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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 28 episodes, 15 hours, 41 minutes
Ilir Sela grew up hearing stories about his Uncle Miu’s NYC pizzeria and then built America’s largest network of independent pizzerias. It might seem like pizza is the common thread there, but it’s not: It’s drive. Join Ilir, founder and CEO of Slice, as he unpacks the secret recipe of ambition, endurance, and good ol’ luck behind some of today’s most driven entrepreneurs. Each episode is a new conversation with someone who saw the world in a new way — expect big ideas, colossal gambles, major drive, and… some occasional pizza gossip.
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Landon Pietrini: Pizza Is the Vehicle for Something Deeper

From a newlywed decision to go all-in on his dad’s pipe dream of opening a pizzeria to making practice dough in his hotel room and ranking fifth in the World Pizza Championship, Landon is a stellar example of the power of learning through action. Tune in for an episode brimming with — to quote our guest — “the beautiful process of learning something new and being humbled by how much you don’t know.” 
4/24/202433 minutes, 10 seconds
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Nikki Kaplan: The Result Is Worth It

When temporarily closing one of your pizzerias for renovations results in memes and palpable heartbreak, you know you’re doing something very, very right. Nikki doesn’t just run 16 beloved shops — she curates three distinct pizza brands across NYC.  Dive into this episode for an inside scoop from an entrepreneur so devoted to her craft that she graduated college on a Friday, started at the pizzeria on Monday, and hasn’t ever stopped. 
4/15/202418 minutes, 44 seconds
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Shin Irvin & Melissa López: Less Water, More Feelings

Sparking warm memories, like a standing pizza night with mom or that first-ever bite of a favorite slice, is at the core of Shins Pizza. Shin and Melissa built their beloved pizzeria on the belief that an experience isn’t just one thing — it’s a combo of all our senses. Tune in for advice on letting people do what they do best, drawing inspiration from an autograph wall, and how cutting 50 grams of water can change everything.
4/2/202418 minutes, 14 seconds
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Nardo: Why Be Normal?

In just four years, Nardo has built one of the nation’s top independent pizzerias. His secret? Being extremely true to himself and his community. With adventurous, musically named pies (and live music in the shop!), arcade games, and a secret menu, we’re not surprised that Nardo’s Pizza is an absolute hit. Tune in for (a censored version) of Nardo’s mom’s (very solid) business advice, the definitive reason that pizza beats burgers, and how an April Fool’s goof became a signature dish. 
2/9/202419 minutes, 32 seconds