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Hands up, who loves radio?? Podcasts - there are lots of gaming ones about, and some of them are really good. So we thought we’d do something a little different. And a radio talk show for the igaming sector is something we've been brewing up for a while. Big topics, with a lighter touch - that kind of thing. Here’s an inspirational quote: "You’re the host, you tell me,” - Robin Hutchison Thanks Robin. If you'd like to feature on an upcoming episode on iGaming FM, get in touch and tell us your stories: [email protected].
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🎙️ Industry evolution is a subject often discussed and few have evolved more positively in recent times than Realistic Games. Sporting a revitalised product portfolio and with a dynamic new approach, its commercial team has been at the tip of its spear thanks to the combined talent of understanding player and operator preferences.  We had the pleasure of exploring the cut and thrust of taking a games studio forward with two of its Account Managers, Jaana Repo and Amy Brewis who revealed more about how it engages players, what new products they have on the horizon and where they will be mixing with the wider industry.  Games, strategy, new markets, pink tour buses and renaming the industry’s biggest event are all on the agenda in an unmissable episode 83 of iGFM.
7/8/202421 minutes, 48 seconds
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While the iGaming sector continues to flourish, competition is at an all-time high which has seen gamification become an increasingly prominent tool among casino operators.  We spoke to Bar Konson, Head of Sales at NuxGame, about what it means to be a full-service platform provider, by implementing tools that both attract and retain players. On the latest episode of iGamingFM, we dive into all things gamification, including: ⚔️ PVP Battles 🥇 Leaderboards 💎 Bonus Points 📈  Future trends
6/27/20249 minutes, 17 seconds
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Canada’s regulated iGaming market continues to attract new entrants, with Thunderkick the latest provider to launch its games across the Atlantic in Ontario ✈ Square in the Air spoke with Thunderkick's CCO Svante Sahlström to get his thoughts on:   🍁 Importance of the Ontario market 🎰 Benefits of remaining an independent studio 🌎 Thunderkick's global plans for 2024 #podcast #gamingnews #airspace #thunderkick
6/21/202412 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 80 of iGFM is LIVE! This week Square in the Air’s Affiliate PR Manager Sam Gascoyne sits down with Neil Walker, founder of legendary site LiveCasinoComparer to talk about all things live casino and affiliation. If you’re craving an honest look under the hood at the state-of-play of live casino from one of the vertical’s most respected voices then this is the pod for you.
6/5/202418 minutes, 45 seconds
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Partnerships between sporting institutions and betting brands have become second nature over the last decade as operators look to raise brand awareness amongst a key target audience.  Tune into the latest episode of iGFM as we speak with Carlos Sabanza Cenzano, Sponsorship and PR Manager at Codere Online, to understand how the brand utilises its relationships with major football clubs, including Real Madrid, to do more than just be a sponsor.
5/29/202413 minutes, 29 seconds
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Africa is undoubtedly a market of great interest for operators and suppliers alike. This episode of iGaming FM sees Joe Andrews and Joel Anyaegbu of SIS talk in-depth about the challenges faced for brands, which regions with the greatest potential and a look at the psyche of the African bettor This is a must-listen for anyone looking to make a splash in Africa.
5/24/202423 minutes, 47 seconds
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Do you know the ways in which open-banking technology is positively impacting the online #betting and #igaming sector?  Or how companies like Yaspa are harnessing the power of AI to to help gambling operators identify vulnerable players in a frictionless manner? We spoke to James Neville, CEO of ⁠Yaspa, about the benefits of #openbanking, not just to operators but also to players, exploring compliance and the use of #AI, among other things. It’s episode #77 from iGFM. Tuck in.
5/15/202417 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ed Byard and Mike Lally are slots studio veterans with a string of hit games to their name. They’ve now launched Crucible Gaming, a new company with the express aim of engaging both players and operators alike. One of their first titles will be the Elvis-inspired Beaver Las Vegas. Our own Robin Hutchison recently caught up with them to chew the fat on the new company, new game, and beyond!
5/14/202410 minutes, 27 seconds
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Tune in for the latest iGFM instalment as Matt Chambers catches up with Dima Reiderman, Managing Director at BtoBet, to discuss the company's recent transition into the Aristocrat family and the action-packed summer of sports ahead, featuring the Euros, Copa America, and the Olympics.  Don't miss out! Listen to the entire episode now. #airspace #BtoBet #gamingnews #Sportsbook 
5/10/20248 minutes, 18 seconds
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Slot suppliers of the world, this one's for you!  This latest episode of iGaming FM features Slot Content Strategist and industry veteran Guy Hasson. Listen in to discover: The complex factors driving player engagement, strategies for creating memorable game experiences and tips for building active communities via platforms like YouTube. We delve into the fascinating world of slot game design, exploring why seemingly "bad-looking" slots have been wildly successful, the role of nostalgia and familiarity, and the importance of standing out in an oversaturated market.
5/7/202412 minutes, 33 seconds
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We hope you’ve got your suitcases and passports ready? Conference season is well and truly upon us! In episode 73 of iGaming FM, Square in the Air’s Affiliate PR Manager Sam Gascoyne talks to Levon Nikoghosyan, CEO and Founder of AffPapa, about the upcoming iGaming Club by AffPapa conference that’s taking place on the 26th and 27th May in Malaga, Spain!  Want the lowdown on what promises to be the hottest event in Andalusia this May?
4/23/202412 minutes, 5 seconds
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BiS SiGMA Americas is back this week for what is arguably one of its most important editions of recent years.  In episode 72 of iGamingFM, OpenBet's Cathryn Lai, Xtremepush's Robbie Sexton, and Altenar's Hugo Llanos discuss their hopes for the São Paulo show and share how they can help operators stand out in one of the world’s most significant markets.
4/22/202420 minutes, 41 seconds
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Bringing a new meaning to driving the industry forward, on episode 71 of iGamingFM, Ihor Zarenchyi delves into Evoplay’s latest flagship title Adrenaline Rush, an industry-first skill-based 3D racing game. Ihor discusses the inspiration behind the new title, how the company is catering to the next generation of players, what it means to be truly innovative in the industry and gives us a preview into what’s next in store for Evoplay.
4/16/202410 minutes, 13 seconds
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In Episode 70 of iGaming FM, Nick Tunney speaks to 3 Oaks Gaming’s CCO, Yuriy Muratov, about the distributor’s plans for worldwide expansion as 2024 progresses. Yuriy shares his insights into his new role, recently awarded licences from the UK, Portugal and Romania and how the company is set to target LatAm. A busy year awaits for 3 Oaks Gaming!
4/9/202414 minutes, 55 seconds
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069: FROM HUB88 TO HUB 2.0

In episode 68 of iGaming FM, LinaSennvall speaks to Mark Taffler, Commercial Director at Hub88, about everything from LatAm to crypto to AI and the company’s new strategy to become an all-encompassing provider and how it helps its customers to succeed by solving their problems. Oh, and there might be some news about a new proprietary studio launch. You heard it here first!     
3/27/202419 minutes, 10 seconds
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In the run-up to the Indian Gaming Association's tradeshow and convention in Anaheim from April 8-11, iGFM sat down with Everi's SVP of product management, Richard Sagman. From a supplier that has been active in tribal gaming for many years, we learn what the sector and its flagship event has to offer in 2024 and how Everi makes the most of the huge opportunities in Indian country.
3/26/202411 minutes, 57 seconds
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Slot enthusiasts and game creators Johan Granberg and Michael Collins kick episode 67 of iGaming FM up a gear. Speaking of the numerous upcoming titles on Thunderkick’s roadmap, the industry veterans discuss their personal favourites and what draws them to a slot when playing. Johan and Michael also chat about exciting new IPs, sequels and fresh hits launching this year with Square In The Air’s Influencer Manager (B2B) Aidan Cliff.
3/19/202414 minutes, 58 seconds
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Get your kicks on episode 66 of iGaming FM as we delve into the technologies and trends that are shaping the industry landscape.  Following the release of EvenBet Gaming’s first-of-its-kind E-Book that shed light from iGaming professionals on their struggles and predictions, Square in the Air’s Senior Account Director, Lewis Phillips, caught up with the poker software provider’s CEO Dmitry Starostenkov, as well as renowned industry expert Kate Chambers, to take a closer look at the research.  The discussion looks at the increasing use of machine learning and the growing importance of social media marketing.    Download the E-book to discover the full research at
3/12/202415 minutes, 3 seconds
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Sportingtech's new CEO Tom Ustunel joined us ahead of ICE to share his hopes for the iGaming platform provider's future, and explain why the company has one of the best teams in the industry. Sophie Norris spoke with Tom about what he learnt while working alongside Sportingtech as a consultant, his career of more than two decades, and the company's high hopes for LatAm in the coming year.  
2/2/20249 minutes, 58 seconds
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After experiencing a period of record growth, we spoke to Gaming Realms’ recently appointed Chief Product Officer, Suki Sandhu, about the changing face of the studio’s content. Suki details how Gaming Realms’ Slingo titles have become a genre in their own right and sheds light on the numerous new mechanics that will evolve the games throughout 2024, as well as the provider’s primary target audience and its localisation practices.
2/1/202418 minutes, 20 seconds
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The collective zipping of suitcases and panicked shopping trips await with ICE set to kick off next week. Looking ahead to the event, Alejandro Cazorla, Sales Manager at Altenar, joins iGamingFM to share what 2024 has in store for the sports betting software provider, as it prepares to demonstrate its expanded product portfolio at the show. Alejandro discusses the provider's enhanced Trading Notification Channel and Altenar's ambitions for LatAm expansion. 
1/31/20245 minutes, 49 seconds
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So, you want to enter the US? Lina Sennevall spoke to Compliable’s Greg Ponesse about the biggest pain points that slow operators and suppliers down as they’re trying to launch in North America, how reg tech can help, and what to expect from the US market in 2024. Oh, and we also find out what Compliable is excited about as they fly across the pond to attend ICE London!
1/30/202413 minutes, 55 seconds
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ICE may be just around the corner but its last hurrah in London is only the first of many great industry events in 2024. The new kid on the block is the Italian Gaming Expo, which takes place in Rome between April 18th and 19th. From land-based to affiliates, and regulation to iGaming and eSports, every corner of the betting and gaming eco-system will be covered in the Eternal City. GiocoNews publisher Alessio Crisantemi is the brains behind the operation and gave us the lowdown of what's to come and what you might learn. With discounts on hotel reservations, top tips on the city's best restaurants and must-see tourist attractions to visit at the weekend there's much else besides. So for more information, check out this latest iGFM episode and head along to
1/24/20248 minutes, 22 seconds
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ICE may be just around the corner but its last hurrah in London is only the first of many great industry events in 2024. The new kid on the block is the Italian Gaming Expo, which takes place in Rome between April 18th and 19th. From land-based to affiliates, and regulation to iGaming and eSports, every corner of the betting and gaming eco-system will be covered in the Eternal City. Gioco News publisher Alessio Crisantemi is the brains behind the operation and gave us the lowdown of what's to come and what you might learn. With discounts on hotel reservations, top tips on the city's best restaurants and must-see tourist attractions to visit at the weekend there's much else besides. So for more information, check out this latest iGFM episode and head along to
1/24/20248 minutes, 21 seconds
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January is a time to explore fresh challenges, look ahead, and put some lofty goals in place. For Omnigame, 2024 is set to be its biggest year yet. The Danish business not only develops slot titles, it also runs its own online casino, and has cast an eye on global expansion for the first time. Co-CEO, Mia Nyland-Evers, sat down with iGFM to talk about the company’s philosophy towards game development, and why players deserve the very best.
1/22/202415 minutes, 56 seconds
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Exciting news alert from iGFM! Sam Milliken and Gabriela Martins da Silva are giving us the lowdown on iGX, a brand-new conference hitting Geneva on April 18-19. iGX is not your typical event, it's a deep dive into critical industry topics like acquisition, retention, and the customer journey. Set against the backdrop of the sophisticated President Wilson Hotel, this conference promises substance with style. Gear up for insightful discussions featuring keynotes from industry heavyweights such as Pontus Lindwall of Betsson and Francesco Postiglione of Casumo. But iGX is more than just talks — it's an immersive experience with networking events, competitions, and engaging activities. Secure your spot for this exclusive event: and use the code 'IGXSITA'.
1/22/202410 minutes, 24 seconds
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It’s the start of another year and for most slot studios, it’s an opportunity to re-energise their output and drive their brands to fresh heights. None more so than Push Gaming. It has seen great success with several big titles and armed with its premium content, has plans to expand not only in terms of the strength and diversity of its games but the markets in which players can enjoy them. The slot supremo’s Director of Studios, George Fil, told iGFM more about where it is going, why and with what.
1/12/202411 minutes, 15 seconds
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Gambling advertising remains in the spotlight, with 2024 set to see increased restrictions put in place by regulators across Europe. With inevitable changes on the horizon and the need to deliver increased responsible messaging in a safer manner, we could see operators further embrace advanced advertising solutions to deliver brand visibility more efficiently.  Square in the Air’s Senior Account Director, Lewis Phillips, caught up with Epom’s Sales Executive, Sergey Shchelkov, to discuss how ad tech solutions can lead to greater sophistication, and ultimately help operators to navigate their way through a changing media landscape.
1/10/202417 minutes, 43 seconds
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As a leading aggregator, our friends at Pariplay have been very busy over the past 12 months. In fact, their speed in getting content to market is only matched by the pace at which new deals are signed. North America has been a key region and in the light of the wider NeoGames group’s impending acquisition by industry behemoth Aristocrat, new and existing regulated states will continue to be a major focus in 2024. Square in the Air’s Matt Chambers sat down with Andrew Maclean, VP of Sales at Pariplay, to talk through all things commercial at the start of a new year that carries plenty of promise.
1/3/20249 minutes, 26 seconds
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If you've been following the news you'll have seen that our good friends at Relax have today announced they are making their much anticipated US debut as they touch down in New Jersey alongside BetMGM.  But wait... That's not all! In addition to finally moving into the rapidly growing US market, Relax has also announced that they'll officially be known as RLX Gaming in the States. Square in the Air's very own Stewart Darkin sat down with CEO Simon Hammon to discuss the monumental news and what it means for the company as they begin their pursuit of the American dream.
12/11/202312 minutes, 22 seconds
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Things are changing for Simon Westbury, CEO of Sports Generate. Wedding bells are in the air and the move to Armenia has become permanent. With a commercial and revenue-focused background, the leadership skills of a CEO have been a fresh challenge to Simon, as he reveals in this candid chat with our Robin Hutchison. Simon also speaks in depth about business culture and the exciting future for Sports Generate.
11/8/202314 minutes, 9 seconds
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Join us for this latest episode from iGFM where Square in the Air’s Lewis Phllips catches up with HungryBear Gaming CEO and Founder Justin Chamberlain. With 1.6 million unique players and 1.3 billion spins in just 12 months, it's clear that players have a huge appetite for HungryBear’s SlotMasters. Justin details how multiplayer slots are transforming the industry, and how SlotMasters is at the forefront of this innovation. Later in the episode we also get to hear about Justin's preparations for the upcoming SBC Boxing Championship.
11/2/202317 minutes, 3 seconds
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Who’d have guessed it, Jon Arnold - CEO of Arnold Ash - is also an experienced and accomplished boxer? iGFM gets the low-down from Jon, from setting up a boxing club for Southampton Solent and ending up in the university’s Hall of Fame, to training the brave fighters taking part in November’s SBC Boxing Championship. Jon discusses the heart, skill and dedication needed to be involved in this event, and how the industry is coming together for a fantastic cause, despite being opponents in the ring.
10/31/202315 minutes, 20 seconds
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After finding himself working in the industry as a cashier, Robert Mabbett is now changing the betting industry one step at a time with Better Change, harnessing the power of positive play to help make the environment safe for players. SITA’s Director Robin Hutchinson speaks to the Engagement Director about the importance of responsible gambling, the impact on mental wellbeing, and discusses how a personal tragedy drove him to try and make a change. Listen to Robert’s story and discover how Better Change is taking a fresh approach, built on clinical science, to help rebuild lives.
10/12/202314 minutes, 16 seconds
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It is time to celebrate five years of BETBY - so who better to catch up with than the supplier’s CEO Leonid Pertsovskiy! Square in the Air’s Account Manager Shaun Frackleton and Leonid discuss all things BETBY, from the team's sheer motivation to set the business up to crucial partnerships for the brand's development. With its new hub in sunny Barcelona, which will be home to BETBY’s research and development activity, Leonid delves into the reasons behind this location, and the creativity it holds for BETBY. All of that in under 20 minutes, aren’t you lucky!
10/11/202318 minutes, 14 seconds
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SBC’s Boxing Championship kicks off in just over a month, with another glitzy affair in London’s sparkling Park Lane. Ahead of the big night, we caught up with two of this year’s fighters - in the left corner, Ally McIvor, and, in the right, Anna Mackney. The duo, the first female boxers to take part in the event, discuss their hectic and intense training regime (and how it is very definitely not the same as boxercise), and how they feel about getting punched in the face. Seconds out…  
9/28/202313 minutes, 52 seconds
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Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! November's SBC boxing championship is just around the corner, and we've got the inside scoop from the dynamic duo behind the scenes – Michael Brady and Daniel Beard. These industry legends tell all about the competitors' intense training and fight match-ups, and also offer some sage advice to this year's fighters. Michael and Daniel, who both fought at the 2022 Championship, also relive last year's epic fundraising fight night, reflecting on a rollercoaster of emotions and memories that will last a lifetime. To all the brave fighters this year, may the gloves be ever in your favour 🥊 🎙️ With 500 guests, 12 industry warriors, and 3 incredible charities in the ring, this event is not one to miss! Learn all about it right here: 🌟  
9/26/202310 minutes, 47 seconds
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Sweden to Malta in 34 days - a 4,175km journey that David Flynn is cycling right now, to raise funds for three mental health charities across three countries Dave has called home at one time or another. During a short pit stop on an Italian mountain, Dave spoke to iGFM about this incredible journey - the highs, the lows and his favourite mid-ride snack. Family, friends and motivational messages are three things keeping David going, through torrential rain and (hopefully some) sun - while cycling up to 170km every day. Inspiring stuff.  To show your support, read more about David’s journey and chosen charities, and to of course donate, click here: 
9/15/20238 minutes, 37 seconds
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Ahead of the GamingTECH CEE Summit in Budapest, who better to talk to than founder Zoltán Tűndik. Zoltán shares some valuable industry insight, like the evolution of gaming technology from simple 2D games to the all-new and popular immersive virtual reality experiences. We also hear about the importance of pushing boundaries and the impact mobile gaming has had on industry opportunities! Let’s see what the future holds for gaming technology.
9/14/202310 minutes, 45 seconds
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With less than one week until we jet off to sunny Spain for SBC Barcelona, Square in the Air’s Account Manager Sophie Norris caught up with Laura Main, Event Manager at Sportingtech, Kate Artsimenia, Brand Manager at BGaming and Yuriy Muratov, Chief Business Development Officer at 3 Oaks Gaming. The fantastic four chat secrets behind the stands including the important decisions that make them successful AND fun! From the marketing teams' new ad campaigns to incorporating sustainable measures and of course, the bars.
9/14/202323 minutes, 31 seconds
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The launch of a new game is always something to look forward to, so when it is the fourth and final release of Relax Gamings Money Train collection, could it get more exciting? SiTA’s New Media Director Stewart Darkin caught up with CEO of Relax Gaming’s Simon Hammon to chat about the new game release, four years since the original. So, September 20th, it is an important date. Keep your eyes and ears open and prepare for what they say to be the best Money Train release yet…
9/12/202314 minutes, 42 seconds
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043: AI Autopilot for iGaming

In our latest episode of iGamingFM, Sam Gascoyne sits down with Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer at Future Anthem, to discuss the future of personalised AI experiences. Ian shares his extensive industry experience, having worked in multiple roles across betting and gaming with multiple roles across betting and gaming. He also sheds light on how Future Anthem is revolutionising the sports betting space with their AI-powered platform that leverages vast amounts of data to personalise the player journey. Tune in to get insights into player behaviours and understand how AI is the future of sports betting.
9/12/202312 minutes, 9 seconds
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042: AI-Powered Personalisation - The Future of Betting and Gaming

In this episode of iGFM, Wayne Kimmel and Jason Angelides discuss the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalise and differentiate product offerings in the gaming industry. They address ethical concerns around responsible gambling and maintaining balance but also emphasise the opportunity for a more engaging and customised experience for users. The conversation also touches on the investment landscape for companies in this space and's vision for the future.
9/11/202314 minutes, 26 seconds
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041: Interactive Poker: Enhancing Social Gaming

EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov talks to iGamingFM about the new interactive features launched for its poker platform. The features aim to enhance player engagement and entertainment value, making the online poker landscape more welcoming and community-driven. EvenBet Gaming will showcase these features at SBC Barcelona in September.
9/8/20236 minutes, 50 seconds
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040: NFL - Insights from the Pros

With the new NFL season fast approaching, Square in the Air’s Senior Account Director, Lewis Phillips, caught up with OpenBet’s SportCast Trading Manager, John Crowley, to find out how the company is preparing for another busy campaign.  John delves into the new types of content the sports betting provider is delivering to operators, and why competitive pricing and platform stability are key factors. We also hear all about John’s predictions - and who he hopes will win!
9/7/202314 minutes, 3 seconds
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The latest iGamingFM podcast episode sees more NFL content with the new season very fast approaching. Square in the Air’s Nick Tunney is joined by Amelco’s Director of Trading Mark Hill to chat all things American Football, from this coming season to Super Bowl LVIII. Mark discusses the importance of data-driven decision-making in the gaming industry, how Amelco is leading the way and how their platform is helping operators make informed choices and drive growth. Not only that, but Mark also shares his predictions in what promises to be a thrilling campaign.
9/1/202314 minutes, 18 seconds
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G2E: Gaming's Latest & Greatest

In this upcoming iGamingFM podcast episode, Robin Hutchison hosts Maureen Beddis, Senior Vice President at the American Gaming Association, and Korbi Carrison, Event Vice President at G2E, RX USA. They discuss why G2E, the gaming industry's annual event in Las Vegas, is enduringly popular, and delve into the latest changes in the US gaming industry five years on from the repeal of PASPA. Listeners can learn about the iGaming Zone and the G2 Networking Lounge, where they can connect with other industry professionals and attend education sessions. The episode concludes with a reminder to register for G2E, which showcases the latest and greatest in the gaming world and is the place to be this Fall.
9/1/20239 minutes, 52 seconds
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NFL: Making Moments Matter

NFL season is finally upon us, so we hear from Simplebet’s COO Mark Nerenberg to discuss the upcoming season, and Simplebet’s innovative approach to sports betting. Mark tells all with insights into sports betting trends and how to capitalise on them, alongside the role of analytics and data in the sports betting industry. It wouldn’t be a sports podcast episode without some predictions of course, so Mark discusses his season picks and why he is so excited about the fast-approaching event.
8/31/20239 minutes, 56 seconds
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With ICE on the move in 2025, we ask Hipther’s Zoltán Tűndik for his hot take, while Our Matt is talking esports with Harri and Jacob at SiS and discussing the Wizard Games USP with new MD Ben McDonagh. In-between, and as the company marks its 10th anniversary, Sam Goodall catches up with Yggdrasil CEO Björn Krantz to talk slot mechanics. You can call it what you like, but we call it episode 36.
8/2/202336 minutes, 2 seconds
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We take a deep dive into the world of slot streamers, many of whom have quickly become some of the best established affiliates in the industry with iGamingFM’s jam-packed streamer special. During iGB Live! in Amsterdam, Aidan also chatted to a variety of more traditional affiliates about the event, offering their hot takes from the showfloor. Back in the studio, Aidan caught up with some of Europe’s fastest growing slot streamers, speaking to AzziGambling, BobSlots and Angry Slots before chatting to one of the most famed influencers in the slot streaming world, ChipmonkzSlots.
7/26/202344 minutes, 43 seconds
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Fresh from SBC’s Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto, we talk Ontario (and beyond) with Kunal Mishra of Bragg Gaming, Altenar’s Alejandro Cazorla, Swintt CEO David Mann and Georgina Lott, of Mkodo. Back in the UK, Robin Hutchison is picking a path through the affordability-checks minefield, and more, with William Woodhams of Fitzdares and Martin Burt of Clearstake. It’s episode 34.
6/21/202325 minutes, 19 seconds
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BGaming’s formative years have featured a global pandemic, political instability in the company’s homeland and war in Ukraine - CEO Marina Ostrovtsova explains how these experiences have shaped the supplier. Pierre Lindh discusses how iGaming NEXT Valletta has cemented its place in the busting igaming events diary. Finally, Rhi Burns of Zimpler talks candidly about the circumstances and realisations that led her to request a voluntary demotion, ultimately stepping down from a C-level post. All aboard. 
5/31/202337 minutes, 58 seconds
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Last week’s SBC Summit North America kicked off another hectic period of travel and networking for the industry’s executives, a number of whom spoke to iGFM in New Jersey - notably SportsHandle, Greentube, Chalk + Dog, Bragg Gaming and BettorTakes. Back in the studio, the deeper dives in this episode are with Sportingtech, ParlayBay and Thunderkick, chatting LatAm, bet discovery and company culture, among much, much more.
5/17/202334 minutes, 19 seconds
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Industry events mean many different things to those that attend. For organisers, such as Dennis Algreen at SBC, it is a seemingly never-ending challenge to keep the events relevant and engaging. So, we asked Dennis just how he and the growing SBC team do it. For newcomers like box-fresh payments platform Paytently, events are representative of the huge value of networking and targeted business development activity. We speak to the vastly experienced leadership team of Nick Tucker, Sam Barrett and Laurent Reysbosch as Paytently makes its mark.
5/4/202335 minutes, 24 seconds
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Light and Wonder’s three regional leads from the US, UK and EU markets, Dana Jackel, Lauren Caruana and Magdalena Podhorska Okolow, quiz one another about their backgrounds, about work-life balance and differing market perspectives, and Lewis Phillips talks to Dr Eyal Loz, CPO at RubyPlay, about his globetrotting experience of the igaming sector and the impressive gains RubyPlay is making. And that time Eyal filmed a TV show with a donkey.
4/17/202330 minutes, 4 seconds
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UConn’s peerless run to the Championship, three first-timers in the Final Four, Princeton’s Cinderella run… This year’s NCAA college basketball season and March Madness finale was, once again, hugely entertaining and, at times, unpredictable. We sat down with Mark Hill of Amelco and Simplebet’s Ryan Keur to reflect on a memorable month and to gain an insider view of the betting trends and headlines from March Madness 2023.
4/5/202316 minutes, 37 seconds
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Next week, nearly 300,000 racegoers will pour through the gates at Prestbury Park for the #CheltenhamFestival. As @Cheltenham Racecourse prepares for the showpiece, iGamingFM spoke to @City Bet Club co-founder @David Brown, himself a veteran of the Festival both as a punter and a bookie, about his recollections of Cheltenham's glorious racing history - and a look forward to next week's staging. David really is a great storyteller. Enjoy.
3/7/202322 minutes, 50 seconds
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Simon Westbury, the new CEO of Digitain group company Sport Generate, chats to Robin Hutchison about his Digitain journey and the route to his new role, via Armenia. Ryan Keur of Simplebet explains how the North American operator is evolving to offer players more choice than ever. And Walter Bugno, something of an industry legend and now at the helm of Games Global, talks about the company’s rich heritage and bright future. OH, AND IT’S ICE NEXT WEEK.
2/2/202332 minutes, 53 seconds
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In the first episode of 2023, iGamingFM is resisting the industry-wide panic that ICE is UNDER THREE WEEKS AWAY and instead remaining loyal to our cool, calm curation of a wide range of content. From the continuing evolution of poker, with Dimtry Starostenkov of Evenbet, to market and tax (yes, TAX) chat with David Kicks of e-Technologies, as well as Mobinc, who are heading to ICE to build on their first-mover creds in Ontario.
1/19/202325 minutes, 25 seconds
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In this bonus episode, we hear from David Brown, director and co-founder of expert tipster service City Bet Club. Via a whistle-stop tour of the betting headlines around previous World Cups, David offers a betting perspective on Qatar 2022 and what the ‘best ever World Cup for bookies’ actually represents for operators. We also look ahead to the second half of the interrupted Premier League season and the likely impact of the winter World Cup. Which team will have a big cup run and can Arsenal hold on for the title - or will the Gunners end up fighting it out for 4th place (again)?
12/22/202218 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork


In the new episode of iGamingFM, the last of 2022, we speak with Jo Purvis of Blueprint Gaming, to Mkodo’s Will Whitehead and with Joey Hurtado of Wizard Games. There’s also a little bonus racing content from City Bet Club’s David Brown, offering listeners some Christmas tips.
12/20/202230 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

023: World Cup Winter

Following a jam-packed autumn schedule, SiGMA, the final event in the conference calendar, is complete and thoughts turn, inevitably, to ICE London. But we’re not done with 2022 just yet, with Thanksgiving and Christmas still to come. And what is more Christmassy than a winter World Cup? The best gift many of us will receive this year is being able to cosy up with family and scream at the TV as we watch our picks in the company sweepstake fail to register even a shot on target. Although there’s still hope for a few underdogs as signified by yesterday’s humbling of Argentina, who many have as favourites for the trophy, by the low-ranked Saudi Arabia (we still reckon Argentina will be in the mix at the business end of the tournament.) The World Cup is the topic of our first chat, with ESA Gaming’s Thomas Smallwood speaking with our very own Sam Goodall, looking at, among other things, how operators can retain the customers it receives during traffic-spiking events such as the World Cup and how they can offer different services to traditional football fans. Also on the show, Kristoffer Cassell, CEO at onboarding specialist chats to Stewart Darkin about the company’s growth and the invaluable support it offers to online betting and gaming operators entering new markets. Finally, Matt Chambers speaks with Daniel Broda of Checkd Media about the affiliate landscape, notably the US opportunity and the role micro-influencers can play there. Did your company have a World Cup sweepstake? Who did you get and how do you think they’ll fare? #WorldCup #Football #ItsComingHome
11/23/202227 minutes, 28 seconds
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021: Fight & Flight

In the latest episode of iGamingFM, we catch up with Rob Dowling and Daniel Beard to discuss the upcoming SBC Charity Boxing Championship and fundraising for Oliver’s Wish. Stewart also talks to Krzysztof Opalka and Chris Ash of the high-flying Tequity Ventures and Dan Snook chats with Patrick Nordwall of Parlaybay about the company's launch. If you wish to support or donate to Oliver’s Wish Foundation click here:
11/3/202230 minutes, 41 seconds
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Everyone loves a freebie, especially here at iGamingFM Towers - and that’s why we’ve produced a very special bonus episode of the pod, straight from the floor at SBC Summit Barcelona. So enjoy hearing Garen Mouradian talk about the challenges (and successes) of Technamin’s first year and Ben Scobie-Trumper talking about the future of AI and outlining the Future Anthem offer. Finally, SBC’s very own Dennis Algreen lifts the lid on what the 2023 Barcelona event will look like. Think BIG. All aboard the Barcelona Special!
9/30/202230 minutes, 24 seconds
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020: The Calm Before the Storm

Ahead of an intense few weeks on the road for the gambling industry, starting with SBC Summit Barcelona next week, Håvard Lehn, co-founder of Nordic Affiliates, chats affiliate marketing, and his latest venture, Dmytro Kryvorchuk of Slotegrator also offers insights on new markets including Ontario and, in more detail, Latin America. Finally, Phil Pearson of iGaming Group, discusses next week’s Barcelona event, workplace diversity, and whether Molly Bloom is any good at throwing beanbags.
9/15/202230 minutes, 44 seconds
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Lloyd Danzig, venture capitalist and serial betting industry investor, offers insight and advice to founders - and outlines his dream pitch. Paul Shackleton, CFO at Kiron Interactive, drops in to chat to our Dan about virtuals in Africa, India and beyond, and Catie Di Stefano of talks to Stewart about the value of personal branding.
8/31/202232 minutes, 17 seconds
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018: Birthday, Ellie, AI, Metaverse

Happy birthday to us, one year old this week. Huge thanks to all our guests to date but especially those joining guest host Ellie Lynch for this episide, namely Thomas Aigner of, Jack Smith of SportingTech and Technamin’s Matt Sahakian. As ever, the 30 minutes are a whistle-stop tour of hot topics in our industry, including some LatAm and Africa chat. We talk about the US a lot, it seems - maybe in year two we should work on our American accent, y’all.
8/10/202230 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

017: Relax, Realistic and ‘Glastonbet’

Simon Hammon is the new CEO of Relax Gaming, and about time. We ask what took him so long. Our Dan chats to Robert Lee of Realistic Games about the state of the slots sector and how the provider is ‘shedding its skin to contemporise’ (lovely phrasing, Dan). Finally, SBC marketing supremo Dennis Algreen sets us up nicely for the multi-stage monster that will be SBC Summit Barcelona.
7/20/202232 minutes, 24 seconds
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016: Partnership, Personalisation & Pride

Alex Kornilov, CEO, and Founder of Betegy, discusses the influence the company is bringing to the US market, joined by Betegy board member - and one of the protagonists in the repeal of PASPA - Bill Pascrell III. Elsewhere, Flutter’s Greg McCaw reflects on Pride month and the modern relationship between the Pride movement and the business community.
6/29/202230 minutes, 38 seconds
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Huddle has merged with DeckPrism AND secured backing from Sands, while Armadillo Studios at EveryMatrix has gone all-in on MMA with UFC star Amanda Nunes - moves we discuss with, respectively, Huddle CEO Francesco Borgosano and Armadillo COO David Stoveld. In between the two sneaks WGES conference producer Katie Duffin, to chat about the forthcoming Barcelona showpiece.
6/9/202226 minutes, 38 seconds
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With CasinoBeats Malta set for next week, we chat to SBC’s Dennis Algreen about final plans for the event and what visitors can expect; while Lynxbet’s Jeremy Taylor talks about the brand’s genesis and its place in the metaverse. We also catch up with Bragg Gaming’s Doug Fallon, to discuss the company’s product strategy and the US slots landscape in general.
5/18/202233 minutes
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New Yggdrasil CEO Björn Krantz talks to iGamingFM about taking the reins from former chief exec Fredrik Elmqvist, who also joins us to talk about the road ahead. At the other end of the CEO journey is Karolina Pelc, founder and chief exec at BeyondPlay, who chats about her experiences, good and bad, of pitching her big idea.
5/4/202230 minutes, 28 seconds
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Another eclectic mix of content welcomes news and views from recently installed Kalamba CCO Andrew Crosby; new AvatarUX chief exec Nicola Longmuir; and Fintan Costello, chair of the recently acquired We cover platforms, KYC, the North American affiliate landscape, PopWins and a whole lot more, including a humanitarian trip to Romania. Enjoy.
4/6/202231 minutes, 30 seconds
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In this episode, we talk to Anna Dobrovolskaya, a leading industry executive, mother and Ukrainian. We hear of her family's journey from their home in Poltava, Ukraine - close to the Russian border - to the safety of Stockholm. Anna's story is one of determination and resilience, and showcases the resolve of the Ukrainian people amid the shock of war.
3/23/202225 minutes, 59 seconds
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The 10th-episode birthday edition of the podcast talks racing with Alan Casey of AllSported; chats marketing with Sportingtech’s new CMO Victoria Bonner; and hears from Kelly Kehn of All-In Diversity on the groundbreaking recent International Women’s Day campaign seeking to #breakthebias.
3/2/202230 minutes, 39 seconds
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009: Welcome to the Multiverse

We speak to Lloyd Purser of Funfair Games about the crash concept and BeyondPlay founder Karolina Pelc about bringing social gaming to casinos, as both companies look to an exciting multiplayer future. Elsewhere, Quincy Raven of Aspire Global's US business drops in to discuss strategies for succeeding in the American igaming market, and Stewart makes a joke about Ellie.
2/9/202233 minutes, 59 seconds
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008: New Year, new USP

“It may be better to hire someone with experience from a different part of the world and then the roadblock is always the visa. When it becomes a government reason then it's very difficult to overcome.” iGaming FM returns for it’s first episode of 2022 in which’s David Copeland explains to Robin Hutchison how the betting industry and recruiters can have a more harmonious relationship. What does the future of work look like in a post-pandemic world? Stewart Darkin and Hero Gaming’s Andrea Saliba discuss. Also in the latest episode, Matt Chambers chats with Pariplay’s Enrico Bradamante about the nature of the #LatAm opportunity and what it will take to make it there.
1/19/202232 minutes, 38 seconds
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007: Leading from the front

In this episode, iGaming FM looks at differing aspects of leadership. From start-up execs forging formative strategic partnerships, to inspirational leadership styles and the importance of being a role model, it's all here. Francesco Borgosano of Huddle, Andy Wright of Sporting Group, Suren Khachatryan of Technamin, and Triggy CEO Martina Åkerlund provide the insight.
12/15/202131 minutes, 24 seconds
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006: Gold Rush

America. It’s all happening. And we have the US in our sights, chatting about employee licensing requirements, affiliates and some detailed slots chat. Chris Olytan of Compliable; Callum Broxton of Checkd Media; and SG Digital’s games guru Brett Jackson are answering the questions.
11/17/202133 minutes, 18 seconds
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005: Culture Club

In a jam-packed 30 minutes, we chat with Liesbeth Oost, Karolina Pelc, Russell Mifsud, Martina Åkerlund and Francesco Borgosano, to discuss Safer Gambling Week, post-COVID recruitment and retention, and rapidly scaling up - and the common thread is company culture. Every day is a school day.
10/27/202131 minutes, 35 seconds
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004: Events horizon & the RTP conundrum

We went to Amsterdam and asked Bragg's Giles Potter, Bernadett Nagy of Greentube, Casino Days' Ross Parkhill and G.Games founder Helen Walton what they made of it. We also sat down with Fred and Simon to reminisce about trips to Gib and to discuss the RTP challenge.
10/6/202130 minutes, 12 seconds
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003: Gold Rush: iGaming's Lands of Opportunity

This episode looks at new regulated markets and the numerous challenges facing suppliers wishing to move into new territories. We hear from the legendary igaming double-act that is Andy Whitworth and Rob Fell of White Hat Gaming, and also chat to Nicola Longmuir, CCO at Push Gaming.
9/15/202132 minutes, 59 seconds
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002: The University of NetEnt

Yggdrasil founder Fredrik Elmqvist goes head-to-head with Relax Gaming CPO Simon Hammon as the former colleagues consider the legacy of their time together at NetEnt. The latest instalment from @iGamingFM, featuring @Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO and Founder of @YggdrasilGaming, and @Simon Hammon, CPO at @Relax Gaming, is available to stream now. The 30-minute episode is available via Spotify<link> and the SITA website <link>. ✅  Leading figures in the slots sector ✅  War stories from igaming’s frontline ✅  Indispensable insight into how to set up and run a slots supplier
8/25/202126 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

001: Not just another iGaming podcast.

It’s our very own igaming start-up, sort of. The new igaming talk radio show from Square in the Air, hosted by Stewart Darkin. In the opening episode we grill SITA director Robin Hutchison about why iGaming FM exists, chat to Kelly Kehn about the ongoing - and very public - debate around gender bias, and speak with industry mainstay Simon Collins about his new role with eye-catching start-up Jogo Global.
8/4/202129 minutes, 1 second