in-Chief of In The Drink's favorite online drinks publication, PUNCH. Joe sits down with her to talk about the mag's excellent wine coverage and recent book publications, Session Cocktails and Mini Bar. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast
11/28/201836 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 221: Fred Niger of Domaine de l'Ecu

This week, Joe sits down with Fred Niger of Domaine de l'Ecu. Domaine de l’Ecu is a well loved vineyard famous for elevating Muscadet. One of the first to farm in the Loire Valley, their wines have been grown organically since 1975 and biodynamically since 1992. Fred has been in charge of maintaining the stellar reputation of the vineyard since lauded winemaker Guy Bossard passed him the torch in 2009. The vineyard continues to be an excellent example of how biodynamic farming can create delicious, interesting wines. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
11/7/201837 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 220: Antonio Benanti on His Volcanic Vineyard

This week on In The Drink, Joe sits down with winemaker Antonio Benanti. Antonio and his twin brother Salvino run their family’s notable winery which sits on Sicily’s famed Mount Etna. The unique location on an active volcano not only gives a special lore to the wine, but also offers a unique terroir. Joe discusses the family history that shaped the Benanti vineyard and the particular challenges and rewards of growing wine on a volcano. Powered by Simplecast
10/24/201845 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 219: Rajat Parr on his Great Wines Field Guide

"This week Joe talks to Rajat Parr who is an acclaimed sommelier, winemaker and there’s plenty talk about. Especially Rajat’s hotly anticipated book 'The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste: A Field Guide to the Great Wines of Europe'. The book, described as “the first definitive reference book to describe, region-by-region, how the great wines of Europe should taste” is sure to be an essential guide to aspiring sommeliers, or anyone who just loves great wine. Joe dives in on the making of the book, and all the amazing wines that went into it. " In The Drink is powered by Simplecast.
10/17/201842 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 218: Dustin Wilson and Jeff Taylor of Verve Wine

This week on In The Drink, Joe is joined by Dustin Wilson, co-founder of Verve Wine in TriBeCa and Jeff Taylor, the store’s GM. Both Jeff and Dustin are sommeliers who have worked at some of the best restaurants in the world. Dustin is best known for his position as Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park and his expertise led him to have a leading role in the critically acclaimed documentary about Master Sommeliers ‘SOMM’. Jeff was on the opening team of Masa and worked for the B&BHG on opening Bistro du Vent. In 2007 he started a seven year stint at Eleven Madison Park where he was Captain for two years before becoming a Sommelier and eventually Head Sommelier. Now, Dustin and Jeff are part of the team behind Verve Wine, a wine shop that uses their shared background in the restaurant world to curate an exceptional wine retail experience. Joe talks to them about making the transition into wine retail and what makes their shop so unique. In The Drink is powered by Simplecast.
8/1/201849 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 217: Ryan Mills-Knapp on Sourcing Rare Wines

As partner of the unique wine supplier R Squared Selections, Ryan Mills-Knapp knows the ins and out of sourcing especially hard to find bottles of wine. This week, Ryan returns to In The Drink to talk about the fascinating world of rare wines. Ryan’s career began in 2004 when he moved to New York City to pursue his interest in the wine and spirits industry. At his first job as a server at Amuse, he helped the wine director assemble the wine list. The restaurant also hosted American Sommelier Association classes in the space, so he was able to further his knowledge of wine. He moved on to become the beverage director at chef Waldy Malouf’s Beacon Restaurant where he curated the wine selection, and was put in charge of the liquor and beer programs. At Beacon, he began his real wine education, learning about producers, vintages and styles. In 2006, he was hired as beverage manager at Jean-George Vongerichten’s Spice Market and oversaw the cocktail, beer and wine lists, before joining Drew Nieporent’s Myriad Restaurant Group as head sommelier at Corton and Tribeca Grill. Throughout his years in the restaurant industry, he met members of the Craft restaurant family. These relationships led him to join the team at Colicchio & Sons as beverage director in 2012. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
6/27/201838 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 216: Victoria James on Understanding Good Rosé

This week on In the Drink, Joe sits down with Cote Beverage Director and rosé aficionado, Victoria James, to talk about what's good -- and what's bad -- in the world of pink wine. Victoria got an early start in the restaurant business at the age of 13, blazing her path as a server, bartender, and sommelier at Harry’s at Hanover Square, Aureole, Morini and Piora before becoming Beverage Director at Cote in NYC. She became a Certified Sommelier at age 21, has been named a Wine and Spirits “Best New Sommelier”, Forbes and Zagat’s “30 Under 30” and a Wine Enthusiast “40 Under 40 Tastemaker.” Victoria is also the author of Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rose, and a contributor to Cosmopolitan, Munchies and The Daily Meal. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
6/20/201844 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 215: Piero Incisa on Family Tradition, Argentina, and Biodynamics

This week we welcome Piero Incisa of Bodega Chacra. Piero comes from one of the oldest and most celebrated winemaking families in Italy. He's the grandson of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta -- who broke with Tuscan tradition in the 1940s to create Sassicaia, one of Italy's most sought after wines -- and the nephew of Nicolo’ Incisa della Rocchetta, who currently manages the family’s winemaking enterprises. Piero spent his childhood on the family estate in the Maremma district of Tuscany After discovering a pinot noir grown in Patagonia, Piero decided to start his own winery in Argentina. He founded Bodega Chacra in 2004 in the Rio Negro Valley of Northern Patagonia after buying an abandoned vineyard. Apart from producing delicious wines, Chacra is notable for it's biodynamic farming practices. This holistic approach sees the farm as a single, living organism and each element is balanced to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Joe and Piero sit down to discuss how Chacra got it's start and what this farming philosophy, which is growing in popularity worldwide, means for the winemaking process. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
6/6/201846 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 214: Dan Petroski

Dan Petroski was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and has the swagger and the accent to prove it. After attending Columbia University where he played football, Dan went to work for Time, Inc. While there, he earned his MBA from NYU and worked his way up the ranks towards a promising future in magazine publishing. A good chunk of his tenure at Time was spent managing advertising clients, which involved considerable schmoozing. This is how Dan learned wine, by walking his expense account through the lists of Manhattan’s top restaurants. When the Wall Street Journal tried to poach him, Dan took a moment to reflect. Deciding a change of life was in order, he jettisoned to Sicily for a year, where he interned at Valle dell’Acate. While Dan’s intention was to return to New York to sell wine, a harvest invitation from Andy Smith at DuMOL in 2006 was too good to pass up, and Dan left the city again, this time facing west. After harvest, Andy Smith hired Dan as Cellar Master at Larkmead. The following year, Dan was promoted to Assistant Winemaker, ultimately claiming the Larkmead Winemaker title in 2012. Before cementing his status as a Napa Valley Cabernet winemaker, in 2009 Dan launched a white wine only brand called Massican. Massican is Dan’s ode to the Mediterranean and his time spent living in Italy and drinking white wine. Dan is a gifted, instinctual winemaker, and his old world palate has guided his philosophy on wine. Dan’s approach and ability to craft wines as diverse as Cabernet Sauvignon and Tocai Friulano has earned him the recognition as San Francisco Chronicle’s Winemaker of the Year in 2017. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
5/23/201844 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 213: Jon Bonné on The Natural Wine Divide

In The Drink is back, and to kick off a new season, host Joe Campanale sits down with Jon Bonné to discuss a heavily debated topic in the world of drink: natural wine. Jon Bonné is the Senior Contributing Editor at PUNCH; where his work won him Feature Writer of the Year at the 2017 Roederer Awards. He is also author of The New California Wine and The New Wine Rules, and the wine consultant for JetBlue Airways. For nearly a decade, he served as the Wine Editor and Chief Wine Critic of The San Francisco Chronicle, where he won two James Beard awards and numerous other accolades. He covers wine and other drinks throughout the world for a range of top publications, and is working on his next book, The New French Wine. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
5/16/201851 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 212: Brad Thomas Parsons

On this special episode, Joe is joined by Brad Thomas Parsons, the author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All (winner of the James Beard and IACP Cookbook Awards), Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, and Distillery Cats: Profiles in Courage of the World’s Most Spirited Mousers. Parsons received an MFA in writing from Columbia University, and his work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Lucky Peach, and PUNCH, among others. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
1/6/201851 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 211: Gut Oggau

Host Joe Campanale is joined by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck of the Gut Oggau winery in Burgenland, Austria. Before starting the winery, Eduard made conventional wine with his father in Styria, and Stephanie’s family owned and operated the Michelin starred restaurant Taubenkobel. They painstakingly restored the 17th century winery that had been abandoned for 20 years, including its 200-year-old screw press. The vines’ 20-year period of neglect was fortunate, as this allowed for all pesticide and chemical treatments to be washed away. This let them begin working immediately on vines biodynamically, where they are now fully Demeter certified. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
11/29/201733 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 210: Charles Antin

Charles Antin is a Senior International Wine Specialist and Auctioneer at Zachys Wine Auctions, and was both a commercial auctioneer and charity auctioneer at Christie's for close to a decade. At Zachys, Charles is responsible for international marketing of wine auctions, business-getting of millions of dollars of fine wine annually, assessment, authentication, entertainment of high net worth individuals, and auctioneering. He presides over around 60 charity and commercial auctions per year, from New York to Los Angeles to Puerto Rico to Hong Kong. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
11/15/201743 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 209: Terre Magazine with Rachel Signer

On an all new episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by wine and food writer Rachel Signer. She is the co-founder of Terre, an independent, art-driven print magazine, coming out twice per year, about natural wines and heritage foods. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast
11/8/201740 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 208: John Slover, the Sommelier's Sommelier

On the season premiere of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by "sommelier's sommelier" John Slover, beverage director of The Pool, which was recently given a three-star review by the New York Times.
9/13/201757 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 207: Linday Lawry, Director of International Wine Center

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Linda Lawry, the Director of International Wine Center in New York. She is the primary lecturer for the WSET Level 3 Advanced Course, and a specialist lecturer for WSET Level 4 Diploma. Linda was the Director of the New York Office of Wine Institute, the trade organization that represents the wines of California. She has lectured widely and has been a judge in many wine competitions. She is a trained chef, with a Certificate with Honors from the New York Restaurant School. In the Drink is powered by Simplecast.
7/26/201747 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 206: Ian D'Agata

Ian D’Agata has been speaking and writing about wine for over thirty years. He is the Senior Editor of VINOUS (USA), where he writes mainly on the wines of Italy, Canada, France and Germany, as well as restaurant reviews. He is the Scientific Director of the Vinitaly International Academy and Scientific Advisor to Vinitaly International. Ian has a degree in medicine and applies his scientific background characterizes his work in the field of wine. His research interest focuses on native wine grapes and he is actively involved in resurrecting forgotten old native wine grapes of Italy and having wine made from them again. He also lectures on wine culture, history and tasting in NYU’s Master’s Program in Food Sciences.
7/12/201743 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 205: Jared Roth

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in studio by Jarred Roth, the beverage director of Tom Colicchio’s Fowler & Wells and The Bar Room, a restaurant and bar inspired by turn-of-the-century New York City, located in The Beekman hotel and residences in lower Manhattan. At Fowler & Wells and The Bar Room, Roth selects diverse, approachable wines and oversees the inventive cocktail program to complement the restaurant’s American menu inspired by the iconic New York cuisine of the 19th and 20th centuries.
6/28/201751 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 204: Justin Chearno, The Four Horsemen

Justin is the Wine Director and a partner at The Four Horsemen, a restaurant and wine bar in Williamsburg. The Four Horsemen is known for serving some of the most interesting and hard to find natural wines in the city, and was also named one of the best restaurants in Williamsburg by New York Magazine. Justin began his career by playing and recording music for 20 years before moving into wine. Previously, he was the wine buyer for Uva wines for 8 years, transforming it from a small wine shop to an international destination for natural wines.
6/14/201748 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 203: Louis/Dressner Selections

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Jules Dressner of Louis/Dressner Selections, a portfolio of over 100 vignerons hailing from France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia and Chile. Louis/Dressner Selections is a partnership between Denyse Louis, a native Burgundian, Joe Dressner, and Kevin McKenna. Collectively, they spend nearly nine months a year in Europe working with their growers and selecting wines for importation to America.
6/7/201754 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 202: Cedric Nicaise, Wine Director of Eleven Madison Park

Born into a family of scientists and wine collectors, Cedric Nicaise spent the first five years of his life in Belgium, before moving to America with his family, though he would continue to spend a portion of each year traveling in Europe while growing up, taking in the culture, and the food. He attended Ithaca College and graduated with a degree in history. After graduation Cedric spent a number of years working at various restaurants throughout the upstate New York region. Eventually succumbing to his passion for restaurants he moved to Manhattan where he began working at Aureole. In honing his dining room experience there he took a great interest in the world of wine, ultimately joining Eleven Madison Park's wine team as a Sommelier in 2012. Since then he's been a key contributor to the continued evolution of the wine program and education of the staff, and was promoted to Wine Director in the spring of 2015.
5/31/201747 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 201: Michael Skurnik

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Michael Skurnik. In 1977, after graduating from UMass Amherst, Michael took a waiter’s job at Windows on the World while he waited to land a “real job.” He progressed quickly to sommelier and had the opportunity to taste thousands of wines from their extensive cellars. Michael left Windows in 1980 to work on the distribution side of the business. In 1987, he founded Michael Skurnik Wines (now just simply Skurnik Wines) in order to bring in a few boutique wineries from California and the rest is history. The business grew rapidly and now Skurnik Wines represents a host of wineries from California, Oregon, Washington, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary and even New Mexico and Israel!
5/24/201747 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 200: Caleb Ganzer, Managing Partner of Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

A lover of wine since he began his restaurant career during college, Caleb Ganzer moved to Paris during his senior year, where he worked in a Champagne bar and grew his love of wine into a full-fledged passion. After graduation, Caleb quickly made the decision to follow his heart and pursue a career in the wine world. Since then, he’s held positions as a sommelier at a number of acclaimed restaurants including several of Daniel Boulud’s spots, including Restaurant DANIEL, DBGB, and db Bistro Moderne in Miami & New York. Ganzer also spent two years as a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park. Currently, Ganzer is at the helm of Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, a SoHo wine bar with Parisian roots. Compagnie has been named Best Wine Bar in NYC by Village Voice in 2015, and Ganzer was named a Sommelier of the Year 2017 by Food & Wine magazine.
5/17/201746 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 199: John Paterson, Wine Director of Frankies Spuntino Restaurant Group

John Paterson IV is the wine director of Frankies Spuntino Restaurant Group. In his role as wine director since February 2015, Paterson has transformed the company’s wine programs, offering honest & approachable wines, while maintaining unique wine lists to fit each restaurant. We will talk about Italian wines, the restaurant industry and wine in Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.
5/10/201746 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 198: Rachel Lowe of Spiaggia Restaurant

On this week's episode of In The Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by sommelier Rachael Lowe, wine director of Spiaggia Restaurant in Chicago. Rachel has crafted wine programs at some of the most distinguished dining establishments in the United States. She holds an advanced sommelier degree from the Court of Master Sommeliers, which awarded her the Rudd Scholarship for top scores on the advanced exam. Lowe won the top prize at the Ruinart Chardonnay competition hosted by Ruinart and the Guild of Sommeliers in 2010, and the Jean Banchet award for Top Sommelier in Chicago. In that same year, Star Chefs named her Rising Star Sommelier. Food & Wine Magazine named Rachael one of the top Sommeliers of 2016.
4/19/201722 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 197: Wine on Wheels with Sommelier Yannick Benjamin

Host Joe Campanale sits down with sommelier Yannick Benjamin, head sommelier at the University Club, lead lecturer for Saturday seminars at Le Du’s Wines in the West Village and star of Esquire's “Uncorked”, a documentary series about sommeliers. In 2003, a car accident left Benjamin paralyzed below the waist. He quickly adapted, outfitting his wheelchair with a table that allows him to continue to perform the tasks required of his profession. Beyond the world of wine, Benjamin works tirelessly on behalf of his nonprofit organization, Wheeling Forward, which he started with Alex Elegudin in 2012. Their mission is to provide guidance and resources to disabled individuals, focusing on education, employment, wellness, community integration, housing acquisition, and personal fulfillment. A para-athlete, Benjamin competes in marathons to raise money for his advocacy group.
4/12/201736 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 196: Alex Rainer of Rochelt Distillery

For twenty years, Gunter Rochelt distilled brandy made from the finest fruit and shared it with his closest friends. By founding the Rochelt Brandy Distillery in 1989, Gunter quickly discovered an expanded circle of good friends. Back then the product line included seven varieties of brandy made from various fruit. Today, we produce 21 varieties and the next generation runs this still family-owned business. Alexander Rainer, Gunter’s son in law, has been active in the family business since 2003 and learned the art of distillation first hand under Gunter’s mentorship. Alexander now runs the family business with the support of the three Rochelt daughters: Julia, Annia and Teresa.
4/5/201746 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 195: Corison Winery

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Cathy Corison, owner and winemaker of Corison Winery. The first woman Winemaker-Proprietor in the Napa Valley,produces three Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons, hand-crafted without compromise. Her wines are powerful and elegant at the same time, have a sense of place, and are structured to grace the table and enjoy a long, distinguished life. She sources some of the finest vineyards in the Napa Valley, all located on classic benchland between Rutherford and St. Helena, where deep, stony alluvial soils provide the ideal growing conditions for the Cabernet vine. These vines regularly produce some of the most concentrated and superbly ripened fruit anywhere. Kronos Vineyard, one of the estate vineyards, surrounds the winery on all four sides. In 2016 Cathy harvested her 30th vintage of Corison!
3/15/201726 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 194: Sigalas Winery

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Paris Sigalas of Domaine Sigalas in Santorini. Sigalas is widely considered to be the best winemaker in Greece, and one of the best in the world. Also joining them, and serving as overqualified translator, is Lambros Papadimitriou of KIR-YIANNI, another outstanding winery.
3/8/201732 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 193: Justin Timsit, Wine Director for Gramercy Tavern

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Justin Timsit, the wine director for Gramercy Tavern. Growing up in a Moroccan family, Justin was introduced to wine at a very young age as wine complemented every meal and was appreciated as a full experience. His passion for wine stirred as his father introduced him to some of France’s iconic domaines and vineyards, which later drove him to explore many other new regions, styles, cultures and traditions. Prior to joining the Union Square Hospitality Group team, Justin spent three years at Lacroix at The Rittenhouse hotel, where he curated the restaurant’s award-winning wine selection and implemented several new wine programs. During his time there, Lacroix was awarded its first Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence for its wine program and Justin was recognized as one of Wine & Spirits Best New Sommeliers of 2016. In 2016, Justin assumed the role of Wine Director of Gramercy Tavern, where he oversees one of New York’s most acclaimed wine programs. Justin also won the Austrian Wine Marketing Board's "Austria: Uncorked - Best Sommelier of 2016" in their first annual competition in NY this past April.
3/1/201718 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 192: Larry Stone, Master Sommelier

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Larry Stone, one of the nation’s most renowned sommeliers and wine educators, and the first American to win the prestigious Sopexa Best International Sommelier in French Wines in Paris. Larry has served as a Trustee of the James Beard Foundation and on the Board of the Court of Master Sommeliers. He also makes his own Wilamette Valley wines under the “Lingua Franca” label.
2/22/201731 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 191: Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Nicolas Palazzi, a Bordeaux-bred, Brooklyn-based importer and distributor specializing in artisan Cognac and other forgotten spirits. His company, PM Spirits, imports a portfolio of curated artisanal distillates from France, Italy and Spain—all of which are made by real people who respect local traditions and work methodically, while rejecting any notions of additives or corner cutting. Nicolas is also the exclusive distributor of a larger, but very focused, portfolio of spirits in the New York market.
2/15/201739 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 190: The Up & Up - One of Esquire Magazine's "Best Bars in America" of 2015 with the Owner and Head Bartender

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Chaim Dauermann and Matt Piacentini, the head bartender and owner, respectively of The Up & Up, a craft cocktail bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The Up & Up bridges the gap between a serious cocktail bar with a low-key vibe and is designed for cocktails and conviviality. Menu highlights include: old fashioned’s served in single serving flasks, a section of the menu dubbed “Insanely Good Cocktails” which includes superlative versions of underappreciated drinks, over 20 original cocktails at all times featuring different styles, and classic stirred drinks.
2/8/201729 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 189: Brewmaster Roy Milner

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Roy Milner, Brewmaster for the Blackberry Farm Brewery. With more than 20 years in and around the craft brewing industry, our Roy began exploring his passion for great beer in Knoxville as a home brewer while attending the University of Tennessee. A native of Chattanooga, Roy has traveled extensively to gather the knowledge and expertise to make the best beer possible. Prior to Blackberry Farm, Roy worked as a brewer with multiple breweries in the Southeast, and has held several Sales and Marketing positions with beer and beverage companies throughout the United States before coming back to Tennessee. Passionate about all things Southern, he is a lover of music, cooking, beverages, and travel, and is proud to call the mountains of East Tennessee home.
2/1/201726 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 188: Antonio Galloni

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Antonio Galloni, a wine critic, and from 2006 to 2013 a tasting staff member of Robert Parker's publication The Wine Advocate. In May 2013, Galloni founded a new internet wine publication, Vinous.
1/25/201734 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 187: David Giuliano, Beverage Director of Market Table, The Clam, and The Little Owl

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by wine connoisseur David Giuliano. Collaborating with Chefs Joey Campanaro and Mikey Price, Giuliano brings his wine discoveries back to the West Village and pairs them with the distinctive seasonal dishes at Market Table, The Clam, and The Little Owl. Formally recognized as a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Giuliano curates beverage menus inspired by the nuances of his travels and appealing to a variety of palates, from casual wine drinkers to more seasoned oenophiles.
1/18/201731 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 186: The Dabney

On the season premiere of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Alex Zink and Jeremiah Langhorne, owners of The Dabney in Washington D.C. Tune in to hear them discuss their goal of sourcing the very best ingredients from the Mid-Atlantic region, the restaurant's extensive wine list, and the overall business climate in our nation's capital with looming presidential inauguration.
1/11/201744 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 185: Mary Gorman-McAdams, Master of Wine

On the season finale of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Mary Gorman-McAdams, the Bordeaux Wine Council’s market advisor for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Mary became a Master of Wine in 2011, a distinguished title held only by 319 people worldwide. Traveling regularly to Bordeaux has made Mary extremely knowledgeable about the Bordeaux wine region, its people and its wines. As a Master of Wine and a leading wine educator in the United States, Mary is highly regarded within the North American wine industry and community. She is also a regular conference and seminar speaker and a member of the North American Education committee for the Institute of Masters of Wine.
12/21/201629 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 184: Amaro and Wine with Piora's Wine Director Victoria James

Piora Wine Director Victoria James has worked in restaurants since she was just thirteen. While bartending during college, she took her first wine course and was instantly hooked. In 2011, she worked harvest for Michael Terien in Sonoma and then continued her studies with the American Sommelier Association in Viticulture and Vinification, as well as Blind Tasting.
 She became certified as a Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2012 when she was just twenty one. Victoria joined the Piora team in the fall of 2015. She oversees the Michelin-starred wine list featuring 400 labels from small producers in Italy, France and the United States with a special focus on Champagne and Switzerland. Here she has been named Forbes '10 innovators under 30 shaking up the NY food scene' as well as 'New York's Youngest Sommelier' by The Back Label Magazine, Wine Enthusiast's 'a 40 under 40 tastemaker of 2016' and Wine & Spirits Magazine's '2016 Best New Sommelier.'
12/14/201630 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 183: Elisabetta Foradori

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Elisabetta Foradori, the top producer of Teroldego, an ancient, native grape variety that is related to Syrah and Pinot Noir. In 1985, at the age of 19, Elisabetta took over her father’s estate in the Campo Rotaliano zone of Trentino in the foothills of the Dolomites. By 1999, she was being referred to as the “undisputed top producer of Teroldego, and had received numerous accolades, especially for her Granato, the most bold and concentrated of her Teroldego bottlings. Elisabetta began experimenting with biodynamics in the 2000s as a means to introduce more energy and dimension to her wines. As her work in the vineyards evolved, the wines too began to change, from big and concentrated to a more textured and elegant style. In 2009, after having tasted the amphora aged wines of COS, she began experimenting with terra cotta tinajas made to order in southern Spain. Today, she ferments and ages her Teroldego Sgarzon, Teroldego Morei , and the white Nosiola Fontanasanta in these large (420-480 liter) amphorae.
12/7/201632 minutes
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Episode 182: Patrick Cappiello Owner and Sommelier of Rebelle and Pearl and Ash

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Patrick Cappiello, the Operating Partner and Wine Director of Rebelle and Pearl & Ash restaurants, creator of Renegade Wine Dinner, Chef Sommelier for Daniel Johnnes "La Paulée", and Food & Wine host for Playboy Magazine.
11/30/201638 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 181: Master Sommelier Michael Engelmann of The Modern Restaurant

Wine Director and Master Sommelier Michaël Engelmann joined The Modern in 2014, having previously held the role of Wine Director at the Grand Award-winning Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney, Australia. Michaël's accolades include “Best Sommelier in America” from the American Sommelier Association (2009), and being voted one of five “Best New Sommeliers” by Wine & Spirits Magazine (2009). In the same year, he passed the Advanced Sommelier Exam of the Court of Master Sommeliers, earning the Rudd Scholarship for his high score. In 2011, Michaël passed the Master Sommelier exam and was awarded the Krug Cup for passing all three parts on his first attempt; he is one of only 14 individuals in the history of the Court to have done so.
11/16/201630 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 180: Thierry Valette of Clos Puy Arnaud

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Thierry Valette of the Clos Puy Arnaud vineyard. Clos Puy Arnaud is mentioned in the Feret book (the bible of Bordeaux's Wines) in 1874 as a first growth. Thierry Valette has been producing here since 2000. The vineyard is run with the principles of an organic approach, and has been involved in biodynamic agriculture since 2004.
11/9/201637 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 179: Muhr-Van de Neipoort with Dorli Muhr

This week on In the Drink, Dorli Muhr will discuss her wines at Muhr-van der Niepoort and the state of the Austrian wine industry. She will also discuss Orange wines. Carnuntum is a lesser-known Austrian wine region, east of Vienna, and this is where the Muhr-van der Niepoort winery is based. Dorli resuscitated her family vineyards here, taking advantage of the Spitzerberg’s distinctive terroir, together with the old Blaufränkisch vines and their tiny yields. The result are wines that reflect the tastes of the wine producers themselves: elegant and refined, with structure, length and plenty of floral freshness. Also in the studio is Stetson Robbins of Blue Danube Wine, which is collaborating with Anfora to produce the event series Week of Orange Wine.
11/2/201637 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 178: Virginia Wine with Jarad Slipp of RDV Vineyards

RdV Vineyards is a boutique vineyard and winery that occupies 100 acres of land in Delaplane, Virginia. Led by Rutger de Vink and master sommelier Jarad Slipp, RdV focuses on doing one thing extraordinarily well: creating world-class Bordeaux-style blends. Since its founding in 2004, RdV has quickly earned high praise from wine experts around the world. In May 2016, RdV’s “Rendezvous” became the first red wine from Virginia to be served at a White House state dinner.
10/26/201630 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 177: Raw Wine with Isabelle Legeron

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Isabelle Legeron, founder of RAW WINE, the world's leading natural, low-intervention organic and biodynamic wine fair, which is coming to New York for the first time this November. Isabelle is France's first and only Female Master of Wine and extremely passionate about promoting wine transparency. Isabelle has dedicated her life to disrupting conventional understandings of what wine is and advocating for more sustainable, environmental and beneficial approaches to winemaking. Her fair is a 2-day showcase of some of the best wine talent in the world – leading the charge for transparency, providing clarity to consumers and driving the conversation to know what's in your glass.
10/19/201629 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 176: The Contra and Wildair Winelists with Jorge Riera

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Jorge Riera, the wine director of both Contra and Wildair. His small-production, natural-focused wine lists have garnered praise for their quality and accessibility. Jorge previously worked at Balthazaar in its very early days, as well as 360 in Red Hook and Lower East Side institution Ten Bells.
10/5/201629 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 175: The World's Oldest Known Winery

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Adam Leith Gollner, a contributing editor at Saveur Magazine. The author of The Fruit Hunters and The Book of Immortality, he has also written for The New York Times, The Paris Review, Travel and Leisure, Gourmet Magazine, and The New Yorker.
9/21/201630 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 174: Bay Grape - Wine Retailing in Oakland, California

On the season finale of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by husband-and-wife team Josiah Baldivino and Stevie Stacionis, owners and operators of the Bay Grape wine shop in Oakland, California. Bay Grape is a wine shop focused on community. In addition to wine, they offer beer, specialty sodas and a small retail selection of local, artisanal foodstuffs. They also host winemaker-led tastings and casual, relaxed wine classes. Tune in to hear the story of Josiah and Stevie's courtship, their stint in New York, the day-to-day of running a neighborhood wine shop, and more!
8/17/201633 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 173: Felidia Wine Director, Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor has been named wine director of Felidia, the highly acclaimed, flagship restaurant owned by Lidia Bastianich. Mr. Taylor’s tenure in NYC restaurants has included, most recently, the position of wine director at Betony alongside Chef Bryce Shuman and General Manager Eamon Rockey. While at Betony, the restaurant received 1 Michelin Star, Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence and was named Best New Restaurant in the US by Esquire Magazine.
8/3/201628 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 172: Vins de Bordeaux

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Rachel Hubert of Château Peybonhomme-Les-Tours and Château La Grolet, and Alexander Sichel of Maison Sichel. Tune in to hear these young winemakers talk about why Bordeaux doesn't have to be an expensive or unapproachable variety...indeed, it can be quite the opposite.
7/27/201633 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 171: Master Distiller Eddie Russell

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Master Distiller Eddie Russell of the Wild Turkey Distillery. With 34 years of experience under his belt, Eddie Russell knows a thing or two about Bourbon. As the son of legendary Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, and the third generation Russell to work at the Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Eddie Russell is of an unmatched pedigree in the Bourbon industry. Like his father, Eddie is involved through the entire distillation and aging process of Wild Turkey’s whiskeys, ensuring every bottle meets the exacting standards set forth by their predecessors. Most recently, Eddie has led the charge on groundbreaking innovations for Wild Turkey, American Honey Sting and Wild Turkey Forgiven – which was awarded the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Competition. With the worldwide boom in Bourbon consumption, Eddie has his eye squarely on creating new whiskey expressions that appeal to a globally expanding consumer base, while cultivating Wild Turkey’s core expressions.
7/13/201634 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 170: Fass Selections

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Lyle Fass, a 20 year veteran of the wine business. Fass wrote the business plan and was the founding wine buyer at Crush, the fastest growing wine store in New York City. He has also published Rockss and Fruit, a popular wine blog, for over 9 years, and is the co-founder and CEO of Fass Selections, Inc. an importer and retailer of fine European wines that buys from wineries and sells direct to consumers.
7/6/201643 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 169: "What Makes a Great Wine Restaurant"

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Susan Kostrzewa, executive editor of Wine Enthusiast magazine. She oversees the editorial direction of the print magazine, as well as all digital initiatives for the media company, and is a formal taster on the magazine wine tasting panel. Kostrzewa is the author of numerous food, wine and travel books such as Opus Vino, a comprehensive volume of worldwide wines and wine regions, Greatest Escapes, a series of books on literary travel, and Pairings, a guide on matching the eclectic wines and foods of the world. Before relocating from Sonoma to Manhattan in 2005, Kostrzewa was senior editor of Wine Country Living, as well as a contributing writer and/or editor for Savor Wine Country, Marin Magazine, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat and several travel magazines. Some of Kostrezwa’s more recent interview subjects include: Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Tyler Florence, Francis Ford Coppola, Samantha Mathis, Joe Montana, Eric Trump, and Andy Rourke.
6/29/201633 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 168: Dirty and Rowdy with Hardy Wallace

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Hardy Wallace, the co-owner and winemaker of Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery in Sonoma County CA. In six and a half years, Dirty and Rowdy has gone from a small, two barrel side project, to one of the most sought after wines from CA. Hardy focusses on producing eight single vineyard Mourvèdre wines from all over CA, and a handful of small production white wines. Dirty and Rowdy started as a project “to make wines to pair with fried chicken,” and regardless of how high or low they’ve climbed / fallen, their fried chicken mission remains the same.
6/22/201631 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 167: Author Alan Tardi Enlightens Us On The House Of Krug (That's Champagne)

Joining us in the studio today is Alan Tardi, a James Beard Award winner and the author of the new Champagne, Uncorked: The House of Krug and the Timeless Allure of the World’s Most Celebrated Drink. He tells us all about what makes "the smallest of the big houses" so prestigious, after focusing his research on its 2013 vintage.
6/15/201640 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 166: Negroni Week Celebration with Bartender, Author, and Bitters Entrepreneur Gaz Regan

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Gaz Regan, the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan, and Bartender Emeritus at The Dead Rabbit in New York City. Gaz's first book, The Bartender's Bible, was published in 1991, and he writes for The Cocktail Lovers magazine and on a regular basis. His newest book is The Negroni: Drinking to La Dolce Vita, with Recipes & Lore. Tune in for this special episode in celebration of Negroni Week!
6/8/201637 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 165: Isabella Pelizatti Perego of Ar.Pe.Pe.

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Isabella Pelizatti Perego of the Arturo Pelizzatti Perego winery, aka Ar.Pe.Pe. Isabella Pelizatti Perego, is part of the fifth generation, along with her brothers Emmanuel and Guido making wines in Valtellina. Her grandfather Arturo renamed the family estate to Ar.Pe.Pe. with the 1984 harvest. As one of the best traditional wineries from Valtellina, the grapes see long macerations and even longer bottle­-aging at the cellar. Isabella has done little to change the winemaking of her father and his; wines are released when ready.
5/25/201631 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 164: The Real McCoy Rum with Emmy Award-winning Documentarian, Bailey Pryor

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Bailey Pryor, the Founder and CEO of The Real McCoy rum. Bailey has worked in the film and television industry for over 28 years as a writer, producer and director. During his career, Bailey has been nominated for 10 Emmy® Awards, winning 6 awards. He has produced seven feature films and over 150 television programs for ABC, PBS, Outdoor Life Network, Versus, Fox Sports Net, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, Animal Planet, Tennis Channel and Travel Channel. Bailey has previously held the positions of President & CEO of Telemark Films and President & CEO of Warren Miller Entertainment in Boulder, Colorado. Bailey is also the Founder and CEO of The Real McCoy rum, which is based on a film he produced for PBS, of the same name. The Real McCoy rum has won over 65 major spirits industry awards worldwide and is currently being distributed in 16 states in the US, as well as 11 countries in Europe. The Real McCoy is a dry style rum produced in Barbados.
5/18/201632 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 163: Arvid Rosengren of Charlie Bird, The Best Sommelier in the World

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Arvid Rosengren, the Best Sommelier in the World! Born and raised in the south of Sweden, Arvid initially studied Nanotechnology Engineering but figured out half-way through that working with his true passion – food and wine – would be preferable to wearing a lab coat. He spent two years at the Grythyttan School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, while doing stints at some of the better restaurants in Scandinavia. After a brief time in Stockholm and a period at the Hotel du Vin in the UK, Arvid settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he spent the next six years growing from the floor sommelier of a busy restaurant to wine director for an ambitious group of almost a dozen establishments. Nearing thirty, Arvid had become a bit restless, and again needed to get away from spreadsheets and back on the floor, with the guests and the bottles. The possibility to go to New York and work came rather unexpectedly, but the allure was strong. Currently, Arvid spends most nights pushing bottles at Charlie Bird on the western edge of SoHo. Arvid is one of the most merited sommeliers in the world, holding a range of competition wins and titles, the latest and greatest being the Best Sommelier in the World, a competition held every three years for candidates representing close to sixty countries. It tests theoretical knowledge, blind tastings of various beverages and practical service skills.
5/11/201631 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 162: Herman J. Wiemer Wines with Oskar Bynke

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Oskar Bynke, co-owner of the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Over the last decade, Oskarand and his business partner, winemaker Fred Merwarth, have succeeded in placing the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard in particular, and the Finger Lakes region in general, on the global Riesling map, making sure the region is understood for its distinctiveness. Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard is now an 80-acre property with a commitment to viticultural thought leadership and experimentation, and is widely considered to be the standard bearer at the helm of the Finger Lakes revolution. Before going to Wiemer, Oskar, a Swedish agronomist who holds a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and studied in Cornell University, worked in the wine business with distributors of Diageo and Moet & Hennessey in New York City.
5/4/201635 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 161: Aperitivo Book Discussion with Author Marissa Huff

On the season premiere of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Marissa Huff, author of the book Aperitivo: The Cocktail Culture of Italy. The aperitivo is a fixture in Italian culture and daily lifestyle. Many of the drinks are structured around vermouths and other botanical-infused liqueurs, which offer a new world of complex flavors. But Marissa's book is just as much about the food, because in Italy, drinking and eating go hand in hand. Marisa Huff is a native Californian and avid home cook, turned Italian food and beverage expert; an arbiter of taste, if you will. When not sipping on a spritz, Marisa spends her days working as the Director of Communications for the Alajmo family restaurant group, based in Padua, Venice, and Paris. Drawing on her insider’s perspective on Italian food, wine, and favorite social custom, the aperitivo, Marisa’s writing has also appeared in publications such as Wine & Sprits and The Art of Eating. She currently lives in Padua with her husband and daughter. Tune in for a light and refreshing start to the spring season of In the Drink!
4/27/201630 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 160: Martin Arndorfer

On this week's episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Martin Arndorfer of the Martin & Anna Arndorfer winery in Austria. Martin Arndorfer comes from a long line of wine makers, growing up in the vineyards and cellar of his parents estate. Anna Steininger is the daughter of one of the top and most respected wine makers in Austria, Karl Steininger, quite simply, they are a match made in ‘wine’ heaven. Both born with a natural, and it seems in that region, almost genetic understanding and love of the Riesling and Gruner Veltliner grapes. Martin truly fell in love with winemaking at the tender age of 12, but even before tried to play sick from kindergarten because he preferred to stay in the vineyards with his mother, and on the tractor with dad. Anna was basically ‘born in the cellar’ and has been helping with the wine making since the time she could walk. After attending a winemaking school that has been teaching future winemakers since 1860, Martin headed off to Italy to get some practical training (and thought he might eat quite well while there as well). Martin still lends much of his inspiration to two Italian producers; Ronco del Gnemiz run by Serena Palazzolo where he experienced his first full bodied whites matured in small oak barrels, and Fabrizio Iuli (yes the same Fabrizio Iuli that was my inspiration to start Indie Wineries). With Fabrizio he learned how to make, “complex and straightforward red wines of outstanding quality”. These two wineries sparked his interest in thrilling red wines and his passion for barriques. He said in both cases, he has also found friends for a lifetime. Thanks to Anna’s gentle persuasion he then attended the University of Austria and graduated with a degree in “International Wine Management.” He is currently studying for his master degree in the same major. When Martin returned from Italy, he and Anna moved in together, and not only did they unite their living spaces, but also their love, ideas, passion and knowledge for winemaking starting their own label, ‘Arndorfer’. The M & A on the bottle stand for, yes you guessed, Martin and Anna.
4/6/201632 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 159: Elena Pantaleoni of La Stoppa

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Elena Pantaleoni of the La Stoppa winery. La Stoppa is an ancient estate with its vineyards stretching along the Trebbiola valley, not far from the river Trebbia, in the Italian province of Piacenza. Pantaleoni took over the family estate in 1993 and, with help from Giulio Armani, she rapidly guided the production toward organic farming rules and the use of local grapes.
3/30/201633 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 158: For the Love of Wine: My Odyssey Through the World’s Most Ancient Wine Culture Book release

On this week's episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Alice Feiring, a James Beard Award-winning wine journalist. She runs the newsletter The Feiring Line, and is also the author of the new book For the Love of Wine: My Odyssey through the World's Most Ancient Wine Culture, a chronicle of Georgian wines. Tune in to hear them discuss this most ancient of wine cultures.
3/23/201630 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 157: Lauren Feldman

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, Joe is joined in the studio by longtime colleague and friend Lauren Feldman. Born and raised in California wine country, Lauren Feldman got her start in wine while studying abroad in Italy. It was in Italy where she fell in love with wine, the craft and the stories in wine that connect us to our history and to our earth. Following college, Lauren moved to New York City where she began working for a small, new Italian restaurant called dell’anima. Here, she would begin to refine her focus and passion for Italian wines, eventually opening two more restaurants over the course of three years with her coworkers and dell’anima family. During her time in New York City Lauren learned much about wine, but most importantly, the regional bond between the wines and the place – how, in Italy and most of the world, the wine, food and culture are all one. In 2010, Lauren returned to California with a new sensibility for wine culture and business. Shortly thereafter she began working for Sonoma’s SCRIBE Winery, where she would develop and maintain the hospitality program. She later moved to Nashville where she ran the wine program for Sean Brock’s HUSK. These days, Lauren corrals all of these skills obtained throughout her early years in the industry to consult on restaurant wine programs – namely CALA in San Francisco and Molina in Mill Valley – as well as winery sales and hospitality throughout Northern California.
3/16/201633 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 156: Ivan Giuliani of Terenzuola

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, Joe is joined in the studio by Ivan Giuliani of the Terenzuola winery. At once both Tuscan and Liguria, the wines of Terenzuola reflect the duality of their terroir. The area is known as the Lunigiana – after the city of Luni, an ancient Roman colony of the second century B.C. located near the mouth of the Magra River. Today, Ivan Giuliani is at the helm of the estate. In 2007, together with his friend and fellow vigneron Marco Nicolini, he renovated the cellars at Terenzuola, and brought the total hectares under his management to 18. Also in that year, he formed a partnership with Evasio Pasini, whose family for centuries had lived and cultivated vineyards in the Riomaggiore township of the Cinque Terre. In 2012, Terenzuola bought out Pasini from the Cinque Terre project and brought the label under the umbrella of Terenzuola.
3/9/201633 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 155: Federico Scarzello and Kevin Hedges

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, Joe is joined in the studio by Federico Scarzello of Scarzello Giorgio & Figli, and Kevin Hedges of Vignaioli. Scarzello Giorgio & Figli was founded in the 1940s by Scarzello’s grandfather and his brother. Since 2001, he has been involved in the technical management of the winery with his father, and became the owner in 2009, overseeing all operations from vineyard to cellar. The winery produces 25,000 bottles a year with only the grapes they cultivate in the village of Barolo. “For me, tradition is not the way to make wine, but is the result in the glass.” [6:45] – Federico Scarzello  
3/2/201633 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 154: La Paulee SF and Rebelle Restaurant with Patrick Cappiello

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, Joe is joined by Patrick Cappiello. Patrick is the Operating Partner and Wine Director of Rebelle and Pearl & Ash restaurants, creator of Renegade Wine Dinner, Chef Sommelier for Daniel Johnnes “La Paulée”, and Wine Columnist for Playboy Magazine. “Of course we were hoping for it!” [28:46] – Patrick Cappiello, on Rebelle receiving a Michelin Star  
2/24/201634 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 153: Rieslingfeier and Vomboden Wines with Stephen Bitterolf

Tune is for a “tasty” episode of In The Drink with guest Stephen Bitterolf, founder of Vomboden, a small winery based just outside of Alf in Germany. Vomboden exclusively uses grapes from local German growers. Stephen and host Joe Campanale discuss the German wine industry, organic farming, misunderstandings over sulphur, and a surprisingly cheap wine tasting event. “The idea is that they’re long distance runners, you’re not supposed to open them now.” [26:00] – Stephen Bitterolf  
2/17/201633 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 152: Scott Pactor of Appellation Wine & Spirits

Tune in for a great episode of _ In the Drink _ featuring guest Scott Pactor.  Scott is the founder and owner of Appellation Wine & Spirits.  The store features a highly curated list focusing on small producers, organic, and biodynamic wines as well as artisanal spirits. Food & Wine named Appellation as one of the country’s top natural wine stores.  Scott and his team taste everything before purchasing for the store.  Prior to entering the wine business Scott worked in finance until 2012.  He always had a passion for wine and when a position opened to work at Balthazar’s wine department he jumped at the opportunity.  He then went on to work at Lidia Bastianich’s Felidia’s in Midtown East as well as a few other retail shops. Appellation this past fall celebrated its 10th Anniversary.   Photo Credit: Susanna Blavarg for
2/10/201629 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 151: Benjamin Zidarich of Azienda Zidarich

Tune in for a brand new episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is in studio with Benjamin Zidarich, in NYC all the way from Italy for Slow Wine 2016.  Speaking in Italian, Benjamin is accompanied by David Weitzenhoffer of A.I. Selections who expertly translates Benjamin’s descriptions of Azienda Zidarich, which is located in a beautiful and unique corner of Italy’s Friuli region, known as the Karst (Carso in Italian). Benjamin revolutionized his father’s company by expanding the vineyards and focusing on native grape varieties. Right from the start, the Azienda Zidarich was faced with a real challenge. The local soil structure is composed of stone covered by a thin layer of red soil, which required continuous work and resources to work with. Over the years, Benjamin shares that they planted new vines and expanded the vineyards from ½ hectare up to 8, whilst the production reached 20,000 bottles per year. He has also expanded his fan base as more and more people have fallen in love with his wines, both in Italy and abroad!
2/3/201633 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 150: Camilla Lunelli, Ferrari Wines

This week’s guest on In the Drink is Camilla Lunelli of Ferrari Wines. Established in northern Italy’s Trentino region over a century ago, Ferrari has earned a worldwide reputation as the premier source of luxury _metodo classico_sparkling wines from Italy. All Ferrari wines are produced according to the regulations of the _metodo classico_Trento D.O.C, a process akin to that used by the finest Champagne houses. Ferrari’s best-known wines – Ferrari Brut, Perlé and Giulio Ferrari – are blanc de blancs, meaning they are made from 100% Chardonnay, apparent in their remarkable delicacy and finesse.Ferrari was founded in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari. After studying in France, Giulio returned to Trentino convinced that his native region’s terroir was ideal for growing Chardonnay grapes suitable for the production of world-class sparkling wines. A pioneer in Italian viticulture, Ferrari was the first Italian winemaker and viticulturalist to dedicate his vineyards almost entirely to Chardonnay – and by 1906 the awards had begun to roll in. Ferrari was well on its way to producing what would soon become the most famous sparkling wine in all of Italy. In fact, Ferrari is a perennial 22-time winner of the Tre Bicchieri award, Italy’s highest wine accolade, often with Giulio Ferrari and with the most recent honor going to the 2005 Ferrari Perlé Nero bottling in 2012. In 1952, Giulio Ferrari, not having any children, chose friend and local merchant Bruno Lunelli as successor for his beloved business. Today, the third generation of the Lunelli family is at the helm, overseeing 300 acres of prime estate vineyards in Trentino. Production is in the hands of a capable team of eight winemakers, led by chief winemaker Marcello Lunelli, and four agronomists. The pursuit of excellence in all areas of Ferrari production and management is an enduring family legacy with several cousins involved from the new generation: Marcello’s cousin, Matteo Lunelli, is the Chairman of Ferrari F.lli Lunelli SpA, Camilla Lunelli heads up global communications, and Alessandro Lunelli, an engineer by training, is responsible for planning and technical oversight.
1/27/201629 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 149: Jack Mason

This week’s guest on In the Drink  is Jack Mason, Wine Director at Marta. Born and raised in College Station, Texas, Jack Mason began working in local restaurants at a young age and pursued a culinary degree at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Midway through his studies, while fulfilling a wine education requirement, Jack’s interest was sparked and he decided to continue his education with a degree in Hospitality Management at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. There, he met Greg Harrington of Gramercy Cellars, who would become a mentor to him as he became a Teaching Assistant in a wine course and spent summers furthering his education by working in wine shops and restaurants back home. Upon graduating and returning to Texas, Jack spent over two years working as a Sommelier at the Grand Award-winning Pappas Brothers Steakhouse in Houston before moving to New York City in 2013. Jack honed his knowledge and love of Italian wine as a Sommelier at several of Michael White’s Italian restaurants, including Ai Fiori and Marea. All the while, he studied for and passed the Advanced Exam of the Court of Master Sommeliers. In 2014, Jack joined the opening team of Marta as Wine Director, in which capacity he enjoys focusing on wines of southern Italy to complement Chef Nick Anderer’s Roman-influenced menu, and furthering the team’s beverage education. In 2015, Jack passed his final exam and was inducted into the Court of Master Sommeliers; Jack was also included in Forbes’s annual “30 Under 30” list of outstanding young professionals nationwide.
12/9/201534 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 148: Ivan Rapuzzi of Ronchi di Cialla

This week’s guest on  In the Drink  is Ivan Rapuzzi of Ronchi di Cialla. The Ronchi di Cialla estate is strictly a family business. While Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi, who founded it in 1970, were attracted by wine growing as a way of living, their children Pierpaolo and Ivan belong to a generation that “grew up with vines”. Both of them have, in fact, a degree in Food Sciences and are agrarian experts; they firmly support the Ronchi di Cialla policy and immemorial wine making tradition in Friuli.This family has thus become an uncommon heir of ancient traditions on one hand and modern scientific knowledge on the other making this small family business out of the ordinary. “We want to have the same biodiversity in the vines as there is in the forrest.” [13:00]
11/18/201532 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 147: Alicia Lini of Lini Winery

This week’s guest on **In the Drink ** is fourth generation winemaker Alicia Lini of the legendary Lini winery. They offer a wide array of sparkling Lambruscos, white, rose and rosso, produced using both the Charmat method (the method used to produce prosecco, and most commonly used for Lambrusco), as well as the more labor intensive Metodo Classico (classic method used for champagne.) Celebrating its 100th year in 2010, the Lini winery was founded in 1910, in Correggio, Emilia-Romagna. Throughout the many changes, both in the production and consumption of wine, which have taken place over the last century, Lini’s winemaking philosophy has remained consistent and true. Wine is a living product, reflective of our history, culture and lifestyle. Any winemaker, including Lini 910, will claim to make wine according to their own personal taste rather than the latest wine trends. Yet a wine producer must not underestimate the importance of the consumer, and every decision, from the vineyard to the cellar, must be made with a view to presenting the public with a product of the highest possible quality. In the last ten years Italian wine has undergone a real “Renaissance”, resulting in richer variety and a far more accessible domestic product. As a consequence of greater commercial success, a fashionable new wine culture is emerging.  
11/11/201532 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 146: Frédéric Panaïotis

This week’s guest on _ In the Drink _ is Frédéric Panaïotis, chef de Caves at the Champagne House of Ruinart, in Reims, France. As a child, Panaïotis spent much of his time in the small Champagne vineyards of his grandparents, sampling the fruits of their labor. His professional career began with a compulsory training period at the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, where he studied the méthode champenoise process in general and wine clarification in particular, including fining, filtration and riddling. Over the years, Panaïotis returned several times to the Comité, subsequently specializing in the interaction of cork and wine, and training the professional panel on different tasting procedures. His winemaking apprenticeship included appointments in France and California. Panaïotis graduated from the Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon with a specialization in Viticulture-Oenologie, followed by a degree from the Ecole Supérieure d’Oenologie de Montpellier in 1988. Frédéric Panaïotis joined Champagne Ruinart in 2007 as Chef de Caves. In this position, he has the responsibility of creating the blends, from the non vintages Blanc de Blancs and Rosé to the prestige cuvees of Ruinart, Dom Ruinart and Dom Ruinart Rosé. He also plays a significant role in the communication efforts of Champagne Ruinart, at times travelling extensively to international markets. “It’s great for celebration, great to go with good, great for any moment in your life.” [13:00]  
11/4/201534 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 145: Raffaele Seghesio

This week on _ In the Drink _, host Joe Campanale is joined by Raffaele Seghesio, son of Renzo Seghesio, perhaps best known as a family producer of Barolo.  From the Pajana della Ginestra vineyard of Monforte d’Alba, Raffaele got his first taste of the family livelihood at 4 years old, affixing labels and foil bottle tops. He currently assists his father and brother Federico with the daily operations.  Raffaele studied medicine in Torino and is also a practicing surgeon in Alba.  Kevin Hedges, wine consultant for Vignaioli Selection is also in studio adding to the conversation. “We want to say to our customers: you have to give time to this wine because it will pay off.” [28:00] –Raffaele Seghesio on In the Drink  
10/28/201529 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 144: Stefano Papetti Ceroni

Stefano Papetti Ceroni of Nicoletta De Fermo in Abruzzo, Italy joins Joe Campanale this week on In the Drink for a conversation on natural winemaking, farming techniques and more!  “The goal is to have wines that have character and are individual. Your body recognizes the good wines. Some people who start drinking natural wine cannot go back to conventional wine, because their bodies won’t accept it!” [34:00]
10/21/201535 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 143: Port with Adrian Bridge

This week’s guest on a port-themed episode of  In the Drink is Adrian Bridge. Adrian was first exposed to the Port industry in 1982 when he met his wife Natasha,  However, he only joined the industry in 1994.  In 1983 he was commissioned into The 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards after being awarded the ‘Sword of Honour’ as the leading officer cadet of his year at Sandhurst.  After five years military service, during which time he spent a year peacekeeping with the United Nations, he left the city to join an investment bank.  He joined NatWest Investment Bank in London where he rose to be head of US equity sales. In 1994, he and his wife moved out to live in Portugal where he took control of the company’s brands, Taylor’s Port and Fonseca Port, in the UK and USA markets.  He accompanied first hand the changes in the UK market and was involved in the rapid expansion of the USA Port market during the 1990’s. In 2000, he formally took over the role of Managing Director of the Taylor Fonseca Port Group.  Having been instrumental in the group buying the assets of Borges Port in 1999, he further expanded the company with the purchase of Croft Port and Delaforce Port in 2001, from Diageo.  The subsequent reorganization of the group, to form The Fladgate Partnership, and repackaging of these brands has helped the group to become a leading supplier of Port in the major premium markets of the world. The Fladgate Partnership has invested substantially in vineyards and wineries in the last few years and has maintained a pioneering role in this area.  Unlike all other Port companies The Fladgate Partnership has chosen not to invest in a Douro table wine project but has maintained its focus on the production of quality Port. The company has won many awards including European Winery of the Year 2002 by The Wine Enthusiast, an American wine magazine, and has been awarded more 100 point wines than any of its competitors.  The vintage Ports of Taylor and Fonseca are considered the quality reference for the sector. In 2008 Adrian created a new style of Port – Croft Pink – the first new Port for over a generation. In 2010, The Yeatman Hotel was launched – this luxury wine hotel has been Adrian’s project for over 5 years and he was involved in every detail of the concept, design, branding  and launch of the hotel.  For this he was awarded the ‘Gold Medal’ of the City – the highest civic honour a municipality can bestow.
10/14/201532 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 142: Pamela Wiznitzer

This week’s guest in _ In the Drink  _is Pamela Wiznitzer has a true passion and zest for the industry that is seen and tasted in every drink she serves and also transcends the bar. Since 2006, Pamela has been working throughout NYC, and most recently as the Creative Director and bartender at Seamstress on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. She has earned honors from her industry peers such as winning 1st place in the 2014 National Restaurant Association’s “Star of the Bar” competition and 1st place in the 2013 Louis Royer “Show Me the Proof” competition. She recently was nominated as one of the top 10 bartenders for the 2015 “American Bartender of the Year” award at Tales of the cocktail and was named the “2014 Bartender of the Year” by the Village Voice. Additionally, she was just named as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s top 10 Rising Star Mixologists, is one of four inductees to the “Dames Hall of Fame” in 2015 and Named as one of Wine Enthusiasts “40 under 40” Tastemakers in 2015. She is an active member and serves as the President of the New York chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild. Pamela is committed to and believes in the continuation of her pursuit of knowledge and is currently working towards a master’s degree in Food Studies, with a concentration on spirits and alcohol, at NYU’s Steinhardt School. Additionally, she presents her research at seminars and conferences including topics such as Women and Whiskey, history of women behind bars, and the neurology of taste. Pamela is a recent graduate of the rigorous Beverage Alcohol Resources 5 day program earning top honors by passing the course “Bar Ready.” Pamela has been featured in multiple publications including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Tasting Panel, Travel & Leisure, Bar Business Magazine, The Village Voice, Zagat, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self,, and Underground Eats as well as reoccurring media appearances on the the Food Network, Vh1, NBC, LXTV, Fox & Friends and BetterTV.  
10/7/201532 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 141: Fred Minnick

Fred Minnick captures whiskey in words and photos for Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate, and many freelance opportunities. He also writes for Parade, Scientific American, Covey Rise and others. Minnick’s latest release is Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker, which hits bookshelves this month. Previously he wrote the critically acclaimed book “Whiskey Women”, which won ForeWord Reviews ’14 “Book of the Year” in Women’s Studies, while his Iraq War memoir “Camera Boy” became a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Minnick is a two time Pink Lady International Food Photographer of the Year finalist and is the Bourbon Authority for the Kentucky Derby Museum. He judges the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Whisky Awards.
9/30/201538 minutes
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Episode 140: Giuseppe Russo

Travel to Sicily this week on a brand new episode of In the Drink! Joe Campanale is joined by Giuseppe Russo. Giuseppe is a trained pianist with a degree in Italian literature, manages the family estate since 2004 and bottles Etna Rosso in three different versions (the first released vintage was 2005). The vineyards extend for 15 hectares and stand in three districts (contrade): S. Lorenzo (8 hectares, 750-780 meters altitude), Feudo (6 hectares, 650-670 m altitude) and Feudo di Mezzo (1 hectare at 700 meters altitude). Furthermore, Giuseppe manages 1 hectare in the Calderara Sottana district. For the production of his wines, Giuseppe follows the same method as when he used to study the piano: extreme attention to details, but always keeping in mind the final result. The estate is certified organic. This program was brought to you by Michter’s.  
9/23/201529 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 139: Tequila with Jose Valdez

Dig deep into tequila on the season premiere of _ In the Drink! _ Host Joe Campanale is joined by Jose Valdez, the master distiller (Maestro Tequilero) of Tequila Partida. Since Partida’s foundation, Jose has skillfully managed all key components in the tequila making process; from logistics and purchasing, to production and plant manager, Jose continues to be the embodiment of this world-class tequila. Today, Jose is responsible for the quality and consistency of the entire Partida portfolio. Additionally, he leads the strategic production, forecasting and all operations planning. As a graduate from the school of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, Jose is currently studying the Global MBA at two prestigious universities: Thunderbird University (Bloomberg Businessweek 2012 ranked #1 as “Top MBA Program by Specialty: International Business”) and EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey (Financial Times Best MBA program in Latin American 2012 and the previous 6 years). He carries the title of “Technical Tequila” by the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT). Further, Jose is certified as a “Tequila Expert” and is a member of the Mexican Academy of Tequila, Wine and Mezcal Tasters. Jose is closely related to the tequila producers of two main regions: Tequila Valley and “Los Altos” of Jalisco, a very important relationship in understanding the different production process techniques. “Since 5 years ago, the farmers union has started working very closely with producers to get a fair price for a kilo of agave.” [11:00] — Jose Valdez on In the Drink
9/16/201534 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 138: Adam Ford

Adam Ford, a lawyer by profession, is the founder of Atsby New York Vermouth and is in studio with Joe Campanale for this week’s episode of In the Drink. Inspired by a vermouth he tasted in Italy, Adam relays that he then sought to create an American vermouth using local, artisanal ingredients. In the process of researching the perfect combination of botanicals for his product, he discovered the long-forgotten history of what was once America’s most glamorous spirit, and so his new book, “Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit That Created America’s Cocktail Culture” was born. Ford lives in New York City with his family and produces his vermouth on the North Fork of Long Island. Looking for cocktail inspiration? Tune in to this great episode! This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “When I was studying vermouth and figuring out how make it, no one was talking about wormwood, and my understanding was that it was somewhat of a relic. So when I made my vermouth, I didn’t use it… I didn’t realize it was going to start this big debate!” [12:02] “Vermouth has a ten-thousand year old history!” [19:36] —Adam Ford on In the Drink
8/5/201538 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 137: Jerusha Frost

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale sits down with Jerusha Frost, New York Sommelier. Recommending wine to New York diners for almost 8 years now, her love for wine was discovered while living on a vineyard in Austria and was then fostered at Wallsé by Aldo Sohm. After working for him there and Le Bernardin, she had a brief stint at the then newly-opened RN74 in San Francisco, returning to NYC to open The Lion in the West Village. From there, she moved uptown, to work with Michael Madrigale at Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud. Currently, she is working with Chef Didier Elena and a roster of the world’s best chefs at Chefs Club by Food & Wine, where she has curated a list of fine and delicious wines from around the world. Jerusha holds an Advanced Sommelier Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers, a Diploma of Wine & Spirits from the WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) and a B.A. from Macalester College. Tune in for a great show! This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “I’ve really learned how a wine that you wouldn’t necessarily gravitate to can be something you would love based on what you’re eating. It can make the food better!” [4:48] “Work with someone who has tasted so much more than you and knows more than you and can teach you. There’s so much to learn and I still have so much to learn.” [13:39] —Jerusha Frost on In the Drink
7/29/201533 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 136: Eli Zabar

Synonymous with great food and drink in Manhattan, today’s guest on In the Drink, Eli Zabar was seemingly destined for notoriety in the culinary world. Host Joe Campanale chats up the NYC legend about his interest in wine and how exactly this passion began, plus thoughts behind his carefully curated (and sizable!) wine list featured at Eli’s Essentials Wine Bar and details on Eli’s Table as well as Eli’s List. Eli also shares his business savvy and the importance of staying true to your neighborhood and how he strives to highlight old school wines with old school prices. Tune in for a wonderful conversation that covers a little bit of everything. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “When you’re ahead of the curve it sometimes takes a long tome for the rest of the curve to catch up.” [2:56] “Growing and making things has always been my passion.” [5:30] —Eli Zabar on In the Drink
7/8/201534 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 135: Jon Rimmerman of Garagiste

Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Jon Rimmerman. Jon is the founder and sole owner of Garagiste, the world’s largest e-mail-based wine business. Garagiste, which gets its name from a French winemaking movement, has not advertised since its creation in 1996. Tune in and find out why Jon is so respected in the industry and hear his thoughts on everything from the emerging sparkling wines coming out of the UK to the labeling regulations surrounding wine. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “Why is wine still the only unregulated food we have in this country?” [15:00] –Jon Rimmerman on In the Drink
7/1/201534 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 134: Jefferson’s Bourbon

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Trey Zoeller, the founder and Master Blender of McLain & Kyne, Ltd., producer of the Jefferson’s portfolio of bourbons. Founded in 1997, McLain & Kyne Ltd. develops, produces and markets the Jefferson’s family of “very small batch” Kentucky straight bourbons and ryes. McLain & Kyne currently produces 8 lines of very small batch bourbons and whiskies including Jefferson’s, Jefferson’s Reserve, Jefferson’s Presidential Select and Jefferson’s Rye, Jefferson’s Presidential Select Rye, Jefferson’s Ocean, Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration and has a number of experiments in the works. M&K portfolio is distributed in 50 states and 9 countries. Trey purchases aged bourbon in barrels, ages it and finally marries “very small batches” to deliver a unique, yet consistent flavor profile for each of his whiskies. Trey also founded the Phoenix Global Group, LLC in 2003 to introduce Pink and Vegas energy drinks, Pink 2-0 “Water for Women”, Pinque Chardonnay. He also partnered with a Kentucky brewery to produce Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout.Trey is the father of twins and enjoys playing polo, squash and coaching his son’s lacrosse team. In his free time, he goes hunting and fishing. Trey received a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University in 1990. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “Growing up in Louisville you’re surrounded by bourbon – it’s a way of life. If you go to my Grandma’s house, you’re not asked what you want to drink – you’re asked how you take your bourbon.” [1:45] –Trey Zoeller on In the Drink
6/24/201532 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 133: Doug Polaner

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Doug Polaner of Polaner Selections. Doug got the wine bug in 1985 while studying abroad in Paris. Though, after graduating from college the following year and moving to NY City, wine remained a background hobby while he slugged it out on Madison Avenue working for several Ad Agencies. Eventually, the wine bug won out, and he started selling wine in 1991 for Excelsior Wine & Spirits, and later, in 1993, for Michael Skurnik Wines. It wasn’t until 1999 that Doug, along with his soon-to-be wife and business partner, Tina Fischer, started Polaner Selections. “It was our first child, literally and figuratively”, says Fischer. Though starting in an already crowded marketplace, the company knew it had to stand out to be relevant, and the couple worked hard to create a progressive and cutting-edge portfolio. Fortunately, success came early, and the company was recognized in Decanter Magazine as one of NY’s up-and-comers, and soon thereafter, as “Importer of the Year” in Food & Wine Magazine in 2003. Today, Polaner Selections employs 35 people, selling wine throughout New York and New Jersey. The portfolio includes such luminaries as Giacomo Conterno, Fattoria di Fèlsina, Jerome Prevost, Domaine Huet, Littorai and Arnot-Roberts, among others.​ This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “It’s less about blending now and more about single vintage, single vineyard wines.. they differ year to year but that’s what makes wine great!” [20:00] “I think champagne is a super exciting region right now.” [20:00] –Doug Polaner on In the Drink
6/17/201535 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 132: Scotch with John Glaser

This week’s guest on In the Drink is John Glaser, the founder and whiskymaker of Compass Box, a boutique Scotch whisky company widely recognised as the industry’s leading innovator. Formerly a Johnnie Walker Global Marketing Director, John also spent several years in the wine industry in both America and France. Scotch whisky is a passion for John. In 2000, this passion led him to leave Johnnie Walker and start Compass Box from the kitchen of his west London home. His idea was simple: create whiskies of unassailable high quality in a style that is more in line with the tastes of today. From the beginning, his vision has been to create one of Scotland’s finest and most exciting whisky companies, re-establishing the standards for quality and style in the industry. Compass Box has won the “Innovator of the Year Award” four times from Whisky Magazine, an unprecedented feat, and the “Pioneer of the Year Award” twice from the Malt Advocate. Compass Box whiskies have been awarded over 60 medals and prizes in its short history. John, an American, has lived in London since 1998. He resides with his wife and two young boys in Kew, on the Thames River. “The world needs small spirit companies with real people behind them and real sincerity.” [10:00] “Age does not necessarily mean quality [in scotch].” [17:00] –John Glaser on In the Drink
6/3/201531 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 131: Mark Maynard

Mark Maynard-Parisi is Creator/Managing Partner at Porchlight, Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG)’s first stand-alone cocktail bar, located in New York’s West Chelsea. Mark, a 22-year veteran of USHG, together with the group’s CEO Danny Meyer, conceptualized and designed Porchlight, a New York bar that follows many southern traditions. Mark is responsible for the strategic direction and day to day operations of Porchlight, and today sat down with host Joe Campanale for a disscussion about Mark’s experiences at Porchlight, and the vision he has for the bar. This program was brought to you by Michters. “I guess our soundbite is, were a NYC bar with a Southern accent.” [5:00] “We don’t want to compromise whats on the plate or in the glass…whats in the glass is important, but whats on the plate is just as important.” [12:00] — Mark Maynard on In The Drink
5/27/201532 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 130: Barbara Shinn

Barbara Shinn and David Page – native Midwesterners – met in 1988 when they were both living in the San Francisco Bay Area.Their first few years together were spent immersed in the culture of Northern California art and cuisine. In the early 90’s Barbara and David made a bold choice when they decided to move to NYC to further their careers by opening Home – one of the first farm to table restaurants on the East Coast. After building a successful neighborhood nano-empire with the addition of Drover’s Tap Room and Home Away from Home, Barbara and David set out to reconnect with nature when in 1998 they planted 20 acres of grapevines and built an estate winery and Farmhouse bed and breakfast which has been named a top American wine destination by Gayot, Fodors, U.S. News Travel, Food and Wine and Bon Appetit. This week on In The Drink host Joe Campanale is joined in studio by Barbara Shin for a conversation all about the connection to the earth that wine making gives her and her husband. This program was brought to you by Michters.
5/20/201530 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 129: Tequila with Chantal Martineau

Chantal Martineau has written articles about food, drinks, and travel for numerous publications, including Allure, the Atlantic, Decanter, Edible, Islands, Maxim, Redbook, Saveur, Time Out, Village Voice, the Washington Post, Wine Enthusiast, andWomen’s Health. She grew up in Montreal and currently lives in New York City. Chantal spent several years immersing herself in the world of tequila — traveling to visit distillers and agave farmers in Mexico, meeting and tasting with leading experts and mixologists around the United States, and interviewing academics on either side of the border who have studied the spirit. The result is a book that offers readers a glimpse into the social history and ongoing impact of this one-of-a-kind drink. It addresses issues surrounding the sustainability of the limited resource that is agave, the preservation of traditional production methods, and the agave advocacy movement that has grown up alongside the spirit’s swelling popularity. In addition to discussing the culture and politics of Mexico’s most popular export, this book also takes readers on a colorful tour of the country’s Tequila Trail, as well as introducing them to the mother of tequila: mezcal. “The lime and salt ritual is really an American thing.” [17:30] “I like my whiskey but when it comes to agave spirits I want the purest expression of the spirit – the blanco” [22:30] “The tequilas available to Mexicans are not always the same tequilas we’re drinking elsewhere.” [27:30] –Chantal Martineau on In the Drink
5/13/201536 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 128: David Lombardo

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by David Lombardo, Wine and Beverage Director for Benchmarc Restaurants and James Horn, Beverage Director at Landmarc Restuarant. While not classically trained as a Sommelier, Lombardo crafted his own wine education through tasting, reading and traveling to wine regions throughout Europe and the united states, and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the wine experience is evident throughout the famous wine lists he oversees at Landmarc [Tribeca], Ditch Plains and Landmarc [at the Time Warner Center]. Lombardo also acts as an adjunct instructor in wine for the Institute of Culinary Education, and has also appeared on Kelly Choi’s Eat Out NY as a wine consultant. Credentials aside, it’s the attitude surrounding wine that makes Benchmarc Restaurants ‐‐ and Lombardo ‐‐ known for their approach to wine. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “For me its great to pair a great steak with a great Bordeaux but because of flexibility with half bottles you can step ourside of your comfort zone.” [14:00] “We didn’t want to have a hotel restaurant – we wanted to have a restuarnat that happened to be in a hotel.” [20:00] –David Lombardo on In the Drink
5/6/201534 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 127: Juliette Pope

Juliette Pope, Beverage Director at Gramercy Tavern, is this week’s guest on In the Drink. Juliette Pope joined Gramercy Tavern in 1997, starting as a line cook and pastry cook. Wanting to explore the front of house, Juliette then became a waiter and developed a passion for wine, falling prey to former wine director Paul Grieco’s infectious enthusiasm. After rising through the ranks as Captain, Floor Manager, and Assistant Beverage Director, Juliette became the Beverage Director in 2004. Under her leadership, Gramercy Tavern has been awarded the Wine Spectator “Best of Award of Excellence” every year since 2006. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “I like getting down and dirty and getting in the fire figuratively and literally.” [06:00] “With enough training – we can sell anything.” [28:00] –Juliette Pope on In the Drink
4/29/201535 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 126: Noah Singerman

This week’s guest on In the Drink is Noah Singerman. Noah was born and raised in Sonoma so wine has been in his blood since he was a young kid. He began his career in wine working in wine-focused restaurants in Santa Barbara, Petaluma and SF before moving to NYC a decade ago to “play with the big dogs.” He first worked as beverage director at neighborhood favorite Five Points (now Vic’s) and then moved on to run the beverage program at Walter Foods in Williamsburg. He was the assistant wine director and sommelier at The Standard Hotel West and most recently worked as a sommelier at The Dutch before he came to Saxon + Parole. When he’s not educating and pouring wine for guests at S+P in his full suit on top, jeans and sneakers on the bottom (something of a clothing mullet), he can be found teaching wine classes at Brooklyn Kitchen. He’s also a member of the Guild of Sommeliers since 2007. At Saxon + Parole, he’s hoping to bring more attention to domestic wines highlighting both the classic regions like California, Oregon and Washington as well as lesser known and up-and-coming regions like Virginia, Michigan and others. Additionally, his goal is to show guests that you can get more than Cabernet and Chardonnay from the U.S. and introduce lesser-known varietals to the menu as well as their European counter. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “Gruner Veltliner is a great foray away from Sauvignon Blanc.” [15:00] –Noah Singerman on In the Drink
4/22/201520 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 125: Niki Ganong

Let’s face it: America’s alcohol laws are confusing. What’s true for one state is rarely true for its neighbor. This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is quelling the commotion with guest Niki Ganong, author of the brand new book, “The Field Guide to Drinking in America: A Traveler’s Handbook to State Liquor Laws.” Kicking off the show, Joe asks what prompted Niki to take this particular approach to a beverage and travel book, which mixes together a survey of each state’s history with alcohol along with the current laws of the land, expertly blending it with the right amount of humor and sass. Joe also inquires about the the regional state of mind and beliefs when alcohol legislation comes about and how laws have shaped the beverage industry. What are some of the wackiest alcohol laws on the books? What are the newest drink trends? How do you fill a beer growler in California? Tune in for informative tidbits and highlights of “The Field Guide to Drinking in America.” This program was brought to you by Michters. “Before prohibition New York had a thriving spirits and beer industry and then during prohibition that acreage was no longer used for the grain that you need to make beer and spirits. So, they lost hop varieties.” [17:08] “You can’t ride a horse drunk in Colorado! And please don’t feed the moose beer in Alaska.” [20:48] —Niki Ganong on In the Drink
4/15/201532 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 124: AJ Ojeda

This week’s guest on In the Drink is AJ Ojeda-Pons. AJ, sommelier of The Lambs Club, brings a wealth of knowledge and style to all he serves. His passionate enthusiasm for the craft of winemaking is contagious to diners and wine enthusiasts alike. AJ, winner of GQ’s “Best Dressed Sommelier” award, brings his sense of style & his belief that one should “drink champagne every day” everywhere he goes. David Lombardo, wine and beverage director for Benchmarc Restaurants, crafted his own wine education through tasting, reading and traveling to wine regions throughout Europe and the United States and his devotion to the wine experience is evident throughout the famous wine lists he oversees at Landmarc (Tribeca & Columbus Circle), Ditch Plains and Kingside. David and AJ’s bios are attached for your reference. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley. “I like to be able to offer a little bit of everything. Sometimes people aren’t looking to commit to a whole bottle of wine during dinner.” [20:00] –AJ Ojeda-Pons on In the Drink
4/8/201535 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 123: Christophe Hedges

This week’s guest on In the Drink is Christophe Hedges. Christophe graduated from the University of San Diego in 2001 with a Business degree and a minor in Theatre Arts. Before joining the family winery, he worked in San Diego as a wine steward for Costco and a wine buyer for La Tavola Kitchen. Christophe’s professional experience extends beyond the wine world: he worked as a stonemason and was a bull rider on the Columbia River Circuit. Christophe returned to the vineyards in late 2001. He purchased land in 2004 and planted his own vineyard in 2005 with his wife, Maggie. Christophe has planted vines for other properties but now devotes his time entirely to Hedges Family Estate. He does not like vacations. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.
4/1/201533 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 122: Jamie Graves

This week’s guest on In the Drink is sommelier Jamie Graves. Jamie Graves moved to Japan when he was 22 and quickly fell in love with the food. Over five years he worked in a variety of Western and Japanese restaurants as a cook, studying the language and cuisine. In 2007 he passed the highest level of the Japanese Proficiency Exam for non-native speakers. Since moving back to New York he has worked in service, in 2008 opening Japanese fine dining restaurant Kajitsu as a server then in 2011 moving on to join the opening team of Brushstroke as a manager, a fine dining Japanese restaurant serving exclusively kaiseki style tasting menus. During his time as Service Director Brushstroke received one star from the Michelin Guide several years in a row, and was named as the #2 Best New Restaurant in the US for 2011 by GQ Magazine. In the beginning of 2014 Jamie joined Sakamai as General Manager, excited to develop one of the great sake programs in the US. In September of 2014 Jamie attended the World Sake Sommelier competition in Tokyo as one of ten finalists, and was one of three finalists selected for a “Judge’s Selection” award, with particular note of his warm approach to service and his inspired pairing of Japanese sake with Western cuisine. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.
3/25/201540 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 121: Brian O’Donnell

Learn about soil science, irrigation and deep root vines on a comprehensive episode of In the Drink. Joe Campanale is joined by Brian O’Donnell of Belle Pente Vineyards. Brian and his wife Jill founded Belle Pente in 1992 with the purchase of a 70-acre farm just east of Carlton in what is now the heart of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Vineyards were planted starting in 1994, and their first commercial production of Pinot Noir was in 1996. Since the beginning, the goal has been to craft old world styled wines of impeccable balance and seductive complexity that reflect a strong sense of place. Carefully selected and well managed dry-farmed vineyards, staggered harvesting, meticulous hand sorting, small lot fermentations, 100% gravity processing, indigenous yeasts, finished wine moved directly-to-barrel (no settling), cold cellar temperatures to delay malolactic fermentation, long elevage, moderate use of new oak, and bottling without fining or filtration are among the techniques utilized to achieve this goal. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley. “Vineyards by definition are a monoculture. The only thing you can really do is work the fringes and the environment.” [14:00] –Brian O’Donnell Belle Pente Vineyards
3/18/201534 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 120: Invasion of Italian Varietals in California Wines

Learn about the invasion of Italian varietals in California Wines on a brand new episode of In the Drink. Joe Campanale is joined by Megan and Ryan Glaab from Ryme Cellars & Sam Bilbro from Idlewild Wines. Find out what happens when Italian grapes are mixed with California soil! This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley “For us it’s about making wines we’re excited about.” [02:00] –Meagan Glaab on In the Drink
3/11/201540 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 119: Michelle Biscieglia

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Michelle Biscieglia, Wine Director at Blue Hill New York. Like many sommeliers before her, Michelle was steered towards the world of wine by a glass of old, red Burgundy. While growing up just outside of Atlantic City, wine was not a part of her daily culture. Moving to NYC, working as a waiter at Pastis and participating in the “Reserve Wine” staff trainings changed all of that. Her career focus shifted, and Michelle began working as an intern in order to learn how to taste and appreciate wine. From there, she gained valuable “hands-on” experience in the vineyards, spending two sequential harvest seasons (2009 & 2010) in Burgundy. Upon her return to New York, she worked as a sommelier at Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud. In the summer of 2012, Michelle traveled to Piedmont to work in the vineyards of Barolo. Michelle joined Blue Hill in January 2013, bringing her love and passion of wine to the West Village. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley
3/4/201534 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 118: Ivan Miloš

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Ivan MiloÅ¡ of MiloÅ¡ Winery on the PeljeÅ¡ac peninsula in Croatia. Grape and wine production in Ponikve, on the Peljesac peninsula has been a Milos family tradition for generations. They base their production on the autochthonous grape variety of Plavac mali. They have about 15 hectares of vineyards on the finest locations on Peljesac; on the slippery slopes of the Prapratno cove next to Ponikve village. Vineyards have been planted on sandy soil formed on the dolomite rocks. They are now planning to plant an additional 5 hectares of new plantations. Handcrafted vineyards and ecological production show the effort we put into every detail. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley “Most of the wine people try to understand with their brain. we’re trying to produce wine you understand with your heart.” 13:00 –Ivan MiloÅ¡ on In the Drink
2/25/201540 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 117: Philippe “Fifi” Essome

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by wine importer/distributor Philippe “Fifi” Essome. French born & raised, Philippe moved to NYC on Bastille Day 2000 with 1 bad luggage, $1500 & a phone number. He came with the desire to become a mixologist, he loved to mix things up back in France and wanted to explore the cocktail world. But he worked in places that only had wine & beer licenses!!! So he discovered French wine here — his first gig was @ Le Bateau Ivre, then @ Le Père Pinard in the Lower East Side for over 9 years along with Les Enfants Terribles on Ludlow & Canal Street. He got hooked on natural wines in 2005, and got so into it that he opened the first natural wine bar in NYC in 2008, The Ten Bells. 5 years later, he opened a natural wine shop in Brooklyn — Passage de la Fleur, and after 1 year he got rid of the shop and launched his wine importing/distributing company in July 2014. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.
2/18/201533 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 116: Du Cropio

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Giuseppe Ippolito, proprietor of the Du Cropio estate in Ciro Marina (Calabria) & Blake Johnson of Rosenthal Imports. Du Cropio in local dialect means “doctor of agronomy” and reflects the fact that the Ippolito family has long been involved in the growing of grapes in the region. The estate encompasses a total of thirty (30) hectares, eight (8) of which are on the plains immediately inland from and within the confines of the town of Ciro Marina and twenty-two of which are tucked into the hillsides surrounding the village of Ciro, several more miles inland and at a considerably higher elevation. The soil, a mix of clay and limestone, is poor with excellent drainage which is reinforced by the steeply sloped hillside vineyards, conditions that are ideal for producing small crops of highly concentrated fruit. Most of the grapes harvested at the estate are sold either at the time of harvest or as bulk wine thereafter. Then, the finest wines are kept to be vinified at the estate and sold as “Du Cropio”. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley. “Wine is produced in the vineyards – not in the cellars – this is the secret.” [17:00] –Giuseppe Ippolito on In the Drink
2/11/201526 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 115: Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World’s Hippest Borough

Get an inside look cocktail culture in Brooklyn on a spirited episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Peter Thomas Fornatale, co-author of Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World’s Hippest Borough. Peter has spent a good part of the last two decades drinking in Brooklyn. He’s also been a publishing professional in that time frame at Simon and Schuster and Random House. He took cocktail classes from legendary New York bartender (and author) Dale DeGroff and spent a summer supporting a horseracing habit by bartending at the acclaimed Chez Sophie in Saratoga Springs. Cocktails are literally in his blood: his grandfather, John T. Flynn, was a brand manager at Seagram’s for many decades. He is also a site coordinator at The Park Slope CSA, putting him in close touch with the best local ingredients (and the people who buy them). This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley. “Cocktail books can be kind of same-y and I don’t think this one falls into that trap.” [10:30] “There’s a lot to appreciate in much of the whiskey coming out of Brooklyn right now.” [22:00] –Peter Thomas Fornatale on In the Drink
2/4/201531 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 114: Laura di Collobiano of Valgiano

Today’s guest on In the Drink is Laura di Collobiano, the woman behind Valgiano, an acclaimed vineyard in Tuscany. Since 1994 Valgiano has been in the hands of Moreno Petrini, his wife Laura di Collobiano and oenologist Saverio Petrilli, a trio that has defined a totally new era for the production of this particular microclimate, with an eye on tradition and another on producing wines that can compete on the international stage. After flirting with organic agriculture for many years, the Tenuta di Valgiano converted to biodynamic agriculture in 2001, and has not looked back since. Valgiano produces around 80,000 bottles from its 25 hectares, a number that can vary significantly depending on the harvest. The labels are divided between a red and white both called Palistorti after the crooked poles in the vineyard and a red reserve made from a selection of the farm’s very best grapes. Valgiano’s wines have been recognised nationally and internationally. This program was brought to you by Michter’s
1/28/201538 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 113: Bruno De Conciliis

Today’s guest on In the Drink is wine legend Bruno De Conciliis. The Cilento region in southern Campania is not exactly known for winemaking. Bruno De Conciliis is one of those pioneers who set up vineyards in the beautiful coastal landscape. The vineyard’s founding year is 1995 and Bruno De Conciliis, supported by his father Alessandro, succeeds in giving the wines of the Domaine a very clear profile during the very first decade of its existence. De Consiliis chooses the two main varieties of the best-known wine region, the Avellino province in Campania, which is situated at the foothills of the Apennine Mountains, to plant them in the milder climate of the coastal region. The talented winemaker succeeds in making spicy, warm white wines from the variety Fiano. From the variety Aglianico he produces both a fruity, light red table wine (“Donnaluna”) and a storage type that is full of character (“Naima”). This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley. “[Wine] is only a matter of the mood of the wine grower and the winemaker. To be safe would be easy. To set up a protocol and always do the same thing, you would get the same thing — but is this what we want? I want each single bottle of each single vintage shown differently, telling its own story.” [28:00] –Bruno De Conciliis on In the Drink
1/21/201540 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 112: Jeff Kellogg

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is talking about Italian wine with Jeff Kellogg, Beverage Director at Maialino. Jeff was naturally drawn to the restaurant industry and began waiting tables at the age of 18, which laid the foundation for his role at a restaurant group called 131 Main in Charlotte, NC, where he helped open four new restaurant locations and a wine bar. From there, Jeff strengthened his wine knowledge by working as a sommelier at the historic Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV. He then moved to Napa in 2011 to work the harvest and served as a sommelier at the Michelin-starred restaurants Redd and La Toque. While there, Jeff passed the Advanced Exam of the Court of Master Sommeliers, receiving the prestigious Rudd Scholarship for the highest scoring candidate. After a stint working the harvest at Gramercy Cellars in Walla Walla, WA he relocated to San Francisco to become a sommelier at RN74. In June 2013, he moved across the country yet again to become Maialino’s new Beverage Director. “When you’re around the wine business a lot you think you know all the producers but that’s not the case at all. Once you start to learn stuff you realize you know nothing.” [08:00] –Jeff Kellogg on In the Drink
1/14/201534 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 111: Jeff Porter

Joe Campanale kicks off the new year in style on a brand new episode of In the Drink. He’s joined by one of the most important New York wine figures, Jeff Porter, Beverage Director at B&B Hospitality Group. Jeff was born and raised in Texas. He became interested in wine at his first restaurant job in Austin. To learn all that he could about wine, Porter eventually took a stocking position at one of Austin’s best wine shops. He excelled there and was soon buying wine for the shop and traveling throughout Europe. Porter then moved to the West Coast where he first worked for a wine distributor in the Bay Area and then served as Wine Director at Tra Vigne Ristorante in St. Helena, where his passion for wine and hospitality took off. Most recently, Jeff held the positon of Beverage Director at Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles. He moved to New York City in March of 2011 to head up the beverage program at Del Posto. He is recognized as an “Advanced Sommelier” by the Court of Master Sommeliers and is currently a candidate for the “Master Sommelier” designation. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “I always call Italy the newest oldest wine region in the world. Obviously they’ve been making wine forever but they had to figure things out. Post World War II, Italy was super poor – even through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It wasn’t until the 90’s that people started seeing money in wine.” [19:00] –Jeff Porter on In the Drink
1/7/201539 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 110: Frank Cornelissen

Joe Campanale is joined by a real powerhouse in the wine world this week on In the Drink — Frank Cornelissen. Frank is one of the most renowned winemakers from Mount Etna. His farming philosophy is deeply rooted in the acceptance of the fact that man will never be able to understand nature’s full complexity and interactions. His “hands off” approach of letting nature take its course without imparting chemistry has led to the creation of some of the most unique, profound, and terroir-driven wines. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “There is something [existentially] bigger. You see this in the growing process in the wine. When you see a vine grows, it brings you fruit and then the fruit changes into the wine. Everything is there. It’s something very special which makes you very humble.” [14:00]
12/17/201424 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 109: Grant Reynolds

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Grant Reynolds, Wine Director at Charlie Bird. Grant began his career working in restaurants in his hometown of Lake Placid, New York. His passion for wine took him to Piemonte, Italy, where he lived for a year before returning to the United States to attend the University of Colorado. While in school, Grant worked in various restaurants and eventually found himself at to the renowned Frasca Food and Wine where he spent three years working on the floor as a sommelier under the influence of wine greats Bobby Stuckey and Matt Mathew. During Grant’s tenure, the wine team was nominated three times for Outstanding Wine Service by the James Beard Awards. After graduating, Grant went on to pass the Advanced exam with the Court of Master Sommeliers, worked harvest at Domaine Dujac in Burgundy, and spent a few months at Noma in Copenhagen. In January 2013, Grant moved to New York City and began working for Grand Cru Wine Consulting under the leadership of Robert Bohr. He joined the Charlie Bird team in February 2013 and created the restaurant’s wine list with Robert. Less than a year after the opening of the restaurant, Grant was promoted to Wine Director. Grant was one of the finalists of the TopNewSomm competition, which recognizes excellence in the industry. He is one of the youngest Advanced Sommeliers in the country. This program was brought to you by Michter’s “We have a very short wine by the glass selection and that’s intentional because we often have wines open. We don’t have a Chardonnay by the glass, but chances are we’ll have white Burgundy by the half bottle.” [20:00] –Grant Reynolds on In the Drink
12/10/201436 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 108: George Hock

If Sicilian wine piques your interest – today’s episode of In the Drink is for you! Hear from wunderkind wine guy George Hock, Wine Director and General Manager of the newly opened Barchetta. Barchetta, Italian for ‘little boat’ captures the charms of the Mediterranean seaside. An Italian seafood trattoria, Barchetta is a partnership between Esca’s acclaimed Chef & Partner Dave Pasternack and John Meadow’s LDV Hospitality. Pasternack brings his passion of sourcing the freshest ingredients of the sea and expertise of Italian cuisine to Barchetta’s intimate yet bustling atmosphere inspired by the communal charm of the rustic trattoria experience. This program was brought to you by Michter’s “We’re encouraging people to step out of the box.” [21:30] “All of Italy is esoteric if you think about it – every region and town has its own grapes meant to go with its own food.” [28:00] _–George Hock on In the Drink_4>
12/3/201430 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 107: Dane Campbell

Dane Campbell, Head Sommelier at The Musket Room in New York City. A Long Island native, Campbell’s passion for wine developed from his love of food, which he pursued at the Culinary Institute of America. While studying there, Campbell expanded his culinary proficiency under Professor and close friend Pierre LeBlanc. Since then, Campbell has focused on studying wine and is currently preparing for advanced certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers, while already holding an advanced certificate from BarSmarts. Campbell gained experience working with sommeliers at several of New York City’s top restaurants, including Gotham Bar & Grill, where he was hired as Captain and Cellar Assistant in 2009. He has since gone on to work with Leonard LoRusso at Convivio and under Catherine Gerdes at ‘Inoteca, where he was the Assistant Wine Director. Campbell was honored to be a part of The Nomad opening team in 2011, and most recently, helped develop the wine list at Saxon + Parole. In addition to his restaurant work, Campbell successfully launched Indie Wines, a wine consultancy group with a roster of 60 clients. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “You can’t talk about New Zealand wine without talking about Sauvignon Blanc, but now what I’m getting excited about is Rieslings…Chardonnays.. Syrah.. there are a tremendous number of things going on.” [10:00] –Dane Campbell on In the Drink
11/5/201430 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 106: Rachel Ford

Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Rachel Ford, the National Brand Ambassador for Tanqueray gin, affectionately known as Lady Tanqueray. She is a spirits educator, contributing cocktail writer, and media personality, who has appeared on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. They chat about her career, life as a brand ambassador and the current state of gin in the beverage world. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “I believe you bring to yourself what you want. We’re always going for the next thing.” [38:00] –Rachel Ford on In the Drink
10/29/201434 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 105: The Oktoberfest Show

Celebrate Oktoberfest on a brand new episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Neil Witte, the Training and Technical Support Manager for Duvel USA, Boulevard Brewing Co. and Brewery Ommegang. Neil began his career in the Kansas City brewpub industry, moving to Boulevard Brewing Co. in 1997 as a brewer. In 2001, he took over field quality and training responsibilities and continues that role today with the new Duvel family of beers. With quality and education as a main focus, he works closely with the national sales and marketing teams on all technical and training matters. He also does extensive distributor and retailer training on all manner of beer related topics, including the brewing process, beer styles, draught systems and beer and food. He is BJCP Certified and is currently one of 7 Master Cicerones. He is co-author of the Brewers Association Draught Quality Manual, Draught Beer Quality for Retailers and a contributing author to the MBAA Beer Steward Handbook. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “The rule book in beer has been thrown out – people are doing whatever they want. Brewers are pushing the envelope and do something different than they did the day before.” [30:00] –Neil Witte on In the Drink
10/22/201437 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 104: Charles Smith

Charles Smith is a rockstar in the wine world. Hear his incredible story on this week’s episode of In the Drink with Joe Campanale. After managing rock bands in Scandinavia for nine years, Charles Smith returned to the United States in 1999 to start his wine career, which began with a wine shop and has since evolved into an illustrious career in winemaking. A self-taught winemaker, Charles is a true artisan and a pioneer in the wine world. In 2008, K Vintners was recognized by Wine & Spirits magazine as one of the “Best New Wineries of the Last Ten Years,” and as “Winery of the Year” in their annual buying guide. In 2009 Food & Wine magazine awarded Charles “Winemaker of the Year” and in 2010 Seattle Magazine recognized Charles as their “Winemaker of the Year.” “Wine and eating well and drinking well is part of the good life – whether it’s rustic or a three star michelin restaurant – it’s the same.” [04:00] “When somebody purchases a bottle of my wine they’ll get rewarded by getting top notch wine that can be drank that day.” [19:00] –Charles Smith on In the Drink
10/15/201429 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 103: Joe Campanale

The tables turn this week on In the Drink as Joe Campanale sites in the guest seat and shares his story for the first time on the show! Find out how he discovered the industry after initially studying politics at NYU. Follow his careers steps from early days interning at Italian Wine Merchants and Union Square Cafe to working as a sommelier at Babbo and eventually opening dell’anima in 2007. Now, Joe is the Executive Beverage Director of Epicurean Group, which manages dell’anima, L’artusi, L’apicio & Anfora. Tune in and get an inside look at the career of one of wine and hospitality’s brightest stars. Also get a sneak peak into Downtown Italian: Recipes Inspired by Italy, Created in New York’s West Village, the forthcoming cookbook and wine pairing book from the Epicurean team. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “When I came back from Italy that’s when I had this mandate that I had to surround myself with food and wine and spend the rest of my working life that way.” [04:00] –Joe Campanale on In the Drink
10/1/201436 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 102: Francine Stephens and Luca Pasquinelli

On this week’s episode of In the Drink, lean more about organic wine and the current state of the Italian wine industry from two pioneers in the New York hospitality industry, Francine Stephens and Luca Pasquinelli. They are the team behind Franny’s and Marco’s, two Italian restaurants known for high quality ingredients, incredible cooking and beautiful wine lists. Francine and Luca chat with host Joe Campanale about everything from fraud in the wine world to the growing trend of biodynamic and organic wines and what it means for the industry. This program was brought to you by Michter’s “I think what we’re seeing in New York is more and more imported wine. I have more wine trying to be sold to me on a weekly basis than ever before. There’s so much fakery in our world – and the same goes for wine. There’s a lot of confusion in the world of Italian wine and a lot of it is just not good.” [10:00] –Francine Stephens on In the Drink= “The DOC should stop telling people what color the wine should be.” [28:00] –Luca Pasquinelli on In the Drink
9/24/201435 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 101: Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider is the star of the film Hey Bartender, Principal Bartender at Employees Only NYC, 2012 Cocktail World Cup World Champion, 6-time Speed Bartending Champion and an all-around American badass. He’s this week’s guest on a fun and fierce episode of In the Drink. Hear Steve wax poetic on everything from the longevity of bartending as a career to the camaraderie behind the bar at Employees Only. This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures. “I’m not gonna bartend my whole life, let’s face the facts. I don’t know many career bartenders – guys that will punch in their last shift and die bartending. The fact of the matter is – you’ll end up doing something else eventually.” [17:00] “If you’re a good person to work next to you’ll be successful no matter what you do.” [19:00] –Steve Schneider on In the Drink
9/17/201431 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 100: Ed Schoenfeld

Celebrate the 100th episode of In the Drink with Joe Campanale and guest Ed Schoenfeld! It’s no secret that Joe loves Chinese food, and Ed is the one of the greatest authorities and researchers of the cuisine today. A restaurant owner and operator in New York City, Schoenfeld has developed scores of trend-setting restaurants and food concepts since the 1970s and is known for his culinary and hospitality standards of excellence. His scholarly knowledge of Chinese cuisine and history as a key player in the introduction and development of delicious, authentic, regional Chinese cooking in the US since the early 1970s, makes him a uniquely qualified specialist in Asian culinary concepts. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market. “I am a fan of great Chinese cooking. It’s something I’ve been chasing my entire life. It’s really exciting to have restaurants where I’m not only the operator but a fan of the chef and the delicious work he does.” [02:00] [At RedFarm], we’re not focused on being authentic, we’re focused on being delicious and in our case very finely crafted.” [14:00] –Ed Schoenfeld on In the Drink
9/10/201442 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 99: The Dead Rabbit NYC

Meet Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry, the team behind the Dead Rabbit NYC, on the season finale of In the Drink! The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog embodies the conviviality of Old New York and the Irish-American tradition. They are dedicated to advancing the art and practice of hospitality, as it was understood then and as it is understood now, for all residents of and visitors to this great metropolis. Tune in and hear their story, their mission and their thoughts on everything from recipes to cocktail history. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “The main thing with all of our menus is that we like to tell a story. All the stories we tell we try to make accessible to the 21st century consumer.” [21:00] –Jack McGarry on In the Drink
9/3/201433 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 98: Matt Wong

On this week’s episode of In the Drink meet Matt Wong. Matt was not always on the path to make his mark in the wine industry, it began with exploring bartending as a way to earn extra money while in college. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute in NYC, he spent time working in some of NYC’s finest kitchens such as Vong, Union Pacific and Daniel. Although cooking was a great passion, it was not the path he wanted to pursue long-term. During his time at some of the finest restaurants in NYC, Matt was exposed to the sister of fine dining — fine wine. He decided that it was something he wanted to explore further and to do so, he accepted a temporary holiday position at Sherry-Lehmann in 2002. While occupying the former desk of culinary icon, James Beard; and building relationships with the notable, Chef Daniel Boulud and wine professional, Kevin Zraly, Matt combined his love for food and wine. Rising quickly through the ranks at Sherry-Lehmann becoming Assistant Manager, Manager, to ultimately General Manager in 2006. In this role, Matt oversees all aspects of the store including operations, client relationships, sales, purchasing, overseeing selection and more. This program was brought to you by Michters.
8/27/201433 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 97: Carlin Karr

This week’s guest on In the Drink is future wine industry star Carlin Karr. Carlin Karr is the sommelier at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder CO. She attended the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2008, then relocated to San Francisco to pursue a career in culinary arts, becoming very interested and involved in the wine scene there. Carlin worked as General Manager and Wine Director at Sons & Daughters n the spring of 2010, which earned a Michelin star in 2011, when she was also named to Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Food & Beverage list. Carlin is now Sommelier at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, and recently passed the Advanced Exam from the Court of Master Sommeliers. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “The great thing about Frasca Food and Wine is if i just want to talk about a wine region during service, I have two incredible teachers who have been sommeliers for 20 years and can tell me everything about a wine region.” [13:00] “People go out to restaurants to eat, drink and enjoy themselves so it’s good to take care of them that way.” [24:00] –Carlin Karr on In the Drink
8/20/201431 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 96: Megan Parker

Tune in to a seafood themed episode of In the Drink as host Joe Campanale is joined by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, General Manager at the highly-anticipated Island Creek Oyster Bar and Megan Parker-Gray, Beer Director at Row 34. The mission behind both establishments is simple – to welcome guests to get to know their oyster grower, harvester, winemaker, distiller, brewer, and fisherman. One meal at a time. Both eateries are under the same umbrella and Tom and Megan give listeners some insights into what goes into the beverage decisions at oyster bars! This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “It’s really important to have a list that’s constantly in motion, the same way we approach our oysters – constantly changing based on freshness and availability.” [09:00] –Megan Parker-Gray on In the Drink “We’re so luck because all of our owners push the envelope but do it in a way that’s driven by the people who are part of our restaurant group.” [13:00] –Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli on In the Drink
8/6/201431 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 95: Marc Glassberg

When you’re the wine director at a restaurant that’s received as many accolades as State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Marc Glassberg is a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef and sommelier who has worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Glassberg has spent the last two years as the Wine Director at San Francisco restaurant State Bird Provisions. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale chats with Marc about his work at one of the hottest restaurants in America. Find out his pairing philosophy, the mission behind his wine list and some drinks he’s been enjoying lately. This program was brought to you by Michters. “Everything comes to you in carts and trays. The guest has so many options and flavors you can engage with your whole meal so as a result I wanted to make sure you could say the same thing about the wine.” [07:00] “I’m constantly changing the list to make sure I’m not only putting wines on the list that match the cuisine, but also including wines people are familiar with and want to drink.” [08:00] –Marc Glassberg on In the Drink
7/30/201428 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 94: Dale DeGroff

When it comes to cocktails, Dale DeGroff is literally king. Dale (aka King Cocktail) is the author of the award-winning “The Craft of The Cocktail” and “The Essential Cocktail” (Random House). Dale is most famous for having worked and managed the bars at New York’s famous Rainbow Room. Dale was awarded the James Beard Wine & Spirits Professional Award in 2009, and the The Best Bar Mentor at Tales of the Cocktail 2010. He is a partner of Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR), a partnership of six of the world’s leading spirits and cocktails authorities who provide training and credentialing in distilled spirits and mixology. Dale is also the founding president of The Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans. Dale’s most recent endeavor is his new Pimento Aromatic Bitters, a product he developed with renowned absinthe distiller Ted Breaux. Tune in for a lively discussion with Dale and host Joe Campanale on today’s episode of In the Drink “The art and craft of creating really good tasting drinks for in excess of 300 people over and over several hundred times a day has really been mastered.” [03:00] “It’s challenging for young distillers to find ways to bring production costs down but I’m sure that will happen. if you look at the great spirits of the world – they’re available in the marketplace for a third of what these artisanal spirits are sold for.” [29:00] “There are five basic sauces in the culinary world and we have our 5 basic sauces for the bar world too.” [33:00] –Dale DeGroff on In the Drink
7/23/201435 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 93: Maria Sinskey

Visit Napa this week on In the Drink as host Joe Campanale is joined by Maria Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards, who produce a range of reds and whites from organic, biodynamically-farmed grapes. Maria also cooks at the winery, lays out plots for her organic gardens, teaches and writes! Tune in and get some great insights into the world of biodynamic winemaking, hear Maria express her distaste for forced pairings and wine ratings and hear Joe and Maria taste a few wines on air! This program was brought to you by Michters. “I’m a huge acid head – any wine that has a lot of acid in it is right up my alley.” [04:00] “If you don’t like the wine with the food, open another bottle!” [29:00] –Maria Sinskey on In the Drink
7/16/201438 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 92: Victor Urrutia

Learn a whole lot about Spanish wine on a brand new episode of In the Drink with Joe Campanale and guest Victor Urrutia. Victor is part of the fifth generation owners of CVNE, and the seventh family member to run the company. The venerable Wine Company of the North of Spain, known by its Spanish acronym, CVNE, was founded in 1879 in Haro, Rioja. To this day, it remains a family company. Trained as a lawyer, Victor joined the CVNE Board of Directors in 1998 at the age of 25, while working in a bank. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “There’s large chunks of the world that unfortunately can’t afford high end wines. I keep seeing the same people from the same wineries everywhere I go.” [9:00] “Ultimately you want to make a wine that reflects its origins. If you make a wine that could come from anywhere – you’re doing something that doesn’t have too much of a soul.” [20:00] –Victor Urrutia on In the Drink
7/9/201432 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 91: Niccolo Barberani

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by winemaker Niccolo Barberani. The Barberani family collect and process their grapes grown alongside the Corbara Lake from more than fifty years. Since 1961,Vittorio Barberani cultivated the vine and obtained a very good wine for his bars in the district of Orvieto. He produced primarily Orvieto Classico, the highest local expression of the Trebbiano Procanico and Grechetto grapes. Vittorio, who founded the Wine House with a clear idea of producing very drinkable wines, began immediately to distribute its wines to nearby restaurants. In the 70s, Luigi and Giovanna Barberani started running the business, focusing on excellence and boutique wines and adding a touch of modernity and internationalization to their production that is constantly evolving. Nowadays Niccolo’ and Bernardo are giving a concrete and dynamic contribution to the estate, with that passion and love inherited from their parents. “Biodiversity in the vineyard is very important. If you do that – you don’t need […] to use chemicals. Keeping your ecosystem lively is really [the advice] my grandfather left to me.” [12:00] –Niccolo Barberani on In the Drink
7/2/201435 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 90: Alex Day

Alex Day is a legend in the world of cocktails. He’s the co-owner of Death & Company (NYC), Honeycut (LA), Nitecap (NYC), King Eddy Saloon (LA), and The Rose & Pink Garter Theater (Jackson Hole, WY), as well as co-owner of Proprietors LLC. Day is a hospitality operator and consultant who works with restaurants, bars, and spirit companies in various capacities, ranging from full service beverage and hospitality programming to staff training, bar design, educational seminars, and general hospitality logistics. On this week’s episode of In the Drink he chats with Joe Campanale about everything from molecular gastronomy to the surging trend of room-temperature cocktails. Tune in to get some serious beverage insight from a star in the world of drinks. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “If you’re doing a room temperature cocktail, you inevitably are playing with people’s senses and their ability to drink it quicker than they otherwise would. A room temperature cocktail will treat your senses in a much different way.” [5:30] –Alex Day on In the Drink
6/25/201438 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 89: Schramsberg Vineyards

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale invites Hugh Davies, proprietor of Schramsberg Vineyards in Calistoga, California. Tune into this episode to hear Joe and Hugh discuss Schramsberg’s legacy, and why the wines have been championed by so many United States presidents. Find out how Hugh’s wines are produced using the same methods used for making champagne, and why these California bubbles rival their French counterparts. Learn more about site-specific wines, and Schramsberg’s export market. What issues plague Napa Valley winemakers? Is a lack of water truly a threat to California’s wine industry? Find out all of this and more on this week’s edition of In the Drink! This program has been brought to you by Michter’s. Music by SNOWMINE. “We’re making a wine very much like a champagne… As we’ve evolved, we’ve actually moved closer to the coast where the grapes have a lower sugar and a higher acidity… We’re always trying to make a better product.” [6:35] “I want to taste that one acre… and that’s it! Every year, we’re doing some site-specific bottling.” [9:00] “If the regulations were not decided upon in the 60s, we wouldn’t have the Napa Valley that we have today.” [22:30] “We’re losing 30,000 acres of agricultural land a year, and none of that is in the Napa Valley.” [26:00] — Hugh Davies on In the Drink
6/18/201431 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 88: Pouring Ribbons

Pouring Ribbons is one of the most talked about and buzzworthy bars in the world right now and for good reason. From a deep Chartreuse program to innovative customized tastings, Pouring Ribbons is a standard bearer in the mixology scene today. On today’s episode of In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Joaquin Simo & Troy Sidle of Pouring Ribbons for a candid, casual conversation on cocktails, creativity and bar management. Tune in for the latest trends, tastes and happenings in the beverage world! This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “This is not some rarified art – it’s freaking bartending. Anybody should be able to make a good Tom Collins or a Martini.” [26:00] –Tony Sidle on In the Drink “We’re always going out and looking around and seeing what inspires us. Sometimes somebody does something that makes you want to do a version of it. We’ll keep that file going and see what a good fit would be.” [34:00] –Joaquin Simo on In the Drink
6/11/201436 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 87: Francesco Ripaccioli

This week’s guest on In the Drink is Francesco Ripaccioli of Canalicchio di Spora. Established in northern Montalcino in 1962 by Primo Pacenti, the Canalicchio di Sopra estate produces Brunello of great power and finesse. Today, grandfather, father and grandchildren work side by side with the common aim of producing quality wines. Fancesco joined the management in 2001, bringing with him new ideas and technologies always in respect of ancient methods and customs. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “Traditional means to make the same things we made 50 years ago – I don’t think my grandfather would be happy if we did that.” [13:00] –Francesco Ripaccioli on In the Drink
6/4/201438 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 86: Eric Gilliland

The mood is light and the Manhattans are stiff and bitter on an unexpected and hilarious episode of In the Drink. This week’s guest is not a beverage professional, but he’s easily one of the most interesting people to stop by the show. Eric Gilliland is a TV writer/producer who wrote for The Wonder Years, Roseanne, That 70’s Show and Who’s The Boss? While working on Roseanne, he gathered up a Peabody Award and a Golden Globe, a few GLAAD awards, and a WGA nomination. Tune in as he and Joe make Manhattans on-air, talk about drinking abroad and share some hearty laughs. This program was brought to you by Michter’s. “There’s always drinking involved with writing.” [06:00] –Eric Gilliland on In the Drink
5/28/201434 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 85: Steve Clifton

Steve Clifton, winemaker and owner of Palmina wines, is this week’s gust on In the Drink. Steve describes Palmina as a “Californian celebration of the rich, wonderful lifestyle and attitude toward food, wine, friends and family that exists in Italy.” His second project, Brewer-Clifton focuses solely on site-expressive wines from the Sta. Rita Hills appellation using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as voices of place. Tune in as host Joe Campanale and Steve discuss everything from the ridiculousness of the “Cal Italia” phrase to the importance of keeping certain chemicals out of the winemaking process. Tune in for some great insights on California wine, the wine industry at large, and Steve’s various projects. This program was sponsored by Michter’s. “In 1991 when I moved to Santa Barbara there were 20 wineries. There are over 360 today.” [6:00] “The wines from Palmina have literally nothing in them that didn’t come from the vineyard.” [27:45] –Steve Clifton on In the Drink
5/21/201434 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 84: Mia Van de Water

Meet Mia Van de Water, the wine director at North End Grill. In 2014, Mia passed the Advanced Sommelier Exam from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Mia had the distinction of receiving the highest score in her group, and earned the Rudd Scholarship, which is offered by the Guild of Sommeliers. During her time at North End Grill, Mia has overseen the expansion of the wine list from 120 to 240 selections, with a focus on cool, off-the-beaten-path American bottles that include rare, little known grapes being made really well for a reasonable price. She has also created a beverage education program has turned into a major part of why aspiring restaurateurs and sommeliers come to work at North End Grill. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink and hear Mia’s story, what she enjoys drinking and what she tries to accomplish with the program at North End Grill. This program was sponsored by Michter’s. “Over time as you explore different types of wine it’s good to find out what you like best and concentrate on that. There’s a lot of wines out there from lesser known regions that won’t cost as much to buy.” [23:00] “While the current demographic is certainly weighted more towards men, I think that the momentum and the amount of women working in wine is expanding in a really great way.” [27:00] –Mia Van de Water on In the Drink
5/14/201432 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 83: Chiara Boschis

E.Pira e Figli is a key player in the history of Barolo. The Pira family, whose members have been vignerons for generations, started producing and bottling wineat the end of the 19th century, receiving immediate recognition for their stellar quality! When the Pira lineage ended tragically with the death of Luigi Pira, theestate was sold to the Boschis family, of Giacomo Borgogno & Figli. Chiara Boschis took the reins in 1990 with a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish: to marry the extraordinary power of Barolo with approachability, enticing elegance, and lush, intense aromas. She vinifies exclusively fromproprietary vineyards, located in the very best crus of Barolo: Cannubi, Mosconiand Via Nuova, for a grand total of only 6 acres! Annual production is a miniscule 2,000 cases. In the short time Chiara has run the estate, she has quickly become a ‘Superwoman’ in the area, as one of only a few female winemakers in the Langhe. Her wines are also no strangers to the limelight, regularly garnering high praise from international publications. This is truly a rare gem of an estate! Chiara’s Baroli are reminiscent of great Burgundy. She is a farmer first, as winemaker, she is a master at tannin management, crafting finessed and sophisticated wines that are some of the most aromatically dynamic expressions of Barolo today. This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants. Today’s music provided by Pamela Royal. “When you leave the door of the cage open, the birds never fly away.” [5:00] “The youngsters are always a little bit revolutionary.” [11:30] –Chiara Boschis on In the Drink
5/7/201433 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 82: Vintry Fine Wines

Mike Martin, the Wine Director at Vintry Fine Wines, is this week’s guest on In the Drink. Vintry Fine Wines, located at 230 Murray Street in the pedestrian pathway, is bringing fine wine to New York City’s revitalized downtown. With over 2,500 selections focusing on both collectibles and drinkables, Vintry Fine Wines is a destination in bourgeoning Battery Park City. From Boedgea owner to Martin Brothers wine to Vintry, hear Mike’s wine journey and what he’s up to these days. This program was sponsored by Rt. 11 Potato Chips
4/30/201430 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 81: Chinese Food & Wine with Jason Wagner

Wine & Chinese Food..a match made in heaven? That’s what Jason Wagner, sommelier at Fung Tu restaurant, says. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink, as host Joe Campanele chats with Jason about wine pairings, wine lists and life as a sommelier in a forward thinking restaurant. Find out why it’s easy to be the wine guy at a restaurant with a chef who knows his wine. Riesling isn’t the only thing that pairs well with Chinese food — tune and and find out more! This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. “With pairing wines, the idea is to get out of the way and not ruin the food or make it better.” [12:00] –Jason Wagner on In the Drink
4/23/201433 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 80: Carlton McCoy

Meet Carlton McCoy, Wine Director at the Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado and one of only two African American Master Sommeliers. He’s Joe Campanale’s guest this week on In the Drink, and the two wine professionals chat about everything from regional clientele to the masters sommelier test. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. “There’s an absolute concentration of wealth in Colorado. Per capita, the income is extremely high so people can afford to buy the best wines in the world.” [10:00] “The title mater sommelier itself is a very aggressive sounding thing, it’s not a very approachable title.” [15:00] –Carlton McCoy on In the Drink
4/16/201428 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 79: Taste of the Nation NYC

The Taste of the Nation event is coming up in New York City on April 28th! Joe brings in whole panel to discuss the event for this week’s episode. Jenny Z. Dirksen is Share Our Strength’s National Director of Culinary Events. In her role, Jenny is responsible for a team of 18 that organizes culinary fundraising events coast to coast, including oversight for chef relationships, all with the goal of ending childhood hunger in the US. John DeLucie is the chef and owner of three New York City landmark restaurants: The Lion in the West Village; Crown, situated steps from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Upper East Side; and Bill’s, the midtown landmark three-story townhouse that held the famed prohibition-era bar, Bill’s Gay Nineties. His restaurant group, Crown Group Hospitality, also did a pop up of the Lion in The Brompton Club in London, April 2012, and is currently working on launching several projects in tandem with select hotels across the country. In addition, DeLucie consults for the prestigious King Cole Bar & Salon in the St. Regis NY which he recently reopened in November 2013. Celebrated for her 3-star desserts, Heather Carlucci’s pastry reads like a history of NY’s most esteemed eateries. A pastry position at Tom Colicchio’s Mondrian and a pastry chef gig at Union Square Cafe set the tone for an illustrious career. Over the next 15 years she created desserts at L’Impero, Veritas and Judson Grill — each receiving 3 stars from The New York Times. For her first personal venture, Heather opened Lassi, a tiny take-out restaurant featuring Northern Indian home cooking. After leading a successful re-branding and expansion of the family business, Mr. Cardona moved to New York City to pursue a career in wine, first landing at Italian Wine Merchants (“IWM”) where he spent four years working closely with IWM founding partner Sergio Esposito. With the formation of Epicurean Capital and Epicurean Management Company (“EMCo.”), Mr. Cardona was able to solidify both a flexible pool of dedicated capital for new business initiatives and the foundation of an experienced management team to successfully operate and brand existing and future businesses. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Today’s music provided by Cookies. “I know that whenever I step into a SOS event, everyone is going to be well taken care of.” [8:30] –Jenny Dirkson on In The Drink “Most kids don’t even know where fruit comes from anymore.” [21:10] –Heather Carlucci on In The Drink
4/9/201432 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 78: Shelley Lindgren

Shelley Lindgren is the woman behind A16 and SPQR, two of the Bay Area’s most celebrated restaurants. She’s also one of the nation’s most celebrated experts on wine and pairing. Lindgren has been named “Best New Sommelier” by Wine & Spirits, “Best Wine Director” by San Francisco magazine and was nominated for Best Wine Service by the James Beard Foundation for four consecutive years since 2010. She has also co-authored the award-winning “A16: Food & Wine” cookbook and wine guide celebrating the traditions of Southern Italy and released the “SPQR: Food & Wine” book in late 2012. Shelly is this week’s guest on In the Drink. This program was brought too you by Heritage Foods USA. “As sommeliers, our job is weed through what you don’t want to drink, find the hidden gems and focus on those. I wouldn’t put something on the list that I don’t want to drink.” [18:00] –Shelley Lindgren on In the Drink
4/2/201415 minutes
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Episode 77: Sarah Krathen

Sarah Krathen fell in love with restaurant work at the age of fifteen. She started as a barker for a restaurant on Duval Street in Key West, which meant her job was to get tourists to come in off the street and eat there. The owner of Fogarty’s, a much bigger, newer, and better restaurant, saw her at work and hired her as a hostess. At Fogarty’s, she went from hostess to server to expo (the intermediary between the kitchen and the customers) and then decided to attend culinary school. She enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America, received an associate degree in culinary arts, and then completed a fellowship under her mentor, John Storm, in the on-campus Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici. It was during that fellowship that she met Emma Hearst, a meeting that she describes as the most important of her life. The pair became best friends, roommates, and eventually business partners. Sorella opened on New York’s Lower East Side in 2008, with Sarah managing the front of the house and beverage program. In Fall 2013, Sarah and Emma launched their debut cookbook:Sorella: Recipes, Cocktails & True Stories from our New York Restaurant, featuring over 100 recipes adapted from the Sorella’s menu, woven together by the story of how they went from culinary school friends to young business partners, driven by a shared dream of opening a restaurant. This program has been sponsored by Tabard Inn. Today’s music provided by The Hollows. “We were nobodies, but we mentioned that we wanted to open a restaurant, and we were treated like gold.” [11:40] “She took some things off the menu that I never thought would come off..but I realized that was a good idea.” [25:25] Sarah Krathen on In The Drink
3/26/201431 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 76: Thomas Carter, Estela

Before opening Estela, Thomas was beverage director at the award-winning Blue Hill at Stone Barns for six years. He previously worked in wine service for Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, and as a cook at New York restaurants including Le Bernardin, Mercer Kitchen and Union Pacific. Thomas has degrees from Columbia College Chicago and the Culinary Institute of America. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Today’s music provided by The Hollows. “I think with brunch, you should skip the Bloody Marys and just go straight to champagne.” [17:30] “I think cooking at home is maybe one of the best things in the world.” [27:30] –Thomas Carter on In The Drink
3/19/201430 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 75: Christopher Tracy

James Christopher Tracy was exposed to great wines, wine regions and foods from an early age. After earning a BA in Performing Arts/Philosophy, he migrated to NYC to pursue graduate theatre training. In 1993, with wife Allison Dubin, he co-founded the Momentary Theatre, a not-for-profit organization that performed in California, New York, Texas, Connecticut and Hungary. After several years of writing restaurant reviews in NYC, on the side, Christopher attended the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. He graduated first in his class and received a Grand Diplome. Christopher worked as the Pastry Sous Chef at March restaurant and then as Executive Sous Chef of Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, both based in NYC. While working as a chef Christopher earned his Sommelier Certificate from the Sommelier Society of America as well as the Higher Certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. He was awarded the Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) which entitles him to the D.W.S. distinction. He also holds a certification from the CWE (Certified Wine Educators) and was for a time a student candidate for the Masters of Wine. Christopher’s initial involvement with Channing Daughters Winery was as a Wine Club Member, then as a Team Merlot member. In 2001 Christopher began developing several new products and prestige cuvees for the winery. Through the introduction of indigenous yeast fermentations, longer extraction periods, small batches, crop reduction, astute barrel control, and most importantly, blending, he believes Channing Daughters and the Long Island region will keep on growing and producing world-class wines. As Christopher says, “its just the magic of givin’ the wines some love.” He is now a partner in the company, as well as the winemaker. This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Today’s music provided by Four Lincolns. “We love to celebrate the specific.” [4:10] “Water is the be all end all of everything, no matter where you are.” [5:30] “We’ve gotten a little crazy…but we like that!” [27:15] –Christopher Tracy on In the Drink
3/12/201437 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 74: Sandi Skerk

Sandi Skerk produces about 24,000 bottles annually, about 420 cases of each wine. All of his vineyards are farmed organically. Many of them are located directly in front of his house though he has a few that are a bit further away. His main plantings are of Vitovska, Malvasia and Terrano with smaller quantities of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon and others. The Terrano grape gets its name from Terra Rossa after the iron-rich, red soil that is found in the area. Terrano, compared to its only slightly better known sibling, Refosco, has a firmer structure and crisper profile along with a stony, ferrous and mineral quality. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Today’s music provided by Space Ghost. “Oggi non sono piu ingegnere, sono vignaiolo. Pero ti rimane forse il modo di pensare e il modo di apprezzare quelle cose.” “Today I am no longer an engineer, I am a winemaker. But the way of thinking and the appreciation have stayed with me.” [24:40] Sandi Skerk on In The Drink
3/5/201436 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 73: Talia Baiocchi & Leslie Pariseau

Talia Baiocchi is the Editor in Chief of PUNCH and the author of the forthcoming book Sherry (Ten Speed Press, October 2014). She was the first-ever wine editor at Eater, a former columnist at Wine Spectator, and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Decanter and Wine & Spirits Magazine, among others. She has a degree in journalism and political science from New York University and has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes as a member of the magazine’s 2013 “30 under 30” list. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Leslie Pariseau is the Deputy Editor of PUNCH. She has written about food, drinks and people for GQ, Esquire and Saveur, among others. In her former life, Leslie worked for Momofuku Ssäm Bar, reported at the United Nations, and dropped out of grad school to become a professional drinker. She has a degree in art history from the University of Michigan and lives (immoderately) in Brooklyn, New York. This program has been sponsored by SPONSOR. Today’s music provided by Obey City. “I think that looking through the lens of art is a really great way to see history.” [4:30] Leslie Pariseau on In The Drink “I hear that Drew Barrymore, even though she makes a not-so-great Pinot Grigio, has a great appreciation for wine.” [28:15] Talia Baiocchi on In The Drink
2/26/201432 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 72: Katie Parla

Katie Parla, a New Jersey native, grew up in an Italian-American restaurant family. She moved to Rome in January 2003, shortly after earning a BA from Yale University in the History of Art. She holds a sommelier certificate from Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori Ristoratori (FISAR) and a master’s degree in Italian gastronomic culture from the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”. In addition to culinary research and lecturing, Katie has written about food and beverage culture for The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The Atlantic, The National Geographic Traveller, and many more. She is also know for her travel apps, Katie Parla’s Rome and Katie Parla’s Istanbul. Tune into this episode to learn how Katie has been tracking the ever-changing food and drink culture in Rome. How did the switch to the Euro affect dining culture in Italy? Learn more about the Italian “aperitivo hour”, and what it means for drinkers. How is the Roman cocktail scene evolving? Tune in to this episode of In the Drink to find out! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA. Music by Obey City. “In a sense, it was the art and architecture that attracted me to Rome, but the changing food and drink culture is what kept me there. I want to document everything that is happening now.” [4:00] — Katie Parla on In the Drink
2/19/201435 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 71: Ryan Mills

Growing up on the coast of Maine, Ryan Mills-Knapp worked in restaurants during summers in high school and college during the busy tourist season. Through these summer jobs, he became passionate about food and wine, which eventually led him to his current position as beverage director of Colicchio & Sons. In 2004, after spending the summer in Maine working in restaurants, he moved to New York City to pursue his interest in the wine and spirits industry. His first job in Manhattan was as a server at Amuse, an American restaurant in Chelsea, where he helped the wine director assemble the wine list. The restaurant also hosted American Sommelier Association classes in the space, so he was able to further his knowledge of wine. He moved on to become the beverage director at chef Waldy Malouf’s Beacon Restaurant where he curated the wine selection, and was put in charge of the liquor and beer programs. At Beacon, he began his real wine education, learning about producers, vintages and styles. In 2006, he was hired as beverage manager at Jean-George Vongerichten’s Spice Market and oversaw the cocktail, beer and wine lists, before joining Drew Nieporent’s Myriad Restaurant Group as head sommelier at Corton and Tribecca Grill. Throughout his years in the restaurant industry, he met members of the Craft restaurant family. These relationships led him to join the team at Colicchio & Sons as beverage director in 2012. At the restaurant, he aspires to create a diverse and approachable wine list with selections at every price point that will appeal to both aficionados and novice wine drinkers alike. His interest in aged wines is reflected on the list as well. Mills-Knapp has traveled to more than 20 wine regions exploring the diversity of wine growing around the world. Recent trips have included Tokaji in Hungary, Greek Macedonia and Southern Styria in Austria. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. “When you’re young and you’re really excited about something, you feel like you need to educate everybody about it.” [11:00] —Ryan Mills-Knapp on In The Drink
2/12/201430 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 70: Caitlin Doonan

Toro is located in the old Nabisco Factory (85 10th Avenue at 15th Street) and helmed by Co-Chef/Owners Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnett along with partners Doug Jacob and Will Malnati. South Chelsea’s incarnation of Boston’s Barcelona-style tapas bar features an eclectic menu focusing on both traditional and modern tapas, combining regional Spanish flavors and techniques with local and market-fresh ingredients. The Spanish-focused beverage program from Caitlin Doonan features a cocktail menu with a dedicated section of Gin Tonic variations like Nuestra Casa with Oxley gin, allspice and pear and Atencion Gratuita with Bols Genever gin, thyme and lavender, sherry-centric cocktails like Sherry Julep with Amontillado sherry, curaçao and mint, and others such as Verdad y Amor with tequila, hibiscus and ginger and the Rosarita’s Fire with mezcal, pomegranate and cava. The wine list emphasizes Spain and the old world, with a focus on small producers and growers, and features an extensive sherry section. Additionally, seasonal sangrias are available on tap, along with a selection of beer. Caitlin began her career as an actress, but quickly found that her energy and passion were better suited for food and wine than for the stage. Caitlin trained under some of the biggest names in wine, including Theresa Paopao, former wine director at Momofuku. As the beverage manager for Má Pêche, she designed the drinks component of Kappo, the restaurant’s renowned omakase menu, working alongside Paul Carmichael, to help earn the team at Má Pêche a spot among Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Wine Restaurants of 2013. After a stint at Boston’s Market by Jean Georges, Caitlin was thrilled to join the team at Toro, where she focuses on varieties from Spain and the old world, with an emphasis on small producers and growers. This program has been sponsored by Many Kitchens. Today’s music Today’s music provided by Obey City. “I think for so long people wrote off Spanish wine, so now people are saying ‘no, we’re going to focus on quality not quantity’.” [19:15] Caitlin Doonan on In The Drink
2/5/201429 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 69: Alexander LaPratt

Born and raised in the Detroit area of Michigan, Alexander took his first restaurant job nearby at Morels a Michigan Bistro in Bingham Farms. While his initial motivation was to pay for college, he found he was truly inspired by working alongside Morels’ Master Sommelier, Madeline Triffon. Yet another one of those opportunities came along as Dining Room Captain at Michael Mina’s Saltwater and Bourbon Steak in Detroit, MI. There Alexander met Michael Mina’s Wine Director, Rajat Parr, whose influence prompted him to take the next step in his career, and along with it, a move to the San Francisco Bay Area. When it comes to wine and food enjoyed together, Alexander believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. He favors an approach to wine that minimizes complexity, emphasizes pleasure and makes people comfortable with their own taste, knowledge and budget. That said, he happens to be a Master Sommelier candidate and is also reaching for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust diploma. Alexander is hesitant to commit to a favorite wine. From crisp whites to earthy reds and even dessert wines, he claims to have no bias but is a fan of grower-producers. If truly pressed he’ll confess a weakness for Champagne, low in alcohol, high in acidity, refreshing and delicious with just about anything! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Today’s music provided by Four Lincolns. “One of the most important things to us was to be non-pretentious in everything that we were doing, because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good service or to get a great product.” [24:00] “I try to stay away from any dogma if I can. I believe in well made wine that’s well executed and delicious.” [28:30] Alex LaPratt on In The Drink
1/22/201430 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 68: Jimmy Bradley

The author and chef-owner of two popular New York City restaurants—The Red Cat and The Harrison—Jimmy Bradley presides over neighborhood joints that have become destinations for guests from around the city, and the country. A purveyor of straightforward, occasionally irreverent, food and contagious conviviality, all of it wrapped up in an attitude-free package, Bradley has helped contemporary diners rediscover the intrinsic value of classic Mediterranean cuisine, reinterpreted for a modern American clientele. He and his recipes are regularly featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Esquire and other food publications, as well as on local and national television programs including TODAY Show and Top Chef Masters. His first cookbook, The Red Cat Cookbook, was published by Clarkson Potter in fall 2006. Don’t miss Jimmy Bradley on this week’s edition of In the Drink! Thanks to our sponsor, Rolling Press. Music by Obey City. “We would dine every Sunday at one o’clock and listen to the opera from the Met. It sounds stereotypical to say my grandmother taught me how to cook, but in this case, that’s how it was… When I first started with a chefs and they would make ravioli, I thought to myself, ‘I know someone who makes better raviolis than you…'” [9:50] “In my mind, wine factors into everything that has to do with food.” [19:00] — Jimmy Bradley on In the Drink
1/15/201432 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 67: Skye LaTorre

Skye LaTorre serves up fine wine knowledge in a causal setting as the Beverage Director at The Meatball Shop! This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale sits down with Skye to talk about her storied history in the restaurant business. How did a stint at Emeril’s Delmonico in New Orleans inspire Skye to get serious about wine? Hear about Skye’s time at A16 in San Francisco, and how she got connected with Daniel Holzman and designed the wine list for The Meatball Shop. What are the advantages of curating beverages at a casual dining joint like The Meatball Shop? Hear more about Skye’s dedication to tasting, and why her interest in local spirits is fueled by Old World wine traditions. This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center. Music by Dead Stars. “It’s hard to articulate what you want in terms of a wine list, so it’s great to work with people who you know and know what they want.” [10:10] “Don’t put champagne on a Meatball Shop wine list in Brooklyn- it won’t work!” [12:00] “I wish we could speak about wine in the way that friends speak about football.” [20:10] — Skye LaTorre on In the Drink
1/8/201431 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 66: Jon Bonne

Explore The New California Wine with famed wine writer Jon Bonne on this week’s episode of In the Drink. As the wine editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon has won a regional following in the Bay Area as well as national recognition as one of the most important voices in the wine community. Host Joe Campanale and Jon Bonne discuss the untold story of the California wine industry: the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking; their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir; and the continuing battle to move the state away from the overly-technocratic practices of its recent past. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. “The new buzz word [in wine] is diversity. My argument would be that there should be a diversity of styles that can be made in a traditional way and don’t require dark magic in the cellar.” [14:00] —Jon Bonne on In The Drink
12/18/201331 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 65: Florent Morellet

French-born Florent Morellet began to draw maps in grade school in his hometown of cholet, outside of Nantes. Since a young age, his parents encouraged him to pursue his interest in maps of real and imagined places, which led to formal studies in city planning at Central London Polytechnic. Florent continued to explore cities all over the world, leading him to New York, where he opened restaurant Florent in 1985. Florent is also a highly visible social activist. He made his renowned restaurant a springboard for grassroots activism for over twenty years. He has been a leader in issues ranging from gay rights and AIDS to end-of-life choices and architectural preservation. He has received many awards and honors for this work, including The American Foundation for AIDS Research and Heritage of Pride, which named him Grand Marshal of New York’s LGBT Gay Pride Day 2006. Since retiring from his restaurant business in 2008, Florent has concentrated his energy working on his art while remaining involved in social causes. In April 2010, the Manhattan Borough president appointed him to the city’s Community Board 2. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. “The young and bohemian life always moves to areas that need to be discovered.” [14:50] —Florent Morellet on In The Drink
12/11/201333 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 64: Joshua Wesson

Co-founder of Best Cellars, Joshua Wesson is one of the most highly sought after wine talents in the industry. Mr. Wesson is a leading authority on the pairing of wine and food. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as host Joe Campanale talks with Josh about everything from sparkling wine to the history of sommoliers in New York City. Find out what Josh enjoys drinking the most and what makes a good wine and food pairing. Hear about his wine retail business with Best Cellars and get some great insight from one of the most well respected authorities on wine in the country. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA “I’m completely devoted to getting people excited about what they eat and drink and bringing them to the promise dland of deliciosness.” 2:00 “If i was shipwrecked on a desert island and could olny have one bottle, it would be a sparkling red wine with a little sweetness.” 11;00 –Joshua Wesson on In the Drink
12/4/201342 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 63: Pascaline Lepeltier

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is chatting with Pascaline Lepeltier, the Wine Director at NYC’s Rouge Tomate. Why did Pascaline abandon a promising future teaching philosophy to become a wine expert? Despite her upbringing in the Loire Valley, Pascaline did not discover wine until her late teens; find out why Pascaline was so isolated from the wine culture around her. Pascaline gives some tips on how to determine wine authenticity and consistency from distributors. Later, Joe and Pascaline talk about the quality of food at Rouge Tomate, and why a certain level of gastronomy is important when pairing with good wine. Hear some of Pascaline’s experiences studying for the Master Sommelier exam! This episode has been brought to you by Underground Meats. photo from “Wine might be the only thing that can do that- connect me with my friends, connect with something from so long ago, and give so much pleasure.” [9:20] “You always want to meet the face behind the label.” [12:15] — Pascaline Lepeltier on In the Drink
11/20/201331 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 62: Ray Isle

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale sits down with Food & Wine‘s Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle. Prior to joining Food & Wine in 2005, Ray was managing editor of Wine & Spirits. He has also worked in sales and marketing for a wine importer, and taught fiction writing at Stanford University. Ray’s articles about wine, food, and spirits have appeared in a wide range of publications including Wine & Spirits, the Washington Post, Martha Stewart Living and Gastronomica. He has been nominated for a James Beard Award, the highest honor for food and beverage professionals in the U.S. Ray regularly conducts wine-tasting seminars at Epicurean events throughout the country and abroad and appears as a wine and spirits expert on national television. Tune into this week’s program to hear Ray talk about his transition from the world of academia to writing about wine and food. Find out how Ray’s experiences in Northern California inspired him to work in vineyards during harvest season. How did Ray’s experiences in wine production inform his writing? Later, tune in to hear discussions regarding Ray’s recent trip to Portugal. Find out about the different wine regions in Portugal, and why the nation should be known for more than just port! This program has been sponsored by Music has been provided by Obey City. “Having worked on the business side and production side of wine, it’s really nice because I get this whole picture. If I think back, I can still smell the pinot noir grapes in the MacroBin!” [9:00] “Some of the small artisan importers that usually bring in off-beat European wines are starting to pick up on some of these unique Australian wines.” [26:40] — Ray Isle on In the Drink
11/13/201335 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 61: Rajat Parr

On today’s episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale welcomes sommelier Rajat Parr, wine director of the Mina Group. Born in Calcutta, Rajat credits his uncle in London for first introducing him to great wines. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration, Rajat entered the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York. In 2003, Parr was named Wine Director for the Mina Group, where he develops and manages the wine programs at numerous restaurants. In 2011, Rajat launched Sandhi, which produces Pinot Noir and Chardonnay produced from select vineyards of Santa Rita Hills in partnership with Charles Banks and Sashi Moorman. In 2013, Rajat released wines from his new estate vineyard, Domaine de la Cote. Tune-in to today’s episode of In the Drink and learn more about Rajat’s wine experience today! This program has been sponsored by “If you really want it, you have to own it. Eventually you want to be totally involved.” — Rajat Parr on In the Drink
11/6/201330 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 60: Aldo Sohm

As Chef Sommelier of Le Bernardin, New York’s longest rated four-star restaurant, Aldo Sohm oversees a wine collection consisting of 15,000 bottles made up of 900 wine selections from 12 countries with vintages that date back to 1875. Sohm’s fascination with wine began at the age of 19 after visiting an Italian vineyard with his father. Captivated with what he encountered and learned, he knew quickly that he wanted to pursue a career in wine. Sohm reached the pinnacle of wine competitions when he was awarded the highly-coveted title, “Best Sommelier in the World 2008,” by the World Sommelier Association, the first representative of America to win the title. Since then he has garnered success all throughout the wine industry, becoming known as one of the best sommelier’s in the world. On this episode of In the Drink, learn more about Sohm’s work – what he considers being a Chef Sommelier is, what continues his interest in wine, and what’s in store for the future. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. “In New York you see an incredibly amount of wealth – but you also see the other side. I saw City Harvest and it was eye-opening, so I wanted to contribute to that and help a good cause.” [26:30] — Aldo Sohm on In the Drink
10/30/201329 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 59: Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson is one of only a handful of wine writers with an international reputation. Her multi-award-winning books, including the hugely successful Oxford Companion to Wine and Wine Grapes, are among the most important landmarks in wine literature. Jancis is the Financial Times wine correspondent and writes a bi-monthly column that is published around the world. She also writes daily for, which has subscribers in 100 countries and was voted the first-ever Wine Website of the Year in the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards 2010. Find out more about Jancis, her latest book, The World Atlas of Wine, and more about winemaking in general, on today’s episode of In the Drink. This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine. “I used to be a control freak, but now I’m learning to delegate, which is very nice.” [4:15] “If you like wine but want to know a bit more, establish a relationship with a good local retailer, the same way you would with a local bookseller. Tell them what you like so far, and it’s in their interest to lead you to something else.” [29:10] — Jancis Robinson on In the Drink
10/23/201333 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 58: Abe Schoener

On today’s episode of In the Drink, Abe Schoener, winemaker at the Scholium project, joins host Joe Campanale to talk about the winery, their wines, and the changing wine industry in New York. At the Scholium Project, Abe and his team make wine, but only when first thinking hard about it. The wines he creates reflect a desire to understand and have a respect for tradition. He follows methods that in some ways are very old-fashioned, and in some ways rather unconventional, such as using techniques like food treading to distribute the grapes in the best possible way. Learn more about the wine maker, and how to buy his wines on this episode, and at the Scholium Project. This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate. “When I started making wine, I don’t think I looked at it philosophically at all, but it’s given me a firm foundation.” [4:30] “When we make wines, we’re engaged in making something that’s meant to fall apart.” [6:01] — Abe Schoener on In the Drink
10/16/201334 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 57: Paulaner Brauhas

On a special episode of In the Drink, the topic switches from wine into beer, with guests Rudy Tauscher and Andreas Heidenreich of Paulaner Brewery. The duo are right on the verge of opening the first Brauhaus in New York City, opening in the Lower East Side on Bowery St. Andreas Heidenreich is the Brewmaster of Paulaner Brauhaus, and has been brewing beer since his early teens in Germany. Heidenreich has also spent over nine years in Asia, where he has been involved in the opening of Paulaner Brauhaus and Restaurant in Shenyang, China. For over 20 years, Rudy Tauscher climbed the hotel industry ladder working for some of the world’s top luxury hotels including Le Bristol in Paris, The Palace in Sun City in South Africa, Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Peninsula, Trump International and most recently Mandarin Oriental, New York. Last year, Tauscher set out on a completely different career path as President and Founder of Paulaner’s first microbrewery and restaurant in the U.S. This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine. “The trends in the United States is going back to high quality beers, and all of them have come back to such amazing operations.” [6:05] —Rudy Tauscher on In the Drink “We brew four to six times per week. Our beer is unfiltered, so it’s much more flavorful.” [25:03] — Andreas Heidenreich on In the Drink
10/9/201331 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 56: Steve Olson

Steve Olson is dedicated to the education and consultation of degustation for appreciation and celebration. He teaches, lectures, and writes all over the world about wine, beer, spirits, sake, and virtually any other beverage under the sun, discussing their integral cause-and-effect relationship with food as he preaches the gospel of his mission: making tasting fun by removing the intimidation factor and the pretense. Olson’s company, aka wine geek, specializes in beverage and service consulting, and has focused on the professional presentation of beverage education for the trade, consumers, press and the media since 1992. Olson may be best known to many for his restaurant and bar consulting, having designed the innovative beverage programs and service sytems for several nationally acclaimed operations, including the Relais Chateau, Mobil Five Star award-winning Mayflower Inn in Connecticut, New York City’s #1 Zagat-rated restaurant, Gramercy Tavern, the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, and the Adam Tihany-designed Summit at the Mobil Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond BROADMOOR in Colorado Springs. His most recent venture are Isola, Hudson Lodge, Hudson Common, and Reserve Bar, each in Manhattan, where Olson and team act as beverage consultant to the Morgan Hotel Group in NYC. Tune-in to hear how much Steve values service in his restaurants, and which restaurant in the East Village Steve is partnering with right now. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. “Food has always been first. That’s been my success key. I love food – and to me, it’s not about our wine lists. It’s about making the food taste even better than it already does when it leaves the chef’s fingertips.” [5:38] — Steve Olson on In the Drink
10/2/201342 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 55: Jordan Salcito

Jordan Salcito comes into the studio on this week’s In the Drink to speak to us about her position as Beverage Director for David Chang’s famous Momofuku restaurants. She is also a sommelier and entrepreneur living in New York City. After college, Jordan traveled through Italy, moved to New York City and began working in restaurants. She earned a scholarship to attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University, then moved back to New York to cook at Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant, Daniel. In 2006, Chef Boulud granted her the opportunity to cook with him at the La Paulée de Nieges. From that moment, she knew that she wanted to spend her life working with wine. Jordan has worked in some of New York’s most esteemed dining rooms, including at Eleven Madison Park (where she was part of the James Beard Award-winning team for Outstanding Wine Service), Daniel, Gilt at the New York Palace, and Crown, where she built and managed the wine program during its inaugural year. She has also worked harvests in Burgundy since 2006 at esteemed wineries such as Domaines Dujac, Mugneret-Gibourg, De Montille, Comtes Liger-Belair, and de l’Arlot, as well as harvests in Montalcino and Patagonia. In 2011, she launched Bellus Wines. Her first release, the 2007 “Girasole,” from Montalcino, donates a percentage of proceeds to female entrepreneurs through The Tory Burch Foundation. Her second release, the 2011 “Les Roches Soeurs,” is a collaboration with Alix de Montille of Meursault. Accolades include the Advanced Diploma from the International Wine Center, and an Introduction to Winemaking course at UC Davis. She is a Master Sommelier Canditate in the Court of Master Sommeliers. Jordan’s expertise has landed her roles as Rachael Ray’s “Wine Buddy”; PBS Vine Talk’s co-host; and one of Gilt Taste’s sommelier panelists. She and Bellus have been featured in publications such as Food & Wine, Allure, Travel + Leisure, WWD, Martha Stewart Radio,, The Huffington Post, Every Day with Rachael Ray, USA Today, Women’s Wear Daily, and The Food Republic. Tune-in to learn how Jordan supervises a large team at Momofuku restaurants, how she moved from a career as a writer to becoming a sommelier, and even what it’s like to live in the same house with another wine enthusiast! This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate. “Our job is to bring to light in the most honest way, the experience of serving wine to our guests.” [27:30] “I try to tailor each guest’s experience. I always recommend going to see one of the larger producers, and that’s where you have this amazing snapshot.” [29:20] — Jordan Salcito on In the Drink
9/25/201334 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 54: Philip Ward

Philip Ward was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and found himself in New York and beginning to make his way in the bar and cocktail industry in June of 2002 at Flatiron Lounge. Since that time he has come to regarded as one of the foremost Mixologists in the world and has been not just influential in the growth of the cocktail renaissance in New York, but throughout the country and maybe just a bit of the world. Beginning as a barback at Flatiron Lounge, he would later spend the next three years under the tutelage of Julie Reiner, eventually growing to become head bartender. In September of 2005, Philip moved downtown to SoHo to help Audrey Saunders open the much anticipated Pegu Club. Philip would next spend a year and half at the Pegu Club, also as head bartender. On New Year’s Eve in 2007 Philip began his career behind the bar of what he would make the renowned Death and Company in the East Village. Death and Company was Philip’s first opportunity to build his own program, pick his own backbar, and design and create his own cocktail menu. Death and Company was quickly recognized and remains one of the most esteemed cocktail bars in the world. In April of 2009, Philip opened his first bar Mayahuel. Mayahuel is a celebration of all things Mexico, and is an unprecedented regionally focused cocktail bar, reinventing what Tequila was made to be, and helping place Mezcal firmly on the map and conscience of the world. Interested in learning more about tequila, mezcal, or simply cocktails in general? Tune-in to this week’s episode of In the Drink today! This program has been sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to PEELS for today’s music. “One of the most important things in the bar business is that your bar is set up well. It’s all about the efficiency of the bartender.” [10:30] “Any bartender that wants to be a good bartender – has to read the classics. You gotta read the old books. Balance and structure is the most important part of bartending.” [28:20] — Philip Ward on In the Drink
9/18/201339 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 53: Giuseppe Vaira

Giuseppe Vaira is a second-generation winemaker at his family’s winery, G.D. Vajra. Growing up in Piedmont, Italy, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Giuseppe knew he wanted to work in wine. He planted his first vineyard at 15 and a year later, began working harvest. He graduated from the University of Torino in 2009 with a degree in viticulture and winemaking and since then has gradually assumed winemaking responsibilities. G.D. Vajra was founded in 1972 by Giuseppe’s parents, Aldo and Milena, and remains a family affair. The winery was named after Giuseppe’s grandfather, Giuseppe Domenico – all management and viticulture decisions are made by the family. For more than 40 years, this humble, hard-working family has produced soulful and honest expressions of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Riesling. Their guiding philosophy is simple – they are not modern, they are not traditional. They craft sensitive, transparent wines of place by patiently allowing the wine to dictate its own evolution. Tune-in to this week’s episode to learn more about winemaking from an expert who has been crafting traditional wines for years. This program has been sponsored by Blueprint Cleanse. Thanks to Cookies for today’s music. “Piedmont started to deliver quality, once people became farmers of their own.” [8:50] “A great wine is never too young to be drunk.” [29:53] — Giuseppe Vaira on In the Drink
9/11/201333 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 52: Bobby Stuckey

Bobby began his distinguished career working in restaurants in Arizona until he moved to Colorado in 1995 to join the staff of The Little Nell restaurant in Aspen as a sommelier. During his five-year tenure, the restaurant received numerous awards for wine and service, including the Gourmet’s “Best Wine Service” Award, Mobile Travel Guide’s Five Star Hotel and Restaurant Rating, Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, and a nomination from The James Beard Foundation for “Best Wine Service”. In 2000, Bobby joined world-renowned chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in Yountville, California. Within his first year, Bobby received The James Beard Foundation’s “Outstanding Wine Service” Award and San Francisco Magazine recognized him as “Wine Director of the Year”. He also met his future business partner, chef de partie Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. Before leaving The French Laundry in May 2003, the restaurant received The James Beard Foundation’s award for “Outstanding Restaurant Service”. In their pursuit and vision of opening a neighborhood restaurant reminiscent of the Frascas they had visited in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, Lachlan and Bobby opened their restaurant, Frasca Food and Wine, in August of 2004 in Boulder, CO. Having researched and traveled throughout Italy many times, both were deeply inspired by this region in particular — the international influences of its cuisine, the profusion of local ingredients in its rustic yet elegant dishes, its passionate relationship between food and wine, and the gracious hospitality of the locals. Bobby earned the Master Sommelier Diploma from the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2004. This diploma is considered by many the ultimate professional credential in the wine and spirits services industry. In 2008, Bobby was nominated by the James Beard Foundation for the “Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional” Award and in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 was nominated again for “Outstanding Wine Service in America”. In May of 2013, was given the award. These prestigious distinctions notwithstanding, Bobby walks the dining room nightly, enthusiastically dispensing advice, recommendations, and sharing his passion for wine with Frasca guests. Tune-in to this week’s program to learn more about how Bobby excels in customer service within his restaurants, and is able to bring the amazing flavors of wines from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region to life. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today’s music. “Anybody that works at The French Laundry – you take a lot from that experience.” [8:30] “There is no other place for a wine person that is so special, than Friuli-Venezia Giulia.” [28:10] — Bobby Stuckey on In the Drink
9/4/201340 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 51: Raj Vaidya

This week on In the Drink, Head Sommelier of DANIEL, Raj Vaidya, comes into the studio to speak with us about developing his early passion for fine cuisine, food, and of course, amazing wines. Growing up in Bombay, he began learning about wine well before he would have been legally permitted to drink in this country. He refined his knowledge at what he calls his first serious restaurant job, working at New Jersey’s Ryeland Inn, with a chef who had a natural affinity for pairing food and wine. That early experience evolved into a particular love of Burgundy and the Rhône Valley, making him right at home working with Daniel Boulud, a Rhône valley native with a love of that region’s wines. Raj Vaidya joined DANIEL in the Spring of 2009 with an impressive history of experience in fine dining restaurants that boast some of this country’s most celebrated wine lists and wine service. His stellar resume includes positions at restaurants such as New York City’s Cru and Per Se, as well as Gary Danko in San Francisco and Seeger’s in Atlanta. Raj also spent time in California working with Robert Sinskey Vineyards, a biodynamic estate in Napa. In addition, Raj has earned some of the wine world’s most respected diplomas, including the Certificate Course of The Sommelier Society of America (2004), the Wine and Spirits Education Trust’s Advanced Certificate (2004) and their Diploma Program (2008). Tune-in today to hear more about the inner workings of restaurant Daniel, and how being head sommelier requires Raj to work as a both a trader and salesperson when searching for the perfect bottle. This program has been sponsored by the International Culinary Center. “I work two jobs. During the day I am a trader, and at night, I’m a salesperson.” [22:50] “In a wine pairing, you’re getting a snapshot, but it’s such a short window, that you have to be exact.” [31:50] — Raj Vaidya on In the Drink
8/28/201338 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 50: Steve Wildy

Steve Wildy, Beverage Director at the Vetri Family, joins Joe Campanale for this week’s edition of In the Drink! After spending his early childhood in Northern Ireland, Steve Wildy began his career in the restaurant industry at 15 years old in Pittsburgh, as a dishwasher for a friend’s restaurant. He immediately fell for the hustle and bustle of the culinary world, and after relocating to Philadelphia in the late 90s to enroll in Drexel University‘s International Studies program, he continued to work through the field as a busser, food runner, server, and captain. An internship with the European Parliament in Brussels introduced him to a fantastic food scene, the world’s best beer, and to the early notion that a career in food and beverage might be better suited to him than a career as a politician. Tune into this episode to learn more about the Vetri restaurants, and how their respective vibes inform Steve’s beverage selections. Learn how Italian culture affects not only the food, but the atmosphere of the Vetri restaurants. Joe and Steve talk about their favorite Italian white wines, and why they are often under appreciated amongst oenophiles. Find out how Steve drinks for a restaurant opening, or a relaxing evening with the family! This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to Dead Stars for today’s break music. “We found that the bars in Rome were so on-fire and vibrant- especially with the new Italian craft beer scene… Going into these bars, we just fell in love with Italian beer culture.” [10:05] “I think that the beverage world is one of the easiest things to talk about, and it’s one of the most fun things to talk about. If you can’t make beer, wine, or cocktails sound interesting, then you’re probably in the wrong profession.” [14:00] — Steve Wildy on In the Drink
8/21/201333 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 49: Mark Sayre

If, like fine wines, sommeliers only get better with age, Mark Sayre has a lot to look forward to. The 32-year-old sommelier at TRIO, the signature restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Austin, has already made a name for himself by being counted among Wine & Spirits magazine’s 7 Best New Sommeliers in 2010 and earning the 2007 title of Texas’ Best Sommelier. This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale chats with Mark about the wine scene in Austin, Washington state wines and his private-label Syrah. Get an inside perspective on the beverage scene in Texas and what it’s like being a sommelier at the Four Seasons. This program was sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse. “People buy wine mostly not on flavor profile but on weight and texture.” [08:00] –Mark Sayre on In the Drink
8/14/201333 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 48: Andre Compeyre

As the Chef Sommelier at Benoit in New York, André Compeyre oversees the restaurant’s beverage program including a wine list that features several bottles from Alain Ducasse’s personal collection. André began his career in his native city, Toulouse, France over twenty years ago where he created a new wine program for a local restaurant. With ambitions to expand his wine knowledge, André moved to London accepting a sommelier position at the three-star Michelin restaurant Le Gavroche, known for its impressive global list. Later on, André returned to Toulouse as an Assistant Sommelier at the Michelin-starred Les Jardins de l’Opera, where he further developed the wine list and created grand cru wine tastings. In 1993, he became the Chef Sommelier at Le Chateau Eza near Monaco where he met Theresa Henkelmann who offered him the opportunity to work in the United States. André gained national recognition as the Head Sommelier at Restaurant Thomas Henkelmann, part of The Homestead Inn in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he built the wine program. In June 2000, he opened Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, and had the pleasure to work with wines that included Alain Ducasse’s personal collection from his eponymous restaurant in Paris. André graduated to Chef Sommelier and remained at the restaurant until 2006. He then went on to work at Brasserie Les Halles in New York City where he remained for nearly four years. Deciding that he wanted return to a fine-dining atmosphere, André joined Bouley for a year before working again with Alain Ducasse at Adour at The St. Regis New York, where André also was the Assistant Manager. In June 2011, he became the Chef Sommelier at Benoit New York with a collection that includes a secrets de cave reserve list. With wines from all over the world, highlights from the list include rare Burgundy and California varietals, not often seen at restaurants, let alone at bistros. Benoit also has NAPA Technology, a system that allows André to serve wines by the ounce from famed producers such as Château Petrus and Chateau Y’Quem. He also features a regularly updated “Top Pours” selection offering guests exceptional wines at competitive prices. André has an endless curiosity, and at Benoit, his passion for serving extraordinary and good value wines comes through. Today’s episode takes us back into Andre’s long history within the wine and food industry, from starting in France, to becoming the head Sommelier at Benoit in New York City. Learn more about Andre, how he has learned to appreciate organic wines, and which wines he is excited about for the rest of the summer! Lastly, tune-in on how to receive a special discount on a visit to Benoit! This program has been sponsored by International Culinary Center. Also don’t forget to check out the Heritage Radio Network Hawaiian Barbecue, this Sunday, August 11th! Tickets are available at Stop on by to meet host Joe Campanale of In The Drink, and the rest of the Heritage Radio Network team! “I remember going to the mountains, picking out the wild asparagus, and coming back with a treasure.” [7:03] “Being in a casual ambience at Benoit allowed me to have fun, and still have the same opportunity to approach the guest, and make sure that they are having fun as well.” [21:05] — Andre Compeyre on In the Drink
8/7/201333 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 47: Alice Feiring

Alice Feiring, is an essayist, fiction and wine writer, writing professionally since 1988. She is the winner of both the James Beard and Louis Roederer Wine Writing Awards and in 2013 she was named Imbibe Magazine’s wine person of the year. Her blog, The Feiring Line ( has been operational since 2004. In the fall of 2012, she took a bold move and launched a paid-subscription newsletter, The Feiring Line, the only newsletter to focus on wines that are organic, biodynamic and natural. Her latest book, Naked Wine, letting grapes do what comes naturally (DaCapo Press) chronicles personal adventures in the natural wine world and it followed on the heels of her 2008 controversial volume, “The Battle for Wine & Love or How I Saved the World From Parkerization.” Translations include, French, Spanish, Italian and Georgian. Cited on Wikipedia as a major wine personality and champion of natural wines, she lectures on wine globalization, terroir, natural, biodynamic and organic wines worldwide. She is the past wine correspondent for Wall Street Journal Magazine and Time. Currently she currently freelances for The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, World of Fine Wine, Newsweek and Town & Country, and as a result of various essays, she has the most famous plumbing in New York City. On today’s episode of In the Drink, Alice talks about her books, The Battle for Wine & Love or How I Saved the World From Parkerization, and Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally. She also updates us on with what’s coming up on her newsletter, The Feiring Line, gives advice to those looking to become an accomplished wine journalist, and of course gives us her latest recommendations for wine. This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. “It’s tough, but extremely exciting. You’re not in a day job – you have more freedom to experience.” [21:00] “Have an opinion. Have a voice. Be a strong writer first. Have an idea.” [22:40] — Alice Feiring on In the Drink
7/31/201337 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 46: Hristo Zisovski

This week on In the Drink, Hristo Zisovski joins host Joe Campanale in the studio to talk about about his career as beverage director for the Altamarea Group, and how he worked his way to becoming head sommelier. An Advanced Sommelier based in New York City, Hristo was raised in his father’s Greek diners where he worked the grill throughout his childhood. After high school, Hristo earned a degree from the Culinary Institute of America but increasingly realized his interest was in the “front of the house”. In 2001, Hristo became the Assistant Beverage Director at three-star restaurant March and began his educational journey to becoming a Master Sommelier. From March, Hristo moved to three Michelin-starred Jean Georges, where he spent seven years as Chef Sommelier. Under his tenure, the restaurant received the 2010 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Wine Service. Hristo was also personally awarded Wine & Spirits Best New Sommelier in 2007. In November 2010 Hristo joined the Altamarea Group at Ai Fiori. His role expanded to oversee the beverage programs at Osteria Morini, Nicoletta, Due Mari & OsteriaMorini New Jersey as well as Costata & the Butterfly. Hristo’s wine expertise contributed to Ai Fiori’s 3- star NY Times review. Ai Fiori’s wine list has been awarded Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence. Hristo has also been featured in numerous wine publications including Wine & Sprits, Beverage Media, Wine Spectator, Allure Magazine and the New York Times. Also tune-in to learn more about binwise, a new cloud based technology that allows Hristo to have complete control over his wine inventory, and look forward to the future of his career. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Thanks to PEELS for the today’s music. “My father said whatever you do, be the best at it.” [05:03] “You have to put your amplifier to 11 – it takes time to understand wine” [33:02] — Hristo Zisovski on In the Drink
7/24/201336 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 45: Jamie Kaloustian

Jamie Kaloustian is the wine and beverage director of the Michelin Star, award winning, Dovetail Restaurant in New York City. On this episode of In the Drink, Jamie talks with Joe about getting her start in the industry, following her passion for food and wine, and her role as Wine Director at a prestigious restaurant in New York City. Beginning her New York City restaurant career about eight years ago, Jamie moved here without a job to live and work in New York City. Armed with a Bachelor’s in meteorology from Embry-Riddle in Florida, her next step was a career in restaurants to pay off the burgeoning student loans. At the now shuttered Dona in Mid-town Manhattan, she waited tables until she had dinner at Eleven Madison Park and applied for a server position immediately after that amazing dinner. Needless to say, the experience of working with such a great chef and wine program was humbling. She left there as a captain to work at Daniel, as one of their bartenders. Again, a humbling experience. The cocktail program, wine list, cuisine and service were all exceptional and she learned a great deal about the industry. Next step, she opened Lincoln Ristorante as a Captain. This experience was especially new to her, simply because she never opened a restaurant, in any state, and she never worked in a restaurant where the list focused mainly on Italian wines. As a result, she stayed almost two years before leaving for a Bartender job that eventually led to a sommelier position at Del Posto. She worked with Aaron as both a captain and a wine captain at Lincoln, and learned much about salesmanship and Italian wine. Thus, she credits the experience at Lincoln as a springboard to working at Del Posto. Finally, when she heard Dovetail was looking for a Wine / Beverage Director, she took the plunge and decided that she wanted to write her own list in the city, after working alongside so many great sommeliers and their respective wine programs. Originally from Rhode Island, she worked in restaurants toward the end of High School and throughout college (to include Florida). No matter what goals she was trying to achieve, Jamie always gravitated back to restaurant work, thanks to her passion for wine and creating cocktails. This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press. “You learn so much when you start from the ground up. You’re not the new person. It was really fun to be a part of that.” [11:50] “I think what we do is an art, not a science. I want everyone’s opinion, because ultimately they are the ones that eat at this restaurant as well.” [23:00] — Jamie Kaloustian on In the Drink
7/17/201332 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 44: Richard Hanauer

Born and raised in Chicago, Richard Hanauer was surrounded by food and wine growing up, as his parents were avid cooks who always encouraged a sip at the dinner table, taken from a bottle chosen from their growing wine cellar. A Chicago native, sommelier, and the current Wine Director of L2O, Richard worked his way up the ranks at Levy Restaurants (once serving high tea to the Queen of England one year) as their Fine Wine Expert, two years at One SixtyBlue, and eventually to Tru as head sommelier at the young age of 25. In 2011 he came to L2O and built one of the best white wine collections in the country, including the deepest collections of premier Champagnes in the city. Hanauer has also been awarded the Advanced Sommelier pin by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and will take the Master test in the coming years. Tune-in to this week’s episode to learn more about how to build and grow your wine cellar, and most importantly, learn to pair amazing wines with your favorite foods. Also find out more about L2O, Executive Chef Matthew Kirkley, and the way Richard chooses the best wines for the set menu. Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyards. “We can’t ignore the little guys – they’re fantastic with the food if you know the anatomy of the glass and what it’s gonna offer to the plate on the table.” [10:30] “The wines are strictly there to compliment the cuisine – my job is to complement the food.” [25:30] — Richard Hanauer on In the Drink
7/10/201333 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 43: Jeff Taylor

This week on In the Drink, Jeff Taylor, Head Sommelier at Eleven Madison Park, comes into the studio to show us what’s new and exciting in the world of wine. Tune-in to learn more about Jeff’s background to becoming head sommelier, and his latest updates from visiting the wine culture in Greece! Jeff Taylor was born in Boston, MA and spent his childhood traveling throughout the United States. An opportunity to live in London during High School and frequent visits to Europe helped to solidify his passion for food and wine. He returned to the US to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts were he received a BFA in Acting and a Minor in Philosophy. Jeff’s tenure at EMP began in 2007 as a Kitchen Server. He then went on to be a Captain for 2 years before becoming a Sommelier in 2009. During his time at EMP, the restaurant has garnered 4 Stars from The NY Times, 3 Michelin Stars, Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, and James Beard Awards for both Best Wine Service and Best Restaurant in the USA. EMP is currently ranked #5 on San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World. While at EMP, Jeff has had the privilege of working with two great Wine Directors: John Ragan, MS and Dustin Wilson, MS. “I don’t think you can really appreciate a country’s wines until you actually visit.” [25:10] — Jeff Taylor on In the Drink
7/3/201334 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 42: Aaron Von Rock

Meet sommelier Aaron Von Rock. Aaron was born in Maryland and had his first experience with wine at the age of three, stomping Concord grapes along with his siblings for the family’s homemade wine. Aaron’s first job in the field was at a barely legal age buying wines for the Baltimore Hotel, where he was introduced to fine wines.At Lincoln Ristorante, Aaron Von Rock has developed a 400-bottle, Italian list with general manager Paolo Novello. The wine list hopes to remove the distance from vineyard to table by making the selections accessible and telling the story of select vineyards and bottlings. The wine program is built to parallel and complement the cuisine of Chef Jonathan Benno, both with classical and cutting-edge selections. The cocktail menu is also curated by Aaron and highlights Italian traditional liqueurs and products in classic drink recipes. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as host Joe Campanele chats with Aaron about “Nero d’Avola face”, Negroni bars and extensive wine tastings. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. “The sommelier industry has grown quite a bit. When I got into the business there wasn’t an intuitive direction for anybody.” [02:00] –Aaron Von Rock on In the Drink
6/26/201330 minutes
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Episode 41: SOMM Documentary Film

SOMM is a film written and directed by Jason Wise, that focuses on the most difficult test you’ve never heard of – the Court of Master Sommeliers and the massively intimidating Master Sommelier Program. SOMM takes you on the ultimate insider’s tour into the world of mastering wine, and gives us an insight into those who put their personal lives at risk, their well-being, and often sanity to pull it off. Shrouded in secrecy, access to the Court Of Master Sommeliers has always been strictly regulated and cameras have never been allowed anywhere near the exam, until now. On this week’s episode of In The Drink, Jason phones in to talk about the film, telling us his background inspirations, and insight into presenting these stories to various audiences, such as those not very familiar with the hurdles of becoming a Sommelier. Also starring in the film and here in the studio is Dustin Wilson, Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park, who describes the pressures behind taking the exam, his future as Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park, and of course, the experience of allowing Jason to film his story. Tune-in to learn more and find out about this incredibly amazing profession, the stories behind making the documentary film, and the future of the Sommelier world and wine industry. Be sure to check out the film at their Facebook page. SOMM opens June 21st in theaters and on iTunes! This program has been sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips. Thanks to the Dead Stars for today’s music. “First and foremost, we wanted to make it a film that was entertaining.” [10:05] “If you find someone who puts everything on the line for something, you should always be around those people.” [28:15] — Jason Wise on In The Drink
6/19/201340 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 40: Patrick Cappiello

Patrick Cappiello, sommelier and wine consultant in New York City, comes into the studio on this week’s In the Drink to talk wine! Mr. Cappiello is the Managing Partner and Wine Director of Pearl & Ash Restaurant as well as Chef Sommelier for Daniel Johnnes La Paulée. Tune-in to learn more about the art of being a sommelier, and how Patrick broke into the wine industry after starting from the bottom as a waiter at TriBeCa Grill. Mr. Cappiello has 25 years of work experience in the restaurant industry, and as a result was nominated in 2012 for Wine Enthusiast “Sommelier of the Year”. Today’s episode has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants. “Confidence is 100% of being a sommelier. You can’t be embarrassed to say ‘I don’t know’. ” [10:00] —Patrick Cappiello on In The Drink
6/12/201344 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 39: In the Drink – Carla Rzeszewski

In this week’s episode of In the Drink, special guest Carla Rzeszewski comes in to talk about her history within the food and wine industry. She has spent over a decade working her way through the roster of food service positions, zig-zagging from Hawaii to California to New York. She counts Paul Grieco and Peter Liem as defining cornerstones in her growth, and is grateful to every teacher she has encountered along the way, usually over a glass and well-loved food. She currently resides as April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman’s Wine Director for The Spotted Pig, The Breslin and The John Dory Oyster Bar. Tune in to learn more about Sherry wine, and become more educated in wine today! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Break music provdided by takstar. “Get yourself out of the way and do something for somebody else.” —Carla Rzeszweski on In the Drink
6/5/201332 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 38: Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen is one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in NY right now, and the team behind the Japanese-inspired Clinton Street noodle-outfit joins Joe Campanale on this week’s episode of In the Drink. Meet ramen-guru and owner of Ivan Ramen, Ivan Orkin, General Manager Bill Reed, who is also partner at Brooklyn Star, and chef Mike Bergemann. The three explain the concept behind Ivan Ramen and share their love for Japanese noodle dish and the culture that surrounds it. From slurping techniques to the timing and temperature of ramen, learn how to best enjoy the satiating broth and noodle dish. Tune in as they taste some ramen on air and give listeners and sneak peak at what to expect when Ivan Ramen opens! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Break music provided by Jerome LOL. “There’s funkier tripe in New York than anything I ate in Japan.” 20:00 Mike Bergemann of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink “There are different kinds of ramen. I tend to like a cleaner flavor. I’m a chef, so I like to send people home feeling good. I want the people I feed to have their mood uplifted. I tend to use less fat [in my ramen].” 27:00 Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink “Ramen is supposed to be eaten loud. There’s an art of slurping.” [28:00] –Bill Reed of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink
5/29/201340 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 37: Olivier Flosse

As the corporate wine and beverage director for the Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation (MARC) US, Olivier Flosse offers a wealth of experience garnered in France, the UK and New York City. In this position, Olivier is responsible for the award-winning wine collection at A Voce Madison and A Voce Columbus in New York, as well growth of the already impressive wine program at MARC’s award-winning restaurant, Morello Bistro, in Greenwich, Connecticut and Bistro du Midi in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as the development of wine programs at future MARC restaurants in the U.S. Under the direction of Olivier, A Voce Columbus was one of four restaurants in the U.S. to receive the Wine Spectator Grand Award in 2012. Flosse is also responsible for training the restaurants’ sommeliers and floor staff in all aspects of the wine and beverage service, as well as the wine and spirit purchasing in the US. On this week’s episode of In the Drink, he speaks to the importance of ensuring a guests happiness while drinking and stresses that the communal experience of wine is more important than the knowledge base. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants “Now, you can go to a restaurant and the food doesn’t have to be amazing, but with incredible service people will come back!” [27:00] “Service is not something you’re just doing for two hours to get your paycheck. It’s something you have to have inside.” [28:00] –Olivier Flosse on In the Drink
5/22/201333 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 36: Speed Rack

Speed Rack is a national cocktail competition featuring top female bartenders in key cocktail markets, putting them head to head in round robin style timed and judged challenges. It is the first competition to highlight the up and coming generation of strong women in the spirits industry. 100% of the proceeds from the events they produce goes to breast cancer education, prevention and research. On this week’s episode of In the Drink, tune in as Joe Campanale chats with the ladies behind the competition, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero. Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini, who will be a judge at Speed Rack, also joins the show to explain how he will be critically tasting the drinks at the competition. Find out how Speed Rack started, what makes it so unique, and tune in for a special on-air cocktail! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “It was hard for a woman to become a ‘mixologist’ because we look stupid in suspenders and can’t grow a mustache!” [18:00] –Ivy Mix on In the Drink
5/15/201340 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 35: Bill Fitch

Bill Fitch, wine director of Vinegar Hill House and recently opened Hillside talks about his experiences in the wine industry. He discusses the trends of wine, especially in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn food and wine scene. Bill had to have surgery to gain a sense of smell, and upon gaining his sense of scent, was obsessed with smell which led him to wine. In Portland Oregon, he had his first wine related job in a wine cellar, learning all he could about wines. He came to NYC in 1998 and worked at Il Bucco. Soon after, he began putting together wine lists for various NYC restaurants. Currently, he splits his time between Paris and New York City. Today’s show was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. I was a kindergarden teacher in the Waldorf and Montessori method… I The enthusiasm is learned and picked up by the children. I like that, everyone is in a certain stage of their wine education.” [23:00] –Bill Fitch on In the Drink
5/8/201333 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 34: Laura Wickiewicz

Learn about Italian wines of every caliber on In The Drink! Wine Director Laura Wickiewicz, from Laconda Verde tells listeners all the best wines from many different price points. Tune in to hear the story of a young wine enthusiast’s rise to a career as an expert in the field. Find out about blind tastings, the skivyy on pinot gris, compiling a great wine list, and how to break into the wine industry! Don’t miss it! Thanks to our sponsor, Fairway Markey. Thanks to Takstar for today’s music! “I know how easy it is to feel compelled to have a super geeky list, but I strive actively to put wines on there that would have mass appeal.” [20:40] “You’re that middleman between the diner and the chef, and if you have an understanding of what goes on back there, then everything transitions better.” [11:20] — Wine Director Laura Wickiewicz on In The Drink
5/1/201331 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 33: Eamon Rockey

Eamon Rockey strives for perfection – whether it’s making cocktails, helping open restaurants or managing staff, he wants to lead and inspire. Tune in to In the Drink as he shares his philosophy with host Joe Campanale. Hear why Midtown isn’t all that bad, what plans are in store for Betony, a New American restaurant on 57th Street, and how the Scandinavian philosophy thrives in Brooklyn. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. “Midtown is a misunderstood neighborhood. My ignorance initially lead me to uncertainty, but the more time I spend in this neighborhood the more I fall in love with it.” [07:00] –Eamon Rockey on In the Drink
4/24/201334 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 32: Eric Asimov

Eric Asimov demystifies wine on a special and informative episode of In the Drink with host Joe Campanale. Eric is a food writer who started the $25 and under section of the New York Times and was given the new position of Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times in 2004. Asimov has also done freelance work for other publications, including Food & Wine Magazine, Details, Martha Stewart Living and Sommelier Journal. His latest book is called How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto. and Tune in for a lively conversation on subjects like the democratization of high end wine via the internet, the usefulness of blind tastings and the importance of beverage programs in restaurants. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants. “What’s missing in the hyper rational approach to wine is developing an emotional connection which is at the root of enjoyment.” [04:00] “Great sommeliers are also great psychologists – they can read [people’s] emotions.” [08:00] “Good wine is always changing and evolving. Talking about wine has a lot to do with context – the food, the people you’re with, the season, your own mood. When you talk about a blind tasting – the context is the other 49 wines, which is unnatural and you’re ignoring a lot of cultural information that can inform you about a particular wine. Good wines are cultural expressions they aren’t just isolated flavors and aromas in a glass – they convey where the grapes were grown, the heritage, the people, the history – all of this is important to convey in a wine.” [16:00] –Eric Asimov on In the Drink
4/17/201335 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 31: Steve Matthiasson

Take a virtual trip to California on In the Drink, as Joe Campanale is joined by one of the most exciting and innovative winemakers working today, Steve Matthiasson of Matthiasson Wines. Steve was recently named 2012 Winemaker of the Year from Food & Wine, and makes wines that push the boundaries of what’s considered traditional. Tune in for a conversation on the future of California wine and the path of wine from vine to glass. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. Photo: Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka, “I still wonder whether doing wine is a career path. My day job is taking care of vineyards.” [3:00] “California is a place with less rules. I think that we’ll see it become a very relevant and exciting region for wine discovery.” [22:00] “Our wines are for food – it’s a huge focus for us.” [26:00] –Steve Matthiasson of Matthiasson Wines on In the Drink
4/10/201337 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 30: Jennifer Tietz of Tru Restuarant

Take a trip to Chicago this week on In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Jennifer Tietz, Sommelier of Tru Restaurant . Jennifer Tietz’s passion for wine began while working at a wine bar during her college years at Northwestern University, where she became inspired by the precision, passion, and challenge of the beverage industry.Following graduation, Tietz pursued her passion in Chicago, where she continued to study, learn and test her skills at upscale restaurants. Starting at contemporary American restaurant BOKA, Jennifer worked her way up, progressing from runner to back waiter, to front waiter in just a year. She continued her career at Waldorf Astoria restaurant Ria for one year as Captain, and eventually left to fill the position of Sommelier/Wine Buyer at Benny’s Chop House in 2010. Jennifer began her career at progressive French restaurant Tru in 2011 as Assistant Sommelier, working her way up to become Sommelier in 2012. At Tru, Jennifer oversees the entire beverage program, which includes selecting wines to pair with Executive Chef/Partner Anthony Martin’s intricate cuisine and dynamic plating. “[Vintage wines] take work – these aren’t things you’re buying cases of and sitting on for years. You’re selling and replacing on a constant basis.” [09:00] “Those of us working in fine dining have really loosened up. We have a lot of fun during out shifts – it’s not a stuffy environment whatsoever. We’re still providing impeccable service and beautifully presented foods, but we have a smile on our faces. We’re there to bond with our guests and give them a comfortable experience.” 22:00 –Jennifer Tietz on In the Drink
4/3/201331 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 30: Jesse Schenker of Recette

Jesse Schenker has amassed an impressive culinary history on his way to becoming executive chef and owner of Recette, the urban, contemporary American restaurant which opened in New York’s Greenwich Village in January of 2010. Just months after its opening, Recette received glowing two-star reviews from both the New York Times and New York Magazine. Sam Sifton also called Recette one of his favorite newcomers of 2010, particularly noting Schenker’s Salt Cod Fritters as “one of the 15 best things” he ate in NYC in 2010. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanele chats with Jesse about current wine trends he’s seeing and his culinary roots. Find out how his beginnings in Miami brought him to where he is now, and learn about the inspirations behind the food and drink at Recette. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. “The guys that I really respect in the industry are Riesling nuts. There’s definitely a misconception about Riseling. It’s perfect for Recette food, because we do a lot of crudos and salads – the pairing works.” 12:00 –Jesse Schenker of Recette on In the Drink
3/27/201334 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 29: William Tigertt

Restauranteur and self-proclaimed “Serial Entrepreneur” William Tigertt is this week’s guest on In the Drink. He’s the man behind Freeman’s, Peels & Gothic Wines. Learn how he went from a rural town in Southwestern Michigan to launching Sigma Six, a multi-media design agency, while still an undergraduate! Hear what’s it like building restaurants in NYC why wine plays such an important role in the conceptual approach. Later on, William explains why he started Gothic wines, a collection of cool climate wines sourced from the best wine growing regions of America. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. “The wine world is a vast world and a great way to be creative and meet people and travel.” [14:00] “We take inspiration from Gothic literature – we’re looking at that kind of feeling and atmosphere.” [26:00] –William Tigertt on In the Drink
3/20/201332 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 28: The Mondavi Family

The legendary Mondavi Family joins Joe Campanale for a very special episode of In The Drink. Joe is in studio with Michael, Rob Jr., and Dina Mondavi who share stories and insights about their winemaking process, maintaining the family business and the special terroir of the Napa valley. Tune in as they taste three different wines on air – The 2010 Emblem Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, The M by Michael Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon and The Isabel Mondavi Chardonnay. Find out what plans are on the horizon for the historic family winery and how each of the Mondavi’s does everything they can to continue the traditions and consistency of quality that Robert Mondavi started! This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “The original Chardonnay’s were made in large redwood or concrete tanks – they weren’t made in stainless steel or oak barrels. In the mid 70’s we got into oak and like anything at first we went too far. Many Chardonnay’s did not have balance – they literally fought food. I think now we’ve come back to where balance is important. You want the flavor of the grape, a kiss of the oak. You want it to be interesting and compliment the food, not overpower it.” [7:30] “Wine is supposed to cleanse the palate excite the taste buds and invite you to have another sip of the wine or more taste of the food.” [25:00] –Michael Mondavi on In the Drink “Growing up Mondavi was the only life I had so I have nothing to compare it to, but it has great perks. The downside is that when you call in sick everybody comes to bring you soup when you really just wanted the day off. It’s been a blessing to work in this family my favorite thing to do is come in and work with my brother and father.” [29:00] –Dina Mondavi on In the Drink
3/13/201335 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 27: Heather Tierney

Get to know Heather Tierney, one of the most interesting food and beverage professionals, bar owners and restauranteurs working in New York City right now. She has transformed Doyers Street in Chinatown, opening a cocktail bar, Apothéke, and a restaurant/bar, Pulqueria, on the same iconic block. Her most recent venture, The Butcher’s Daughter, a juice bar and vegetarian cafe, just opened in little Italy in February 2013. Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink, as Heather dishes on everything from cocktail culture to pulque, a fermented beverage made from the agave plant. Learn what inspires Heather in her projects and find out what’s next for one of the busiest women in the city. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. “You can come [to Apotheke], talk to our bartenders, tell them what kind of mood you’re in, what spirits you like and they will make something great for you.” [08:00] “When you start mixing dark and light spirits, that’s when you get in the danger zone.” [12:00] “Mexican food is actually very fresh and market driven in Mexico City. In the US, Mexican food is often processed and cloying. [At Pulqueria], we wanted to introduce Mexican food in the way it really is in Mexico City – fresh food from the market prepared right there.” [22:00] –Heather Tierney on In the Drink
3/6/201337 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 26: Matt Licklider

Few people know as much about wine as Matt Licklider. After working with Italian wine importer Dalla Terra and North Berkeley Imports, he co-founded a winery called Lioco, operated as a “virtual” winery out of his apartment in San Francisco, Calif. Tune in for his thoughts on the California Wine Movement and the wines that are coming out of the region. Get an inside perspective on emerging American wine trends and hear how Colorado helped shape his wine career. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “Chardonnay will grow anywhere, but won’t necessarily deliver a compelling wine anywhere.” [12:40] “Your palate evolves. As we get older we tend to gravitate towards complexity in the flavors that appeal to us” [27:00] –Matt Licklider of Lioco Vineyards on In the Drink
2/27/201332 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 25: Naren Young

Bottled cocktails, cocktails on tap, and a drink list that changes daily! These can all be found behind the bar at Saxon & Parole under the direction of Naren Young, who is this week’s guest on In the Drink. Tune in as he talks to host Joe Campanale about the forward thinking bar program he runs at the Lower East Side establishment. Find out how he found his passion for making drinks growing up in Australia way before he was legally able to drink. Hear about some of the other interesting drink programs in the other AvroKO Hospitality Group restaurants, and find out why gin and grappa are especially of interest to Naren. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “I was studying cocktails a long time before I could legally make them.” [03:00] “In terms of a cocktail list – the most important thing is to figure out who your audience is.” [16:00] “Chef’s change their menu every day at a restaurant – why can’t bars?” [20:00] –Naren Young on In the Drink
2/20/201331 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 24: John Ragan, Union Square Hospitality Group

Master Sommelier and Wine Director at Union Square Hospitality Group, John Ragan, is this week’s guest on In the Drink. Beyond his work with Union Square Hospitality Group, John is organizing with DeVine Intervention, an initiative designed to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. DeVine Intervention is an online wine charity auction that will give all proceeds to The Mayor’s Fund. Listen in to hear John talk about the process of becoming a Master Sommelier. What difficulties did John encounter, and how did the process help him keep an open mind in a culinary sense? How does John incorporate Danny Meyer’s signature hospitality into his wine program? Find out this and more on this week’s installment of In the Drink! Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery. “By far the most challenging part (of becoming a master sommelier) was the theory part, because being a restaurant guy soaks up a lot of hours of your day and going home to hit the books is tough.” [20:00] “At the end of the day, I’m the jack-of-all-trades that tries to keep the band together.” [21:00] — John Ragan on In the Drink
2/13/201329 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 23: Daniel Johnnes

Daniel Johnnes is the Wine Director for Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group, including Restaurant Daniel, DB Bistro, DBGB, Cafe Boulud and Bar Boulud. He joined chef Boulud after spending 20 years as the Wine Director for Montrachet and the Myriad restaurant group. He is also an author, an importer, and the organizer of the Burgundy celebration, La Paulée de New York. Tune in to this week’s episode of “In the Drink” and get inside perspective from Daniel, as he joins host Joe Campanale for a conversation on wine, service and communication. Find out what it takes to really know wine from a guy who lives it day in and day out. This program was sponsored by Ambur Point of Sale App. “The combination of food hospitality and warmth is everything i strive for in a dining experience and a working experience.” [06:00] “The wine experience should be about getting together without pretention and just sharing.” [22:00] –Daniel Johnnes, Wine Director for Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group on “In the Drink”
2/6/201332 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 22: Maison Premiere

Absinthe, oysters and an old fashioned atmosphere can all be found at one of our favorite cocktail bars in Brooklyn, Maison Premiere. Head bartender Maxwell Britten is this week’s guest on “In the Drink” with Joe Campanale, and you may not be able to tell from the radio interview but he’s dressed to the 9’s. Tune in and find out the New Orleans/Parisian influences behind Maison Premiere and why style and appearance is such an important part of what they do. Joe and Maxwell taste some absinthe on-air and talk shop about running a bar, maintaining a standard of quality and remembering years past. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “[Maison Premiere] is a composite of New Orleans, Paris and New York. It’s definitely inspired by days gone by.” [03:05] “It’s not an act – we’re very sincere about what we’re trying to do. Our whole lifestyle and the way we present ourselves and our product is very dear to our heart.” [06:00] –Maxwell Britten of Maison Premiere on In the Drink
1/30/201333 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 21: Thomas Pastuszak

How does one go from neuroscience and classical piano to a career in wine? Find out on “In the Drink”, as Joe Campanale is joined by Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of NoMad. He shares his experiences with wines from lesser known regions such as The Finger Lakes and explains why we are entering the golden age for fine wines being made in New York State. Find out all about varietals, blends and specific regions that are making their way onto high end wine lists. Hear how service is a priority at the NoMaD and get some insight from one of the brightest wine personalities in New York right now! This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “When you see people making world class wine – you can’t help but get excited about that and get excited about the region [The Finger Lakes].” [7:00] “I consider myself a hospitalitarian first and foremost and that’s how I approach everything. It just so happens that the world of wine blew me away.” [19:00] –Thomas Pastuszak, Wine Director at NoMaD on In the Drink
1/23/201332 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 20: Matthew Conway

Restaurant Marc Forgione is one of the hottest spots in TriBeCa – and their wine list might be just as good as the food. Tune in to “In the Drink” as host Joe Campanale sits down and chats with GM/sommelier of the restaurant Matthew Conway. Find out what went into choosing the wines at the blossoming New American spot, and how to manage expectations for a wide and varied customer base. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery “We take every guest seriously. We used to be able to count them on one hand on our worst days, and the fact that we’re constantly busy now is something we don’t take for granted.” [10:50] “I love wine – I love everything about it.. but I don’t try to force that on anybody.” [25:43] –Matthew Conway, GM/Sommelier of Restaurant Marc Forgione on In the Drink
1/16/201334 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 19: Industry City Distillery

Small distilleries are becoming more and more popular in New York City, and this week on “In the Drink”, Joe Campanale highlights one of the more interesting projects happening right now – Industry City Distilleries. Tune in as he chats with Peter Simon and Zac Bruner, who describe the inspiration behind the distillery and what it was like taking the initial steps in design and production. Find out why they decided to focus on vodka at first – and how they use beet sugar, which is usually a European tradition. Tune in for an on-air tasting and tons of insight into the life of an urban distiller. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. Photo: Christina DiLaura, 8.ate@eight “For us if we wanted to actually test our equipment – the best test is to make a good vodka. Then, you can go anywhere from there.” [09:00] “We’re caring more and more about our food and now people are starting to care more about what we’re drinking.” [15:00] –Peter Simon of Industry City Distillery on In the Drink
1/9/201331 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 18: Spirits & Cocktails with Simon Ford

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale sits and chats with renowned bartender and co-founder of The 86 Company, Simon Ford. From running a wine shop to opening some of England’s most lauded cocktail bars, judging spirits in competition and marketing some of the biggest brands on the planet have made Mr. Ford a highly respected voice in the spirits industry. Simon reflects on his experiences through the years in the industry and how things have changed since he helped re-launch Plymouth Gin. Find out why he thinks Pisco could be the new Mezcal and follow along as Joe and Simon taste a few spirits on air and talk shop. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market “Whoever thought that from being a bartender you’d be flown to places like Sydney and Hong Kong to teach people how to stir a martini?” [2:15] “Bartenders by their general nature always want something they can’t have.”[13:58] –Simon Ford on In the Drink
12/19/201233 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 17: Megan Krigbaum of Food & Wine

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Megan Krigbaum, the Senior Editor at Food & Wine Magazine. Megan grew up in Northern Michigan, a region not known for its vineyards- how did she get so involved in the wine world? Megan speaks to the importance of wine criticism amongst collectors, and hear how Food & Wine Magazine . Tune into this episode to hear about the influence of terroir and soil types on wine flavorings. What is Megan’s top overseas wine destination? Later, Joe and Megan virtually pair some awesome wines with different pork products! Listen in to hear about affordable bottles, and the future of organic and bio-dynamic wine. Finally, Joe wraps up the episode with some obscure wine tasting scenarios! This episode has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. “There’s certainly a place for criticism… There’s so much good wine coming to the United States. [9:15] “I think that California wine is in a state of flux. Producers are looking at organics and bio-dynamics in a way that we’ve never seen before.” [27:00]
12/12/201232 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 16: Tressa Eaton of Tasting Table

Fresh off Tasting Table’s “Best Cocktails of 2012” feature, editor Tressa Eaton joins Joe Campanale on this week’s episode of In the Drink to tell listeners which cocktails, bars and neighborhoods stood above the rest this year. Learn what makes the East Village such a drinking destination spot, and how molecular gastronomy has found its way into bars like Booker & Dax and changed the landscape of high-end cocktails. From picklebacks to modern classics – find out where to drink the city’s best and what trends are emerging. Also tune in and find out how to make your own Basil Bixby at home! This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures. “We did this [Best Cockails List] in each of our city editions – so if you’re traveling you can look at our lists in LA, Chicago, and more to see what you should be drinking in those cities!” [23:40] — Tressa Eaton, Editor of Tasting Table, In the Drink
12/5/201232 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 15: Sake

Learn everything you need to know about sake on a special episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by Sake Ambassador Monica Samuels. Find out how sake is made, what makes it great and what to look for when choosing a bottle. From rice grain polish to the open tank fermentation process – discover the hidden secrets behind the fermented rice beverage. Learn about the mold that’s grown on sake rice that converts starch to sugar and produces amino acid content that gives Sake that extra element of umami. Whether you’re a sake expert or just finding out about the Japanese beverage – you can learn something new on a very informative episode of In the Drink. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. “Making these sakes you can drink like a wine and enjoy with a meal [requires] a much longer and colder fermentation, so this artisanal approach is something that is relatively new.” [9:08] “Water is the only expression of terroir in sake.”[10:08] “The market for premium sake is growing, but it’s a very small percentage of sake consumption.” [13:58] –Monica Samuels, sake ambassador on In the Drink
11/28/201234 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 14: Michael Madrigale

Why does one become a sommelier? What is take to be a great sommelier? Find out on this week’s episode of In The Drink, as host Joe Campanale is joined by Michael Madrigale, Head Sommelier at Bar Boulud & Boulud Sud. Michael tells the story of how he ended up in the world of wine and how he’s developed his palate and knowledge base over the years. Hear him wax poetic on Beaujolais, Greek wines, blind tasting techniques and front of house service as he gives listeners an inside look at the life of a sommelier. This show was sponsored by Fairway Market. “When you want a red wine that’s fresh, aromatic, delicious and easy to drink you want Burgundy – but it’s priced out of our price range now. So you go for the next best thing – [Beaujolais] – the wine version of methadone.” [5:28] “The only way to taste all the great wines if you’re not a billionaire is to become a sommelier.” [13:50] –Michael Madrigale, Head Sommelier at Bar Boulud & Boulud Sud
11/21/201236 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 13: The Whisky Woman

We’re talking whiskey this week on In the Drink, as host Joe Campanale is joined by “The Whisky Woman”, Allison Patel. Allison Patel is the founder of Manhattan-based Local Infusions, which imports and exports fine spirits such as whiskey. She is also a passionate blogger on The Whisky Woman, writing about everything from cocktails to great whiskeys, bourbons, American distilleries and more. Tune in and hear how she fell in love with whiskey and what she’s doing to advance the category – both in production and appreciation! This program was sponsored by This program was sponsored by Susty Party. “Its scary to launch something that’s a new profile to a category, but also very exciting and rewarding to the consumers.” 11:00 “The only way to not drink whiskey is to not drink it at all.” [14:00] –Allison Patel, “The Whisky Woman”, on In the Drink
11/14/201232 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 12: Adam Schuman

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by mixologist/bartender Adam Schuman, formerly of Fatty Cue and currently with Michael Skurnik Wines. Adam explains how he found his way to the bar after seeking out a career in the kitchen and how it’s worked out so well for him. Hear how savory tastes have been playing into drinks and find out what drinks and wines are exciting Adam lately. Adam and Joe talk about everything from Calavados to Riesling and gives listeners the inside track on fall drinks and beverage trends. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures. “When I approach cocktails, it’s the same as I would food. You use a base of ingredients and recipes that are tried and true and finding the delicate balance between sweet, sour and savory.” [3:35] “As the American public becomes more informed on flavors, you’re seeing savory pop up more. People love spice, and salt and exotic ingredients.” [5:38] “What doesn’t sound good about apple, cognac, ginger and calvados. These are flavors that warm my loins!” [21:58] –Adam Schuman of Michael Skurnik Wines on In the Drink
11/7/201238 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 11: Ryan Looper of T. Edwards Wines

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Ryan Looper, sales rep for T. Edwards Wines. Ryan explains what its like selling some of the best wine in the world and why he strongly believes that memorizing facts and reading sales sheet is no substitute for going to wine regions and meeting winemakers. From relationships to distribution, learn about the ins and outs of the sales world in wine. How can you find value by the glass in restaurants? Are wine lists getting too big? Tune in for a conversation on buying and selling wine today and hear Joe and Ryan taste some wines on air! This program was sponsored by Rolling Press. “Things happen quickly – it’s a very fast moving wine world in New York City.” [7:00] “You can read a book and memorize facts all day long – but if you go to Burgundy and stand in Corton… it’s really something.” [8:00] “One of the lost arts of sales is listening.” [4:00] “I think there’s a lot of things happening in California that will make people very happy.” [26:00] –Ryan Looper of T. Edwards Wines on In the Drink
11/1/201235 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 10: Amanda Smeltz

This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by Amanda Smeltz, Wine Director at Roberta’s, the very place that houses the studio! Amanda discusses her approach for selecting wines at Roberta’s and expresses her decided interest in female wine producers and experimental wines. How has the traffic to Roberta’s changed since Sam Sifton’s New York Times review? What challenges come along with building a wine list for a Bushwick crowd? Amanda explains her integral role at Roberta’s and also talks about her second life as a writer – her latest book of poetry “Imperial Bender” will be released soon! This program was sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips. “I think Roberta’s is an amazing stomping ground for experimental stuff and [wines] that are off the beaten path.” [1:56] “It takes many months for a restaurant to find its groove. They are organic things because they are very people based so they need a lot of attention. The work is never done.” [11:15] “It’s not standard Italian food by any means, and it’s not standard pizza at Roberta’s so standard pizza and wine pairings don’t hold.” [27:30] ## –Amanda Smeltz, Wine Director at Roberta’s on In the Drink
10/24/201231 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 9: Richard Betts

This week’s on In the Drink, host Joe Campanele is joined by winemaker, master sommelier and beverage expert Richard Betts, who’s latest ventures include Sombra Mezcal, “The Essential Scratch n Sniff Guide to Wine Expertise” & two new wines – St. Glinglin & The Essential. Hear about why terroir is so important in mezcal production and how mass-produced tequila masked the original brilliance and delicate flavor profile of mezcal. Hear Richard’s thoughts on the current state of Bordeaux and why he thinks it should be affordable and drank by all. Richard reminds listeners that everybody should feel good about having a glass of wine with lunch, and enjoying life to the fullest! This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures. “I had no expectation that anybody was ready for this [Sombra Mezcal] but me – that’s how I approach all my projects.” “It’s not about the superstar chef or sommelier – it’s about the superstar guest. Our job is more about helping people understand what they love, than of telling them what they should love.” “The table is never truly set until there’s wine on it.” “I’m old enough to remember when Bordeaux was affordable and we all drank it.” –Richard Betts on In the Drink
10/17/201234 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 8: American Wine with Brooklyn Star & Buttermilk Channel

What’s goin on with American wine right now? Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by two forward thinking restauranteurs making waves in Brooklyn – Bill Reed of Brooklyn Star and Doug Crowell of Buttermilk Channel Restaurant. Both restaurants feature entirely American wine lists, which makes for some logistical challenges but an incredibly delicious beverage program. Learn about wines from places as overlooked as Idaho and Arizona and discover the unique terroir that comes from micro-climates across the country. From price points to tasting notes, this episode will teach everybody something new about American wines. This program was sponsored by Rolling Press. “America has made a big step beyond California. It’s growing so fast – New York is now the number 2 wine growing region in the states!” [05:03] “It doesn’t take long for these American wines to get from vine to glass – which is something really special.” [26:52] –Bill Reed of Brooklyn Star on In the Drink “People are really interested in trying new wines in Brooklyn – which makes our job easier”. [11:52] “You might expect a price advance from selling wines from this country […] but ironically wines from America can actually be more expensive.” [18:40] –Doug Crowell of Buttermilk Channel Restaurant on In the Drink
10/10/201238 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 7: Anthony Giglio, “Wine Wise Guy”

This week’s guest on In the Drink is journalist, sommelier, educator, author and “Wine Wise Guy” Anthony Giglio. Anthony and host Joe Campanale jump right into an on-air blind tasting and discuss the very nature of blind taste tests themselves and the American palate when it comes to wine. Tune in and hear how impossible it is to stump Joe in a tasting and check out the shows “rapid fire” segment, where Anthony pairs wines with pizza, pasta, bowling, movie theaters and the beach. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “Americans are the most opinionated, confident and forthright people on the planet – until you say the word wine.” [2:15] “Drinking dry Madeira was eye opening for me.” [27:30] –“Wine Wise Guy” Anthony Giglio on In the Drink
10/3/201233 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 6: Edi and the Wolf

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Michelin star chefs Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban, Executive Chefs and owners of Edi & the Wolf and the soon-to-be opened chef inspired cocktail bar The Third Man in the East Village. Hear their perspective on German and Austrian wine and learn about their modern approach to Austrian cuisine. Listen in as they taste some German beer on-air in anticipation of Oktoberfest and explain what it’s like during the 16-day festival held annually in Germany. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “What’s important to me is not to sell the most important wine but to find the perfect wine for a dish or a person.” –Eduard Frauneder of Edi & the Wolf on In the Drink “Nobody says that meat and potatoes has to give you a heart attack once you finish the plate.” –Wolfgang Ban of Edi & the Wolf on In the Drink
9/26/201233 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 5: Krissy Harris of The Wren

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale talks cocktails and mixology with bartender and co-owner of The Wren, Krissy Harris. Krissy explains how working at Gramercy Tavern thrust her into the world of New York cocktails and helped her find her passion for drinks. Tune in as Joe and Krissy discuss the role vodka plays in cocktails these days, including market driven infusions. Find out what it takes to go from bartender to co-owner and how Krissy manages to juggle it all. Also hear her and Joe talk about their ideal Negroni’s and why they think it’s still the best cocktail in the world. This is a great listen for those interested in modern-day cocktails and the NYC drinking scene. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. “My new favorite beer bar is called Proletariat Bar on St Marks between 1st and Ave A. Death & Company is still my favorite place for cocktails”, “I think the reason gin is so popular right now is because it’s so different. You’ve got junpiery harsh intense gins, and on the other side aromatic beautiful soft feminine ones. That means you can you can do many different things.” “When you’re building a cocktail, my general rule is a 2:1:1 ratio. 2 parts alcohol, 1 part sweetening agent and 1 part citrus or acid.” –Krissy Harris, co-owner of The Wren on In the Drink
9/19/201229 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 4: Emidio Pepe Wines

This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale chats with Chiara Pepe of Emidio Pepe Wines. Emidio Pepe Wines is a 4th generation winery located in Abruzzo, in Torano Nuovo in the province of Teramo. Learn about their traditional winemaking process using concrete tanks and how that technique changes the aging process dramatically. Find out what makes Montepulciano D Abruzzo so special and tune in as Joe and Chiara blind taste a few wines and give listeners notes! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “[At Emidio Pepe Wines], We do wine as it used to be 900 years ago in Abruzzo.” “We think it’s important not to use selected yeast. There are only two companies in the world that make that yeast.” –Chiara Pepe of Emidio Pepe Wines on In the Drink
9/12/201227 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 3: Wine Lists with Talia Baiocchi & Ted Loos

If you’ve opened a restaurant wine list and had no idea where to begin – HRN is here to help. On this week’s episode of In The Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined by two of the brightest wine writers in the industry, Talia Baiocchi, wine editor at and Ted Loos, wine writer at Together, they discuss the state of restaurant wine lists today and give listeners some tips on finding the hidden gem on every list. Tune in and learn why “unpronouncables” and “outsider wines” are the way to go when choosing from a big list and how domestic wines are starting to make a serious name for themselves. Later in the program – they taste a few wines on-air and throw around some “rapid fire” wine pairings. What’s the best wine for sipping on the beach? If you’re going to sneak a bottle into a movie theater what should it be? Find out on this week’s episode of In The Drink. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. “We’re seeing the industry change to where the wine list reflects the culture of a restaurant in an exciting way.” “We forget sometimes to pay attention to our own country [when it comes to wine.] It’s the only thing I’m really patriotic about!” –Talia Baiocchi, wine editor at on In The Drink “Why would you want the same selection [at a restaurant] as in your wine shop?” “Whereas people used to be proud of having ‘full’ wines, now everybody wants ‘fresh’ wine.” –Ted Loos, writer at on In The Drink
9/5/201241 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 2: New York Vintners

On the second installment of “In the Drink”, host Joe Campanele is joined by Shane Benson, owner of New York Vintners. Shane explains how he left Wall Street to pursue his passion in wine and why the work is more gratifying but no less difficult. Hear his thoughts on traditional vs modern winemaking techniques including the growing biodynamic and “organic” movement in wine. Find out why there’s “no wrong answer” in wine and what you can do as a consumer to make sure you’re drinking the wines that fit your tastes best. Tune in for the on-air tasting which features a Chianti, a Pinot Noir and a South African Cabernet Sauvignon. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch. “People don’t want to be intimidated by wine, they just want a good product.” “Winemakers are the craziest people in the world. The true winemakers are farmers, salesmen, businessmen, and philosophers. They do a little bit of everything.” –Shane Benson of New York Vintners on In the Drink
8/29/201234 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 1: Donkey and Goat Winery

On the inaugural episode of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale, Beverage Director/Owner of dell’anima, L’Artusi, Anfora and L’Apicio restaurants, is joined by Jared Brandt of Donkey and Goat Winery in Berkeley California. Hear more about the family owned and operated winery that crafts their wines from Rhone varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grown in the Anderson Valley, Mendocino Ridge and El Dorado appellations. Listen in as they debunk sulfur myths and talk about wine additives, trends and the winemaking process. Later on in the show, Joe and Jared taste a few wines on-air and give listeners some useful tasting tips! This program was sponsored by the International Culinary Center. “When you ship wine, there are inherent stability issues.” “Most people who think they’re allergic to sulfur are not, they’re usually allergic to something else in the wine.” “When we started, everybody told us we were doing things wrong, but there’s been a huge fundamental shift in California where people are taking the time to learn what we’re doing instead of just labeling it ‘wrong’ ” –Jared Brandt of Donkey and Goat Winery on In the Drink
7/25/201231 minutes, 8 seconds