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I Love Norfolk Show - With Dan Inman

English, Finance, 1 season, 23 episodes, 12 hours, 59 minutes
A show focused around the amazing small businesses found right here in Norfolk.
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Less Than

In this interview, Dan interviews the owner of Less Than, a business here in Norfolk focused on creating a model of zero waste. Check out the I Love COVA Facebook Group to enter the $100 giveaway. 
4/21/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Tiny House Pottery

Enjoy this conversation with Charlotte, the owner of Tiny House Pottery here in COVA. She has an amazing knowledge and love for clay, creatives, and pottery. Check out to enter to win the $300 tableware giveaway. 
3/23/202141 minutes, 35 seconds
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Coaster Coffee

Dan sits down with Katie Dininny, founder of Coaster Coffee to hear why she started this amazing local shop. Born out of a conversation over dinner with their church community, Brian and Katie's vision is for connection, conversation, and creating a space for people to be together. In the future, they want to become their own roastery and create more opportunities to give back. You're going to love this conversation with another amazing local business!
3/10/202136 minutes, 57 seconds
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Industrial Cottage

In this episode, Dan sits down with Molly from Industrial Cottage. Molly started Industrial Cottage in 2005 as a high end baby bedding manufacturer. Then, Molly and her husband relocated to Virginia Beach to be near family and we fostered and adopted 3 more kids. They iterated Industrial Cottage into a furniture store, focusing on taking quality pieces, needing a little love, restore them into something beautiful! You are going to love our conversation!
2/24/202140 minutes, 37 seconds
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COVA Brewing Company

In this episode, Dan sits down with the founders of COVA Brewing. Scott and Phil decided to start a coffee and beer spot here in Norfolk. They are unique because they have an integrated coffee shop and brewery where family and adults are welcome. They focus on four drink styles and strive to create genres. You're going to love this episode!
2/10/202149 minutes, 47 seconds
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Dan visited with Kelly, the owner of Texture a small shop started in Norfolk. She grew up in a small town in Virginia, worked at a local jewelry store, worked in law, and then in the last decade decided to pursue local retail. She's so passionate about the story behind each product, You're going to love our conversation!
1/19/202131 minutes, 32 seconds
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Horticulture Design Co.

Dan sat down with Becky to learn about why she started "Horticulture Design Co." here in Norfolk. You're going to love our conversation!
1/18/202149 minutes, 4 seconds
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Kitsch Handmade

Danielle and Christine own Kitsch, a shop in the heart of Norfolk. They are really unique and feature products from 100 makers, creatives, artists, and crafters in the Norfolk region. They curate handmade jewelry, toys, housewares, original art and prints. Enjoy our conversation!
1/18/202133 minutes, 27 seconds
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Scheider Construction

In this episode, Dan interviews Jim Schneider, the founder and owner of Schneider Construction, here in Norfolk. 
1/18/202152 minutes, 22 seconds
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COVA Brewing Company

I sat down with Susan and Karla, two friends who started this really amazing coffee shop. The vibe, the atmosphere, the coffee is just outstanding. You will love this conversation!
11/13/202034 minutes, 58 seconds
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Norfolk Kayak

You will love this conversation with Josh who started the first kayak rental company in Norfolk, in the midst of 2020. This is EXACTLY why I love markets and entrepreneurship. Despite the headwinds of 2020, new companies are sprouting as entrepreneurs innovate and create opportunities and value!
10/30/202036 minutes, 12 seconds
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Man vs. Tree

In this episode for October 2020, Dan sits down with Matt from Man vs. Tree, a local professional tree service in Norfolk, VA. Dan met Matt and became friends while in the Navy. Matt sold his BMW to start the tree service. You will enjoy this conversation with a small business owner!
10/19/202025 minutes, 53 seconds
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Redefined Woodworking

In this episode, Dan sits down with Eric from Redefined Woodworking Company located here in Norfolk. They talk about Eric's love of family and the vision for woodworking as a way to help families be together and healthy.
8/11/202041 minutes, 54 seconds
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Kate Thomas Art

In this episode, Dan has a fascinating conversation with Kate Thomas, a local artist from here in the Norfolk area. They talk about her story of becoming an artist, creativity, being a painter, and living here in the Virginia Beach area. You're going to love this episode! 
12/13/201931 minutes, 1 second
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North End Bag Company

In this episode, Dan talks with Aaron from the North End Bag Company about their amazing local business in Virginia Beach. He has an incredible story and you're going to love hearing about how he got started! 
12/4/201942 minutes, 29 seconds
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Lois Elaine

In this episode, I sat down with Nicole to chat about how she got the idea to start a houseboat business! I was super impressed with Nicole's passion for the business and how she is creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for those who stay. You can book an overnight's stay on the houseboat by searching for them on AirBnB under "Lois Elaine".
8/21/201918 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Dirty Buffalo

In this episode, Dan sits down with Ryan from the Dirty Buffalo here in Norfolk and I hear about their origin story. These guys make some incredible Wings.
8/21/201929 minutes, 20 seconds
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NOFO Soaps

In this episode, Dan sits down with Julie from NOFO Soaps to hear about how she makes these artisanal handmade soaps. This lady is amazing! It was super interesting to see how Julie hand makes these soaps and how they've taken off!
8/21/201916 minutes, 26 seconds
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In this episode, Dan talks with LR Jennings from LOVEVA app. Basically, this app helps you shop locally and support Norfolk small businesses. They have a cool story, you're going to enjoy this! I love what they are doing to support small businesses around town and highly recommend you download the app!
8/16/201918 minutes, 15 seconds
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In this episode, Dan interviews Kevin who started Alkaline here in Norfolk. Kevin has a really fascinating story, you're going to enjoy listening!
8/9/201932 minutes, 52 seconds
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Pendulum Fine Meats

In this episode, Dan sits down with Dylan from Pendulum Fine Meats to discuss their origin story, butchery, doing things well and much much more! This is such a unique (and tasty) place to stop by in Norfolk. I encourage you to listen and visit these
8/2/201934 minutes, 21 seconds
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In this episode, Dan sits down with Clayton to talk about DBA Norfolk. They call him "Professor" for a reason! I'm happy to talk to him today, and I hope you all come out to DBA Norfolk soon. This was a great experience. Thank you so much, Clayton... I mean, Professor!
8/2/201929 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Handsome Biscuit

In this pilot episode of the "I love Norfolk Show" hosted by Daniel Inman, we sit down and listen to the fascinating story of how The Handsome Biscuit came to be. 
7/24/201923 minutes, 1 second