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English, Personal health, 1 season, 5 episodes, 1 hour, 36 minutes
A podcast to share with you about mental health issues and just general ideas of basic experiences as a human being. The rise of Mental health issue is increasingly high, yet the awareness of it is remarkably low. It's so important for us to be knowledgable about it, which is why 'Humble Bot' exists, to help you have a more in depth understanding, shared from an individual's personal experience.
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Episode 4: សុខភាពផ្លូវចិត្ត - Mental Health

In this episode on Humble Bot, I'll be sharing with you some thoughts and ideas about what Mental health is and what are some causes of mental health issues, and just how I cope with it from my experiences. Mental health is important for everyone and I find it necessary that we all are well aware of it too because it's crucial to take care of the mental well-being as adults and teenagers these days have commonly experienced it. To be aware and to understand is just a concept but real-life action is truly the matter, so always remember to be kind and gentle to everyone. Remember, you never know what one could go through in their life : ). KINDNESS ... 
11/3/202140 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 3: Self lost​ ( ការបាត់បង់ភាពជាខ្លួនឯង )

Episode 3 is about self-lost and start defining who you are. Hope you enjoy it : ) 
9/10/202116 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 2 : Depression ( ជម្ងឺបាក់ទឹកចិត្ត )

Episode 2 will be talking about depression. I shared a few of my experiences of having depression and thoughts that I have about it, as well as also sharing with you a few things regarding hope I coped with it. I hope this episode will be as enjoyable as it is :)) !
4/1/202124 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 1: Social Anxiety ...

My first episode is about Social Anxiety. A not so common topic people bring up about. I shared my experiences of what it's like to deal with it and also a few thoughts I have towards it. I hope you enjoy it!! :)) 
3/18/202114 minutes, 46 seconds
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Humble Bot: Trailer

This is an introduction to my podcast ( Humble Bot ). Enjoy!
3/17/202158 seconds