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I Hate Talking About Myself

English, TV & Video, 3 seasons, 28 episodes, 3 hours, 25 minutes
Get to know your favorite Netflix stars as they face their toughest interviewer yet– themselves. It's actors like you've never heard them before. We provide the questions, toss them in a bowl, and let the guest do the rest.
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Introducing: Now On Netflix

Not sure what to watch tonight? We’ve got you covered! Now on Netflix is your go-to source for what’s premiering this week on Netflix – and why you won’t want to miss it. Presented in collaboration with, the Netflix site dedicated to fans. In this premiere episode of Now on Netflix, executive editor Henry Goldblatt is joined by writer Tara Bitran to preview the upcoming second season of Heartstopper. Plus, they share their recommendations for other great teen dramas and run through the top ten tv shows of the week. 
8/7/202318 minutes, 43 seconds