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How We Run: Tips and Tales of Non-Profit Success Cover
How We Run: Tips and Tales of Non-Profit Success Profile

How We Run: Tips and Tales of Non-Profit Success

English, Finance, 5 seasons, 35 episodes, 19 hours, 37 minutes
“How We Run” investigates the multi-faceted approach needed to run a non-profit. We tackle topics such as managing your board, fundraising, and measuring your impact. Each episode features an interview with a successful nonprofit director who shares their insight about running an organization. Hosted by Julie Lacouture (non-profit consultant and founder of Good Ways Inc) and Trent Stamp (founder of Charity Navigator and CEO of the Eisner Foundation). Season 5 starts April 2022.
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S5 E4 Confident Honesty with Jessica Aronoff

After only eight months in their new facilities, the Cayton Children's Museum faced the pandemic and subsequent reopening. According to their CEO, Jessica Aronoff, "I really did think the challenging part was when we were shut down. And that's not true. Sure, that was an existential challenge for us, for humanity. But from a business standpoint, the time since reopening has been the most challenging." In this episode, Jessica, who has worked as a funder and a non-profit executive, shares tips for talking to funders and how she leads her organization with "confident honesty."
10/25/202238 minutes, 45 seconds
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S5 E3 Big Swings: Reinventing an Organization

Season 5, Episode 3 of the How We Run podcast has an amazing leader that has built an amazing organization. Our guest is Nichol Whiteman, the CEO of the Dodgers Foundation who shares with us how she led a turnaround to build an organization with a deep understanding of its mission and goals. Nichol shares: "It was very important for us to focus first on youth and families who we know needed us most, who could truly help us drive programming moving forward. We created a grant making program. We knew that it was essential to be supporting nonprofits here on the ground in the Los Angeles community." "In a weird way, I feel like a founder which is really special. We recreated ourselves. We created programs, we redefined our mission. We made it certain that clarity was provided for Dodger fans and for the broader Los Angeles community on who we are and what we're doing and why we're doing these things." Find a transcript here:
6/1/202241 minutes
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S5 E2 Growing By Merging

We are joined by Liz Forer, CEO Venice Family Clinic, who tells us about the recent successful merger of two nonprofits: Venice Family Clinic and South Bay Family Health Care. Liz talks through how the board started planning and coordinating this merger for almost two years and what she feels makes it successful.
5/5/202228 minutes, 39 seconds
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S5 E1 Succession planning for the whole organization

Jenna Hauss started as an intern at ONEgeneration and today she is the President and CEO of this $9 million organization in Southern California. Jenna shares what she's learned about the importance of succession planning and how she views it as a tool for the whole organization, not just executive roles. "Succession planning is also about replacing key staff, not just executive leadership, but our program directors who are truly carrying the programs. Recognizing internal potential candidates that have leadership ability and giving them the tools and resources that they need." "We are very selective when it comes to an individual who wants to potentially be on our board. There's a pretty in-depth process. We want to make sure that we're selecting individuals that are a good representation of the work that we do and of our community." "What we've learned over this past year is that we can only do so much as an organization and the power of collaboration really can create a positive impact."
4/21/202232 minutes, 28 seconds