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In The Deep: Stories That Shape Us

English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 15 episodes, 5 hours, 52 minutes
We all have a longing to be seen for who we are - even if who we are is more complex and messy to the outside world. In The Deep: Stories that Shape Us, a new podcast from iHeartRadio, shares the first-hand account of Black and Latinx men as they peel back the layers of hardship in a world that doesn’t always see them, all of them, for who they really are. Join host Zach Stafford, as he explores the topics of discrimination, family and religion giving us a better understanding of the difficulties these men face, allowing us to see their entire truths - no matter how complicated they might be. These conversations with thought-leaders, athletes and authors prove that regardless of circumstance, there’s always hope and health on the other side.
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Introducing: In The Deep: The Stories That Shape Us

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