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English, Christianity, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 4 hours 26 minutes
FOCUS North America is a national movement of Orthodox Christians, united in faith and joined by a desire to provide action-oriented and sustainable solutions to poverty in communities across America. This podcast regularly updates you on the work and stories of FOCUS North America and tells you how you can participate.
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I Feel Really Loved

Fr. John Tolumes is the priest at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The title of this Focus North America related sermon is "I Feel Really Loved."
13/12/201617 minutes 4 seconds
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Shower to the People

Learn about a new and exciting program at Focus North America bringing hot showers on wheels to the St. Louis community. Program Director Jake Austin and Communications Coordinator Adam Murphy tell the story which has also been captured on a video which has gone viral on social media.
12/07/201615 minutes 59 seconds
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Spirituality and Practice at FOCUS

Dn. Paul Abernathy is the Focus North American Director of the Pittsburgh Center. He joins Nick and John to talk about how spirituality and mercy walk hand in hand.
16/03/201620 minutes 41 seconds
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Youth Equipped to Serve

Youth Equipped to Serve Program Director Katrina Bitar and Orange County FOCUS Director Caroline Ashkar talk about the impact of YES on youth and their families.
23/02/201619 minutes 10 seconds
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Stewardship through FOCUS

Giving of time, talents, treasure; How FOCUS helps churches and groups of people setup activities and events to minister to the needy in their communities.
16/01/201612 minutes 37 seconds
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Job Openings at Focus North America

Nick Chakos tells us about 2 job openings in the ministry as well as the gift catalog where you can earmark your year end gift to Focus North America.
19/12/201515 minutes 49 seconds
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Transformation and Transition

In this new episode, Nick Chakos introduces us to Eric Shanburn, Detroit Center Director, about transitional housing and life transformation for the people served by Focus North America.
01/05/201518 minutes 11 seconds
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How to Make Outreach Part of Your Family’s Lenten Journey

Learn about the Summer Feeding Program at FOCUS North America and learn how your family can be involved in feeding hungry children right here in the US.
21/02/201523 minutes 3 seconds
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The YES Program: Mobilizing Young People to Serve

YES (Youth Equipped to Serve) provides opportunities for junior high, high school students, and college students to participate in formative weekends of service that aim to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and bring youth to an awareness of Christ in themselves and others. John and Nick talk to Katrina Bitar who coordinates the program on behalf of Focus North America.
27/01/201525 minutes 37 seconds
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St. Herman House in Cleveland

Nick and John speak with Paul Finley about the incredible work of St. Herman House in Cleveland offering hope and dignity to Cleveland's homeless population.
26/11/201427 minutes 42 seconds
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Operation Lace-Up

Learn about the expansive program that provides shoes and more to over 252,000 children in America.
26/10/201422 minutes 35 seconds
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Orthodox Free Clinic - A Model Which Can Be Replicated

Nick and John talk about the plight of the poor who desperately need health services but cannot afford it. Learn about the new Health Care Clinic operated by FOCUS North America. You can then replicate this model in your community with the help of FOCUS.
13/10/201426 minutes 37 seconds
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Welcome to In Focus

Nick Chakos and John Maddex introduce you to the new official podcast of FOCUS North America and give a broad overview of the services offered by FOCUS to address poverty in communities across America.
29/09/201421 minutes 32 seconds