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I AM Beautiful Wild Free: A Guided Affirmation and Meditation Podcast

English, Religion, 5 seasons, 71 episodes, 1 day, 8 hours, 38 minutes
*Connect with Erin Marie on social @BWFwoman *Find out more about the manifestHER Daily Journal at *Join our Facebook group at *About the Show: BWFwoman's guided affirmations for meditation podcast helps you live in alignment to God's Word, maintain your peace, transform your mind, support your meditation time and manifest the life God has for you. Hosted by BWFwoman, aka Amazon bestselling Author Erin Marie, the I AM Beautiful Wild Free podcast uses proven techniques to help you deepen your trust and faith in God and create the thought life that brings you the deepest desires of your heart. When you listen regularly, you'll find your thoughts, words and life reflecting the truth of God's Word, bringing you love, success, wisdom, positivity and life.
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I AM HONORING MYSELF: A Guided Meditation Podcast with Affirmations from the Bible by BWFwoman x manifestHER Daily

**SUPPORT THE SHOW - BECOME A MANIFESTHER MEMBER**S 3, E 14: LISTEN NOW: (also available anywhere a podcast can be heard!)I am honoring myself. I recently shared during an episode of my teaching podcast SIMPLIFY that the results you're experiencing in your relationships with others are always a reflection of your internal relationship with yourself. You may have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating because of the fact that we are always growing and evolving.As you gain more, grow more, create more and receive more - there is a need to also increase the level at which you are honoring yourself. Who you are being to yourself becomes increasingly important to your capacity to BE who God has called you to be.If you need to increase your level of honoring yourself, listen to this episode, and also go to our new YouTube Channel and watch SIMPLIFY E1, S2 - How to Find the Right Man for Me, available via this link (and subscribe to our channel on YouTube and turn on notifications so that you'll know when these episodes drop, which is almost weekly!) Ironically, finding the right anything for you - man or otherwise, begins with YOU.  After you subscribe to our new YouTube channel, remember that our beautiful, bestselling manifestHER Daily Journal is available right now at Be sure to join in for SIMPLIFY most Tuesdays at 7a ET with me as I walk you through the journal and we chat like only girlfriends can!Support the showEncourage your friends to find out more and join our community at:, follow on Instagram @manifestherdaily and @bwfwoman and visit to find out more.
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