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Small and mid-sized businesses are the engine of our economy. They’re how people turn their passions into their livelihood – truly the “American Dream”. But owning a business isn’t easy. You need to juggle internal and external forces – interest rates and human interest, supply chain and chain of command. A great leader has a challenging responsibility: look in, while looking out. That’s where Cadence Bank can help. On “In Good Companies” we put together our extensive knowledge to guide you through the forces shaping business today – inside and out. Hosted by Executive Vice President Patrick Pacheco, who has over 25 years of experience in trust and asset management, you’ll hear from real businesses and subject matter experts to tackle the big issues: What’s driving inflation? How do you effectively a team? Why is culture more important than ever? It’s the information you need, all in one place. If you have a business, or are thinking of starting one, this podcast will give you the strategies to help you navigate opportunities and the financial and managerial tools to put you “In Good Companies”.
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When Business Meets Love, Beer and Community: Nate & Kaitlynn Kressin Untapped

In 2023, beer became the most popular alcoholic drink in the U. S., with a market estimated at  $74 billion. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in recent years an increasing number of businesses have taken to the keg. A recent article by The Conversation reports that since 2015 the number of American craft breweries have doubled. This rise in popularity is in part explained by craft beer’s power to foster community, which is greater than any of its corporate competitors. To understand this phenomenon, we speak with Kaitlynn and Nate Kressin, owners of Just Tap’d and Fall Line Brewery.Nate and Kaitlynn are partners in business and life. Together, they've built three craft beer establishments in their beloved city of Macon, Georgia. Today, the pair
05/12/202331 minutes 32 seconds
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How the Story Goes: Mastering the Art of Leadership Storytelling, with Esther Choy

Think about something you learned recently. Whether it is a scientific finding, a fun fact, a historical event or something else, there is probably a great story behind it. Research by the London School of Business shows that most people only retain 5%-10% of the information they're given when presented with facts and figures. But fold the same data into a story, and your audience will remember 70% of it. So it seems that storytelling is a potent tool. In fact, according to our guest Esther Choy, it can change the way we do business.Esther is the Founder, CEO and Chief Story Facilitator of Leadership Story Lab. With her firm, she uses design thinking to help businesses sharpen their identity, build their own leadership narrative and connect with audiences in meaningful ways. Since 2010, she has been working with companies across various industries, including healthcare, tech and manufacturing. In today’s episod
28/11/202335 minutes 32 seconds
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[Fan Favorite] John Hope Bryant on Empowering Entrepreneurs and Championing Minorities in Business

'Tis the season to be thankful! While our team takes a short holiday break, we’re bringing back a fan favorite episode from last season. It's our way of saying thank you for making “In Good Companies” a success. So together, let’s revisit a conversation that got us thinking about what it means to champion diversity in entrepreneurship. Because when in business, we all need a helping hand to reach our true potential. That’s especially true for those from underserved communities. So how do we empower entrepreneurs? What can we give them, and what do they have to do for themselves?To find out, we speak with John Hope Bryant, an accomplished entrepreneur himself. John’s been called “The Conscience of Capitalism,” advising three sitting U.S. presidents and was named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Leaders for the Future.” His nonprofit, Operation HOPE, is the largest nonprofit provider of financial literacy, inclusion, and economic empowerment tools in the United States
21/11/202326 minutes 14 seconds
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Setting Your Sights: A Veterans’ Lesson in Private Equity

According to the national census, there are 16.2 million veterans in the U. S., with over 4 million under the age of 55 years old. Many come back from deployment with a whole life ahead of them, and savings ripe for investment. So where does this new life begin? Our guests today will show you the way. In honor of Veterans Day, this week, we welcome LDR Growth Partners to the podcast. This veteran-founded, people-focused investment firm was built from the ground up over the last decade. Today, we learn from those who made LDR’s success: Rich Sexton and Will Brame. Rich co-founded the firm in 2013, with two fellow veterans, after seven years of service overseas as an Airborne Ranger and an Infantry Officer. Meanwhile, Will’s background is in finance; he worked at JP Morgan for over a decade, before joining LDR as a partner in 2015.In this episode, Rich and Will give us a lesson in business ownership. They look back on the e
14/11/202331 minutes 33 seconds
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Under the Influence: Learning Marketing Strategy from Pop Culture

If you've been listening to In Good Companies for a while, you know that sometimes we like to shake things up. In this episode, we bring back a special guest, Dr Marcus Collins.Remember Marcus? He is a culture expert, marketing professor and author of the best-selling book “For the Culture”. He joined us in a previous episode to talk about the power of culture in building business strategy. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should check it out!Marcus is an inspiring speaker, and he had a depth of knowledge to share on culture. So today, he is back in for more. In this bonus episode, Marcus pulls back the curtain on influential strategies we can find in pop culture, every day! Marcus looks back on his background in the music industry and shares what he has learned from influential personalities like Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift. Together, we dive further into the makeup of fand
07/11/202314 minutes 35 seconds
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Nurture your Culture: Dr Marcus Collins on the Power of Culture in Business

A recent Deloitte survey shows that our professional expectations have shifted in the past decade. In 2023, our youngest workers want jobs aligned with their values, where they have a purpose and find a sense of belonging. Increasingly, our workforce looks for good company culture, first and foremost. So how does culture drive strategy? And how can it help your business thrive? We ask Dr. Marcus Collins, an award-winning marketer, professor and author of the best-selling book “For the Culture”.Culture is the cornerstone of Marcus’s career. Back in 2009, he worked in the music industry, running digital strategy for Beyoncé. He then made a name in advertising; working with agencies like Doner, or Wieden+Kennedy. In the field, he saw firsthand how c
31/10/202329 minutes 42 seconds
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Raptor Technologies: How Growing Market Share Leads to Safer Schools

Listener warning: This podcast includes discussions of school shootings and trauma, which may be distressing for some listeners.A recent survey from the National Center for Education Statistics reports that two-thirds of American public schools now control visitor access to their school grounds. This includes getting equipment, hiring staff and implementing crisis plans. So, who designs these systems? We will find out today, with David Rogers from Raptor Technologies.Raptor Technologies is the U.S. leader in school security software. Once a family-owned business, Raptor now works with 37, 000 schools across the country. That’s thanks in part to David Rogers, their chief marketing officer. After 20 years in high-tech marketing, David has touched on everything from software development to fintech. In this episode, he shares how technology can make schools safer, and why this work needs to happen now. With a passion that is nothing short of insp
24/10/202332 minutes 14 seconds
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All Aboard: Anna Catalano on Gender and Diversity on Boards

When picturing a board of directors, what comes to mind? Men in suits sitting around a table? Well, you are not to blame. In 2023, women hold only 28% of board seats in the Russell 3000. So how are companies making efforts to diversify their leadership? How can established directors lift up people who haven’t always had their seat at the table? What is the benefit of seeing more diversity in the boardroom? Anna Catalano is well-placed to know. Over the last 20 years, Anna has perfected the art of board governance and sat on a dozen public boards. Fortune magazine named her one of the most powerful women in international business, which is no understatement. In recent years, she has become a prominent voice advocating for diversity and board refreshment in corporate leadership. Together, we will talk about leadership and representation; the key functions of a board of directors today. We will also weigh up the challenges awaiting women in business, and think
17/10/202329 minutes 33 seconds
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Trust The Process: How Human Connection Drives Business Performance

There is no P&L statement for well-being, but we all know a great team when we're on one. So, what’s the secret? How do leaders build a business culture where people feel good and work well together? How can companies make sure that their people show up every day as the best version of themselves? “With trust and connection,” says David Mead.  David is an international business speaker, leadership builder and co-author of the bestselling book Find Your Why. For a decade he has toured the world, advising over 300 companies across 21 countries on how to bring purpose to their business. In this episode, he tells us how humanity can drive a high-impact team. Together, we reflect on what makes a good experience in the workplace; we find out what great leaders have in common; and we consider the best ways to communicate and collaborate as a team. Plus, David shares his recipe for success,
10/10/202328 minutes 20 seconds