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In The Dough - Financial literacy topics

English, Education, 2 seasons, 30 episodes, 7 hours 47 minutes
The thoughts and stories from an everyday dude, trying to better understand his relationship with money. I created this podcast to share our family's personal journey with financial literacy and wealth-building. It has been an interesting ride for us and I wanted to share my thoughts as we trek through the everyday grind to be better at how we handle money. So how did this alley cat claw his way out of the streets of Brooklyn New York, to now running his mouth about saving and investing? You are about to find out. [email protected] Support this podcast:
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3 Frugal Car Buying tips from a husband and wife on a budget.

The episode is a quick run down of a few things my wife and I use when purchasing a car for our family.  This is not a full list, just a few key areas we would like to high light.  We pay cash for our cars and kind of like the feeling of telling the finance representative that after we have wrestled with the sales rep to get them down to the price we want to spend out the door. --- Support this podcast:
04/08/20226 minutes 50 seconds