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Sinhala, TV & Video, 2 seasons, 11 episodes, 13 hours 20 minutes
Join the Hype Zone family, Enjoy the timeless and limitless contents dedicated to all entertainment passages. Films,TV Series, Geek updates, Games,Comic cons , Reviews, Shout outs , You name 'em! this will be the all in one Diagon alley for you. So Wait is over peeps, Hype On ! World Off !
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Hype Zone S02E05 | Welcome to Grand Line : Netflix One Piece Live Action

Exploring the Global Phenomenon of Netflix's 'One Piece' Live-Action! Join our Jax Teller of Hype family with Law and Salt Boy from World of Anime on #HypeZonePodcast as we dissect the success of the No. 1 show in 80 countries. Delve into one of the most triumphant anime-to-live-action adaptations yet, with Season 1 now concluded! Dive into the devilish details, gripping plot twists, and controversies surrounding this adaptation on the latest episode of #HypeZonePodcast. Uncover insights, opinions, and passionate discussions as we unravel the mysteries behind this highly anticipated series!
25/11/20231 hour 34 minutes 50 seconds
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Hype Zone S02E04 | Barbieheimer, Superman, Naruto and Many More...

In our fourth episode of the HypeZone Podcast Season Two, we dive into a captivating and spontaneous discussion about the remarkable surge in theatre experiences in Sri Lanka, inspired by recent movie releases like 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'. Join us as we share insights into our current interests, from what we're reading to what's captivating our screens. It's an engaging conversation that delves into the exciting cultural shifts happening in global entertainment scene.
01/10/20231 hour 11 minutes 45 seconds
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Hype Zone S02E02 | Supernatural

"SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS, THE FAMILY BUSINESS" Calling all Supernatural fans and newcomers! Join us for a trip down memory lane as we dive into the iconic world of 'Supernatural' in our latest podcast episode. From saving people to hunting things, we're unpacking the essence of the Winchester brothers' journey. Expect nostalgia, insights, and a heads-up on spoilers as we celebrate the show's legacy. Tune in and geek out with us as we discuss the ultimate family business! SPOILERS INCLUDED!!! So enjoy Geeks !
07/08/20231 hour 15 minutes 48 seconds
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Hype Zone S02E02 | Chilling times with Hype Zone

Hi Geeks, we're back again after another break, we talked about new movies that came out recently and chill discussion about recent movies and tv shows we've enjoyed. So enjoy and refresh your mind !
30/06/20231 hour 12 minutes 24 seconds
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Hype Zone S02E01 | New Beginning

Hi Geeks, we're back with new voices. In this episode, we talked about new Marvel and DC projects and The Boys series. 
04/08/202244 minutes 31 seconds