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English, Gaming, 1 seasons, 311 episodes, 5 days 16 hours 33 minutes
Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.
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The BIGGEST moves and HOTTEST takes of the off-season with Croissant and Cubby | NOT-line League

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05/12/20232 hours 29 minutes 23 seconds
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STATE OF THE LEAGUE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Doublelift, Aphromoo and Kobe look back on LCS beginnings

00:00:00 Intro - Doublelift's birthday! &nbsp;00:12:16 When did Doublelift and Aphromoo meet? 00:27:37 Kobe wants some spicier stories - drama?! 00:32:18 What were DL/Aphro/Kobe's favorite teams ever? 00:37:00 Was Aphro suprised to see DL retire? 00:38:25 How did LCS players make money before League popped off? 00:41:00 The international scene: did they see it coming? 00:49:30 Doublelift's costream <a href="
20/07/20211 hour 7 minutes 11 seconds
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Has C9 Fumbled? Who will rise to the top? Summer Playoff Predictions, Worlds and Beyond| HLL 134

00:00:00 Intro &nbsp;00:20:44 Mikael's take: Golden Guardians will take the 3rd spot at worlds beating out TL since TSM will get 2nd seed 00:31:39 Syck's hot take: TL will NOT make worlds 00:41:03 Xanadu's take: C9 will not be going to worlds. 00:50:59 Alienware is great! :D 00:53:42 Fracture's hot take: C9 will not drop a single game in playoffs 01:03:01 BaldySenpai says EG needs to bench Bang to make room for Jiizuke AND Huni. 01:12:50</a
04/08/20202 hours 1 minute 48 seconds
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Summer Split's heating up and the takes just get hotter! | Hotline League 128

00:00:00 Intro 00:09:04 in my mother's heart's take: the 100 Thieves season "arc" will be the exact same as spring, really cold start and will pick up steam later, then chokes in playoffs. &nbsp;00:20:07 Warden's take: if TSM doesnt go 3-1 or better in the next 2 weeks they are in a really bad spot 00:31:49 Foolzz22's take: GOLDEN GUARDIANS HAVE HIGHEST CEILING IN THE LEAGUE &amp; THEY WILL BE A PLAYOFF TEAM! &nbsp;00:44:43 lilchester27's take: TSM blundered by having DL play Syndra. 00:56:25 impulu's take: From a financial perspective, the LCS should invest more in marketin
23/06/20202 hours 2 minutes 14 seconds
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Cat-less Kobe Campaigns; LCS Continues Despite Players Association Vote | Hotline League 115

00:00:00 Intro - Players Association vote speculation 00:34:30 Kon's take: the players' vote to cancel the LCS season coupled with Riot's ignoring it is a huge deal. More people should be siding with players in this situation. 00:49:26 Bluejay's take: TL is going to make a move in the off season, and it's not a player 01:01:44 Wasted Dolphin thinks EG is gonna win the whole split. 01:12:00 StickmanAlv;'s take: Team Liquid not making playoffs will be better for the LCS long term. 01:20:58 TomShoe isn't sold on TSM, if Broken Blade doesn't get fed, they look lost. <a href="ht
24/03/20201 hour 53 minutes 14 seconds
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Damonte's determination, NA's issues revisited, All Stars invitations declined | Hotline League 101

00:00:00 Intro / Rumor recaps 00:05:40 What's Damonte doing next split? 00:12:57 Embrs says if NA wants to improve, people/orgs need to take responsibility for various shortcomings. 00:37:18 udysof , an Oceanic player, says an influx of minor region players will save NA soloQ's problems by adding high-quality players. 00:45:19 proximategalaxy says Sneaky is the hottest available player that hasn't been picked up yet. 00:56:30 TomShoe calls again to talk current state of LCS politics. 01:04:45 Damonte depart
27/11/20192 hours 12 minutes 3 seconds
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TSM Roster Changes LCS Point Changes Playoff Predictions - HLL 85

&nbsp;00:00:00 Intro 00:20:53 How HLL works &nbsp;00:24:14 NamSlam's Hot Take: TSM is hurting themselves by not subbing out Bjergsen 00:31:35 Woodzys thinks because of TSM's Spica move that the academy bot lane might play in playoffs too &nbsp;00:43:00 Aether wants to change the point system to qualify for worlds &nbsp;00:57:58 SpacePope20K predicts Bjergsen will go to worlds next year without TSM &nbsp;<stro
12/08/20192 hours 9 minutes 21 seconds
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Zeyzal zaps, week 6 lcs sucked, is TSM better than TL?, player loans

Timestamps for Episode 66 of Hotline League &nbsp;00:02:46 C9 Zeyzal Intro 00:11:44 Zeyzal's prediction against TL&nbsp; 00:13:37 Why was LCS Week 6 so bad?&nbsp; 00:23:14 Riot cancels LCS Finals Fan Meet&nbsp; 00:26:33 How to Call In&nbsp; 00:32:12 Bloodvault - How is the Academy Team working with LCS team&nbsp; 00:49:54 Phyrix - OPT has a chance for Playoffs&nbsp; <a href="
06/03/20192 hours 3 minutes 55 seconds
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Biofrost, TSM,CLG,FOX Results

Biofrost Blasts, what is wrong with 2017 TSM, CLG struggles, and Echo Fox's finesse on this episode of Hotline League number 14
21/02/20182 hours 2 minutes 15 seconds
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Saintvicious, 100/TSM Problems

Saintvicious joins us to talk about 100 Thieves arrested, TSM's problems, NA glory days, and more for episode 13 of Hotline League
14/02/20182 hours 11 minutes 59 seconds
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NA LCS Miami, GGS, New Partner

NA LCS is finally announced to be in Miami, Florida, how to help Golden Guardians, and news about a new partner. Welcome to Hotline League Episode 12
07/02/20182 hours 8 minutes 27 seconds
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Riot Dash, Analyst Desk, NALCS

Root Dash clashes! Overdone analyst desk narratives, CLG, Echo Fox, C9 and more. With your host Travis Gafford, TheeMarkZ, and special guest Riot Dash for episode 11 of Hotline League.
01/02/20182 hours 22 minutes
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TSM Suck, FOX #1, NALCS Week 1

TSM starts off 0-2 but do they really suck? Echo Fox starts off 2-0 with Huni leading the charge, are they number 1? Let's recap week 1 of the NA LCS on Episode 10 of Hotline League.
24/01/20182 hours 8 minutes 38 seconds
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NALCS Predictions, Ovilee, GGS

Episode 9 features Ovilee as a special guest host as we talk about predictions for the NA LCS, if Golden Guardians are Breaking Point 2.0, and more!
18/01/20182 hours 7 minutes 16 seconds
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Locodoco, GGS, Bo1's And More

Episode 8 brings hype to 2018! With special guest Locodoco, we discuss why GGS won't suck, how best of 1's will save NA, and more!
12/01/20182 hours 5 minutes 31 seconds
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2017 Busts, Wins, And Memes

Episode 7 marks the end of 2017 with the recollection of memorable events and stories from the year. Kelly, Mark, and Travis share their memories and bring on callers to share theirs.
19/12/20172 hours 4 minutes 27 seconds
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All Stars, Azael, TSM, & 100T

What's up with All Stars? Azael guest starsb TSM botlane, 100T top 2, and more of your calls for episode 6
13/12/20172 hours 1 minute 29 seconds
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All Star, Teams, & Salty Fans

This episode features Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and Kelly May talking with listeners about the All Star Event, the New NA LCS Teams, Salty Fans, and more call-in questions.
06/12/20172 hours 34 minutes 32 seconds
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Rosters, Nick Allen, IMT Noah

New LCS Rosters, CLG Nick Allen guest stars, IMT Noah Winston calls in, and more of your calls.
29/11/20172 hours 11 minutes 53 seconds
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Rosters, Teams, Steve | HL03

LCS Roster Rumors, new LCS teams, TL Steve, and your calls.
28/11/20172 hours 45 minutes 8 seconds
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Bo1S, Play-ins, And More | HL2

Discussing best of 1's in NA LCS, Play-ins for Worlds 2017, and more listener questions.
13/10/20171 hour 37 minutes 59 seconds