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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 15 seasons, 694 episodes, 3 days 15 hours 30 minutes
Join me, Emily Abbate, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a good time. Hurdle is a wellness-focused podcast where I sit down with inspiring individuals to talk about everything from their big wins to how they’ve gotten through life’s toughest moments. On the show, you a can expect vulnerability, motivation, and candid discussions with everyone from top athletes to aspiring entrepreneurs on what it really takes to follow your passions. My mission is simple: To inspire you to be your best self, move with intention — and have some fun along the way. Tell me: What's your #hurdlemoment?
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: Stop Trash Talking Yourself

SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast JOIN: THE *Secret* FACEBOOK GROUP SIGN UP: Weekly Hurdle Newsletter ASK ME A QUESTION: Leave me a voice message, ask me a question, and it could be featured in an upcoming episode! --- Send in a voice message:
30/06/20238 minutes 26 seconds
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: How I'm Creating Positive Habits That Stick

New routines, big gains. Gamification is changing the way I think of my day-to-day, and for me — that feels good. SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast JOIN: THE *Secret* FACEBOOK GROUP SIGN UP: Weekly Hurdle Newsletter ASK ME A QUESTION: Leave me a voice message, ask me a
13/01/20238 minutes 44 seconds
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223. Taylor Townsend, Pro Tennis Player

Taylor Townsend was once asked to take time off from playing tennis competitively by the USTA to go "work on her health" (despite being the No. 1 junior tennis player in the world). Fast forward, today she's a new mom and recently played in the doubles final at the US Open. For episode 223, I'm talking to Taylor all about body acceptance and how she stands as a role model to women everywhere. We also chat about what it was like coming back to sport after pregnancy, the badass catsuit she dawned in her recent matches, and what she's looking forward to next.  SOCIAL @tay_taytownsend @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast OFFERS AG1 from Athletic Greens | Head to to get 5 free travel packs and a year's supply of vi
03/10/20221 hour 1 minute 56 seconds
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: A Nice Inconvenience

The elevator's been out in my building for a few days now. I don't mind it, and I'm probably one of the only people who feels that way.  SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast OFFERS AG1 by Athletic Greens | Head to to get 5 free travel packs and a year's supply of vitamin D with your first purchase. JOIN: THE *Secret* FACEBOOK GROUP SIGN UP: Weekly Hurdle Newsletter ASK ME A QUESTION: Leave me a voice message, ask me a question, and it could be featured in an upcoming episode! --- Send in a voice message:
06/05/20229 minutes 49 seconds
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: Reframing, A Mental Trick That May Just Change Everything

"Reframing" is my word of the week, and man has it been really helpful for me. Talking you through a helpful exercise that I've been leaning into when I journal in the morning, and recognizing that although in the moment it can be hard to zoom out —&nbsp;doing so can be the ultimate game-changer. SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Emily's Story: How I Lost 70 Pounds, Learned to Love Running, and Adopted a More Positive Mindset On-Demand Goal Setting Workshop JOIN: <a href="htt
11/03/20226 minutes 24 seconds
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: On Finally Living My Life & Telling My Anxiety To GTFO

After one-too-many weeks of spending all of my time cooped up in my apartment, I made the decision: I'm done. Talking about navigating my pandemic-related anxiety for today's 5-MINUTE FRIDAY, and how I've decided to continue going forward. My mental health is better for it.&nbsp; SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast On-Demand Goal Setting Workshop JOIN: THE *Secret* FACEBOOK GROUP SIGN UP: Weekly Hurdle Ne
04/02/20228 minutes 1 second
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5-MINUTE FRIDAY: What's ONE Thing You Can Do For Someone Else Today?

This week had its fair share of small, annoying instances. (Don't they all?) The intercom/buzzer in my building went out, and I didn't know. This caused a slew of packages to be returned to sender. Funnily enough, the technician that came to fix it actually gave me an important reminder, which I'm sharing today on 5-MINUTE FRIDAY. PROMPT: What’s one thing you can do for someone else today? Why did you choose this person? SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE SEND: A Piñatagram READ: From Vanity Fair: <a href="
04/09/20209 minutes 15 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 7 Things Every Aspiring Marathoner Should Know

About 0.5 percent of the U.S. population runs a full marathon. Zero. Point. Five. Which means that if you’re listening to this week’s #hurdlemoment and you’ve either decided to run a marathon or you’re considering it, that’s pretty rad. Seven marathons down, I’m now a certified run coach with a fair share of experience under my belt. I’ve been getting loads of questions about the process, so this week I’m offering up 7 essential things every marathoner should know heading into a new training cycle. Spoiler alert: things are going to go wrong, and you’re going to be just fine. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
12/06/201913 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 59: Alex Morgan, Co-Captain U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

The FIFA Women's World Cup starts this week (!!) so it felt like an appropriate time to share my conversation with U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team co-captain Alex Morgan. On episode 59, the California native and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star talks me through what it’s like coming back from devastating injury, and she shares what it’s like to serve as such an outstanding role model for so many across the globe. Special thanks to Secret for making this conversation possible, thanks to their #allstrengthnosweat campaign.  SOCIAL@alexmorgan13@uswnt@hurdlepodcast@emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($79 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in a voice message:
10/06/201927 minutes 50 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: It's Time to Reevaluate Your Priorities

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and evaluate. Feel like you’re stressed lately? Is something missing? Are you constantly frustrated? Hey, I’ve been there. One way to feel better: analyzing and committing to your priorities. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I chat about Health-Ade CEO Daina Trout’s “bucket theory” (originally discussed in episode 49), and offer up a simple, 15-minute strategy to living every day with intention. Good news: By the end of this episode, you’ll be checking something off your to-do list that’s been there for way too long. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
05/06/20199 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 58: Anna Kaiser, Founder AKT

Kelly Ripa. Alicia Keys. Karlie Kloss. The powerhouse behind dance based cardio fitness and wellness brand AKT, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has some pretty impressive clientele. These days, she's on the brink of opening 300 new studios nationwide, but she’s overcome a lot of hurdles to get here. In episode 58, she tells me about her pivot into the fitness industry after an impressive career as a professional dancer, and how one of her first teaching jobs landed her in the hospital. She offers up must-hear advice about following your passions, tells me a hilarious story about her first time training one of her favorite A-listers, and isn’t afraid to get real about the hardships of building her business from the ground up. SOCIAL @theannakaiser @theaktstudios @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($79 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spoti
03/06/201939 minutes 6 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 30 Lessons I Learned By (The End Of) Age 30

Invest in yourself. Let the past be the past. Silence is golden. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I’m offering up a little bit of wisdom in honor of my June 2 birthday. Cue 30 different lessons I learned by the end of my thirtieth year. FYI: I don’t have all the answers (and never will), but something tells me you may want to have a notepad handy. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
29/05/201924 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 57: Omar 'Crispy' Avila, U.S. Army Veteran & Paralympic Powerlifter

He was given a 30 percent chance of living. Suffering burns to 75 percent of his body, this was nothing that Omar “Crispy” Avila imagined when he joined the U.S. Army as an infantryman in 2004. On May 14, 2007, his life forever changed when his vehicle drove over a 200-pound, deeply-buried IED. In episode 57, the Purple Heart recipient gives the intense details of that experience and talks about how he came back from the unthinkable losing his right leg in the process, not only surviving—but thriving—as a Paralympic powerlifter and public speaker. He tells me about finding fitness at the right time in his life, leaving behind some bad influences and embracing a community that he’s so thankful to be a part of. On this Memorial Day, I’m grateful for my time with Omar, thankful for both his sacrifice in honor of our country and the other service members across the U.S. SOCIAL @crispy11b @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free
27/05/201948 minutes 1 second
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#HURDLEMOMENT: So You Want To Start A Podcast

I knew absolutely nothing about podcasts when I decided that I wanted to create one. It’s been a wild ride, but I’d like to think that after 18 months of recording, I know a thing or two about starting one of these from scratch. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I share some insight into exactly what being a podcaster entails, including the total time commitment, equipment I use, and how to get your show on popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify. Fact is, you only get to be a beginner once—but if you do it right, once is enough. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
22/05/201919 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 56: Sjana Elise Earp, Yoga Instructor & Blogger

Spend 5 minutes with Sjana Elise Earp, and it’ll feel as though she’s your new best friend. The warm, welcoming yogi brings her kind, bubbly personality to her more-than 1.6 million Instagram followers daily. But life hasn’t always been sun salutations and smiles. She had a really tough time as a teenager growing up in at home in Australia. From the outside looking in, things seemed idyllic, but she was dealing with severe depression that got so bad by age 16, that she even attempted suicide. In episode 56, we talk about the #hurdlemoment that landed her in the hospital, how she got the help she needed to deal with the disease, and soon leaned into journaling and moving her body to move forward. Earp tells me about how yoga helped save her from depression, we chat imposter syndrome, and she confesses how she shifted her relationship with social media from obsessive to healthy (spoiler: she still reads all her comments). SOCIAL @sjanaelise @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic
20/05/201954 minutes 34 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 5 Easy Strategies for Working Out When You Don’t Want To

Sometimes, hitting a workout feels great. Other times, it feels like climbing Mount Everest. I’ve come a long way from my time despising fitness back in college, now finding some way to move my body every single day. For the moments that feel hard, use these motivational strategies to get you going. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
15/05/201912 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 55: Kenny Santucci, Fitness Coach & Former Reality TV Star

Chat with Kenny Santucci and you’ll immediately realize a few things: he’s clearly from Jersey, got an affinity for fitness, and a no BS sort of guy. These days, the former reality star is spending his days coaching and running operations at Solace, a New York City gym offering everything from CrossFit to yoga classes. But just over 15 years ago, as a high school freshman, Santucci tipped the scale at over 225 pounds. In episode 55, we talk about how picking up wrestling helped him shed the weight and develop some essential confidence, which propelled him all the way to traveling the world for MTV. We talk about the post-filming #hurdlemoment that had Santucci living out of his car, the recent family struggles that have shaped him into being a better son, friend, and business partner, and how he’s managed to turn his passions into his full-time, dream career. SOCIAL @kennysantucci @solacenewyork @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to
13/05/20191 hour 9 minutes 8 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: What It Really Means To Be An Entrepreneur

You can be whoever you want to be if you’re willing to put in the work. And while being your own boss can be a blast, it also comes with a fair share of challenges. For the past couple years, I’ve been building a brand from the ground up and learning what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. I don’t have all of the answers and often feel like I’m totally winging this thing, but I’ve learned a TON in the process. In this week’s #hurdlemoment, I’m chatting the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and offer a few smart strategies for starting something from scratch. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
08/05/201916 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 54: Leila Janah, CEO & Founder Samasource & LXMI

Let me tell you: Leila Janah is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. She’s compassionate, bold, and a total powerhouse leading up two large (very different) companies, united by a common social mission to end global poverty by giving work to people in need. As a busy founder and CEO, she’s under intense stress all the time. In 2017, she logged nearly 500,000 miles and 44 days (!!) in the air. Then, an unexpected #hurdlemoment happened. She was at a conference in Helsinki that December when she felt a pain in her abdomen and was rushed to the ER. Doctors told her if she had not had an emergency surgery, she would have died. Post-surgery, she developed an infection, was hospitalized for two weeks, and once she was out—leaned into her relationships and love for kite surfing to help her recover. In episode 54, she gives some insight as to what life’s like in some of the world’s poorest countries, and we chat about how she manages it all while making time for her most valuable relationships. Emil
06/05/201959 minutes 24 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 6 Habits Of Happy People

We all have this idea in our head of what it’s going to take to be happy. Maybe it’s a dream apartment, that perfect job, or ideal partner. But the truth is that happiness starts from within. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I share my six tried-and-true habits for happier living—some of which have gotten me through even my toughest days. Make sure to shoot me a DM or an email to [email protected] and let me know what yours are, too! SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
01/05/20199 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 53: Paddy Spence, CEO Zevia

When Paddy Spence lost his brother unexpectedly in 1995, his entire world changed. He pivoted jobs, decided to give up sugar (and hasn’t looked back since), and re-evaluated the “important” things in life. In episode 53, the Zevia CEO talks about this #hurdlemoment’s drastic impact on his wellbeing, the research on diet soda consumption in the U.S., and we swap stories about endurance racing (spoiler alert: his are a tad more intense than mine). SOCIAL @zevia @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($79 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in a voice message:
29/04/201952 minutes 8 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 4 Tricks to Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

The beginning of 2019 was a little rough for me. To everyone else, it looked like I was living my best life. Traveling from Spain and Paris to Austin and Los Angeles; working hard and living it up. I was struggling. Being on-the-go constantly made it hard for me to keep up with my healthy habits, and I fell into somewhat of a rut. As a result, I realized in early March that I wasn’t proud of how I was talking to myself. In today's #hurdlemoment, I open up about that struggle and how I got through it. I share with you the four strategies I used to shift the dialogue, eliminate negative self talk, and get back to being the Emily that I love. The Emily that’s proud of the woman she’s become, and accepts that every day is a work in progress. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
24/04/201914 minutes 1 second
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Episode 52: Tia-Clair Toomey, 'Fittest Woman On Earth'

Not all that long ago, CrossFit’s “Fittest Woman On Earth” wasn’t working out at all. In 2011, she was enrolled in the nursing program at Queensland University of Technology, and felt as though she was in a total rut. “I had gained weight, I didn’t feel like I was doing what I wanted to do.” In episode 52, I sit down with Tia-Clair Toomey for a refreshingly honest conversation about her rise to the top of one of the most fascinating sports there is (I might be a little biased). The Australian-born Reebok athlete tells me about the #hurdlemoment that had her depressed, and how getting into CrossFit helped her get through it. We talk diet, a typical day of training, and get real vulnerable about managing expectations and going after life’s biggest challenges. Plus: her trip to the Olympics, how to handle being a beginner, and just wait until you hear how much this woman can deadlift. SOCIAL @tiaclair1 @reebok @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to athleticgreens.c
22/04/201949 minutes 40 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 7 Strategies To Be Your Most Productive Self

We all have 24 hours in a day (including Beyoncé). It’s normal to wonder how you can make the most of them. Ever since embracing life as a freelance journalist and solopreneur at the beginning of 2017, I’ve homed in on certain strategies to squeeze out every ounce of productivity from the moment I wake up in the morning until my head hits the pillow at night. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I share my seven strategies to being more productive. Grab a pen and paper (or get your fingers ready) for a few notes, these will help you maximize your time and make room for the things that matter. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate --- Send in a voice message:
17/04/201916 minutes 2 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: How To Start (And Stay) Running

Today, I’m a certified run coach and seven-time marathoner. But not too long ago, I could barely run a mile without wanting to pass out. In today’s #hurdlemoment, I share my tried-and-true tips on how to start running—and stay running. I totally understand why you might feel intimidated. Picking up any new hobby can definitely feel overwhelming. The good news? With the right attitude, you too will be crushing morning miles in no time. SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
10/04/201913 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 50: Joe Holder, Nike Master Trainer & Performance Consultant

Listening to Joe Holder talk is fascinating. Not necessarily because of the vocabulary that he uses—which is admittedly impressive—but because he’s so darn knowledgeable about his craft. A health and wellness consultant based in New York City who regularly works with major brands like Nike, Whoop, and Smart Water, the New Jersey-born trainer is constantly studying to better his performance—both in and out of the gym. In episode 50 (!!), the former college football player tells me about how breaking his leg during his senior year at the University of Pennsylvania became the trying #hurdlemoment that shaped his personal health philosophy called the Ocho System. He also discusses the pressure he feels working regularly with A-listers, the way emotions impact our food choices, and why 2019 is the year of “strategic laziness.” SOCIAL @ochosytem @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($79 value) with your first purch
08/04/201947 minutes 56 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: 5 Hacks To Help You Become A Morning Person

Mornings are pretty polarizing, right? Either you love them and fully embrace the phrase “the early bird gets the worm,” or you’re more of a snooze button enthusiast. If you’re the latter, you may want to reconsider your daily kickoff, and here’s why: Research shows that morning people are more proactive, happier, and more consistent with their workout routines. In today’s episode, I’m answering the most popular question I see in my DMs: How do I become a morning person, too? Good news! This 5:32 a.m. alarm-setter has got the hacks you need to become a successful earlier riser. Oh, and FYI future morning people: you’re going to need a fresh notebook and some willpower (a stellar sweat-friendly playlist won’t hurt, either). SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
03/04/201914 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 49: Daina Trout, CEO & Co-Founder Health-Ade

Seven years ago, Daina Trout, her husband, and her best friend launched Health-Ade with $600 in their pocket. Today, more than 120,000 bottles of the brand’s 14 flavors (with five more to launch this year) are brewed every single day and shipped to 20,000+ stores around the country. In episode 49, Trout tells me about the difficulties they experienced building the business from the ground up and the 2014 #hurdlemoment where she nearly died in a refrigerated truck accident—an experience that taught her the true value of self love and compassion. She also educates me on SCOBYs, gives me the lowdown on her “bucket theory,” and explains how teaming up with a personal trainer forever changed her life for the better. SOCIAL @dainatrout @healthade @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($79 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in a voice message:
01/04/201953 minutes 39 seconds
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#HURDLEMOMENT: How to Live a Life You Love

No one has the perfect life, but you have the opportunity (key word: “opportunity”) to get pretty darn close. In #hurdlemoment—my new bite-size series launching today—I offer easy-to-digest tips and strategies to get over the speed bumps we face on the regular. The goal of this brand new Hurdle offering? Give #hurdlers a little motivation every Wednesday, in the form of a quickie episode, complete with actionable advice, techniques, and strategies. Some of these weekly segments will be solo-casts, and others may feature guests. In the first #hurdlemoment, I’ll be sharing a bit about a list-making exercise I did last year that helped me focus in on the things I enjoy and stop doing a lot of the things I don’t. After listening, make sure to shoot me snapshots of your lists, and tag Hurdle on Instagram so we can get this conversation going. And check back every Wednesday for a new #hurdlemoment! SOCIAL @emilyabbate @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify
27/03/201913 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 48: Bec Donlan of Sweat With Bec, Personal Trainer

If you want to build your booty, Bec Donlan is your girl. After relocating to the U.S. from Australia six years ago, the personal trainer built a name for herself as the designer of derrieres with a splash of fun (she sells her own loop resistance bands at her website). In 2017, the self-proclaimed “cakemaker” was teaching up to five group fitness classes and 45 personal training clients a week when she hit a #hurdlemoment that sidelined her: back-to-back injuries including a broken foot and a bulging disc in her back—plus a little finger-slicing knife accident. That’s when she leaned into CBD for pain management. In episode 48, the entrepreneur talks about building her edibles brand Go Basic from the ground up, she spills what’s really inside their highly Instagrammable chocolates, and gets real about the struggle behind being on the injured list. SOCIAL@sweatwithbec@gobasic@hurdlepodcast@emilyabbate OFFERSAthletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel pac
25/03/201955 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 47: Jeff Provenzano, Skydiver

Jeff Provenzano studied at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, but the last thing he wanted to do after college was get a job in graphic design. After taking a break from the books and tackling his first tandem jump with friends, he was absolutely hooked. In episode 47, we talk about the #hurdlemoment he faced post-grad, diving head first into his passions (pun intended), relocating to Arizona and buying a trailer to work at the no. 1 skydive school in the country. More than 20,000 jumps later, he’s one of the pioneers of the high-speed, high-stakes skydiving discipline of swooping and just can’t get enough. We chat about how he hooked up with Red Bull Air Force, what it’s like to train government agents, and the insane jump he did landing on a barge in the Hudson River. SOCIAL@jeffprovenzano@redbullairforce@hurdlepodcast@emilyabbate OFFERSATHLETICS GREENS | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. ---
18/03/201951 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 46: Denyelle Bruno, President & CEO Tender Greens

Denyelle Bruno was born to stand out. The California native realized a couple of life-shaking things in her teen years: that she was a lesbian and had natural passion for leadership. Today, the President and CEO of fast-casual favorite Tender Greens has a remarkable resume that includes impressive gigs at big brands like Peet's Coffee and Tea, Macy's, Apple, and Drybar. In episode 46, Denyelle talks with me about owning her “executive presence,” something she was heavily criticized for throughout her rise to the top, and the ah-hah moment that changed her life forever when she was running around a lake in Oakland. With nuggets of wisdom like “it’s the things that make you stand out that make you successful, not the things that make you fit in,” it’s no wonder that I walked away from our conversation in Los Angeles with goosebumps. SOCIAL@denyellebruno@tendergreens@hurdlepodcast@emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 va
11/03/201952 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 45: Luke Milton, Celebrity Trainer & Founder Training Mate

The second you meet bubbly personal trainer and Training Mate founder Luke Milton, you’ll want to be his best friend. It’s no wonder he attracts great celebrity clientele like Khloe Kardashian, Elle McPherson, Rachel McAdams, and Teri Hatcher. One night in 2011, the former Australian professional rugby player was working late when he was involved in a serious hit and run car accident. It landed him in the hospital, temporarily unable to walk. This frightening #hurdlemoment made him reevaluate his life and goals. Soon after, he proposed to his wife (she said yes!) and the couple relocated to the United States where he would open his first studio. In episode 45, the E! Revenge Body star talks to me about setting a solid foundation for better health and shares his biggest regret in launching his company. SOCIAL @milts1 @trainingmate @revengebody @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first p
04/03/201949 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 44: Rachel Drori, Founder & CEO Daily Harvest

In 2015, Rachel Drori was hangry. Working at Gilt Groupe, she didn’t have enough time to recipe plan and cook healthy meals every single day. Come 3 p.m., she’d grab whatever was available for convenience sake—like a bar or trail mix—instead of putting good, clean food into her body. She felt totally depleted, and to make matters worse, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimito’s disease. In episode 44, she talks to me about this #hurdlemoment which encouraged her to start smart meal prepping and eating healthier, enabling her to manage her disease, forgo prescription medication, and concept a brand new company. Today, farm-frozen favorite Daily Harvest has expanded to more than 50 recipes including smoothies, harvest bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, soups, activated lattes, and cookies (yes, please). Rachel dishes on the truth behind the fruits and vegetables you see in the grocery store, how she manages to run a 100-person company while raising her two boys, and expla
25/02/20191 hour 1 minute 9 seconds
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Episode 43: Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer Bumble

There’s no better way to describe Alex Williamson than kind. The Chief Brand Officer at Bumble has had more than her fair share of #hurdlemoments. From dealing with her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis to finding out she had fibromyalgia in her early 20s, these challenges have help shape her into the woman she is today. Williamson even tells me about a recent divorce that drove her to try a digital detox that forever changed her for the better. In episode 43, she shares what it’s like being at the helm of a tech company which now boasts more than 50 million users in over 150 countries. We get super vulnerable, talking about powering through persistent pain, the power of positive thinking, and that sometimes—it’s OK to go looking for a “quick swipe.” SOCIAL @williamson @bumble @bumblebizz @bumblebff @bumblehoney @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary.
19/02/201942 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 42: GT Dave, Founder & CEO GT's Living Foods

Today, GT Dave is often referred to as the “king of kombucha.” But in late 1994, he was brewing small batches of the fermented tea in his parents’ kitchen. At the time, his mom was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer. When she healed, she shared with doctors that she’d been drinking her son’s very pungent, homemade tea that experts said helped her fight the battle. As a teenager, GT became one of the first people to mass market the beverage. Today, kombucha sales exceed $600 million globally according to Inc., and GT’s commands about half of that. In episode 42, the California native talks to me about everything from gut health to changing food trends, and confesses just how much tea he’s drinking every single day. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot. SOCIAL @gtskombucha @gtdave3 @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in a voice me
11/02/201956 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 41: Marcus Antebi, Founder Juice Press

At age 15, Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi entered a 3-month drug rehab program, and he’s been sober ever since. In episode 41, the Brooklyn native tells me about how he leaned into athletic interests like skydiving and Muay Thai in his young adulthood and became really focused on the quality of the foods he was putting into his body. In 2010, the vegetarian opened up the first Juice Press in the East Village—arguably the world’s largest organic, plant-based grab-and-go health food provider. Today, Marcus and Juice Press CEO Michael Karsch have 89 locations in seven different states. We chat about how scary it was expanding beyond that first shop, the one thing you need to cut out from your diet today, and how they decide what stays and goes on the 120+ item menu. SOCIAL @juicepress @marcusantebi @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. Headspace | He
04/02/20191 hour 12 minutes
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Episode 40: Hurdle LIVE feat. Jessy Dover, Adam Kallen, Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi

Forty. Episodes (!!!). This live pod comes from a discussion I had last week in collaboration with WeWork Labs, featuring past Hurdlers Adam Kallen of Jane Motorcycles, Jessy Dover of Dagne Dover, and Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi of Shine. We laughed a lot, and we talked about a lot of great stuff—from what it means to live a balanced lifestyle (and what that looks like for busy entrepreneurs) to really rad book suggestions and what “joy” is all about. SOCIAL @wework @shinetext @janemotorcycles @adam_janemoto @dagnedover @jessydover @hurdlepodcast OFFERS SHINE | Head to to get 50 percent off a premium plan. DAGNER DOVER | Head to and use the code “HURDLE20” at checkout for 20 percent off your purchase, now through February 31, 2019. --- Send in a voice message:
31/01/20191 hour 12 minutes 1 second
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Episode 39: Carolyn Kylstra, Editor-in-Chief SELF

To say that Carolyn Kylstra has had an impressive career path as a journalist would be a total understatement. From stints at Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan to Women’s Health and BuzzFeed, now she’s the editor-in-chief of SELF at Condé Nast. But her rise to the top wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. In her #hurdlemoment, the new mom shares that she found out she was pregnant around the same time her entire career was about to shift, and how she managed to keep it together despite abundant—sometimes overwhelming—amounts of responsibility (plus, morning sickness). In episode 39, we talk about everything from the scary climate of the publishing industry to how she manages to take time for herself. She also tells me an insane story about how she almost died from a tick bite and offers up a ton of insight about what it means to be “healthy,” no matter what size you are. SOCIAL @carolynkylstra @selfmagazine @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Athletic Greens | Head to t
28/01/201959 minutes 1 second
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Episode 38: Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi, Co-Founders Shine

When we feel like we’re waiting for instructions (gimme a sign!) we can forget our power. That’s just one example of the you-got-this texts that more than 2 million Shine users receive on a daily basis. App co-founders Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi met working at a non-profit just over 8 years ago, and they immediately hit it off. Becoming fast friends, the duo leaned into each other to get through #hurdlemoments like speed bumps in their relationships and hard-to-have conversations at the office. In 2016, they left their jobs to focus on Shine full-time, raised millions of dollars in funding, and began to grow their team. In episode 38, we talk about the challenges they’ve faced as women of color co-founders and they offer-up best-practice tips on how to silence your inner critic. SOCIAL@shinetext@hurdlepodcast@emilyabbate OFFERSAthletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel packs ($99 value) with your first purchase, no code necessary. --- Send in
22/01/201958 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 37: Hurdle LIVE feat. Sarah Larson Levey & Nichelle Hines

Special episode alert! Live from the Tory Burch store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, I’m sitting down with Nichelle Hines—the chief ride officer at Cycle House—and Sarah Larson Levey, the founder and CEO of Y7 Studio. This conversation is about as real as it gets. Hines shares how the writer’s strike of 2008 turned her life upside down and lead her down a path she never expected, and Sarah dishes on what it was like in the early days of creating her hip-hop yoga empire alongside her husband. In episode 37, talk about everything from our worst days as entrepreneurs (negative Yelp reviews, anyone?) to the best lessons we’ve learned with a side of sweat, sharing a bunch of laughs and a few tears along the way. This is one you don’t want to miss. SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @sarah_ayako @nichelle @y7studio @cyclehouse @torysport OFFERS TORY SPORT | Head to and get 20 percent off your purchase using the code “HURDLE20” at checkout. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcas
18/01/20191 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 36: Ethan Agarwal, Founder & CEO Aaptiv

In 2013, the now-CEO was working as a consultant — tired, traveling constantly, and 40 pounds overweight. Fitness wasn’t a priority for him because—in his words—it was hard to make it a priority. The catch: he wanted to be healthier. In his #hurdlemoment, Ethan dropped 40 pounds by building the first version of Aaptiv, which brings top-level digital-only, audio-based training sessions with personal trainers right to your headphones. In episode 36, the founder tells me hilarious stories about the early days of Aaptiv, posing as a surveyor at the gym asking strangers for feedback. He offers essential advice for anyone trying to adopt a new fitness routine and gives the lowdown on his 6 a.m. habit that makes him more productive throughout his entire day. SOCIAL @ethanagarwal @aaptiv @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate OFFERS Headspace | Head to to get 30 days of the entire Headspace library for free. Athletic Greens | Head to to get 20 free travel
14/01/201955 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 35: Ali Feller, Host Ali on the Run Show

Ever since she was a young girl, Ali Feller had her heart set on working in the publishing industry. Not just any job in publishing, though: Editor-in-chief of a teen dance magazine, perfect for someone who grew up on stage. By 25 (!!) she landed it. Right off the bat, she was working crazy hours, in endless meetings, on set at photoshoot after photoshoot living that New York City grind life that I know oh so well myself. Around that same time, she fell in love with running, tackling her first marathon. But soon, the stress became too much. Battling Crohn’s disease, Ali realized in her #hurdlemoment that she needed to step away from her dream job to get better and rediscover her purpose. In episode 35, we talk all about the transition that lead her to creating the Ali on the Run Show podcast, how Crohn’s has impacted her life, what it’s like to be a new mom to her beautiful babygirl Annie, and commiserate over the self-inflicted pressures (and benefits!) of being your own boss. SOCIAL
07/01/20191 hour 12 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 34: 8 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From 365 Days of Hurdle

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HURDLE! Exactly one year ago today, Hurdle hit iTunes. In this combo anniversary/year-end episode, I’m giddily recapping eight of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from 365 days behind the microphone, including some gems from fan-favorites including Hayden Slater, Kirsty Godso, Robin Arzon, and more. A huge, huge thank you to all of the listeners, guests, and everyone else who helped to make my first year as a podcaster one for the charts (literally). SOCIAL @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate I mention a ton of past episodes in today’s. Check them out, here: Episode 28: Robin Arzon, VP Fitness Programming & Head Instructor Peloton Episode 16: Amy Purdy, Snowboarder & Paralympic Medalist Episode 20: Hayden Slater, Founder Pressed Juicery Episode 27: Kirsty Godso, Nike Master Trainer Episode Three: Fred Santarpia, CDO Conde Nast Episode 14: Deena Kastor, Marathoner & American Record Holder Episode 7: Liz Plosser, Editor-in-Chief Women’s Health Episode 18: Dr. Jason Wersla
31/12/201818 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 33: Mark 'The Cobra Snake' Hunter, Photographer

In his early 20s, Mark Hunter was known as a thriving photographer nicknamed “The Cobra Snake”. He was a fixture in the New York and L.A. party scenes, traveling all over the country and world to snap everyone from Kings of Leon to Lindsay Lohan. Known for his wacky outfits and great aesthetic, his #hurdlemoment coincided with the rise of Instagram. With social media—as he puts it—everyone’s a photographer in their own right. Mark knew he needed to pivot if he wanted to stay relevant and continue to build his brand. He stopped going to so many parties, began advertising free group hikes on a new Instagram account (@cobrafitnessclub), and now he’s making friends and having fun taking photos with a side of sweat. In episode 33, he shares how hiking Runyon Canyon has changed his life forever, his super approachable, all-inclusive view on fitness, and what it’s like to be good friends with Steve Aoki. SOCIAL @thecobrasnake @cobrafitnessclub @hurdlepodcast OFFERS Kaari Foods | Head to ka
24/12/201839 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 32: Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Performance Nike

Ryan Flaherty’s got, from my point of view, one of the most awesome jobs in the world. The Senior Director of Performance at Nike spends his days doing everything from crafting content for the Nike Training Club app, editing scripts for Nike’s podcast Trained, programming workouts for big-name athletes including Serena Williams, sitting on the Nike Performance Council, and so much more. It’s crazy that a much younger Ryan never envisioned this for himself. Growing up as an athlete, he had the opportunity to play football professionally when his third ACL injury sidelined him for good. What he learned through the rehab process was that he could’ve prevented what happened if he trained smarter. At that point, a #hurdlemoment for sure, he felt a calling to help other athletes avoid injuries like his. In episode 32, Ryan’s shares essential tips for building a better body, improving speed, and finding career success. We also dive into the importance of saying no and having grit. — SOCIAL @r
17/12/201851 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 31: Jessy Dover, Co-Founder & Creative Director Dagne Dover

Break-ups suck. Arguably, break-ups suck even more when you’re an entrepreneur working tirelessly to launch your own business. Jessy Dover was grinding long days with her two Dagne Dover co-founders, when she returned one night from a trip to the apartment she shared with her then-boyfriend of more than 3 years to see her stuff packed up in the corner and him asking her to leave. It was a #hurdlemoment that rocked her world. Immediately, she moved in with her best friend and leaned into working out, teary-eyed rides at SoulCycle, and eating better to slowly get through the emotional fog. Today, her functional bag company is thriving at just over 5 years old, largely in part because of her indomitable will to push forward when the going gets tough. In episode 31, we swap stories about relationships past, Jessy admits to a time when she was working out too much, and she offers great, actionable advice to anyone hoping to build a brand from scratch." — SOCIAL @jessy_dover @dagnedover @hur
10/12/201853 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 30: Colleen Quigley, Olympian & Pro Runner

It was only a matter of time until Hurdle had a hurdler (of sorts) on the podcast. Colleen Quigley didn’t grow up dreaming of going to the Olympics to compete in the steeple chase. After joining the track team her freshman year of high school and finding her fast, the St. Louis native geared up for a collegiate running career at Florida State University that would eventually lead her to turn pro as a Nike-sponsored athlete. In the year prior to the 2016 Summer Games, Quigley dealt with a major #hurdlemoment—a nasty hamstring injury—that almost derailed her from hitting the track in Rio. In episode 30, I sit down with the Bowerman Babe to chat her ever-evolving dreams, a brief stint in modeling, and how it feels to be a role model for young athletes around the world. — @steeple_squigs @bowermantc @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
03/12/201846 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 29: Andy Puddicombe, Co-Founder Headspace

A Christmas morning car accident was the #hurdlemoment that changed Andy Puddicombe’s life forever. Looking to process sudden loss, he went to Asia to study as a Buddhist monk. After 10 years of practice, Puddicombe wanted to help others understand the benefits of meditation. That’s when he met co-founder Rich Pierson, and Headspace was born. What once started as an events company, Headspace now has more than 30 million users and 1 million paid subscribers. In episode 30, we dive into the endless benefits of meditation, how to shift our perspective on failure in life, the exciting newly developed Headspace Health programming coming in 2020, and finish things off with an easy, quick meditation perfect for beginners. — @headspace @andypuddicombe @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
26/11/201857 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 28: Robin Arzon, VP Fitness Programming & Head Instructor Peloton

Take a quick peak at Robin Arzon’s Instagram, @robinnyc. It’s hard to imagine a time when activity wasn’t a part of her everyday life. After a near-death experience at age 20 when Arzon was held hostage at gunpoint in New York City’s East Village, she leaned into movement and running for the first time to help her process the trauma. Soon enough, the then-lawyer turned away from her conventional 9-to-5 with hopes to turn her passion for sweat into her career. That’s when she found Peloton. Today, she’s the brand’s Vice President of Fitness Programing and Head Instructor, also author of the 2016 book Shut Up and Run, and a 26-time marathoner. In episode 28, the Adidas global brand ambassador gets honest about how tough times have shaped her perspective and helped her home in on her inner swagger. She also offers essential, actionable advice for runners of all levels on race day best practices and tips on how to take their stride to a whole new level. — @robinnyc @onepeloton @hurdlep
19/11/201845 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 27: Kirsty Godso, Nike Master Trainer

Listening to Kirsty Godso talk will ignite something awesome in you. Appropriate, since the Nike Master Trainer calls herself (and others who are willing to work hard to elevate the energy of everyone around them) a “pyro girl.” In episode 27 we talk about the #hurdlemoments she’s faced building her personal brand, including having to leave behind a major fitness project she created with Les Mills to put her faith in the swoosh. Also, how an injury brought her to tears inside an acupuncturists office, a red flag telling her she needed to temporarily turn down the intensity of her workouts and chill out. Godso offers beautiful insight on the importance of supporting others, a snapshot of her training style, and we laugh about how she’s going to hold ME accountable to my 2019 affirmations. — @kirstygodso @pyrogirls @madeof_____ @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
12/11/20181 hour 3 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 26: Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder On Running

In just 8 years since their debut in 2010, On Running has become one of the fastest growing running shoe brands, now featured in more than 5,000 running specialty shops across the globe. In episode 26, live from Paragon Sports in New York City, co-founder Caspar Coppetti and I talk about the pressures that come with building an athletic company from the ground up, and how the brand’s cloud technology sets them apart from other huge contenders. We also dive into Coppetti’s #hurdlemoment, when a factory in China charged with manufacturing their shoes went bankrupt, and the necessary break he took after that fiasco to cycle throughout the Swiss Alps and get his mind right. Recorded the week of the 2018 New York City Marathon, Coppetti also shares motivational advice for new and veterans runners and the mantra that propels him to be better, both personally and in business. — @on_running @casparcoppetti @paragonsports @hurdlepodcast Hurdle listeners! Special offer: ON is offering shoes and
03/11/201856 minutes
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Episode 25: Randy Hetrick, Founder TRX

Former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick made the first version of the popular suspension trainer, TRX, during a deployment in 1997. The veteran went on to perfect his design, conquer Stanford business school, and eventually pile his savings into launching the company. But he faced a huge #hurdlemoment in 2010, when counterfeiters started to sell a rip-off of his product on Amazon. In episode 25, we talk about the legal battle that ensued to get those listings taken down, the way the TRX team regularly incorporates movement regularly at their San Francisco headquarters, and the advice he’d offer to anyone who feels like they’re starting at square one over and over again. — @trxtraining @randyhetrick @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
29/10/20181 hour 5 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 24: Neha Gandhi, COO & Editor-in-Chief Girlboss

Neha Gandhi has quite the impressive resume. With editorial jobs at Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, and Refinery 29 under her belt, she was excited when the opportunity came her way to join the Girlboss team in mid-2017. The new COO/Editor-in-Chief title brought about a lot of change in her life, including a cross-country move to Los Angeles with her husband. In episode 24, Gandhi talks about how she leaned into routines including exercise and meditation to make the transition easier, and she offers up a ton of amazing, actionable advice for anyone ready to level-up in their career. —- @nehaintown @girlboss @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
22/10/201854 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 23: Hurdle LIVE feat. Dr. Jason Wersland, Michael Chernow, and Dan Churchill

I sit down with past Hurdle guests Dr. Jason Wersland, Michael Chernow, and Dan Churchill for the second-ever Hurdle Live. We chat about everything from how to keep your health in mind when on the road to best practices for implementing mediation and recovery into your regular routine (plus, have a few laughs along the way). Huge thank you to Hub Seventeen for hosting us, as well as the 11+ brands that donated door prizes (Headspace, Athletic Greens, Revere, Salthaus, Y7 Studio, ToneHouse, Lyons Den Power Yoga, Mile High Run Club, ReCOVER, Asics, TheraGun). Through ticket sales from the October 9th event, we were able to raise $1,200 for City Harvest. — @drjasonwersland @michaelchernow @dan_churchill @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
12/10/20181 hour 18 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 22: Joey Gonzalez, CEO Barry's Bootcamp

Joey Gonzalez has what he likes to call a “CEO Cinderella story.” At first intimidated to walk through the doors of Barry’s Bootcamp soon after opening in the late 1990s, he was instantly hooked to how the popular boutique fitness class made him feel. Fast forward to the company’s 20-year anniversary this week, and the once-student-turned-instructor now sits in the CEO seat, grateful for all of the #hurdlemoments that he’s overcome along the way. In episode 22, Gonzalez tells me how things have changed over the past two decades of Barry’s, his tricks to shifting fear into focus, and the essential advice he’d offer anyone who feels intimidated by starting fresh with their fitness routine. —- @joeygonzalez @barrysbootcamp @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
08/10/201848 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 21: Ruth Zukerman, Co-Founder Flywheel Sports

Having “co-founder of SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports” on your resume is kind of a big deal. This week, I sit down with Ruth Zukerman, Creative Director of boutique cycling favorite FlyWheel Sports. After her 1996 divorce, the former dancer and aerobics instructor felt lost and took to the Spin bike. Soon, she became an instructor and was approached by a rider about starting a company of their own—SoulCycle. In 2009, she left to start FlyWheel—which currently has more than 40 locations across the country. In episode 21, she explains why she still teaches classes despite her demanding schedule, and offers advice for making the hard calls in business. We close things out with a little visualization exercise that’ll have you ready to conquer any hurdle that comes your way. —- @flywheelsports @ruth_flywheel @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
24/09/201857 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 20: Hayden Slater, Founder Pressed Juicery

Before Hayden Slater started cult-favorite Pressed Juicery in the back of a small cupcake shop in West Los Angeles, he was a recent NYU graduate eating fast food all the time and felt totally drained by his 9 to 5. Cue a #hurdlemoment-worthy trip to Southeast Asia, complete with a 30-day juice cleanse, that ignited his passion for health and wellness, helped him lose 60 pounds, and inspired him to launch the juice company with two of his good friends. In episode 20, we chat about how Slater finds balance despite his hectic schedule, the time the health department shut down the business, and the craziest health trends out there (spoiler alert: leeches are involved).​​​​​​​ --- @haydenslater @pressedjuicery @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
10/09/201847 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 19: Nicole Winhoffer, Celebrity Trainer

Nicole Winhoffer’s helped A-listers like Stella McCartney and Madonna get in top shape. But she wasn’t always a personal trainer. As a teenager, Winhoffer was dancing on Broadway, living a life many only dream of. In episode 19, we talk about the #hurdlemoment that lead the Bronx native to a major career pivot. The NW Method creator shares where she draws her inspiration from, the must-hear advice that helps her navigate tough decisions, and her stance on unplugging and ditching technology to become better at business. --- @nicolewinhoffer @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
27/08/201842 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 18: Dr. Jason Wersland, Creator TheraGun

You’ve seen basketballer Kyrie Irving reach for it courtside and CrossFit’s ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ Mathew Fraser use it in the gym. In episode 18, I sit down with TheraGun creator Dr. Jason Wersland, D.C., the creator of the crazy-looking tool made for muscle activation, recovery, and pain management. He shares with me the story behind his invention and his #hurdlemoment, a 2007 motorcycle accident that changed his life forever, sparking his quest to create an effective, portable treatment device for patients—including himself. We talk about what it’s like traveling the world educating others on the importance of muscle recovery and mobility, how his kids inspire him to be a better person, and share a few tears along the way. --- @theragun @drjasonwersland @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
13/08/201856 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 17: Gunnar Peterson, Celebrity Trainer

Khloe Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez. Sofia Vergara. As personal trainers go, Gunnar Peterson has a mega impressive roster of celebrity clientele—past and present. Also the Director of Strength and Endurance for the Los Angeles Lakers, Peterson knows a thing or two about hard work, time management, and the human body. In episode 17, I catch up with him while he’s visiting New York for Propel’s Co:Labs Fitness Festival. We talk about the unconventional way he got started in the health and fitness industry after college, how spending time at the gym helps him work through hard times, and the essential career advice he’s received from A-listers including Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone. --- @gunnarfitness @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
30/07/201859 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 16: Amy Purdy, Snowboarder & Paralympic Medalist

“You can be anything you want to be, whenever you want to be it,” Paralympic medalist and snowboard champ Amy Purdy told me last month in Colorado. A strong message coming from the double-leg amputee, who was given a 2 percent chance of living by doctors after contracting bacterial meningitis in 1999. Although the incident did cost her her legs, it certainly didn’t make her lose sight of her potential. In episode 16, we chat about the horror that surrounded that near death experience at age 19 and how its shaped her perspective for the better. Plus, she spills what it was like competing on Dancing With the Stars, how it felt standing on the Paralympic podium, and the remarkable advice she’d offer to anyone going through tough times of their own. --- @amypurdygirl @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
16/07/201850 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 15: David Siik, Creator Precision Running at Equinox

Some people hate spending time on the treadmill. And at one point, David Siik was one of them. But when the former college track athlete didn’t make the cut as a professional runner, he turned his passion into his career in an unexpected way by giving the hamster wheel a second thought. Soon enough, the Michigan native was pitching fitness giant Equinox a treadmill-based running program. And today? There are more than 200+ certified instructors for an interval class that Siik created called Precision Running. In episode 15, he talks about the #hurdlemoment that changed his life forever and offers essential advice for beginner and veteran runners alike. --- @davidsiik @equinox @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
02/07/201857 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 14: Deena Kastor, Marathoner & American Record Holder

When champion marathoner and New York Times best-selling author Deena Kastor arrived in China for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, she was ready to crush the competition. But 3 miles into her race, the pro felt something snap in her right foot, causing her to fall to the ground and drop out. In episode 14, I travel to London to catch up with the American female record holder for the marathon and half-marathon. She tells me why she’s thankful for that devastating injury, the mental tricks that contribute to her outstanding 5:20/mile marathon pace, and essential advice to beginner runners—or anyone hoping to make a big comeback of their own. --- @deena8050 @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
18/06/201854 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 13: Liz Plosser, Editor-in-Chief Women's Health

The second you meet Liz Plosser, you'll likely strategize exactly how to be her best friend. The editor-in-chief of Women's Health Magazine has got a can-do attitude that's contagious, exemplified by her early morning workouts (often found on her Instagram story) and outstanding career accomplishments alike. In episode 13, Plosser shares how a difficult time conceiving made her realize how important and powerful workouts and health rituals can be—especially in the darkest times. Spoiler: her and her husband now have three beautiful kids. We also chat about what it’s like being at the helm of major media brand, the lessons that running has taught her over the years, and her big-time career advice that you’ve gotta hear.  --- @lizplosser @womenshealthmag --- Send in a voice message:
04/06/201847 minutes 14 seconds
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Episode 12: Dan Churchill, Chef

Dan Churchill’s got an impressive resume: chef for Under Armour, published author, TV star, and founder of a soon-to-open New York City restaurant, Charley St. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Australian-born foodie. In episode 12, Churchill spills what happened during his #hurdlemoment—when his first full-time gig in the states didn’t work out—and how leaning into mindfulness meditation helped him find clarity and dramatically increase his productivity levels. Plus: essential health eating tips, three things you should always have in your refrigerator, and exactly what he cooked for Lindsey Vonn while she was competing in the Olympics. — @dan_churchill @charleyst @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
21/05/201859 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 11: Candice Huffine, Model & Founder Day/Won

Candice Huffine has been breaking down barriers for years in the modeling industry. Landing magazine covers from Italian Vogue to Elle, the body positivity advocate never let fear or doubt stop her in her career. When her husband dared her to run a half-marathon at the end of 2015, she was forced to face a different type of challenge, embrace something she absolutely despised, and step outside her comfort zone. In episode 11, Huffine talks about the finish line #hurdlemoment that made her believe that absolutely anything is possible, what it really took to start her own activewear line, and offers empowering, feel-good advice for anyone who has ever questioned their own drive. --- @hurdlepodcast @candicehuffine @yourdaywon @psyougotthis --- Send in a voice message:
07/05/201856 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 10: Golden Harper, Founder Altra Footwear

Golden Harper grew up around running. Working at the running store his father opened in the Utah mountains from a young age, the track athlete and marathon fanatic was able to share his passion for the sport with customers of all experience levels. He also saw his fair share of clientele with severe foot problems. After years of studying body mechanics and exercise science in college, the entrepreneur manufactured a pair of sneakers that would stave off injury—the first pair of Altras. And Harper’s #hurdlemoment? That came right as he was taking a leap of faith to get the brand off the ground; a snowboard accident that left him in rough shape, temporarily unable to walk—nevertheless run. In episode 10, Harper shares how the experience made both him and his company stronger, and what exactly sets Altra apart from the other sneaker brands on the market. --- @altrarunning @rungolden1 @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
23/04/201852 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode Nine: Whitney Tingle & Danielle DuBoise, Founders Sakara Life

Almost 10 years ago, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise were both at their own self-described rock bottoms. Tingle, beside herself dealing with persistent cystic acne. DuBoise, in the hospital after years of yo-yo dieting finally caught up with her. The solution to both of their #hurdlemoments? Founding Sakara Life—a wellness company rooted in the belief that food is medicine, favorited by A-listers like Kate Hudson and Chrissy Teigen, and known for its ready-to-eat plant-based food delivery service. In episode nine, the duo tells all including how mood relates to what you eat, which foods are necessary for a healthy gut, and what it’s really like building a multi-million dollar company with a best friend. --- @sakaralife @danielledubois @whitneytingle @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
09/04/201856 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode Eight: Chinae Alexander, Lifestyle Content Creator

Chinae Alexander isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Something that could be a little unnerving when 138,000+ people are following her every move on social media. The self-proclaimed entrepreneur and undeniable female badass had a #hurdlemoment of her own after losing 70 pounds, realizing that weight loss didn’t guarantee happiness. In episode eight, she talks about the power of looking within, how she reads (and responds) to thousands of messages each week from total strangers, and how one landmark job rejection changed her life forever.  --- @chinaealexander @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
26/03/201844 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode Seven: Sadie Lincoln, Founder Barre3

This year, Barre3—a studio exercise program that blends ballet with yoga and pilates—celebrates its 10-year anniversary. In 2008, Sadie Lincoln, the CEO and founder, was immersed in the fitness industry, teaching step and cardio kickboxing classes, when she experienced her own #hurdlemoment. Reevaluating everything she thought she knew about wellness, the mother of two left her established job in San Francisco to move to Portland with her husband Chris and build the company from scratch. In episode seven, Lincoln shares how creating Barre3—boasting more than 125 locations worldwide—helped her learn the true meaning of balance. --- @sadielincoln @barre3 @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
12/03/201859 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode Six: Adam Kallen, Co-Founder Jane Motorcycles

Today, Adam Kallen owns a thriving brand called Jane Motorcycles based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But 20 years ago, he was graduating law school by the skin of his teeth, overcoming a drug addiction, unsure of what good was out there for him in the world. In episode six, Kallen shares his journey to seek out help, and details how leaning into surfing helped him conquer his demons. --- @adam_janemoto @janemotorcycles @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
26/02/201835 minutes
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Episode Five: Sarah Levey, Founder Y7 Studio

When Sarah Levey and her husband Mason opened yoga hotspot Y7 Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, back in 2013, they were simply looking to create a safe, judgement-free environment for flows. Fueled by hip-hop beats, candlelight, and infrared heat, Y7 Studio now has a cult following and nine locations (with many, many more on the way). In episode five, Levey shares how pushing self doubt to the side enabled her to take her business to the next level. --- @sarah_levey @y7studio @hurdlepodcast --- Send in a voice message:
12/02/201833 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode Four: Michael Chernow, Restaurateur

When the co-founder of NYC favorite eatery The Meatball Shop was 23 years old, he was swinging bottles as a bartender at Frank Restaurant and living a life of debauchery (his words, not mine). When he replaced alcohol with doing great things for his body, leaning into Muay Thai and running, his entire world changed. Fast-forward 13 years, the restaurateur now adds founder of sustainable seafood spot Seamore's and co-founder of WellWell, an all-natural sports beverage, to his lengthy list of accomplishments. In episode four, Chernow shares the #hurdlemoment that lead him to become one of the most respected men in New York City's restaurant scene. --- Send in a voice message:
29/01/201835 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode Three: Fred Santarpia, CDO Conde Nast

When Conde Nast’s Chief Digital Officer Fred Santarpia was a teenager, he was bullied endlessly. After a particularly harsh episode landed him through a glass window and in the hospital with glass in his legs, he knew something had to shift. So, he built a gym in his parents basement and started working out. Soon, he started to look differently. People were treating him differently. In Episode Three, Santarpia shares the #hurdlemoment that helped him gain essential confidence, ultimately leading him toward milestone career successes like co-founding video hosting service Vevo and leading digital strategy for one of the top media companies in the world. --- @hurdlepodcast @emilyabbate @fredsantarpia --- Send in a voice message:
14/01/201827 minutes 22 seconds
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2. Alex Silver Fagan, Nike Master Trainer

At age 18, now-Nike trainer and fitness model Alex Silver Fagan was swinging bottles at a night club in the lower east side. A visit to see family in Florida turned into her #hurdlemoment, an eye-opening realization that at 90 pounds, the New Jersey native needed to make a change. In Episode Two Alex shares how a stint in bikini body competitions helped her get strong, and a newfound passion for wellness paved the way for her bustling career in the fitness industry. --- Send in a voice message:
31/12/201733 minutes 21 seconds
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1. Emily Abbate, Creator Hurdle

Today I’m a wellness writer and editor, certified personal trainer, run and Spin coach. But 10 years ago as a college freshman, I was drastically overweight. In April 2007, my #hurdlemoment had me in tears confronting the scale, staring obesity in the face. By learning how to reshape my relationship with food and exercise—and believing that I was worthy of my own investment—I was able to lose 70 pounds. In Episode One, I share my story and the lessons I learned to help me live a healthier, happier, more motivated life. --- Send in a voice message:
31/12/201724 minutes 10 seconds