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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 67 episodes, 1 day 18 hours 27 minutes
Join Callum and Jame, two infectious diseases doctors, as they discuss everything you need to know to diagnose and treat infections. Aimed at doctors and clinical staff working in the UK. Queries, comments, suggestions to [email protected]
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66. FIS highlights 2 - Neurosurgical infections, parasitology reg, anti-fungals, NITCAR

Join Jame, Callum and Pals for a discussion on some highlights from FIS 2023: in episode:ESCMID brain abscess guidelines: ORAL study protocol: ACBLM/ALM: networks: <a href='https://www.uclh.nhs.
27/11/202334 minutes 48 seconds
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47. ECCMID highlights part 3: Mythbusting, Sporotrichosis, phages, AMR, Paeds, Grand Round

Join Callum with guests Andrew Seaton, Marianna Avellar, Hannah Pymont, Eva Garmendia, Sanjay Patel and Dave Hettle live from ECCMID 2023. ECCMID sessions discussed:- Fairytales or reality, checking some eminence paradigms for treatment of severe infections- Neglected tropical skin diseases- Non-canonical approaches to treatment of infections- Paediatric interactive cases: dilemmas for the microbiologist and infection specialist- Clinical grand roundFor the AMR studio podcast: BSAC paediatric pathways: the showQuesti
28/04/202333 minutes