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You can cultivate long-term health and fitness with calisthenics
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3 Ways to Improve Your Life (That Aren't Related to Appearance)

Here are some ways to improve life that AREN'T related to your physical appearance. Appearance does matter in some contexts, but they're not the only thing. Sometimes we may lose perspective on this in our pursuit of self-improvement. There may be other, more impactful ways you can strive to improve yourself! In this video, I talk about some ways to improve, how they've impacted me, and some methods I've picked up while working on myself.
4/1/202413 minutes, 30 seconds
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Your "laziness" could be a feature — not a bug

Lacking motivation could be "laziness," but it could also be a sign of something deeper.
11/25/202313 minutes, 3 seconds
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why authenticity matters more than ever

Here are some thoughts on balancing self-improvement with authenticity! There are 2 perspectives I guess 1.) Don't be yourself. Be better. 2.) Be yourself, but explore new things to learn what "yourself" means. Ultimately, I guess these are roads that lead to similar destinations. Have a wonderful day!
11/3/202310 minutes, 32 seconds
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Building the Foundation for Long-term Change

Sometimes it helps to get some clarity before even deciding what long-term changes we want to make! Getting to a relaxed, energized state can really help this. You only need a few hours.
9/24/202313 minutes, 59 seconds
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Personal Finance & Content Creation (Feat. Humphrey Yang)

I speak with the wonderful Humphrey Yang on his career, his financial advice, and content creation. Humphrey Yang on YouTube: v
9/29/20221 hour, 36 minutes, 20 seconds
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Advice to My Single Self (Thoughts on Finding Love)

This is a follow up to last year's video on finding friends. I don't claim to be a "dating expert" - do those exist? However, these are things I do wish I knew when I was single. If they can help you, that's great!
7/28/202216 minutes, 26 seconds
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My Selfish Intent - Balancing Personal Desire with Service to Others

I talk a little bit about what I *personally* want from my life and career.  I want to protect and provide for my family and loved ones. I want that possibly more than anything else in the world.  But I also want to give to others and help them freely.  So while providing for my family often involves material goods, I never want to do this through taking from others.  I want to make money through serving the needs and wants of others. I want to provide for my family by providing for others. This is just using myself as an example. Watching back, I wish I'd talked a little more about how this could apply to you (the viewers watching this), but hopefully this example can give viewers thought over how it applies to them. As usual - just some thoughts! Hope you're all well.
6/24/20226 minutes, 45 seconds
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What's Missing from Modern Fitness Training? (Feat. The Bioneer)

I chat with Adam about his "Superfunctional Training" approach and what he thinks can be added to modern training!
6/10/202256 minutes, 15 seconds
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Building Muscle with Calisthenics (feat. FitnessFAQs)

Daniel from FitnessFAQs chats with me on growing muscle with calisthenics, building his brand, and other parts of life. Great chat! Body By Rings: FitnessFAQs YouTube: FitnessFAQs Instagram:
6/1/202259 minutes, 23 seconds
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How to Forgive

Learning to forgive others has been one of the most powerful skills for my happiness, success, and mental health. I used to think it was bogus, but a MAJOR turning point for me was learning that forgiveness wasn't necessarily to help others, but to help ourselves. I talk about 2 stories where I was wronged. One was an inconsequential story back when I was in college, and another was a very serious wrongdoing from a case worker at the hospital when my mother was sick. Using these 2 stories as context, I talk about how learning to feel love and compassion for those that hurt us ultimately make us stronger and more resilient. I hope this can help!
11/12/202127 minutes, 3 seconds
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How to Build an Audience

Here's how to build an audience on social media! An "audience" is just the people willing to listen when you talk. Here's a summary of the video: 1.) Everyone that does business online should have an audience.  a.) Even if you don't want to be a content creator, building an audience will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. b.) Turning your audience into a community will increase their likelihood of wanting your business. c.) You have to EARN the trust your community gives you. Yes, building a community means they're more likely to buy your products. However, if you sell them bad products, they will leave you. And rightfully so.  2.) You don't need a massive audience for a business. a.) 1000 CORE followers is enough for an income for life. Think of how your best friend trusts you if you recommend a product or start a business. You want 1000 best friends. AGAIN, YOU HAVE TO CONSISTENTLY PROVE YOU DESERVE THIS TRUST. b.) Think of your audience in tiers. There may only be 10 people who are your SUPERFANS and will buy anything you ask them to buy and do anything you ask them to do. They are your core. Then you may have 100 dedicated people who regularly comment and engage with your posts, but not all of them. And then you have your greater population which is around 1000.  3.) Find platforms with high Organic Reach. This is how you build an audience when no one is listening (yet). Organic Reach: Views for which you don't have to pay. a.) The highest Organic Reach platforms on the planet right now are YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. b.) You can go viral on these platforms but not all viral content yields the same results. Content of babies, puppies, and comedy are more likely to go viral, but won't necessarily inspire people to follow you or join your audience. c.) These platforms all host short, vertical videos. Not only do these platforms amplify your reach, but they also allow you to create content that's easily shareable. Your 30-second video may not be picked up by the algorithm, but someone might download it and share it on Reddit where it makes the front page. 4.) Use these Organic Reach platforms to direct to your longer content if that's what you want. a.) If you have a podcast, video the podcast into short video clips. Same with longer videos. b.) Keep it convenient for the AUDIENCE. Allow them to consume your content where they want to consume it. Don't force them to go to certain links. 5.) As you grow your community, you have to NURTURE it. a.) Like and respond to every comment and message. ASK what you can do to serve them better. b.) Remember you are there to serve your audience, not the other way around.  Bonus messages: -The way you get to 1,000,000 followers is by DEEPLY caring about the 10 you currently have. -It takes a long time to grow trees, but only a moment to cut them down. You have to consistently earn the trust you are given, or you will not have it for long. Hope that helps! -- About me: My name is Hampton and my brand and channel is called Hybrid Calisthenics. I grew an audience of several million in about a year. Hybrid Creators is my endeavor to help people earn an income from home, with a focus on content creation.
9/24/202130 minutes, 12 seconds
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Losing Weight, Gaining Weight, & Denying Winter's Existence - FAQ Friday #1

This is the first episode in a series where I answer your questions!  In this first episode–where the sun sets on me, AGAIN—I discuss my general approach to weight loss and weight gain.  These are both obviously HUGE topics that require several videos of their own, but I do my best to summarize.  Comment more questions for me to answer next week! If you see your question, please upvote it so I can answer questions by demand!  Part of the ship, part of the crew.
9/5/20215 minutes, 56 seconds
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Avoiding Junk Food, Skipping Breakfast, Fast Workout Routines & More! - FAQ FRIMONDAY #3

In this FAQ episode, I discuss junk food, intermittent fasting, bodyweight basics, cardio, and supplements!   Legal Notice: Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This video does not replace a doctor's visit or physical therapy program.
9/5/202110 minutes, 47 seconds
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How to Get a Girlfriend & Finding Motivation to Exercise - FAQ FRIMONDAY #2

In this video I discuss what how to breed long-term motivation to pursue your goals, fitness or otherwise.  I also give my two cents on getting a girlfriend.  I'll come back and write a longer description later. This video is already 3 days late.  Text me more questions: +1 (479) 309-8193    Legal Notice: Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This video does not replace a doctor's visit or physical therapy program.
9/5/202114 minutes, 2 seconds
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Motivation VS Discipline - Hybrid Calisthenics Podcast

I discuss how to balance motivation with discipline, as well as the power of passion. I hope you enjoy!  Legal Notice: Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This video does not replace a doctor's visit or physical therapy program.
9/5/202117 minutes, 10 seconds
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Thoughts on Other Calisthenics Creators

Hey all! For those of you wondering about my opinion on any fitness creator, this video applies to just about all of them.  I can summarize my message to them pretty easily:  1.) Thank you SO MUCH for doing what you do. Helping people get fit, healthy, and happy is incredible and you should be proud of what you've done.  2.) Please don't hesitate to reach out if you think I can help you with anything, big or small. Whether you're just getting started or you're HUGE, I'm happy to help if I can.  (I'm kinda behind on emails but I'm catching up).  I'm not completely oblivious. I know some fitness creators don't like each other. Some might not even like me. However, I like them, haha. Please keep making awesome content.
9/5/20212 minutes, 58 seconds
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You Don't Love Coffee. You're in an Abusive Relationship with Coffee.

If you need several pots just to feel normal, your relationship with coffee may have become dysfunctional. Coffee still loves you, but you just need to stop being so clingy and give them some room, man.  How much coffee do you drink?   --- For online calisthenics coaching, send me an email at [email protected] :)   Legal Notice: Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This video does not replace a doctor's visit or physical therapy program.
9/5/20213 minutes, 43 seconds
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Cycle Coffee with Workout Days - Exercise Scheduling Discussion

Cycling your coffee with your workouts helps bring consistent progress.   This is one of the first videos I recorded for Hybrid Calisthenics. There are many more that I'll slowly upload.  Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.
9/5/20217 minutes, 33 seconds
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Exercises While Walking - Keep Sets Further Apart - Public Exercise Discussion

Taking a walk is a fantastic time to get your scheduled workouts done. A lot of people do one set of an exercise, breathe for a few seconds, then jump right into their exercise.  That's great for endurance, but the ideal interset rest time is longer for building strength and muscle. Taking a walk in between sets helps us loosen up and stay active during our exercise period.  Legal Notice: Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. This video does not replace a doctor's visit or physical therapy program.
9/5/20213 minutes, 12 seconds
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How to Deal with Negative Emotions | Coffee With Hampton

While it may seem cliché, I've learned to respond to hate and negativity with empathy and compassion.  Feeling love for people pushes any hate I have for them out of my heart.  I remember that, more often than not, people are results of their circumstances.   Hate begets hate and abuse begets abuse.   When we understand someone's story, sometimes it seems inevitable that they turned out the way they did.   This doesn't mean we have to excuse and tolerate everything.  Some things are inexcusable, even if they are understandable.  However, when we feel empathy for those that wrong us, this allows us to make a more rational decision.  And whether or not we forgive them, this breaks the cycle of negativity because we don't need to carry their hate onto someone else.  We can absolve it or just let it go.  This is just from my experience. Thanks for listening!
9/5/20213 minutes, 13 seconds
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Thoughts on Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Hey friends! How do you manage your stress and anxiety?   Link to the Lily Shirt: This is a video topic I've thought about for a few weeks now. I considered how I face and overcome my own stress. As usual, I don't profess to be an expert on this. People have asked for my thoughts on this topic, and I'm sharing this in the hopes that some people can learn from my experience and mistakes.  I discovered that most of my stress came from doubt and uncertainty. As we try new things—which we SHOULD do sometimes!—we're bound to face this.  An important factor I could have emphasized more in the video is the importance of introspection. Discovering what is causing our stress and mitigating the causes will bring us peace in the long run. Ignoring our stress can sometimes make it worse.  My philosophy on stress management comes down to 3 things:  1.) Accept that some things are out of our control and plan accordingly. Our doubt and uncertainty is almost always paired with a fear of failure. Sometimes the results we want are not the ones that happen. Rather not ignoring this possibility, allow yourself to know that it may happen and ask yourself what you will do if it does. For example, some students face stress in exam season. Nobody wants to fail their finals, but what happens if they do? After the initial onset of panic from this thought, I think our minds start to realize that it's NOT the end of the world. Acceptance of a bad outcome prepares us to adapt and overcome if it becomes reality.  2.) Adopt the things that ARE in our control into a routine. Rather than relying on bursts of motivation, translate your goals into a PROCESS. If you're stressed about your personal fitness, find a routine you can do a few times a week. The example I use in the video is about brushing teeth. Most times, we don't feel inspired to brush our teeth. If we only brushed our teeth when we're motivated, most of us would probably have poor dental health. Keep this process realistic. If you're new to fitness, don't suddenly try to exercise 2-3 hours a day. Keep a CORE to your routine that you can do no matter how busy or tired you get. Commit to the core and then do more when you're able to. Having this realistic process gives us solace because we know we're taking steps towards our goals.   3.) There are times when you may get misidentify if something is in or out of your control. Remember to be forgiving to yourself about these mistakes, and they are part of our learning process.  Hope this helps!
9/5/202125 minutes, 51 seconds
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Answering Questions | Playing "Would You Rather" with Our Community

Thanks for watching everyone! This video, which was filmed as an easygoing, fun project last week... took. Forever. To. Edit.  Hopefully you find it entertaining though!  MAJOR thank you credits for the spontaneous Rrrodent fanart: 444, cat, des rires, Dragonborn, Lurko, Jester's brother, L, Menace to Society, Nasim, The Judgmental Plague, Soyuz, A Fan.  You're all awesome!!!  Cat made the illustration that's in the thumbnail.
9/5/202114 minutes, 14 seconds
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Thoughts on Making Friends & Dating

I get asked fairly often—usually by young males in our community—about how to find a girlfriend.  I also get asked about how to make friends.  It seems like a lot of people are feeling lonely and isolated.  I definitely don't consider myself an expert on "girls and making friends" (is there such a thing?), but I'm happy to share what's worked for me.  Honestly, because there's SO MUCH variance in what people like, it's hard to say we should do certain things to appeal to all people.  In my opinion, the more we overthink about how to "crack the code" behind getting a significant other or making friends, the worse things get.  My recommendation is to work on yourself in all aspects—mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, psychologically... Everything. This is a worthwhile pursuit in its own right.  At the same time, give to others and help people while expecting nothing in return—whenever possible. I go into the video about how we don't need to "give until we hurt" or overextend ourselves. It's okay to help ourselves first or distance ourselves from those who hurt us. However, giving to others without an ulterior motive is so rare nowadays that it truly makes you stand out. Doing so creates opportunity for you and everyone involved. It's just one of the best things you can do whenever you have a chance to manifest opportunity, build relationships, and cultivate a better life.  When we do all of these things, then the rest is left up to chance. I decided not to say "left up to destiny" because that sounded cheesy, but that's really what it is as well.  To build relationships, make yourself a person you would want to be friends with, help others, and you'll start building a community around yourself. Within this community, some will be lovers, others can be business partners, and others may just be good friends.  I hope that makes sense! I know I'm speaking quickly in this video haha. I was happy.
9/5/202110 minutes, 20 seconds
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How I Grew 1 Million Subscribers in 2 Months

Hey friends! Our channel has been lucky enough to experience a lot of growth in the past few months. Since then, I've gotten a lot of questions about how I grew the channel so quickly. In this video, I talk about my approach to social media. I talk about the importance of serving people over numbers, finding a platform with organic reach, interacting with an audience, cultivating a community, and being careful with monetization methods.  Does this make sense? Please let me know if you have any questions!
9/5/202119 minutes, 23 seconds
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How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions | Coffee With Hampton

Happy 2021! I am here to wish you all a wonderful, happy, and BEAUTIFUL new year!  There's a lot of talk about new year's resolutions, so I give my opinion on how I try keep mine.  Making resolutions is normal. Making them and KEEPING them for the long-term is truly special and one of the best things we can do!  This has been a slower week for content as the weather outside has been quite poor. I usually do my exercise and training videos outdoors, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to do some more indoor videos!  ALSO. Today, January 3rd, marks my one year anniversary on YouTube. I've been here for one year! I'll work even harder this coming year to bring you good videos and help you out as best as I can.   As usual, these kinds of videos are just made from my experience and viewpoint. Take what you think is helpful and leave the rest.   Happy 2021!
9/5/20219 minutes, 11 seconds
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Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hey everyone! I usually try to alternate the calisthenics videos with "other" videos like philosophy, life, motivation, etc. Today's video was supposed to be about pushups, but it was a nice day and I felt like going for a drive. I drove to a nearby bluff and shot this video.   (It actually ended up being a lot colder than I thought. If I'm slurring a bit towards the end, this may be why).    The idea of building self-esteem has been on my mind a lot recently. A lot of people have been asking me about it, so it's sort of been slowly bubbling to the forefront.   By the way, I certainly don't profess to be an expert. However, these principles have helped me a lot in my teens and 20s, and I'm sharing them here so that they may help others:    I think the "fake it 'til you make it" attitude some of us have toward confidence is what ultimately results in low confidence and low self-esteem.    When we become actors that pretend to be confident in something we know nothing about, we become vulnerable. We get upset when someone questions our ability. We attack others and try to bring them down so we seem better by comparison.   In my experience, a better endeavor is to cultivate self-awareness. When we spend time on introspection and knowing ourselves, THEN we can slowly start to build confidence and reconcile our self-perception with reality.    If we know we're good at something, we have no fear of other people telling us we're bad. We can say with confidence that we know ourselves better than they do.   If we know we're bad at something, we should also have no fear in other people telling us we're bad. We completely agree with each other. What is there to argue about? We're always trying to improve.   Once again, it was a bit cold on the bluff. I apologize if the video isn't as clear and clean as it could have been! I had to somewhat hurry because of the weather and the setting sun.    Let me know if you have any questions. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!!
9/5/20214 minutes, 21 seconds
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Thoughts on Abstinence & Celibacy

I keep getting asked about this, so I give my answer in this video.  To summarize, I don't really have an opinion on whether or not people should experiment with abstinence. It's entirely up to the individual.  However, I HAVE noticed that people approach it in different ways, some with much more success than others.  Some essentially refrain from any kind of sexual activity, but still let their minds to dwell on those thoughts. Not to mention that it's hard to avoid the hypersexuality in media (sex sells, as they say). The idea is to channel the sexual frustration you have into productivity or some kind of life improvement.  While it's debatable whether or not this approach has merit, it DOES seem to result in the significant side-effects. Anecdotally, I  notice a preoccupation with sex, extreme aggression, and moodiness with individuals that go down this path.  And more interesting (and more difficult) approach, in my opinion, is to abstain from sexual thoughts. This seems to be the approach taught in some monasteries and religious practices. This develops less frustration and also gives us the benefit of training our minds to focus on what we choose, not what we are given.  Anyway, as usual, that's just my opinion. Like I said at the beginning, you can choose to abstinent or not. I respect your choice either way. I'm not recommending one over the other.  Hope everyone is doing well!
9/5/20215 minutes
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This is how I overcame my depression

Hey friends! This video idea came out of the blue for me. It took a while, but I wanted to share it.   I wanted to talk about my experience with depression and how I overcame it.    I'd love to hear your own stories in the comments section.    Because mental health is such a personal issue, I know many people feel strongly about it.   It's not my intention to make anyone angry. I'm not saying this will work for everybody. I'm not saying all depression is curable.   But this IS what definitively worked for me. I not only managed my symptoms, but I decidedly overcame depression and changed my life. I've since been very resilient to it.   I talk in the video about 3 things I did:   1.) ACKNOWLEDGED my depression but did not accept it as part of my core identity.   2.) Took ACCOUNTABILITY for things I PERSONALLY did to cause my current mental state.   I resolved issues and accepted blame for things that were my fault.   At the same time, I freed myself of guilt from things that were NOT my fault.   I forgave people that had wronged me, even if only for my own inner peace.   I actively identified fears and insecurities that wrongfully controlled my behavior.   3.) I focused on giving to OTHERS.   The last one is perhaps the most controversial, but it was a MAJOR game-changer for me.    Focusing on giving, loving, and helping others has radically improved my mental health.    I discovered that the days I felt the worst were the days where I was focused on MYSELF... even for justifiable reasons.   Reframing my worries and concerns into how I can benefit others leads to similar actions, but a better mental process for me.    Learning to want the best for others has been an extremely empowering mindset.     Legal Notice: Consult your doctor or mental health professional before taking any new health advice. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.
9/5/202117 minutes, 32 seconds
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How do I make money without taking sponsorships?

Recently, I've been getting an influx of messages asking what I do for a living.  By recently, I actually mean "for a few months."  I know not everyone is interested in this. Some will probably unsubscribe because it's not strict fitness content.  However, I made this video to:  1.) Reassure people that I am not (currently) bankrupt or starving. My process is sustainable.  2.) Provide transparency for my business model.  Every once in a while, I see a comment (usually from a young kid) that says something like "Your routine is free? I don't trust that. I saw in a meme that nothing is free. WE are the product, guys."  You know, that's a reasonable concern. However, I'm not selling anyone's data nor am I doing anything unethical. I'm simply keeping the most important part of my brand, the knowledge, free and accessible. There's money to be made elsewhere, which I outline in this video.  I hope this clears some things up and you enjoy the video!   Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.
9/5/202112 minutes, 34 seconds
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Hybrid Calisthenics Podcast (Trailer)

2/7/202011 seconds