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English, Cookery, Food, Drink, 6 seasons, 228 episodes, 2 days 11 hours 47 minutes
Malcom and Rachelle Reed from talk about barbecue, grilling and all things delicious.
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The “Memphis in May” Problem, Open Fire Cooking & BEST Holiday Party Food

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, how was Malcom’s Thanksgiving celebrations (00:20)? He LOVED watching the Egg Bowl… me not so much (07:08). At Deer Camp, Malcom and the Buck Junkies were THROWING DOWN on their new Breeo fire pit (09:05), and Mark whipped up some crazy marbled pork chops (15:22)! What’s going on with Memphis in May 2024 (22:40)? Should we do a HowToBBQRight BBQ Fest, instead (30:36)? Malcom really does make the best Blue Plate Blue Cheese dip (33:38), and I want to know what holiday party food he’s serving it up with (37:19). What foods are we reaching for every holiday season (45:50)? There are only TWO episodes left in Season 6… how are we planning to close out the year (55:50)?
01/12/20231 hour 18 seconds
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Talking Turkey with Meat Dave BBQ

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’ve got a SPECIAL guest hanging out with us today (00:17)! Dave’s been cooking up some ideas to mix the best of BBQ and Comedy all in one package (04:47). Dave gives his insight on his comedy origin story and how it all began (08:12).. There were ALL KINDS of shenanigans going on during the comedy cruise Dave is back from (18:42)! Dave spills some of his SECRET RECIPES from his first OFFICIAL BBQ contest (23:22)! We get the spill ALL about some of Dave’s killer seafood recipes from his younger days (34:59) What kinds of grills is Dave taking across the country while he’s on tour (40:00)? Instead of marketing a T-shirt or a Hat, Dave’s selling a rub that you can use for EVERYTHING (42:00)! Dave reminisces on his memories from his scenic BBQ tour and all of the AWESOME BBQ cooks he met along the way (49:00)! On top of managing his tour dates, Dave is constantly keeping everything in line at home being an AWESOME dad (52:40)! With Thank
17/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 7 seconds
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Thanksgiving Turkeys: Thawing, Brining, Smoking & More!

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, it’s almost TURKEY TIME, y’all (00:26)! We’re dropping some Thanksgiving Care Packages over on the 'Let's Get to Cookin’ community (08:00)! When should you start buying your turkeys for Thanksgiving (08:40)? What’s the best brand of turkey to buy (12:50)? The turkey may be the face of Thanksgiving, but the SIDES are where it’s at (17:57)! Which is better: Stuffing or Dressing (21:05)? How many days do you need to thaw out your turkey (26:34)? I pick Malcom’s brain about the do’s and don’ts of brining a turkey (30:31). When and what should you inject your bird with this year (35:39)? Is it okay to stuff AND smoke a turkey (43:54)? How long should your turkey be left in the pit (49:54)? How long can you hold a turkey for, after you cook it (51:23)? Can you dry brine a turkey (54:54)? Finally, we close out with Malcom’s final tips for you to make the BEST Thanksg
10/11/20231 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
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The BEST Burgers: Smoked, Grilled or Flat Top Griddled?

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I went to Oxford to see the Rebels play (00:40). Malcom wants to know how old is “too old” to trick-or-treat (03:40), and we had another cold weather chili weekend (04:48). Malcom and Mark are cooking up another basics video for YouTube (06:30). I want Malcom to spill the beans about that Brat Burger (08:30)... THIS is why you don’t want to overwork your burger meat (16:59). This is the BEST tip to making burger patties (21:25). Malcom can be a little extra in the grocery store (25:05)... What is the BEST CHEESE for cheeseburgers (28:03)? What are the differences between grilled, smoked, and flat-topped burgers (30:22)? Should you be glazing your burgers (31:40)? What are slug burgers (33:33)? This Texas BBQ Festival is where it’s at (37:49). We discuss and answer community questions about party coolers, resting meat, and more (39:42)! This is the best cooler used for resting meats (40:13). How long can you rest a brisket for (43:06)? S
03/11/202359 minutes 28 seconds
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Tips and Tricks for Smoking Ribs & Competition Lifestyle feat. Swine Life BBQ

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I bring on Mark from Swine Life BBQ to talk rib magic (00:24)! We discuss our series, “Basics to…” and our upcoming videos (01:31). Malcom and I went to Royal Oak HQ for their invitational (02:35). Everyone else was showcasing meats… Malcom was showcasing Bullfrog (04:22). How has Mark been doing in competition cooking (07:20)? What should you look for when buying ribs from the store (16:07)? Let’s debate spare ribs vs. baby back ribs (19:18). You have to adapt recipes depending on what you’re smoking on (21:26). What are the BIGGEST differences between fresh versus frozen ribs (24:00)? The 3-2-1 Rib method is outdated (29:43)… There is such a thing as TOO MUCH smoke (32:06). Mark does not use binders on ribs (35:20). Seasoning is a wonderful asset in the cooking world (38:22)... What is the perfect ratio of meat on the pit (40:40)? How would Malcom and
27/10/20231 hour 5 minutes 30 seconds
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Grilling Tips and Tricks, Bacon Grease & Smoking Beef Jerky

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about storing (01:00) and vacuum-sealing leftover chili (01:20). How was Malcom's experience at Oktober Fest for the BBQ Battle Finals in Cleveland (06:09)? Malcom lights the grill to start the cook-off… (10:35). This is Malcom’s kind of meat smorgasbord (14:21). I found the best cheese grater in the world (18:24). Why is cutting against the grain important (23:54)? DON’T try this Blue Playe Mayo Pie (32:20)… When cooking baked beans, should you add your bacon raw or parcooked (36:46)? I want to know what Malcom adds bacon grease to, to make it better (40:47). This is how Malcom makes his own smoked beef jerky (42:50). Smoked beef short rib wagyu recipe is on the way (49:32)… Malcom is heading back to Royal Oak for the Invitational (53:32)! Malcom and Tyler are having a catastrophe in fantasy football (56:59). Check out our HowToBBQRight Commu
20/10/20231 hour 1 minute 11 seconds
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Memphis BBQ, Delicious Eats in Dallas & The Best Ways to Eat Chili

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom is performing a ceremony in Cleveland, MS (00:39). What is Memphis-Style BBQ (03:35)? How should you handle your sauces and condiments when storing and using them (06:00)? Malcom talks about Memphis BBQ cooking and seasoning (09:15). Malcom and I tried to go see Taylor Swift in Minnesota (11:58), and we just came back from doing business in Dallas (19:45). THIS is Malcom’s go-to Pulled Pork Chili recipe (26:35). What makes a soup a chili (31:30)? This is Malcom’s BEST chili dog recipe (36:08)! Malcom does not vibe check with mayo on chili (40:02)... There is an overnight pellet grill brisket in our near future (47:07). Malcom discusses high-quality brands of meat, and how to get the best cuts (50:45). What’s coming up at HowToBBQRight HQ (57:15)?
13/10/20231 hour 1 minute 10 seconds
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World Championship Squirrel Cook-off, Open Fire Cooking & Party Ribs

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about his upcoming rib demo in Cleveland (00:49), and all the food he got to devour at Mossy Oak’s live fire cooking event (05:22). This chef actually made Wild Boar meat delicious (08:22)... We got a Breeo Fire Pit for The Smokehouse (17:25). Malcom had a BLAST helping judge the World Championship Squirrel Cookoff (21:59)! Is wild iguana meat secretly delicious (30:20)? The best part of the squirrel cookoff may have been the hot squirrel eating contest (32:47). Malcom made a guest appearance on MeatEater’s “Bear Grease Podcast” (41:06), and he realizes he is in the wrong business (42:06). What have we been smoking up at The Smokehouse with Swine Life BBQ (44:31)? This might be Malcom’s new favorite way to smoke a rack of ribs (46:29). We are going to VidSummit 2023 to learn and improve our content (54:00)! <a href= "https://www.facebook.
29/09/20231 hour 1 minute 19 seconds
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Competition Cooking Tips, Catfish Essentials, & Making a Healthy BBQ Sauce

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I talk about competition cooking, but first Malcom talks about his upcoming Oktoberfest rib demo (02:09). How has competition cooking changed, and what types of recipes and tips can you do at home using competition style techniques (04:03)? Do THIS to make competition style chicken at home (09:17). Malcom LOVES Brazillian steakhouses a little too much (14:34)... This is Malcom’s go-to recipe for frying catfish (20:40), and what he needs at the table to eat it (25:20). Malcom gives his tartar sauce recipes using Blue Plate Mayo (27:50). What is an “Airline Chicken” breast (31:30)? Should we remove all the sugars and oils from Killer Hogs “The BBQ Sauce” (36:43)? Malcom is headed south for a “Live Fire” Cooking event (47:06). <a hr
22/09/202355 minutes 20 seconds
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Making Fast Food at Home, Maintaining Your Grill & Best Chain Restaurants

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom’s coming down with a bad case of the man cold (01:31). How did Malcom do on his sports betting this week (03:53)? He might put Chick-fil-A out of business with this “Better-than” Honey Pimento Sandwich (06:31). What are Malcom’s best copycat restaurant recipes (12:51)? We debate whether Krystal’s or White Castle burger is better (18:09). Ain’t nothing in this world like Waffle House’s griddle hashbrowns (19:08)... What are Malcom’s favorite fast food restaurants (21:11)? I can’t believe Malcom picked this as his favorite chain restaurant (25:23)! Malcom has been experimenting with tailgating recipes, lately (27:24)... Follow these steps to maintain your pits (43:40). Pork Belly Tacos sound amazing (48:17). What’s coming up at HowToBBQRight HQ (52:17)?
15/09/202353 minutes 17 seconds
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Reverse Seared Tri-Tip, Smoking Frozen Meat & Baltimore Pit Beef Recipe

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I announce our winners for our “Feed a Family” campaign (00:58). Every holiday is Malcom’s favorite holiday (01:56). What’s cookin’ at deer camp (04:14)? Malcom talks about his reverse seared tri-tip (08:03). What kind of wild game cooking is happening this season (10:05)? You have to try these Steakhouse Baked Beans (15:16)! Should you be using the foil boat method when smoking brisket (18:55)? This ain’t your regular ole tiger sauce (25:32)... What exactly is pit beef, and how do you cook it (29:45)? Which is better - roast beef or baltimore pit beef (38:20)? Can you smoke both a whole pork butt and chicken together (39:09)? What are beef chuck short ribs (41:02)? How do we cook our beef balls (43:06)? Sage seasoning is NOT good on BBQ (48:21)... How long do you have to smoke the meat that’s been in the fridge (52:00)? It’s finally NFL season, and that means more delicious football cookin’ (56:27). <a href="https://www.faceb
08/09/202359 minutes 57 seconds
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Experimenting with Sous Vide, Best Tailgate Recipes & Labor Day Weekend

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, it’s the LAST WEEK to donate to our Palmer Home fundraiser (01:28). Fantasy Football has OFFICIALLY begun (03:25)! Malcom did something he NEVER thought he would do (05:50), and this is why it’s important to remove fat before sous viding (09:12). I talk about the BEST creamy horseradish sauce (15:54). Are tri-tips better sous vide or smoked (16:37)? Old Hickory pits make the best old school smoked meat flavor (18:15). These little ham biscuits are to DIE for (24:15). Buy those little French Onion dip packs at the store, and do THIS to amp them up to 100 (25:40). These Hot BBQ Wings were some of the best wings I’ve ever had (28:53). Malcom’s ‘Tailgatorade’ will keep you going all game day long (35:02). THIS is the BEST tailgate food, ever invented (40:20). How would Malcom grill at a tailgate (47:18)? Walmart now carries disposable cutting boards (53:43)! Dov
01/09/20231 hour 4 minutes 4 seconds
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Fantasy Football Recipes, the Best Sandwiches of All Time & What is the BEST City for Eating BBQ?

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our ongoing podcast room changes and our Palmer Home “Feed-a-Family” campaign (02:05). What is the #BetweenTheBuns contest (04:40)? This guy made a Pork Butt with GREEK flavors (08:16)... Is a Connecticut or Boston Lobster Roll better (13:28)? What is Malcom’s GOAT sandwich recipe (20:16)? Why are pellet grill wings so good (21:28)? Malcom considers himself a dip kind of guy (24:10). It’s time for Malcom’s annual Fantasy Football draft party (26:57)! What is the best wing dipping sauce (33:09)? This is why I hate 7-Layer Bean Dip (36:01)... There’s NO WAY these are the best BBQ cities in America (37:28). Do defroster plates ACTUALLY work (45:18)? This is Malcom’s ‘Hot Take’ on smoking briskets (49:55). Malcom isn’t as good as he used to be at Madden (58:01). Check out our BBQ community, socials, and upcoming football recipes (1:00:05)!
25/08/20231 hour 1 minute 1 second
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Talking Brisket feat. Swine Life BBQ

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I introduce a “special guest”, Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ (00:19). We discuss Mark’s extensive competition bbq season (02:20), and what he and Malcom’s BBQ competition bucket list consists of (05:53). Malcom and Mark discuss brisket techniques and tips like (08:28): where can you get a good eating brisket (13:07), the BIGGEST issue that ruins a brisket (16:01), competition vs. home-smoked brisket (21:42), learning something new every time (27:48), and using beef tallow to amp up their briskets (32:00)? Is Mark’s favorite mayonnaise - Blue Plate Mayo (35:05)? He did whip up some pancakes with mayo, recently (38:00). What do you do with burnt ends (38:44)? Come join our #BetweenTheBuns Community Competition (42:35)! What are Malcom and Mark’s PERFECT brisket cook (45:55)? Buc-ee’s briskets are a game changer (52:58). Make sure y’all checkout our P
18/08/202357 minutes 35 seconds
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Royal Oak HQ, Football Food, & the BEST Smoke Bacon Recipe

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Palmer Home’s “Feed a Family” campaign (00:59). Malcolm and Tyler talk about their experience at Royal Oak’s headquarters (03:24). What are chicken littles and firecracker sauce (06:42)? Malcom talks about his favorite sliders (12:33), and how he made skirt steak tacos (17:02). What kind of restaurant did Malcom and Tyler eat at (28:00), and what kind of food was on the menu (32:30)? We made the BEST homemade “Whataburger” patty melt at our smokehouse (36:27). Why are transfusion so dang good (42:25)? Millionaire bacon is the BEST smoke bacon recipe ever (46:45)! We talk about Joey Chestnut and his life of hot dog competition & eating (53:01). We answer and talk about some community questions (56:55). Check us out on our socials and website for recipes (1:05:46)!
12/08/20231 hour 6 minutes 29 seconds
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Grilling in Bad Weather, Best Steakhouse in the South & the “Smoking on Main” Experience

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Palmer Home “Feed a Family” campaign and its prizes (01:34)! How was our experience at the Collinsville “Smoking on Main” event (02:44)? What are Pork Steaks (04:45)? The Saint Louis BBQ Society competition was fun until a crazy storm blew through (08:58). Malcom had the opportunity to try S.T.A.G. Beer (11:40)! What is a horseshoe sandwich (14:50)? Does BAD WEATHER affect your smoke on the grill (19:31)? Humidity AND altitude both have an affect on grilling (23:14). What are the BEST & WORST cookers for lousy weather (29:55)? We answer some Q&A from our Let's Get to Cookin' community (32:18). These are the 'TOP 5' Steakhouses in the Mid-South (36:55). What’s coming up this week (45:55)?
04/08/202352 minutes 34 seconds
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Deep Sea Fishing, Baked Potato Hacks & Red Snapper Recipes

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I are back from our midseason break. We’re starting it off by discussing our Palmer Home “Feed a Family Campaign” (02:08). We caught some BIG fish during our deep sea excursion (05:13). Red Snapper in the Air-Fryer is DANG GOOD (09:52)! What are snapper throats (13:16)? What are the differences between home-grown tomatoes versus store-bought tomatoes (23:00)? I’ve been experimenting with chicken thighs on the pellet grill (31:40). Malcom was a kid in a candy store at the new butcher shop in town (35:03)... Malcom reveals his new baked potato hack that changes the game (37:18). Are tomahawk steaks a waste of money (41:19)? The art and science of seasoning and coloring a steak (43:58). What’s coming up this season (51:36)? Follow our H2Q community for future contests and plans (56:39).
28/07/202359 minutes 41 seconds
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St. Louis Eats, The Science of Marinades & Butcher Paper Ribs Recipe

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Tyler is BACK from his recent paternity leave (00:23). The 4th of July weekend is the best time to fire up those pits (01:18)... Who knew St. Louis had the best lobster rolls (02:34)? I pick Malcom’s brain about his MOUTH-WATERING Butcher Paper Rib recipe (09:45), and would Malcom use butcher paper to wrap ribs for a competition (18:50)? We finally got to shoot a video at Malcom’s new Smokehouse (26:00), and he shot a classic take on baked beans for TikTok (32:07). Do Blue Plate Mayo and Baked Beans belong together (37:18)? Malcom had some fun experimenting with food, recently (39:43). What is the science behind Marinating Meat (46:50)?
30/06/202359 minutes 48 seconds
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Making a ZERO SUGAR BBQ Sauce, Summer Recipes & How to Reheat BBQ

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I discuss our Summer mindset and plans (01:27). Malcom creates a new fusion Lo Mein recipe on a flat top (03:35). Our NEW Killer Hogs Zero Sugar Sauce is NOW available. It tastes excellent (08:45)! How was our Father’s Day ribeye steak (12:32)? The Hexclad pans are “The Rolls-Royce of frying pans” (15:32). Grilling on vacation is a different experience (20:42). Food preparation for vacation is a GREAT tip (27:00). I made a Blue Plate Mayo chicken salad on the go (31:25)! What are the BEST way to reheating BBQ (34:18)? We answer your community questions here (50:20)! Don’t take pictures of Malcom like this GUY (55:32). Check out our BIG giveaways and socials (1:00:58)!
23/06/20231 hour 3 minutes 13 seconds
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Grilla Grills, NEW Smokehouse, & Evolution of Outdoor Kitchens

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I bring in a special guest from Grilla Grills, Ethan O’Keefe, to discuss our NEW smokehouse and Grilla Grills appliances (00:31). The evolution of the outdoor kitchen is HERE (06:11)! What are some of our favorite Grilla Grills (17:01)? Grilla Grills are updating and continuing old products (22:07). Malcom’s man cave is a GREAT experience (31:41). What’s cooking at the NEW smokehouse (39:03)? Malcom shows off a skewer trick that everyone can use (44:30). How hard is it to make your own sausage (48:55)? What kind of recipes do we cook during hunting season (51:15)? Don’t forget about Father’s Day (53:33)! We showed Ethan some Mississippi love and hospitality (56:23). Come check out Grilla Grills and our socials (58:06)!
16/06/202359 minutes 10 seconds
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Red Fish Fishing, Weber Standalone Griddle & Old vs. New BBQ

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom and I just got back from our separate vacations (00:25). Don’t sleep on snapper throats (7:00). Malcom gives a play-by-play of what he grilled up for Memorial Day (18:09). Why is NOBODY cooking CT Pork Butts (25:06)? The Smokehouse is in its FINAL stages (26:35)! Malcom gives the scoop on cooking ALL KINDS of fish on his Weber 28” Standalone Griddle (32:08), and he gives his AWESOME Flat Top Potatoes recipe (37:10) and his new Griddle Wing recipe (40:32). We’re answering the age old question: Is Old BBQ better than new BBQ (52:21)? Finally, we close out with if you should mix wood chips and pellets in your smoker to add more flavor to YOUR next cook (58:02)?
09/06/20231 hour 3 minutes 2 seconds
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WCBCC ‘23 Recap, Memorial Day BBQ & Barbecue Half Chicken Recipe

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we are BACK from Memphis in May (00:24)! Our live podcast on the river didn’t go quite as planned (04:08)... Malcom and I got trapped in an elevator (05:31). I pick Malcom’s brain about our MOUTH WATERING turn-ins from last Friday (10:52), and the infamous pitcher of bullfrog did not last long at our tent this year (12:45). What BBQ is on the menu for Malcom’s Memorial Day weekend (17:11)? Malcom gives the rundown on his recent chicken obsession (19:15), including his brand new BBQ Chicken Halves recipe (27:40)! Malcom is a Smoked Sausage Connoisseur (38:10), and he got nostalgic on some “Fancy Beanie Weenies'' (42:13). What are some of the BEST ways to keep flies away from your grilling area (46:04)? This is how you carry a brisket on an airplane (50:41). Finally, M
26/05/202358 minutes 11 seconds
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Talking BBQ at Memphis In May ‘23

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we are LIVE at the Mississippi River down at Memphis in May 2023 (00:12)! Malcom made him and I some Bloody Marys (01:07). What’s the process of getting ready for Memphis in May (02:04)? What are Malcom’s WILDEST stories from Memphis in Mays of the past (06:06)? It may have been a long time since we last cooked a whole hog, but we are FIRED up to compete again (13:38)! What are Malcom and I’s go-to Bloody Mary recipes (15:58)? Malcom gives the meaty details on his newest ‘FALL OFF THE BONE’ Rib recipe (19:53). There’s definitely lots of Blue Plate at our tent, this year (24:40). Malcom gives the juicy details on what his PERFECT pulled pork sandwich looks like (26:20)... What are Malcom’s recommendations for a Griddle for all kinds of home cooking (29:11)? Why the hell is Natio
23/05/202334 minutes 41 seconds
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BBQ Hall of Fame, Partying at Memphis in May & Best Restaurants in Memphis

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Memphis in May is only one week away (00:25)! We’re gonna attempt the impossible at WCBCC, this year (07:20)! Malcom has some very big news to share with y’all… (11:35), and we even dropped a few new products (14:54). What are the BEST restaurants to eat in Memphis (17:37)? Malcom gives the spill on some of his KILLER new recipes, like the BBQ Pasta Salad (25:40), and his MOUTH-WATERING Denver Steak (29:54)! Malcom takes a stroll down memory lane with his Burnt ass chicken recipe (33:31). Malcom reminisces on some of his glory days partying at Memphis in May (40:22).. How do you harvest a Peach Tree to use as smoking wood (45:49)? These are the best practices for buying meat in the grocery store (47:52). Finally, we close out with some of our upcoming giveaways, and what’s in store for the next HowToBBQRight Podcast (55:00)?
12/05/20231 hour 55 seconds
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Gearing Up for Memphis in May 2023 feat. Swine Life BBQ

Today on the HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re welcoming a special guest, Mark Williams from Swine Life BBQ (00:27). Y’all have GOT to go to the Metairie Crawfish Festival, where it’s all you can eat (03:23). Malcom wants to go day-drinking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (09:18). He also celebrated the holiday with a delicious new Smoked Birria Taco recipe (13:00). Mark gives the raw details on how he’s smoking Whole Hog these days (19:50). What do you have to do to set up a pit for Whole Hog cooking (32:55)? How long can a Whole Hog rest (36:53)? Should you be running your pit “dirty” during competitions (42:13)? Cooking in poor weather conditions can be a challenge, but Mark shares exactly how to work with your surroundings (45:38). What kind of feedback is constructive to Competition BBQ teams, from judges (52:22)? What ancillaries are Killer Hogs entering in at Memphis in May (56:12)? This is how to make BBQ Nachos for almost a hundred people (1:04:46)!  
05/05/20231 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds
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Morgan Wallen Canceled, Sam’s Club vs. Costco & What Makes a Steak Wagyu?

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re back at the grindstone crankin’ out new videos (00:32). Will the Memphis Grizzlies clutch up the Playoff Win (04:50)? We went to that canceled Morgan Wallen concert (08:00)... Springfest came and went this past weekend (16:40). Malcom LOVES getting new presents from The Butcher Shoppe (24:39). What makes a cut of meat considered “high end” (29:37)? I pick Malcom’s brain about the “Wagyu” of other meats (40:22). We can’t WAIT for Memphis in May 2023 (47:28)! Does Malcom have any videos from the past he wants to recreate (53:39)? Is Malcom a Sam’s Club or Costco guy (56:20)? What are the BEST Steakhouses in Memphis (1:01:20)? These are the BEST leftover brisket recipes (1:03:27). Malcom gives the rundown on some of his AWARD-WINNING chef’s choice dishes for your next competition (1:05:35 )!
28/04/20231 hour 10 minutes 7 seconds
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Steak Grilling 101, Washing Raw Chicken & Properly Freezing Meat

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, it has been absolutely perfect grilling weather outside (00:28). Rachelle got a new cooking gadget she has to try out (02:44). Killer Hogs is competing in Whole Hog at Memphis in May 2023 (05:11). I pick Malcom’s brain about the benefits of grilling versus searing your steaks (11:29), and he gives his go-to compound butter recipe (20:45). Should you trim your whole spare rib or smoke them whole (27:32)? We answer the age old question of, “Should you wash your raw chicken?” (35:06) What are the BEST injectors for injecting your meat (45:36)? Should you brine your pork loin before you cook it (51:02)? How long can you leave a pork butt in the freezer (54:59)? Do Charcoal Briquettes have a shelf life (57:23)? Would Malcom choose a Big Green Egg or a Drum Smoker, if he could only have one (59:59)?
21/04/20231 hour 6 minutes 37 seconds
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Gravity Fed Smokers, BEST BBQ in Memphis & Smoked Seafood Recipes

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom had some KILLER eats down in Biloxi this past week (00:42). Our trip down to Fire Dancer BBQ HQ was awesome and delicious (12:55). Malcom’s Smokehouse is in its final stages (16:44). We had a little less of a traditional Easter dinner (20:34), and Malcom’s ‘Low Country Boil’ recipe was a huge hit (29:28)! Some people REALLY love Fall of the Bone ribs (40:54)! Does milk actually help in the event of eating spicy food (48:10)? Ham has to be the main meat of Easter (54:30). Use THESE recipes for potatoes served with steak (55:23). Malcom has to get his hands on a Gravity Fed Smoker (1:00:52), and these are the best food stops in Memphis for delicious barbecue (1:04:13).
14/04/20231 hour 13 minutes 2 seconds
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Hogs For The Cause, Best Food in NOLA & Whole Hog at Memphis In May

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re headin’ out for our appearance in Benton, Arkansas this weekend! (1:08). Our Trip to New Orleans was a SUCCESS (02:07)! These tornadoes in the South have been devastating (13:42). New Orleans should be the food capital of the world, (16:37) because we had the BEST brunch EVER (29:21)! The drive home from NOLA was ROUGH (35:49). Malcom can’t wait to smoke a Whole Hog for Memphis in May 2023 (47:47). Is MSG ACTUALLY bad for you (00)? This is how you smoke fall off the bone ribs (54:40)... What are some of Malcom’s Favorite “Pitmaster Treats'' (57:20)? Finally, what is the shelf life of used Peanut Oil (1:00:15)?    
07/04/20231 hour 3 minutes 34 seconds
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Best Easter Sides, Sweets & Ham Recipes

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re going to be at this retail shop in Arkansas, come see us (03:05)! Hogs for the Cause in New Orleans is going to be a weekend for the books (04:17). WCBCC ‘23 is starting to ramp up (11:09). I want to know what some of Malcom’s favorite Easter Traditions were growing up (13:24), and why Malcom’s new smoked ham recipe should be at your Easter dinner, this year (19:35). If ham really isn’t your thing, this Easter brisket recipe should do the trick (39:32). Malcom, Tyler and I debate on the BEST Easter side (41:52). What is the BEST Easter candy (46:50)?  This is how you prevent your meatloaf from falling apart (54:51)... This is Malcom’s Guide to getting into Competition BBQ (56:22).
02/04/20231 hour 9 minutes 4 seconds
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Fried Ribs, Crawfish Wings & $15 or Less Recipes

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, come see Malcom at these events (01:55)! Did Malcom win a $15 or less cooking showdown (06:17)? Malcom’s Smokehouse is chugging along (17:05)! Are Deep Fried Ribs BETTER than Smoked Ribs (23:08)? Malcom spills the beans about his new favorite cocktail recipe (30:38)... Crawfish season is FINALLY here (36:09), and Malcom made some MOUTH-WATERING Crawfish Wings (50:58)! How long can a pork butt be left at room temperature before it’s unsafe to eat (56:03)? What’s Malcom got coming up (1:01:33)?
24/03/20231 hour 4 minutes 54 seconds
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Trimming WHOLE Spare Ribs, Sausage Seasoned Ribs & Memphis in May 2023

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we got to try a TOP SECRET new Blue Plate Mayo product (00:21)... We’ve been working pretty diligently behind the scenes recently (7:56). Malcom’s bowling days must be behind him (10:47). Malcom fried up some MOUTH-WATERING catfish this weekend (13:16). I pick Malcom’s brain all about his brand new Sausage Seasoned Rib recipe (15:38). We made it into Memphis in May (42:15)! What does flouring bacon do to it while it’s cooking (44:11)? What’s Malcom’s go-to Asian BBQ Rub (50:24)? Someone in the community page hasn’t seen the Chili’s commercial (52:00)... Finally we close out with what we’ve got coming up this spring break (55:29)!  
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Carne Guisada, Cold Smoked Salmon & Blackstone Hot Dogs

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, the weather down here has been pretty rough (00:23). Malcom whipped up some delicious Carne Guisada, this weekend (03:51). Things are finally starting to look like spring down south (09:56). Making Hot Dogs on the Blackstone is TOUGH work (13:32)! Malcom is working on his Cold Smoked Salmon recipe (21:08). There will be new scenery in the videos pretty soon (28:34)… We’re going to Hogs 4 the Cause with Blue Plate (49:00)! Memphis in May is just around the corner (56:34 ). I want to know if Malcom is down to try out 16 MILLION Scoville Hot Sauce (59:43)… We discuss this new TikTok trend of putting avocados in water to keep them fresh for longer (1:02:04). If Malcom had to buy his last grill, what would it be (1:05:31)?
03/03/20231 hour 12 minutes 58 seconds
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Best Bahamian Food, Lobster Rolls & Pepper Crusted Filet Recipe

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, we’re BACK from our trip to the Bahamas (00:22)! We kinda missed out on Mardi Gras this year (00:41)... We had some FANTASTIC food while we were on vacation (03:42)... What was the BEST food we ate while on the islands (09:59)? Malcom has to show the islanders how to make authentic Jerk Chicken (12:53). There was Tartar Sauce EVERYWHERE in the Bahamas (15:48). We had some KILLER drinks over the break (19:06), but Malcom really showed his age at the bar (24:08)... I pick Malcom’s brain about his New Lobster Tail and Pepper Crusted Filet recipes (26:12). Crawfish season is ALMOST HERE (41:45)! We talk all about the “Velveting'' Technique (45:12). Our Next Community Giveaway is NOW LIVE (54:00)! The BBQ in the Bahamas was ROUGH (56:30). Can you eat Alligator during Lent (58:21)? What’s up next at HowToBBQRight HQ (1:01:03)?
24/02/20231 hour 6 minutes 59 seconds
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Grilling for the Super Bowl & BBQ on the Blackstone

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, our trip to the Caribbean is just a few days away (01:26)! What exactly is a “Tammy” (02:31)? Malcom actually ALREADY has a London Broil recipe (05:27). Malcom’s been doing A LOT of grilling on his new Adventure Series Blackstone (07:55). Malcom’s Super Bowl approved recipes: Philly Cheesesteak Burger, (16:58) Spicy Avocado Ranch Dip, (24:54), Crawfish Rotel (31:14), and his Super BBQ Chicken Sandwich (37:33)! What in the world is an “Atomic Buffalo Turd'' (40:45)? Malcom takes a dive into some of his FAVORITE football foods for this Sunday (41:47). What’s going on in the “Let’s Get to Cookin’” Community (47:14)? Can you smoke cream cheese in advance, and have it ready the next day (47:23)? What’s the correct way to grill wings on a pellet grill (49:54)?
10/02/20231 hour 6 minutes 50 seconds
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Homemade Gumbo, Hog Jowl & Boudin King Cake Recipe

  In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, We survived the Mid-South Ice Storm of 2023 (00:22). During our time at home, Malcom really got down to cooking inside (04:24), and broke into his hog jowl stash (07:49)! Super Bowl Sunday is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (12:16)! What did Malcom cook for the last week of hunting season (14:42)? Potato Salad and Gumbo is a thing, and it’s freaking delicious (20:21)… I get the spill on Malcom’s recent Boudin King Cake recipe (22:29). What exactly is Boudin(33:15)? It’s time for us to start planning out our competitions for the year (40:35). What do we have planned for Super Bowl Sunday (44:03)? Wanna win some cool HowToBBQRight Swag (45:56)? We take a deep dive into the community questions for the week with, “What is a ‘London Broil’” (50:31)? Can me
03/02/20231 hour 33 seconds
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Whole Competition Hog, Grilla Grills Silverbac & Homemade Summer Sausage Recipe

In this week’s HowToBBQRight Podcast, We are BACK IN BUSINESS for Season 6 (0:33)! Super Bowl weekend is FINALLY here (2:22). During the break we had some MOUTH WATERING foods (3:30). Malcom clears the air about having “canned” turnip greens for New Years Day (5:43). I FINALLY convinced Malcom to put Blue Plate on his cornbread (07:25) Duck meat is TRULY a hidden gem of meat (8:28). Malcom recreated his Walmart prime rib for Christmas and it was TO DIE FOR (12:06). Malcom’s Deer Summer Sausage recipe is coming along quickly (15:12)! I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming Birria Taco Recipe (17:54). Malcom smoked a Whole Hog on Outlaw’s new smoker “The HAWG” (24:54). I ask Malcom all about his new Grilla Grill Chimp He’s been using here lately (34:53), and why he always keeps his grill open when he lights them (39:30). We take a deep dive into FireBall’s recent controversy (41:05). Over the break, someone sent us a WHOLE GALLON of Blue Plate Mayo (44
27/01/20231 hour 5 minutes 18 seconds