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The host, Andrew Lewin, helps you overcome the problems of the ocean by discussing the latest ocean news and studies that will help you make more informed decisions in your life so you can live for a better ocean.
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SUFB 642: Diversity Within The Marine Conservation Field

This episode is a continuation of episode 638, where I discussed the fact that All White Male panels at conferences and workshops in the Marine Conservation and Science field. I received a bit of criticism for the episode and my views on how panels should be diversified.  The criticism and subsequent responses to the post occured in the Facebook Group. The conversation was very respectful, especially considering the sensitivity of the topic.  I address the criticism from the post and try to clarify my stance.  Enjoy the Podcast!!! Want to be heard on the podcast? Leave a voicemail: Grove Collaborative Special: <a href= ""
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SUFB 127: New Species of Octopus Discovered in Deep Sea

Species Tuesday: NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research Department discovered a new species of Octopus that is being dubbed "Casper, the Friendly Octopus" because of it's ghost-like white body that glows in the dark. On today's podcast I talk about the unique qualities of the species and why we need more of these kinds of discoveries. Support the Podcast: Shop for the Ocean: 10 Ocean Tips to Conserve the Ocean: Show Notes:
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SUFB 017 Can Celebrities Help Or Harm An Ocean Awareness Campaign?

Celebrities often participate in Ocean Awareness Campaigns because they have a large fan base of people who will do what they feel is important to them. Show Notes: Speak Up For Blue Facebook Page:
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SUFB 014: Saving the Vaquita with Dr. Andrew Wright

Dr. Andrew Wright joins me to discuss why the cutest marine mammal in the world is at risk to going extinct (fewer than 100 individuals). Andrew tells me all about these elusive and wonderful marine mammals. Find out how important it is for us, the Speak Up For Blue Community, to help these poor animals. Show Notes:
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Nat Geo Bought By Rupert Murdoch - Science Communication in Peril?

Rupert Murdoch bought and now owns 73% of The National Geographic Society AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Is nothing else sacred? The man that owns Fox News and believes Climate Change is some sort of natural process now has 73% control of a science, exploration, discovery and conservation magazine? Say it ain't so!!! I give you the low down on the $750 million deal and let you know how I feel about it and what I think should be done. Show Notes:
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SUFB 013: The Role of Ocean Economies in Conservation

Economics plays an important role in Ocean Conservation. There are multiple competing interests involved in extraction and tourism of specific resources. It is important to understand how the Ocean Economies so we can better protect the Ocean. That is why I asked Jeff Adkins, Ocean Economist at NOAA, to help us understand Ocean Economies and the role it plays in conservation. Show Notes:
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SUFB 011: Saving Marine Mammals Through Policy

This week I talk to Dr. Chris Parsons, a professor at George Mason University, who is an expert on the conservation of Marine Mammals and policy. We discuss issues are causing harm to marine mammals and what policies are in place to protect them (and do they do their job!). We also discuss how you and I can help protect marine mammals even if you are not a scientist! And finally, at the beginning of our discussing we chat about what advice he gives his graduate students on how they can build their careers in Marine Conservation. Show Notes:
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SUFB Podcast 010: 9 Good Things that came out of the Cecil The Lion Tragedy

The tragedy of the murder of Cecil the Lion shocked the world, especially the way it happened. The public response was astounding and played a role in 9 benefits that came out of this tragedy. I let you know what I think those benefits are and how it relates to Ocean Conservation. Show Notes:
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SUFB Podcast 009: Ocean Conservation Through Video Storytelling

This week I interview Gianna Savoie, Executive Director of the Ocean Media Institute. Gianna works with various Ocean Conservation organizations and people to help them communicate their science and conservation to the public through video story telling. Gianna gives us advice on which cameras are available to use and how we can tell stories effectively. Show Notes:
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SUFB 008: Ocean And Climate Change

Politicians, US Republicans, are trying to solidify the thought that Climate Change is not caused by humans. Common Sense and science says otherwise; however, these politicians have a strong reach. I decided to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on Oceans and Climate Change. I switched up the format a bit from an interview style to just me talking about Climate Change. Enjoy the Podcast! Show Notes:
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SUFB 007: How Sea Grant is conserving New York State with Bill Wyse

I speak to Bill Wyse, executive director of the NY Sea Grant, who works with partners to help conserve the waters and coast in New York State. Much of our conversation focuses on the recovery after Super Storm Sandy and how planning has changed in its wake. Show Notes:
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SUFB 006: Advocating for the International Protection of Sharks with Angelo Villagomez

Angelo Villagomez helps protect sharks all around the world by working with the governments of small island communities to help implement shark sanctuaries and shark protections while working at the PEW Charitable Trust. Listen to Angelo talk about how he used a worldwide campaign of people taking pictures with a cartoon shark to influence the committee of people who were voting on CITES shark protection to vote in favour of protecting a number of species. Show Notes:
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SUFB 005: Corals Are Good For Your Health with Dr. Ellen Prager

I am joined this week by Dr. Ellen Prager, a coral reef scientist and author of a series of books to engage youth in ocean conservation. We discuss how connecting coral reef health with the health of human is a great way to raise awareness for coral reef conservation. Show Notes:
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SUFB Special: Shark Week 003 Shark Conservation using Science and Movies with David McGuire

David McGuire is a marine biologist, director of Shark Stewards, a non-profit organization dedicated to monitoring sharks in the San Francisco Bay area and abroad and educating the public through digital documentaries. I invited David on the podcast to tell us about how filmakers make sharks out to be evil killing machines through their shots and storylines. We also discuss how shark week can improve using positive messaging in the programs. Show Notes:
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SUFB Special: Shark Week 002 Tracking and Protecting Sharks with Dr. Neil Hammerschlag

I speak with Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, Director of the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program and Assistant Research Professor at the University of Miami. We discuss his research on sharks and how important it is to understand where they travel and stay to keep their populations sustainable. We also chat about how his research involves the Florida Fishing Community. A great conversation about sharks during this year's 2015 Shark Week. Show Notes:
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SUFB Special: Shark Week 001 Tracking Sevengill Sharks using Citizen Science with Michael Bear

Michael Bear started and directs the Sevengill shark Citizen Science Program at Ocean Sanctuaries. Join me as he recounts his first encounter with this unique species which inspired him to create a monitroing program run by SCUBA divers to learn more about their sevengill friends that inhabit La Jolla Cove, California. Show Notes:
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SUFB 004 - Talking Oceans and Fisheries Management with Alex Tilley

Alex Tilley and his wife Juliana Lopez Angarita co-founded a non-profit organization called Talking Oceans that focuses on science and conservation of tropical ecosystems. They carry out research in coastal communities throughout Central and South America.
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SUFB 003 Citizen Science Using Secchi Disks with Dr. Richard Kirby

Citizen Science is a great way to engage non-Marine Scientists in taking part in field work and data collection. This engagement leads to more people being out on the Ocean with a better understanding of how the Ocean is being affected by our uses of it. Let me know what you thought of the episode by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page: OR Twitter Page: OR hit me up on Instagram: Subscribe for more fun episodes. Show Notes:
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SUFB 001: What to Know About Water Pollution and How to Stop It with Dr. Judith S. Weis

For the first episode of the SUFB podcast, I chat with Dr. Judith Weis whose latest book, "Marine Pollution: What Everyone Needs to Know" dives into the world of water pollution. We talk about issues ranging from plastics to oil spills and the solutions that you can follow to reduce your personal impact on the Ocean. Pick up her book on Amazon. Let me know what you thought of the episode by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page: OR Twitter Page: OR hit me up on Instagram: Subscribe for more fun episodes. Show Notes:
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SUFB 002: Exploring the Deep Sea News with Dr. Craig McClain

When I was a kid, there wasn't much info on the net regarding my favourite subject, Marine Science. But now things are different. Dr. Craig McClain is the cheif editor of the website His site details research and issues important to a variety of his fellow researchers and colleagues. The information ranges from simple ecology to myth busting the latest issues. All while writing in an entertaining format. Let me know what you thought of the episode by leaving a comment on our Facebook Page: OR Twitter Page: OR hit me up on Instagram: Subscribe for more fun episodes. Show Notes: