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Imbodi is changing the game when it comes to health. We’re Kiah Paetz & Megan Boswell, your dietitian BFFs helping you break up with diet culture, become besties with food & make peace with your body no matter what size or shape it is. Join us each week for bite-sized episodes that explore eating and body image concerns and how to get started with healing your relationship with food and your body. See you in the community at: Find us on Instagram & TikTok: @imbodihealth Do you have a healthy relationship with food? You can do our quiz here!
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29. How To Stop Emotional Eating

Is food something you turn to in times of stress, sadness, anger, loneliness or fatigue? Finding comfort in food is normal. However, emotional eating may be something that you struggle with if you find yourself using food as a main coping strategy for difficult emotions.In this episode, Kiah and Meg discuss:What is emotional eating?The different reasons for emotional eatingEmotional eating vs. hungerOur top tips for how to cope with emotions without using foodWhen it's okay to eat for emotional reasonsAt Imbodi Health, our mission is to empower you to ditch diet culture, make friends with food and find peace with your body. Find your version of ‘whole health’ no matter your body shape or size.Tune in weekly for bite-sized episodes on all things non-diet nutrition, disordered eating recovery, joyful movement, self-care and body acceptance.Join the community on Instagram: The Butterfly Foundation: Health website: www.imbodihealth.comIf you enjoy our episodes, please give us a written review on Apple podcasts. It helps our podcast to be shown to more people!
3/5/202338 minutes, 42 seconds