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Human Exceptionalism

English, Christianity, 1 seasons, 38 episodes, 5 hours 24 minutes
Wesley J. Smith discusses the importance of - and various threats to - the unique dignity and importance of human life from the context of living in a secular society.
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Will We REALLY Kill Alzheimer’s Patients?

Will the United States follow the lead of other countries who have put into law the most radical euthanasia policies?
06/10/20178 minutes 51 seconds
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How the Media Promotes “Some” Suicides

Should we be working to prevent all suicide, or should we support and encourage "some" suicides?
20/09/20179 minutes 9 seconds
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What If There Was Another Polio Epidemic?

To what extent should efforts be made to work for the healing of those with significant illnesses, like polio, rather than letting them die with assistance?
06/09/20177 minutes 19 seconds
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What’s Love Got to do With Transhumanism?

Wesley introduces the Transhumanists and then explains what is wrong with their desire to increase human intelligence.
04/08/20178 minutes 40 seconds
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Whose Baby is Charlie Gard, Anyway?

Who should decide what is best for a child, the parents or medical professionals and the state?
19/07/20178 minutes 3 seconds
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Three Culture of Death Tipping Points

How did our society become so accepting of a culture of death - from Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Terri Schiavo, and Planned Parenthood?
02/07/20178 minutes 40 seconds
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Rivers Declared to be “Persons”

Should aspects of nature be given the same kind of rights as human beings?
14/06/20177 minutes 36 seconds
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Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine!

Returning to the podcast after a personal break, Wesley ask, "Can doctors and other healthcare providers be forced to provide medical proceeds, like abortions, when it goes against their convictions?"
21/05/20178 minutes 9 seconds
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Assisted Suicide Right for the Institutionalized Mentally Ill

Is euthanasia really the best way to alleviate the suffering of those dealing with serious mental illness?
18/11/20167 minutes 28 seconds
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“Animal Rights” Would Ban Pets

Should animals and humans have the same rights? How best should we care for animals in a humane way without confusing the value of the two?
20/10/20167 minutes 25 seconds
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How Assisted Suicide Advocacy Hurts the Sick

Wesley J. Smith shares the story of his friend, Robert Salamanca, who died peacefully with dignity of ALS.
30/08/20168 minutes 1 second
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It’s Time to Debate “Brave New World”

Are we living in the "Brave New World" of Aldous Huxley?
11/08/20167 minutes 53 seconds
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Religious Conscience Unwelcome in Healthcare

Will healthcare providers who hold to the sanctity of human life be allowed work in the emerging secular society?
26/07/20168 minutes 2 seconds
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Even The Worst MDs Can Be Suicide Doctors

Do "doctors of death" need any specialized training to diagnosis and prescribe lethal drugs to patients who want to die?
08/07/20167 minutes 48 seconds
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More Than in God’s Image

What is the best way to defend the exceptional nature of human beings?
24/06/20166 minutes 55 seconds
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Words With the Power to Kill

Do the words that we use to describe the various stages and conditions of human life really matter?
06/06/20167 minutes 14 seconds
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Redefining “Death” Would Unleash Great Evil

Does it matter how "death" is defined, and who defines it?
27/05/20167 minutes 59 seconds
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Even Materialists Crave Religion

Is the desire for meaning and purpose exclusive to those who are religious, or do all human beings long for something more?
13/05/20167 minutes 20 seconds
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Scientists Promote Human UNexceptionalism

Is human life exceptional when compared to the animal kingdom? Some scientists do not think so!
27/04/20168 minutes 10 seconds
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Euthanasia and Organ Harvesting

Should a human life be ended just so we can harvest their organs for another person's use? It might be closer than you think!
09/04/20167 minutes 52 seconds
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The Walking Dead

Does it matter what happens to our bodies after we die? The Orthodox Christian faith says, "Yes!"
01/04/20167 minutes 57 seconds
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Canada and the Right to Die

Is the "right to die" more important than religious liberty?
13/03/20167 minutes 34 seconds
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Mainstreaming Animal Personhood

Should animals have the same rights of "personhood" as humans?
01/03/20168 minutes 26 seconds
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“Remembrance of Death” Can Overcome “Death Obsession”

Why is our culture obsessed with death, and how can remembrance of death help us to overcome it?
29/01/20168 minutes 44 seconds
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What Euthanasia Enthusiasts Really Want

What do euthanasia enthusiasts really want? To eliminate suffering of any kind by eliminating the sufferer.
15/01/20168 minutes 50 seconds
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Why We Don’t Get Along

Wesley demonstrates how the West is increasingly incapable of engaging in true debate, achieving broadly agreeable consensuses or finding middle-ground compromises about the most important controversies that vex us.
26/12/20158 minutes 42 seconds
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Environmental Protection, Yes. “Nature Rights,” No.

The once ludicrous notion that ecological protection and fighting climate change require according legally enforceable human-style rights to nature is becoming more mainstream within the environmental movement. Wesley J. Smith examines the consequences.
08/12/20158 minutes 10 seconds
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You Are NOT an Ape

Even if we came about through purely materialistic and Darwinian means, it is self-evident that something happened to make us so remarkably distinct from every other known life form.
17/11/20159 minutes
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Wesley discusses "transhumanism"—what is quickly becoming the world's newest religion, offering adherents the kind of hope once within the exclusive province of faith and without the humbling concept of an omnipotent God to whom one owes prayer and thanksgiving.
03/11/20158 minutes 51 seconds
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Say No to Validated Suicide

Supporting another's self-destruction is not a compassionate or morally neutral act.
20/10/20157 minutes 24 seconds
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Why Our Medical Elite Support Planned Parenthood

If you think it is respectable to consider babies, whether born or unborn, to be an inferior stage of human life, you can easily come to think that they have few rights that fully developed persons are bound to respect.
06/10/20159 minutes 58 seconds
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Life Is a Cabaret, Old Chum

Yesterday's views of depredation have become today's banal norms.
22/09/20157 minutes 23 seconds
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Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Once a culture accepts the fundamental premise of euthanasia consciousness, there is no way to limit doctor-administered death to those who are already at the end of their lives.
09/09/201516 minutes 24 seconds
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Prevent Medical Martyrdom

Hippocratic pro-life medical professionals are increasingly being pressured to practice their science and art without regard to their personal faith or conscience beliefs.
25/08/201512 minutes 8 seconds
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Reflections On Planned Parenthood And Cecil The Lion

Two items in the news lately have captured Wesley's attention.
11/08/20158 minutes 7 seconds
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Cecil the Lion

The killing of Cecil the Lion is a bad thing. On a new "Human Exceptionalism," Wesley J. Smith explains why while differentiating between animal rights and animal welfare.
30/07/20157 minutes 28 seconds
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What Clarence Thomas Meant

Wesley discusses the concept of human dignity.
21/07/20159 minutes 37 seconds
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Wesley introduces his podcast, as well as the concept of human exceptionalism.
06/07/201511 minutes 3 seconds