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Empowered, Safe and Comfortable Natural Birthing
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COVID 19 Coronavirus RELAXATION Hypnobirthing Pregnancy and Birth

If you are giving birth in the next few months, then this Hypnobirthing Hub Coronavirus Calm Hypnosis recording is essential for the crazy time we are living in. There is so much uncertainly about what is happening with birthing - at this current time. Therefore, it is essential to learn the tools and techniques to have a calm and connected birth. Now more than ever, birthing is about finding your inner resilience and resourcefulness, while bringing deep fulfillment in the birth of your child. I’ve created this Hypnobirthing Hub calming, and resourcefulness recording, for just this period in time. This pregnancy and birth relaxation Hypnosis track is perfect to find your center once more. After this recording, you will feel relaxed, more capable, and confident in your pregnancy and birthing choices.
5/21/202021 minutes, 10 seconds
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COVID 19 Coronavirus Hypnobirthing New Tools and Techniques

Being pregnant in this global crisis brings a whole new level of fear and stress. You may feel this is the worst time to have a baby. All your plans and dreams have been torn to shreds. Firstly, we want to reassure you - you will have the tools and information to take back control during this crisis, and your birth can still be positive and fulfilling. No matter what path your birth takes. I want to share with you - some essential tools and tips, on how to get through this Coronavirus time relating to pregnancy and birth. These are just a few key extra points that I have adapted from my Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course. This recording will give you the foundation to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. It is more important than ever, to reinforce the mind-body connection with your body and your baby. Your baby is your vessel for positivity and will pick up upon your belief in a beautiful birth.  In this way, you are more likely, to be on the right track to birth. Even if your birth has a ‘Coronavirus’ change of plans; you will find the emotional strength, and clarity to calmly birth with the best possible choice.
5/21/202025 minutes, 33 seconds