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Impact Hustlers - Entrepreneurs with Social Impact

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 137 episodes, 3 days 6 hours 53 minutes
Impact Hustlers features entrepreneurs and changemakers solving the world's biggest problems and creating massive social impact. Hosted by Maiko Schaffrath this podcast shares the stories of those who connect impact with profit and build businesses and solutions that solve problems such as climate change and poverty. Learn how entrepreneurship can be the solution to the world's biggest environmental and social problems.Learn more:
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The Major Impact of Mental Health on Startup Success - Sançar Sahin of Oliva

Sançar's Sahin, Co-founder at Oliva, a B2B2C startup that provides on-demand therapy, coaching, and classes. It has previously worked with employees of companies like HubSpot and Sifted. Oliva focuses on effective process matching to build a value-based platform. In today’s episode, Sançar shares his personal story of experiencing burnout while working in a fast-growing startup and the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[01:26] Sançar's personal story and getting to work on Oliva.[06:19] Maiko's Mental health journey.[07:39] Getting Mental health support, Online Therapy.[12:50] How Oliva Works.[19:08] Sançar's Perspective.[24:57] Oliva's differentiation factor.[30:09] Achieving wide adoption within a company.[35:27] Onboarding solution.[36:59] Insight into acquiring the first 10 customers.[3
07/11/202342 minutes 22 seconds
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#5 Community Spotlight - Sarah Kingston of In Good Company

In this episode, Sarah Kingston, co-founder and Chief impact officer of In Good Company, discusses their mission to help good businesses thrive. They define good businesses as those that have a positive impact on people, planet, and communities. Sarah shares how their journey began when she met her business partner, and they discovered the problem of finding and connecting with these impactful businesses. They also highlight the challenges these businesses face in reaching and growing their customer base. Tune in to learn more about how In Good Company is bridging the gap between consumers and businesses making a difference.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS          [00:00] Introduction          [00:36] Discovering problem.          [03:55] Social and environmental impact of business.          [05:27] Acquiring first customer.          [06:36] Advice to future founders.          [07:50] Being part of the impact hustlers.KEY LESS
31/10/20239 minutes 36 seconds
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Community Finance Platform for Underserved Communities - Rodney Williams of SoLo Fund

In today&apos;s episode, I speak to Rodney Williams, who&apos;s the co-founder, chairman, and president of SoLo Funds, which is a B-Corp-certified community finance platform that&apos;s now used by more than 1 million users. Members can borrow and lend money between themselves rather than go to traditional lenders, loan sharks, or banks.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[01:16] Rodney&apos;s personal background[03:18] What other alternatives exist[04:50] How does SoLo work?[07:25] When and how do your customers use SoLo[08:56] Difference between Credit score vs SoLo score[11:50] Fighting the step crisis[14:27] SoLo&apos;s plan for the future[16:15] SoLo’s expansion to Nigeria[18:22] SoLo&apos;s approach to fundraising &amp; growing revenue[19:53] Investors&apos; feedback on the business[24:36] How did SoLo approach investors[27:53] How did Solo get to become[33:04] Undeniable product market fit[37:32] 10-year vision<br/
24/10/202339 minutes 12 seconds
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Creating partnerships between social entrepreneurs and corporations - Mark Horoszowski of Moving Worlds

Mark Horoszowski, the CEO and co-founder of Moving Worlds, a platform that&apos;s supporting social enterprises by connecting them to corporate content and pro-bono professionals that can really help them get ahead.In today’s episode, we discuss how their platform can help social entrepreneurs or if you&apos;re in a corporation, how you can actually work with social entrepreneurs all over the world. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[00:54] Mark&apos;s personal background &amp; journey[09:56] Moving World&apos;s impact in transforming business[16:12] How does Moving Worlds work? [22:08] How do corporate partners measure success working with social enterprises?[26:16] Mark&apos;s advice on social enterprises understanding how corporates work[31:01] Mark&apos;s advice for social founders on when to scale up[36:17] Common mistakes social entrepreneurs make working with corporates[38:53] How can social entre
17/10/202343 minutes 36 seconds
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Conflict-free Engagement Rings - Krish Himmatramka - Founder of Do Amore

In today&apos;s episode, I speak to Krish Himmatramka, the founder of Do Amore, a direct-to-consumer startup that sells engagement rings with conflict-free diamonds. Each ring also funds water projects, which can be traced using GPS coordinates and photos that prove there&apos;s an actual impact.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[01:05] Krish&apos;s Journey[03:47] How the Water Project Happened[07:50] Approaching Do Amore with Traceability[11:56] Verifying source and responsibility of Diamonds/Gold[15:01] Outsourcing Lab Created Diamonds[16:14] Future for mined Diamonds[17:26] The Journey of a Diamond[22:07] Blockchain Tracking[25:17] Hardest lesson building the company[29:49] Acquiring first customers[32:15] Current playbook[34:52] Marketing and growth channels on Organic SEO[36:16] The Future of Do Amore[38:20] Way to change big companies[29:49] Acquiring first customers[32:15] Current playbook[34:52] M
10/10/202340 minutes 28 seconds
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Supporting the Next Generation of Diverse Investors - Eleanor Kaye, Executive Director of Newton Venture Program

Eleanor Kaye, Executive Director of the Newton Venture Program. Program helping people from underestimated and overlooked backgrounds break into the venture capital industry and also advance their careers once they are in the venture capital industry.In today’s episode, we discuss her journey in the venture capital industry and talk about some of the challenges in the industry and how the Newton Venture Program is curbing them. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[00:41] Eleanor&apos;s personal background &amp; journey[06:17] What is the Newton Venture Program?[11:43] Who is the Newton Venture Program for?[15:35] Root problems of the diversity challenge in the industry?[19:02] Barriers into the VC industry blocking people from underestimated backgrounds[23:35] Are VC roles advertised or relationship-based?[26:55] Work experience’s impact on role growth in the VC industry[29:42] Structural barriers within t
03/10/202336 minutes 52 seconds
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Capturing CO2 profitably using cooling towers - René Haas of NeoCarbon

Rene Haas, the co-founder, and CEO of NeoCarbon. A company that has created a product that removes CO2 from the atmosphere by retrofitting industrial cooling towers with direct air capture devices. Direct air capture has been promoted as one of the most promising solutions to climate change.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[0:47] Rene Haas’s background.[4:33] Do entrepreneurs have to start from bigger companies before committing to start-ups?[7:45] Intentionality of building a company around your life[11:07] How does NeoCarbon work?[14:49] How far along is the technology? [15:50] NeoCarbon business model[18:16] Business benefits for cooling tower manufacturers[19:06] Clients benefits from using NeoCarbon[20:24] Next steps to achieve target cooling tower solutions[22:16] Inflation reduction act client&apos;s impact [23:44] Lessons learned along the journey[29:57] Co-founders
07/03/202334 minutes 45 seconds
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Inspiring a future without smartphone addiction - Max Stossel of Social Awakening

In today&apos;s episode, I speak to Max Stossel—an award-winning poet and filmmaker, as well as the founder and CEO of Social Awakening. Max has spent the last year speaking in front of more than a hundred thousand students, parents, and educators, talking about how social media and social media addiction affects our lives. With Social Awakening, he has made it his mission to help teenagers thrive in a digital world where apps are radically optimized for engagement by leveraging addictive behavior.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:05] Max Stossel’s background &amp; Journey[4:20] Lessons learned from working in the social media industry[6:41] How does the social media Economy work for companies?[8:35] Mechanisms behind social media[11:11] Max&apos;s views on the world learning to adjust to social media [13:54] What lessons/advice do you give kids struggling with social media addiction[16:09] Action plans f
28/02/202337 minutes 49 seconds
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Affordable at-home fertility treatment - Tess Cosad of Béa Fertility

Tess Cosad, the co-founder and CEO of Bea Fertility. A company making fertility care more convenient and affordable. The company is leveraging a method called IntraCervical Insemination or ICI, which has proven to actually have a 50% success rate at only a 10th of the cost of IVF.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[0:30] Tess Cosad’s background.[1:56] Fertility &amp; Infertility, who actually has this problem?[3:43] How do existing solutions work?[6:27] Why was IUI the go-to treatment?[9:07] Strategy behind bringing back the treatment into the market [12:03] Challenges and barriers in launching the product[14:57] Success factors for the business[17:48] Experiences during a biassed system during fundraising[19:52] Advice for other female founders in that field of work[20:55] Challenges or lessons in building a company [25:23] Thoughts on learning and same time navigating dysregulated en
21/02/202334 minutes 38 seconds
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Off the Record: Acquiring B2B customers & growing traction - Chieu Cao of Mintago & Perkbox

Chieu Cao is the co-founder of Mintago, a financial wellbeing platform for employees offering financial education, financial planning tools and pensions through salary sacrifice. He’s worked for many years at some of the world’s most renowned brands like Amazon,  Microsoft and Yahoo. Before Mintago, he co-founded PerkBox which became one the fastest growing employee service platforms.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:17] Chieu Chao&apos;s background.[4:07] Next step after leaving Perkbox.[6:04] Lessons learnt from Perkbox.[10:34] Overcoming mental hurdles as an entrepreneur.[13:32] Dealing with mental hurdles as a founder.[15:45] How to look for an advisor.[20:18] Step by Step process to building a profitable business.[28:10] Pushing the presale concept.KEY LESSONS &amp; QUOTES“It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur and to really dedicate yourself to this craft. It&apos;s not fo
14/02/202329 minutes 16 seconds
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Empowering Women for Public Speaking - Lauren Currie of UPFRONT

Lauren Currie is the founder of UPFRONT, an organization that aims to put women in the spotlight and boost their confidence, visibility, and power. What was just an avenue for people to be on a stage in front of an audience turned into a global community of women from all walks of life, and that’s what UPFRONT.Initially starting out as a product design engineering student, Lauren learned about service design which is what is now considered as design thinking or customer experience design. Shortly after finishing her education, she co-founded Snook, Scotland’s first service design for social change agency. With their focus on the public sector, they were able to implement and optimize service design for sectors like the government, health, and education.After studying in Hyper Island to get her MA in Digital Experience Design, she then went on to work for Good Lab, a think tank for social innovation. After her time in Good Lab, she built NOBL, which was
25/10/202148 minutes 3 seconds
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Crushing Loan Sharks - Chitresh Sharma of Refyne

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20/06/202140 minutes 58 seconds
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Creating the Future of Electric Car Batteries - Rick Luebbe of Group14

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25/04/202130 minutes 27 seconds
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Turning Waste into Hydrogen for Sustainable Transport - Jean-Louis Kindler of Ways2H

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25/04/202131 minutes 10 seconds
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Gathering The World's Impact Ecosystem - Santiago Lefebvre of Change NOW

Learn more about Change Now here: Support the show
22/04/202131 minutes 29 seconds
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Helping Millenials Achieve their Financial Goals - Henrik Rosvall & Johan Hemminger of Dreams

Learn more about Dreams: the show
18/04/202131 minutes 24 seconds
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68: Fighting Climate Change Through Place-Based Innovation - Dawn Lippert of Elemental

Dawn Lippert is the Founder &amp; CEO of Elemental Excelerator, an initiative supporting ClimateTech startups. Elemental is currently open for applications, you can find out more on their website: the show
25/02/202145 minutes 28 seconds
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67: Developing Safe & Sustainable Nuclear Energy - Thomas Jam Pedersen of Copenhagen Atomics

Tom Jam Pedersen is the co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, a company in Denmark that uses thorium to burn out actinides from spent nuclear fuel in order to convert long-lived radioactive waste into short-lived radioactive waste, while producing large amounts of energy.Useful links:Copenhagen Atomics : Jam Pedersen : the show
02/02/202144 minutes 17 seconds
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66 - Affordable Housing in the Sky - Arthur Kay of Skyroom

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25/01/202137 minutes 15 seconds
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65 - Democratizing the Publishing Industry - Ali Albazaz of Inkitt

Ali Albazaz is the Founder &amp; CEO of Inkitt, a platform that is on a mission to democratize the publishing industry. Learn more about Inkitt: the show
19/01/202135 minutes 47 seconds
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64: Fighting Covid-19 with Better Clinical Trials - Chris Peng of PhysioQ

Chris Peng is the Co-founder PhysioQ and has created a platform to help run decentralised scientific studies using the power of wearables and software. PhysioQ has focussed heavily on the Covid-19 pandemic, working with 20,000+ families to help track the most common Covid-19 symptoms. mLearn more about PhysioQ here: more about Kiipo here: Labfront software mentioned in the podcast: about Kiipo&apos;s work in Ethiopia: Support the show
12/01/202137 minutes 27 seconds
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63: Creating Products for Underserved Markets - Vanessa Martins Lopes of The Wild Curl

Vanessa Martins Lopes is the co-founder of The Wild Curl, a naturally curly hair care companyHighlights:The trouble for naturally curly hair that has no product for them.Straight hair is the good hair that was set by social media and society - the misconception of great hair.The Wild Curl aims to let everyone know to be confident with their hair.Dryer hair by nature, mostly difficult to manage as it is mostly tangled, different hair structures require different hair products - there is no one hair product for all hair types.Seeing customers happy with their beautiful hair after using their product makes Vanessa and her fiance feel very proud.Vanessa and her fiance are looking forward to expanding their business through crowdfunding, so their customers, friends and family, or sponsorships could invest and be part of their business.Big hair products companies in the past do not consider more product
05/01/202133 minutes 19 seconds
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Impact Hustlers - Trailer

Welcome to Impact Hustlers, the podcast featuring the entrepreneurs &amp; changemakers solving the world&apos;s biggest problems. Make sure to subscribe &amp; sign up to our newsletter on www.impacthustlers.comSupport the show
29/12/20201 minute 42 seconds
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62: Storytelling to Fight Climate Change - Sacha Dench aka "The Human Swan"

Sacha Dench, famously known as “the human swan,” is the founder and CEO of Conservation Without Borders, a charity focused on solving problems related to migratory species and sharing it with the world through compelling stories.  Today, she shares her advice on how to take action and raise awareness on climate change through storytelling.  Her career initially began as a marine turtle geneticist, but she found herself drawn to issues of waste management and fish deaths, which eventually led to her interest in conservation. Sacha is known for flying 7,000 kilometers with the Bewick’s swans across 11 countries on a paramotor from the Russian Arctic to the UK in 2016. Sacha’s next adventure is the  Round Britain Climate Challenge, wherein she will travel 5,000 kilometers along the coast of Britain on a battery-powered paramotor fueled by renewable energy. Sacha’s key lessons and quo
29/12/202038 minutes 32 seconds
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61: Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren of Karma - Rescuing Waste Food

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren is the co-founder of Karma, an exciting app that helps businesses sell surplus food at a 50% discount. At Karma they believe that all food should be eaten, and it is their goal to eliminate food waste by allowing people to enjoy delicious food at a very low price.Highlights:Learning from customer requirements to adapt and fine-tune the direction of KarmaTackling commercial food waste by eliminating the hassle and doing the work for themKarma advises companies on how to initially create less waste, by going straight to the root of the issueWorking from customer feedback to stay relevant and improve the app experienceKarma allows its users to “do good” by saving both money and the environmentThe importance of focusing on creating a good, clear company cultureTime stamp:[02:28] How the idea of Karma came about[07:00] Food waste is of low priority for restaurants[09:30] Considering multiple factors to help businesses run at optimal levels[11:55] Making surplus f
26/05/202029 minutes 30 seconds
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60: Aneesh Varma of Aire - A More Informed Credit Assessment

Aneesh Varma is the founder of Aire, a new credit assessment service that considers both previous and future credit information to help lenders make more informed decisions and allow people the credit they deserve.Highlights:-Turning personal hardships into entrepreneurial solutions-Aire is beneficial to both lenders and consumers-Going direct to the customer to obtain reliable information and create a holistic profile-Allowing consumers to access credit while avoiding debt-The importance of instilling company values from day one-Ensuring investors understand the company vision to ensure compatible working relationshipsTime stamp:[02:00] Aneesh&apos;s personal journey[03:50] Updating the “ecosystem software” in relation to expectation[07:30] Aire helps both the lender and consumer by recognising financial distress very early on[10:10] Aneesh’s want to build a company with purpose[12:55] The ‘Book of Bonsai’[14:30] The lessons Aneesh has learned along the way[19:15] Preparing for the lo
19/05/202031 minutes 20 seconds
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59: Jonathan Petrides of Allplants - Plant based meals delivered to your door

Jonathan Petrides is the co-founder of Allplants, an exciting company that produce and deliver delicious, healthy and 100% plant based meals straight to your door.Highlights:Food is driven by pleasure and therefore, must be excitingChanging negative attitudes towards the plant based diet by creating delicious foodEstablishing transparent plant based branding from day one to send a direct messageInspiring the ‘plant-curious’ target market to positively change the impact we have on our environmentThe importance of direct chef to customer relationships in aiding constructive feedback and product improvementJP’s mission to see everyone, globally, eating a plant based diet by 2030Time stamp:[01:47] An introduction to Allplants[04:00] JP’s personal journey and his previous inspiring projects[07:25] Recognition of JP’s passion for building ventures from scratch[09:30] Where did the idea for Allplants come from?[11:30] Plant based vs vegan[12:50] The environmental and personal benefits of a pl
12/05/202027 minutes 6 seconds
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58: Adele Archer of Eterneva - Diamonds From Ashes

Adele Archer is the CEO of Eterneva, recently backed by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. Eterneva celebrates the lives of remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds.Highlight:Adele&apos;s personal story of coming up with EternevaWhy customer experience is everythingHelping people through the grieving processHow Eterneva has changed a customer&apos;s life through grief wellness journeyThe science behind the diamondMaking the industry more transparentEngagement diamonds from carbon in hairChanging the culture around death, grief and remembranceTime Stamp:[02:00] Death of Adele&apos;s mentor[05:00] Dealing with changing customer behaviour[06:30] Marketing to people going through grief[10:00] Physical process of extracting the carbon[12:00] Homecoming[13:45] Challenge of running Eterneva[15:30] Changing the diamond industry[23:00] Dying well is becoming a key part of the wellness trend[24:00] Pitching to Mark CubanUseful link:Eterneva ( to ImpactHustle
17/12/201929 minutes 4 seconds
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57: Ben Clifford of Tyve - Impact Giving For Employees

Ben Clifford is the CEO and founder of Tyve a software platform that empowers your employees to give tax-free through their paycheck to causes they care about.Highlight:Studying moral philosophy and Peter Singer&apos;s Famine, Affluence and Morality30% of US giving is done through payroll giving vs 2% in the UKWhat is effective altrusimGiving what we can with a 10% pledgeMaking giving the social normYou can&apos;t fake the stat on employee givingPlatform for everyone to give through their lenseWhy focus on growing number of users will scale impact givingTime Stamp:[01:10] How does Tyve works?[05:30] How Tyve started[10:00] What would my next £3000 do? Seeing the data.[17:00] Business model of Tyve[23:00] Targeting chief people officer of organisations[25:00] When giving becomes part of your identity[26:00]How Tyve works?[29:00] How does the world look like if Tyve succeedsUseful links:Tyve ( Singer&apos;s Famine, Affluence and Morality (https://en.wikipedia.o
10/12/201934 minutes 28 seconds
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56: Graeme Risby of Hiyacar - Local car hire from trusted owners

Hiyacar is an app to hire local cars from trusted owners. Graeme Risby is the CEO and Co-founder of Hiyacar.Highlight:How to turn a car into an assetMore utilisation, less emmisions, more space and more electric carsThere are 30 million cars in the UKReally listening and understanding to drivers and car ownersDoing good for members, teams, investorPeople always want to have less and share moreTime Stamp:[04:30] Reducing car ownership[07:00] Tech business with lots of sustainable action[09:40] Breaking through in a very competitive space[13:00] Urban transport and sharing economy[15:00] Career in risk management[16:00] Advise to anyone wanting to enter the mobility sector[18:00] Vision of Hiyacar in 10 yearsUseful link:Hiyacar ( to ( FastForward 2030 ( and Real Changers ( Hustlers is hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, connect on Linkedin (https://
03/12/201921 minutes 36 seconds
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55: Fabian Bolin & Sebastian Hermelin of War on Cancer - Sharing patient stories to improve mental health

War On Cancer is here to radically improve the mental health of everyone affected by cancer. Fabian Bolin is the CEO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. After being diagnosed in 2015 at 28 years of age, Fabian began documenting his cancer battle on a blog, which made him realise the true power of storytelling. Sharing his story gave him a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. This, together with a strong urge to help others affected became the foundation for War On Cancer.Sebastian Hermelin is the COO and Co-founder of War On Cancer. When Sebastian saw what positive impacts storytelling had on Fabian’s mental health, as well as himself, he conceptualized an idea for a global platform. In May 2016, the founders launched the first version of War On Cancer and within weeks the platform had storytellers from more than 20 countries.Highlights:Diagnosed with acute leukemia and asking for help and sharing a Facebook post that lead to a big changeWar On Cancer as a storytelling platform
26/11/201935 minutes 42 seconds
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54: Nicolas Loufrani Of Smiley Movement - Tackling The Big Issues In Society

Nicolas Loufrani is the founder of the Smiley Movement, a non-profit social network dedicated to positive change. Highlights:History of SmileySmiley name and the Smiley brandRise of emoticons and usage of Siley for communicationGrowing the Smiley brand and design studio - its a small DisneySmiley Fund to develop social projects to create social and environmental impactHow we engage the public similar to happy news when dad first created the SmileyMatchmaking for good app and Smiley AwardsAlexander Mars and the Epic movementTime stamp:[03:00] Promotion to bring smiles to people&apos;s faces[05:30] Coming up with the name[08:00] Smiley started[12:00] How Smiley works with other brand[15:00] Smiley Fund[18:30] Engaging the in happy news[22:40] Smiley Awards[24:20] How to sustain the activities[26:40] Recommendation to support social impact[29:00] Vision in 10 yearsUseful ( ( Movement (https://epic.found
19/11/201933 minutes 21 seconds
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53: Nick Doman & Will Pearson of Ocean Bottle - Solving The Ocean Plastics Problem

Nick Doman and Will Pearson are the founders of Ocean Bottles, a tool for individuals to fund collection of ocean plastic bottles. Their product is a part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic.Highlights:Collecting ocean bound plastic bottles are just as effective.22 million kg of plastic goes into ocean each dayCreating an IBM blockchain platform of network of plastic collection networkOcean Bottle has a NFC chip to offer retailers new way to interact with consumersGetting support in the product design phase and other partnershipsGetting into Catapult accelerator programmeTime Stamp:[01:00] How Ocean Bottles work[03:22] No bullshit sustainability[05:00] Working with Plastic Bank[07:45] Plastic collectors with Plastic Bank[10:38] B2B side of Ocean Bottles[13:00] Product design background[14:00] Creating a physical product[17:20] Partnerships[19:00] Working as a team and getting coaching[20:50] Vision in 10 yearsUseful links:Ocean Bottles (
12/11/201925 minutes 6 seconds
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52: Leah Garcés of Mercy for Animals - Ending Factory Farming

Mercy For Animals’ vision is a world where animals are respected, protected, and free to pursue their own interests. Leah Garcés serves as MFA&apos;s president. Leah has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the animal protection movement. Highlights:What Mercy For Animals do that is different from other animal welfare organisationsAsking &quot;what are the unlikely partners that are out there?&quot;Creating a compassionate food system and reducing the suffering of animalsEconomics of animal protein and plant-based indistinguishable productsCollaboration vs confrontationWhat is the next step looks like and needing an ecology of approachesOur circle of compassion is wideningKFC&apos;s plant-based chicken nuggetWe are seeing a protein revolutionTime stamp:[01:50] Why is Mercy For Animals different from PETA or WWF[03:00] Working with corporates and campaigning[05:30] Understanding the factory farmer&apos;s perspective[06:30] Story of Craig Watts, the chicken farmer[10:00] Being a v
13/09/201928 minutes 10 seconds
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51: Dan Grech of Global OTEC Resources - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Dan Grech is the CEO and Co-founder is Global OTEC Resources. He is working to reduce tropical islands reliance on fossil fuels in areas that are suitable for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).Highlights:Dan&apos;s journey from watching David Attenborough to researching desalinationPrototyping OTEC, to pitching for pro-bono work and working at the MaldivesBenefits of having a sales backgroundWhy building OTEC for a resort make senseWhat is OTEC?Moving islands away from diesel and the OTEC marketGrant funding for sustainable projectsTime stamp:[01:44] The Attenborough effect[06:00] Meeting a technical co-founder[08:00] Skype calling experts[11:50] History of OTEC[14:00] OTEC 101[16:30] Core markets for OTEC is 30 terawatts[19:45] Moving from 100kW to 1.5mW[22:10] Biggest learnings[25:00] Dan Grech&apos;s vision of the futureUseful link:Dan Grech&apos;s Linkedin ( Grech&apos;s Twitter ( Resorts Twitter (https:
06/09/201928 minutes 28 seconds
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50: Nick Taylor of Unmind - Workplace Mental Wellbeing Done Well

Dr Nick Taylor is CEO and Co-founder of Unmind, a workplace mental health platform to help organisations and employees measurably improve their mental wellbeing.Highlights:Why mental health matters to Nick TaylorWhat motivated Nick to become a founder3 learnings from working at the frontline of mental health serviceLeading an NHS team and the moment of realisation that organisations needed to better look after their peopleJohn Lewis partnership and William HillThe Unmind mental health indexFeatures and content on the Unmind platform9 out of 10 employees won&apos;t share their mental health problems with the employerHow to breakdown the stigma around mental healthBenefits for the organisation of measuring mindfulness&quot;Going forward, people will only choose to work in organisations that do care.&quot;Time stamp:[01:30] Nick&apos;s personal experience with mental health[03:00] Working at the NHS[05:20] Prevention in mental health[06:00] Working with organisations vs consumer mindfulne
29/08/201924 minutes 8 seconds
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49: Michael Collinson of Bee Vectoring Technologies - Nature's Solution To Healthy Crops

Michael Collinson is the Chairman of Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) a complete pest and disease management solutions to help growers improve their crop quality.Highlights:Bee colony collapse is caused by multiple issues and mortality rates are not sustainable&quot;Employing&quot; Bumble Bees and Honey Bees to deliver an organic solution for plantsDiscovering a fungus that acts as the penicillin for plantsGoing through the EPA registration process because that is where the value liesBenefits of their solution vs other pesticidesHow BVT works with farmers to test the productFuture of agricultureBVT grown products in 10 yearsTime stamp:[02:05] How big is the problem of bee colony collapse?[03:10] How BVT works with bees?[05:45] How was the solution discovered?[06:30] Where you are on your journey[10:00] Biggest concern from farmers[12:00] Why use bumble bees?[13:00] BVT&apos;s business model[15:00] Future of farming[16:40] Regulatory process and working with growersUseful links:BVT webs
23/08/201921 minutes 59 seconds
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48: Jay McGregor of Point - Building the future of investigative journalism with games

Jay McGregor is the Founder &amp; Editor in Chief of Point, an investigative journalism publication that has exposed major scandals such as Russian fake news campaigns on Reddit and Bitcoin Ponzi schemes. Find out more about Point here: Support the show
15/08/201933 minutes 1 second
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47: Alex Stephany of Beam - Crowdfunding to fight homelessness

Alex Stephany is the CEO &amp; Founder of Beam, a crowdfunding platform which funds professional training for homeless people &amp; enables them to get back into paid work. Find out more about Beam here: Support the show
12/08/201925 minutes 15 seconds
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46: Andrew O'Brien of Goodbox - Contactless Charity Donation Boxes

Andrew O&apos;Brien is CEO of Goodbox. Andrew brings over one decade of experience in investment banking to the table from his time at Credit Suisse and Industrial &amp; Commercial Bank of China. Andrew was introduced to FinTech during his time as Managing Director of QixPay, ultimately completing its sale in 2017.GoodBox is a tech for good company, founded on the insight that a cashless society is having a negative impact on the charity sector. GoodBox have set out to develop the world’s best fundraising platform. Since then, they’ve raised over a million pounds for charities, and built a platform that ensures that when it comes to technology, charities never have to settle.Highlights:Problems of current contactless paymentsHow Goodbox is overtaking cash as the main source of incomeReid Hoffman on the importance of changing your pricing modelBarak Obama on &quot;Nobody has a monopoly on wisdom&quot;Importance of managing risk for startups and scaleupsVision of solving the &apos;bottle
02/08/201925 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

45: Freddy Kelly of Credit Kudos - Transparent Financial Health Score

Freddy Kelly is the CEO and cofounder of Credit Kudos, a new kind of credit bureau that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness, harnessing Open Banking. Highlights:Problems of traditional credit scoring which is non consensualTypes of use cases for open bankingIdentification problem when someone arrives in a new countryTackling poverty premium i.e. cost of paying more for being poorerHaving better data and turning into objective measures to predict credit riskHow FCA is looking at competition in credit information marketWhy Open banking can be a bad name and winning the trust challengeThe Mum Test and chasing the hard noUseful links:Credit Kudos - ( Kelly&apos;s Linkedin - Kelly&apos;s Twitter - Mum&apos;s Test - Stamp[02:30] How Credit Kudos is solving the credit score problems[04:30] Helping show good ri
26/07/201925 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

44: Tomer Shalit of ClimateView - Open agile climate action platform for cities

Tomer Shalit is the founder of ClimateView. ClimateView was founded on the principles of agile: a philosophy built for the very purpose of tackling complex problems. When cities and nations address climate change  – visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency are the main pillars they focus on. HighlightsHow Tomer got Sweden as his first clientHow to convince a whole country to become a customerTomer&apos;s background and how he first addressed the problemWhy an open collaborative platform is importantHow visualisation, collective intelligence and transparency became the main focus of ClimateViewBreaking down tasks and zooming into actionsGetting interest from Sweden&apos;s transport sector and VattenfallUseful links:Climate View - Shalit - Stamp:[02:00] Climate emergency is getting traction, but how are cities managing?[04:00] Sweden now has a public road mapProject management vs accoun
18/07/201921 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

43: Ruby Raut of Wuka Wear - Reusable Period Pants

Ruby Raut is the CEO and Co-founder of Wuka Wear. Ruby is a passionate environmental scientist who combines her scientific knowledge and passion for lean startup methodology to solve the problems that surround disposable menstrual products.Highlights:4.6 million tampons and pads are flushed down the toilet in the UK everyday.The problems around Chaupaddi that is being practised in Nepal.Why period poverty is a huge problemPeriod pants is a reusable product that needs more publicity.How a Sainsbury community project got Ruby started her entrepreneurial journey.How Ruby created and iterated her prototypeThe social and environmental impact of Wuka WearUseful links:Wuka ( Stamp:[01:30] Solving multiple problems around period[04:00] Problems with lack of proper period.[05:00] Social problems around period in Nepal.[07:40] Period poverty needs to be addressed.[09:30] Benefits of reusable period pants[11:50] How Ruby got started in this sector?[12:00] Women&apos;s Envi
12/07/201927 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

42: Special Fast Forward 2030 - Biodiversity - SDG15: Life on Land

This episode is a live event from Fast Forward 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals SDG15: Life on Land, with a special focus on combatting desertification, tackling deforestation and halting biodiversity loss.Chris Forbes, Co-Founder of The Cheeky Panda ( - The Cheeky Panda is an innovative company offering the tissue market a sustainable and health conscious alternative. Making tissues and wipes from virgin bamboo, The Cheeky Panda tissues are pure and rich in natural goodness. Free from harsh chemicals found in regular tissues and saving thousands of precious trees and animal habitats around the world.Dom Desmond, Founder of Critically Endangered Socks ( - Critically Endangered Socks is a social enterprise that protects some of the world&apos;s most critically endangered animals through the sale of their bamboo and cotton socks. For every pair of socks sold, they give 20% of the total sale price to charity
04/07/201939 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

41: Emily Penn of Exxpedition - All Women Voyage Protecting Our Shared Oceans

Exxpedition round the world 2019-2020 is an all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission. Over 38,000 nautical miles and 30 voyage legs starting and ending in the UK, Exxpedition crews will explore plastics and toxins in our ocean, via four of the five oceanic gyres and the artic.Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist; a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Architecture. Emily splits her time between running eXXpedition - a series of all female voyages which focus on the relationship between plastics and toxics and female health - and working on solving the ocean plastics issue with Parley for the Oceans and other corporate clients.Highlights:Emily&apos;s personal story discovering the plastic ocean problemCitizen research for ocean science and impact of the researchGetting funding and being a CIC Community Interest CompanyBeing an ambassador of SkyOceanRescueAlternative to plasticsUseful links:Emily Penn -
28/06/201925 minutes
Episode Artwork

40: May Al-Karooni of Globechain - Reducing Waste With A Reuse Marketplace

May Al-Karooni is the Founder &amp; CEO of Globechain, a reuse marketplace for companies to list unneeded items. All items are free to collect.Highlight:Seeing furniture go to landfillBusinesses have to make money from day oneBig volumes of construction material and obsolete stockBehaviour change and audit of itemsSocial and environmental impact data vs waste dateDifferent interest from SMEs, corporates and charitiesHow May started from a single founder into getting into different locationsReuse and being part of the circular economyPutting your personality into your businessUseful links:Globechain - Al-Karooni&apos;s Linkedin - Stamp:[01:00] Moving office when still working in banking[02:50] Business model of Globechain[04:30] Customer journey on Globechain[05:00] ESG impact data vs waste data[06:30] Why SMEs are commercially driven[07:00] Connecting big corporates and charities[09:00] Picking up co
20/06/201921 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

39: Jo Hand of Giki Badges - Sustainable Shopping Companion

Jo Hand is the cofounder of Giki Badges. Giki’s aim is to drive sustainable consumption by inspiring people to make small, regular changes in their shopping which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer toothers.Giki Badges currently rate over 250,000 supermarket products across 12 areas, including carbon footprint, sustainable palm oil, responsible sourcing, chemicals of concern, organic, local, animal welfare, nutrition, animal testing, additives, greener cosmetics, kinder cleaning and recycling. Highlights:Problems of living more sustainably e.g fast fashion and palm oilHow Giki Badges app worksThere was enough data in food drinks and supermarketsThe challenge of creating a certificationTransparent, robust and the needs to be recognisable by the general publicWorking with schools and kidsNo one else is looking at data and analysis at product levelTransparency in supply chain is not there yetUseful links:Giki Badges - Hand -
14/06/201920 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

38: Tara Button of BuyMeOnce - Longer-lasting products for the planet

BuyMeOnce an industry-leading online marketplace selling incredibly long-lasting &amp; sustainable products. Founded by author and former blue-chip marketer, Tara Button, BuyMeOnce is well positioned to meet demand as conscious consumerism goes mainstream.Highlights:How Tara started a blog that went viralAshton Kutcher likes Buy Me OnceFrom advertising to sustainable consumptionTaking responsibility for a product&apos;s life and afterlifeImportance of making it easy for people to use itPrice per use comparisons and longevity calculators for productsHow big is Amazon as a threatCrowdfunding on CrowdcubeUseful links:Buy Me Once&apos;s Crowdfunding on Crowdcube (Capital At Risk) Me Once - Twitter - Instagram - Button&apos;s Linkedin;s Earth Day -[01:0
07/06/201927 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

37: Sasha Yakovlev of OneSoil - AI platform for precision farming

Sasha Yakovlev is a cofounder of OneSoil which is developing applications and an online platform for precision farming that are based on satellite imagery and machine learning technologies.Highlights:AI and Machine Learning applied to farming dataCreating tools for farmersWhy it is important to solve the soil agriculture problemVision of connecting all agriculture knowledgeCreating a transparent global food supply chainPrecision farming to educate farmers on how to startUseful links:OneSoil - Yakovlev Linkedin -[00:53] What brought Sasha a cofounder of a farming technology platform[02:39] What is the problem OneSoil is solving[05:23] Combining as many sources of data for farmers[08:21] How a typical customer uses their data[09:42] Producing food and reducing environmental impact[12:45] Data for farmers and the challenge of scaling[15:55] Onboarding of customers[16:07] Vision of OneSoil <a rel="payment" href
31/05/201921 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

36: Shazia Mustafa of Third Door - Coworking and Nursery

Third Door is a coworking and nursery, bringing together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.Shazia Mustafa is passionate about growing Third Door to help working parents create a family and work-life balance and where parents can work both on their careers without any guilt and be there for their children.Highlights:The rise of flexible nursery and coworkingHow is Third Door different from other spaces?Growing a community of working parentsBenefits of working next to childrenBeing in a safe space for mums and dadsUseful links:Third Door - Mustafa&apos;s Linkedin -[1:00] Solving a personal problem that lead to Third Door[4:30] How does Third Door works?[7:00] The Third Door community[10:00] Growing the coworking and child care services[14:00] Growing a business and making a difference to parents[15:00]
23/05/201924 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

35: Joslin Kehdy of Recycle Lebanon - Circular Economy Hub for Lebanon

Joslin Kehdy is the founder of Recycle Lebanon an NGO addressing the waste emergency in Lebanon and creating a regenerative system change from within Beirut.Highlights:* Examples of initiatives within Recycle Lebanon* Ecosouk - eco product marketplace* Regenerate Lebanon - a circular hub towards regenerative development within Beirut* Importance of getting information out to people in bite sizeUseful links:Recycle Lebanon - []( Kehdy - []([00:55] Lebanon is in a permanent problem of waste emergency in Lebanon[03:20] Solutions that are copy and pasted from Lebanon[04:42] Collection points for cigarette buds[06:49] Surfboards for outdoor lovers[07:27] Styrofoams in surfboards[09:55] Regenerate Labenon and circular village within the city[12:08] NGO profits and community[14:59] Information is the challenge[16:54] Increasing use of singl
10/05/201921 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Danny Witter of Work For Good - Do Well By Doing Good

Danny Witter is the co-founder of Work For Good. He is an investment banker turn social entrepreneur. Work For Good is a business giving online platform that makes it easy for businesses to build giving into their day to day work – impressing their clients, and inspiring their people, at the same time. We connect them to their chosen charities, and have solved the legal and tax impediments to the giving process.Danny Witter says, &quot;of the £20 Billion that goes to charities in the UK, a miserable 2% comes from businesses. Individuals gives 47%. People like you and me give 20 times more in absolute terms in cash than businesses giving to charities.&quot;Highlights of this episode:* Helping businesses tell their giving story* Solving the tech and legal challenge of Work For Good* Why don&apos;t businesses embed more business giving?* Wateraid and Friends of the Earth turn away 5 business a week* Examples of businesses using Work For Good and embedd giving in their business*
03/05/201922 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

33: Mette Lykke of Too Good To Go - Saving Delicious Food And Fight Food Waste

Mette Lykke is the CEO of Too Good To Go. With a mission of reducing food waste worldwide, Too Good To Go is the World&apos;s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food. TGTG help retailers like restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels sell the surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Retailers make a profit on their surplus food and consumers get delicious food at a good value in return. Everyone wins and together saving the food and do good for the planet. Highlights of this episode:* Coincidence in a bus meeting* Why focus on food waste in restaurants* Biggest barrier to growth for TGTG* Challenge of making the business model work* Measuring impact of reducing food waste* Working with schools and educating people on food waste* Surplus food vs food waste* Unsolved problems in food wasteUseful Links:Too Good To Go - []( Lykke&apos;s Linkedin - [](
25/04/201923 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: Arthur Kay of Bio Bean - Award Winning Clean Fuel From Coffee Waste

Arthur Kay is the founder of Bio Bean and founding member of Fast Forward 2030.Arthur came up with the idea for bio-bean whilst studying architecture at The Bartlett, UCL, and in two years has raised several million in financing, built the world’s first coffee waste recycling factory and a team of twenty. He currently holds positions on a number of boards associated with social enterprise and green entrepreneurship and is a Fellow of RE, the RSA and IoD. In 2013, Shell named him ‘the UK’s most Innovative Entrepreneur,’ he was appointed as a ‘London Leader’ by Mayor Boris Johnson, in 2014 he became one of NESTA’s ‘New Radicals’, was named ’25 under 25 most influential Londoners’ by the Evening Standard and as &apos;30 under 30&apos; by Forbes Magazine. He was named the youngest ever Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year. Bio-bean is an award-winning clean technology company, the first in the world to recycle used coffee grounds on an industrial scale.Bio-bean manufactures a
18/04/201926 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

31: Rutger van Zuidam of - Blockchain & AI Hackathons For Global Challenges

Rutger van Zuidam is the founder of Dutchchain, the blockchain development agency behind a hackathon solving the world&apos;s biggest problems using AI &amp; Blockchain. Backed by the European Union and the Dutch Government, the DutchChain ecosystem unites more than 6.000 members, among whom large corporations and SMEs, start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, engineers, students, government officials, legal experts, and many other stakeholders.Highlights of the episode:* How blockchain works and why it matters* Why blockchain brings a better internet* Examples of global challenges Oddysey is tackling* How is Oddysey supporting startups before and after the hackathon* Machines that are sovereign and collaborativeUseful links:Oddysey - []( van Zuidam&apos;s linkedin - []( Egg - [](https://nesteg
11/04/201924 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

30: Julia Daviy - 3D Printed Sustainable Clothing & The Third Age Of Fashion

Julia Daviy is a fashion designer creating the first ever 3D printed, recyclable and zero waste clothes. Her 3D printed fashion collection is the first ever to be released within the U.S. that not only uses the technology of large printing format but also displays a true everyday clothing look that is functional, fabulously delicate and wearable for women.Highlights of the episode:* How Julia started her journey into 3D printing* The Third Age of Fashion* Zero waste fashion* 3D printing with new materials* Large scale 3D printing in footware and bags/accessories* Social problems because of automationUseful links:Julia Daviy - []( Daviy on Twitter - []( Stamp:[01:05] How did you discover 3D printing technology can be applied to sustainable fashion?[03:45] Localised clothing production[07:10] The Third Age of Fashion [11:00] Where are we at for sustainable fash
04/04/201924 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

29: Jenise Lee of PurPicks - Review Platform For Non-Toxic Skincare Products

Been referenced as the &apos;Elon Musk of organic skincare&apos;. Jenise Lee is the founder of CertClean and Purpicks. Jenise is launching her second startup, - reviews platform like TripAdvisor for nontoxic skincare products. The site already has the largest database of organic skincare products and has thousands of product reviews. Three years ago, she introduced CertClean which is now North America&apos;s largest certification of its kind; thousands of safer beauty and personal care products are marked with the CertClean certification.In 2017, Jenise was honoured as one of Canada&apos;s top sustainability leader, named Canada&apos;s Top 100 health influencers alongside Sophie Trudeau and Wayne Gretzky, and nominated for the Governor General&apos;s Innovation Award. Highlights of the episode:* How Jenise started Purpicks and CertClean* How to cope with the grief of losing a loved one as an entrepreneur* The turning point in Jenise&apos; story* Explaining cleantec
28/03/201932 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

28: Solveiga Pakštaitė of Mimica - Freshness Inidicator To Reduce Food Waste

Solveiga Pakštaitė is the Founder and Director Mimica. Solveiga is the  inventor of Mimica Touch, a biologically accurate food spoilage indicator that reduces food waste and improved food safety. The product has a granted patent and has been awarded prizes - most recently she was named MIT Technology Review&apos;s Inventor of the Year.Highlights of this episode:* Inclusive design, working with a blind charity and being inspired by an old banana* Benefits of an accelerator programme* Winning awards and grant fundings* Making the first hire* Why food waste is such a big problem* Educating companies on how food waste affects sales and customer loyalty* Asking why a problem is not yet being solved* Finding out the budget the market can bear for a scaled technologyTime Stamp:[01:45] How did it all start?[03:30] Making the first prototype[05:10] Being an entrepreneur[06:00] Joining an accelerator[07:00] How big is the problem of food waste?[08:00] Working with a scientist to
21/03/201921 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

27: Kike Oniwinde of BYP Network - Linkedin For Black Young Professionals

Kike Oniwinde is the founder of BYP Network, described by many as the &apos;Linkedin for Black Professionals&apos; helps to connect ambitious future leaders with each other for networking purposes and with corporations for job opportunities.Highlights of this episode:* Why a network for Black Young Professionals needed?* What is the standard for the community?* Creating a job board for the black community* Role models and trailblazers* Advise to companies who are trying to be more diverse* Mentoring for black people* Becoming a global network* Changing negative stereotypesTime Stamp:[01:12] Why did you found BYP Network?[03:18] How did the platform got started?[05:13] What is the business model?[09:02] Biggest challenge for black people.[11:28] How can company have a diverse culture[16:33] Working with top companies with accessing talent[18:57] Future vision where BYP NetworkUseful Links:BYP Network - [](
15/03/201924 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

26: Amy Williams of Good Loop - Using Advertising For Social Change

Amy Williams is the founder and CEO of Good-Loop which converts advertising money into charitable donations in a way that keeps the internet free and makes online advertising more effective, more rewarding and more ethical. Highlights of the episode:* How Amy met her cofounder* What is the biggest challenge for the ad industry* How to find your first big customer and scale* The importance of getting the right first customer* What&apos;s the catch?* The KitKat case studyTime Stamp:[1:14] Ads as a positive value exchange[4:10] 65% decrease in negative brand sentiment while and funding 300 school kids in Sierra Leone[7:30] Starting Good Loop without a tech backgound[12:00] Making impact and doing good[14:00] Biggest challenge of the ad industry[15:00] What is the big hairy audacious goal?[18:00] What is the catch?Useful links:Good Loop - []( Williams Linkedin -[](https://www.linke
09/03/201923 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

25: Chris Edson of Our Path - Ending Chronic Lifestyle Disease

Chris Edson is the CEO &amp; Co-founder of OurPath, the health startup offering online behaviour change programmes to tackle the global epidemic of chronic lifestyle disease such as Type 2 diabetes. OurPath is the first ever digital programme to be commissioned by the NHS for diabetes management and Chris has been named Forbes 30 under 30.Highlights of the episode:* Pillow that solves diabetes* Changing habits will help eradicate diabetes* People will not get excited with diabetes prevention* Being obsessed with the science of behaviour change* Making OurPath successful at all cost* Test, test and test* Advise for other health tech startups* Making the behaviour change tools available to everyoneTime stamp:[1:07] Startup Weekend hackathon[5:45] How OurPath is successful as a weight loss behaviour change programme?[8:40] Personal story and the strategic direction[11:00] Biggest learning[15:00] Being a startup founder[19:00] Selling to the NHS[21:00] Vision for the next 1
02/03/201924 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

24: William & Anna Brightman of Up Circle - Skincare For The Planet

William and Anna Brightman are the brother sister team behind Up Circle. Their high-quality skincare products are made of repurposed ground coffee. The Dragons Den favourite have plans to save up to 1000 tons of coffee ground from going to waste in the next 5 years.Highlights of the episode:* How they are challenging perceptions of what is waste.* Importance of breaking the status quo and telling your story* Going through a journey, making mistakes and iterating.* How fundraising on crowdfunding is different.* What their Dragon&apos;s Den experience taught them.* Where the future of circular economy is heading.Time Stamp:[01:32] Why is what they are doing important?[04:13] How did it start?[05:53] Not having a background in cosmetics[07:00] How to grow a new brand and differentiate?[10:15] Natural, organic, vegan, handmade and cruelty free[11:03] How to communicate the message? Rebranding from Optiat[14:45] Taking on discarded ingredients[16:56] Getting feedback and iterate
15/02/201930 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

23: Lina Chan & Tyler Christie of Adia Health - Tech & Fertility

Lina Chan and Tyler Cristie are co-founders of Adia Health a startup that helps couples test their fertility. Adia’s mission is to empower women with knowledge and to change the approach to women’s reproductive health to one that is proactive, personalised and holistic.Highlights of the episode:* How Lina and Tyler’s personal experience shaped their thinking around fertility * Changing the conversation around reproductive health * Importance of emotional and mental health when discussing fertility * Importance of creating a trusted environment for people to talk about fertility * How big is the problem of fertility and how they are solving this * Why fertility is as much a men’s issue * Empowering women to talk about fertility* Creating a tech product in healthcare Time Stamp: [01:00] Founders who are couples and why Adia [03:35] Obstetrics today is very reactive [05:34] Michele Obama is speaking up [05:38] How does a home fertility test kit work? [08:13] Tr
08/02/201929 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

22: Victor Trokoudes of Plum - The Brain For Your Money

Victor Trokoudes is the co-founder and CEO of Plum. They are focused on making the boring act of saving money an automated, seamless ,background process.Highlights of this episode:* Problems of personal finances* Getting customers to test your product* Why automation is key to solving personal finance issues* Big issues in financial education* A world where people do not worry about moneyTime Stamp:[00:54] What is the personal story behind Plum?[02:33] Are millennial saving less?[03:31] From saving from subscriptions to helping get reduce bills[06:52] Do you face trust issues?[08:02] Automated finance vs challenger banks[09:30] Connected to savings so no need to decide amount of investments[10:42] How to uncover the problem[12:08] BBC article and getting 5000 users[13:20] Impact on people&apos;s lives[15:05] Is Plum for people with very little income[17:02] What are the big issues that still need to be solved in personal finance[18:52] Finance philosophy[20:09] What is the fu
01/02/201922 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

21: Pierre-Yves Paslier of Skipping Rock Labs - Making Packaging Disappear

Pierre-Yves Paslier, cofounder of Skipping Rock Labs who is behind the viral Ooho sustainable packaging talks about replacing single use plastic water bottles. Highlights of the episode:* Why there is a need to move a way from current plastic packagings * Why crowdfunding is a good way to reach new investors. * Challenge of creating a product like Ooho * The transition from industry and a Master from Imperial College * Creating natural products with the Skipping Rocks Lab approachTime Stamp:[00:46] How does the Ooho packaging works?[01:44] How big is the single-use plastic problem?[03:00] Barrier in getting people to try out Ooho.[05:05] Traditional shaped plastic bottles with Pepsi and Coke[08:06] Are people concerned with hygiene?[10:09] Bridging the Skipping Rock Labs team together and crowdfunding[14:33] How to convince investors to invest?[17:00] Crowdfunding and managing 900+ investors[19:56] Scaling Ooho to restaurants[21:47] Biggest challenges[23:53] What is the v
25/01/201928 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

20: Jemma Phibbs of School Space - Creating Thriving School Communities

Jemma Phibbs, Founder and Co-director of School Space talks about how they are creating the AirBnb for schools, a service to allow schools to easily rent out their space to local community events.Highlights in this episode:* Mental health of startup founders* How an extra income stream are changing schools* Importance of community hubs* Impact of School Space to local communities* Advising schools on the business of renting out spaces* Need for schools to be more of an open environmentUseful links:School Space - []( - []( - []( Support the show
18/01/201927 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

19: Chieu Cao of Perkbox - Making Work Life Happier

I talk to Chieu Cao, the Founder and CMO of Perkbox, a company on a mission to increase employee happiness and wellbeing.Support the show
08/12/201824 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: Charles Wiles of Zzish - The Tailor-Made School Revolution

We talk with Charles Wiles, the Fouder and CEO of Zzish about how their platform helps teachers cater to the individual needs of each student.Support the show
30/11/201828 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

17: Max Parmentier of Birdie - Making Elderly Care Smarter & Safer

Max Parmentier talks about how he and his team are building Birdie, a device platform that allows carers to provide better and more tailored care for the elderly. Support the show
23/11/201826 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

16: Brett Hurt of Data.World - How Data Can Make A Positive Impact

Brett Hurt is the Founder and CEO of Data.World, a platform that allows people to openly share data and collaborate on the data sets. Data.World is a BCorp and is on a mission to democratize the access to data and enable organisations and people to make an impact with data. Support the show
16/11/201835 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

15: Kenny Ewan of WeFarm - Creating The Largest Network Of Farmers

Kenny Ewan, CEO &amp; Founder of Wefarm talks about how he built the world&apos;s largest network of small-scale farmers in the world and gives advice on how solving developing countries problems can become a profitable business. Support the show
08/11/201823 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

14: Hamish Grierson of Thriva - Bringing Preventative Health To The Home

I speak to Hamish Grierson, the Founder and CEO of Thriva, a company that allows people to take at home blood tests, help monitor and prevent commonly known health conditions. Support the show
02/11/201827 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

13: Caroline Angus of Deciwatt - Bringing Light & Electricity Off The Grid

I speak to Caroline Angus, the CEO of Deciwatt which has gone viral with their Gravity Light and nowLight, a product that allows people without access to the electricity grid to easily generate power to charge their cellphones and light. Support the show
26/10/201823 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

12: Maroof Ahmed of QuitGenius - Helping People Quit Smoking

Maroof Ahmed, COO and Co-founder of Quit Genius, an app that helps people stop smoking through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I talk to him about how they started and how they are looking to use their technology to solve the mental health crisis. Support the show
19/10/201827 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

11: Elena Sinel of Acorn Aspirations - Inspiring Young People To Solve The World's Problems With Technology

Elena Sinel, Founder of Acorn Aspirations and Teens in AI Accelerator talks to me about her journey of starting the company and inspiring young people across the globe to get involved in creating the soltutions to the world&apos;s problems through technology. Support the show
12/10/201838 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

10: Daniel Epstein of Unreasonable Group - Scaling Unreasonable Impact

In this episode, I talk to Daniel Epstein, the Founder of Unreasonable Impact. Unreasonable is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to solve the world&apos;s biggest problems and is working with partners such as Barclays to radically drive the transformation to an impact-driven economy.Support the show
05/10/201832 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

9: Jay Richards of DivInc - From Crime to Empowering Diverse Founders

Jay Richards, Founder &amp; CEO of DivInc, talks about his personal experience with crime &amp; how he found a solution in entrepreneurship. He now runs DivInc, where he helps people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into entrepreneurship and set up their companies for success. Support the show
27/09/201824 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

8: Hayden Wood of Bulb - Building the Future of Green Energy

Hayden Wood, CEO &amp; Co-founder of bulb, one of the UK&apos;s fastest growing renewable energy suppliers, talks about the business of renewable energy and what&apos;s to come in the transformation towards sustainable energy. Support the show
21/09/201829 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

7: Brenden Millstein of Carbon Lighthouse - Fighting Climate Change with Capitalism

Brenden Millstein is the Founder &amp; CEO of Carbon Lighthouse, a startup helping to reduce emissions from buildings, which make 40% of all emissions in the US. The company has been backed by Tesla&apos;s co-founder JB Straubel and is on a mission to use capitalism to eliminate Climate Channge. Support the show
13/09/201829 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

6: Tania Diggory of Calmer - Fighting Startup Founders' Depression

I talk to Tania Diggory, Founder of Calmer, a community and platform that helps entrepreneurs manage their mental health &amp; fight depression, anxiety &amp; imposter syndrome. Learn more: Support the show
06/09/201826 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

5: Peter Briffett of Wagestream - Destroying the Payday Loans Industry

Peter Briffett, Founder &amp; CEO of Wagestream, talks about how they are planning to destroy the payday loans industry by letting employees withdraw their salary as soon as they earn it. Find out more about Wagestream here: the show
31/08/201822 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

4: Ella Goldner of Zinc - Creating Solutions to Women's Emotional & Mental Health

We feature Zinc, the London-based company builder backed by Localglobe &amp; VC veteran Saul Klein. We speak to Co-founder Ella Goldner as well as to member&apos;s of Zinc&apos;s first cohort to learn how Zinc aims to solve some of the developed world&apos;s biggest social problems., Support the show
10/06/201826 minutes 57 seconds
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3: Rockwell Shah of Pzizz - Eliminating Insomnia

In this episode, Rockwell Shah, CEO of Pzizz, shows how technology can solve millions of people with sleep problems worldwide, how medicine needs to be transformed and what it takes to create massive global impact. Support the show
01/12/201721 minutes 11 seconds
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2: Tessa Cook of OLIO - Reducing Food Waste at Scale

In this episode, OLIO Co-founder &amp; CEO Tessa Cook tells the story of scaling her product to 250,000 users, raising investment from Accel Ventures &amp; the misconceptions about social startups. Support the show
26/10/201720 minutes 27 seconds
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1: Emma Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni - From IPO to helping refugees at scale

We speak to Emma Sinclair, the youngest person to IPO a company on the London Stock Exchange and talk about what NGO&apos;s can learn from the #tech sector, how she is scaling her company and how each of us can have an #impact.#entrepreneurship #startups #unicef #wayra Support the show
27/09/201719 minutes 53 seconds