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English, Comedy, 4 seasons, 60 episodes, 1 day 7 hours 52 minutes
The day to day life of a teacher is a journey. A journey where you have no idea where you are going but you do know how you are going to get there… All aboard the Hot Mess Teacher Express! This podcast is for teachers who need to know they are not alone in their hot messes, empty plan books, mile-long to-do lists and just need a laugh or moment of understanding. Miss Jess Smith, your Conductor on this journey, is here to live, listen and relate to real teacher life and chat with some of your favorite teachers along the way. Grab your teacher fuel of choice, put that hair in a messy bun and welcome aboard the Hot Mess Teacher Express. Choo choo!
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This podcast is for Hot Mess Teachers who are riding the hot mess express with their hot messy buns on top of their heads. We will be talking real teacher life... Like that one time I found a 2-day old donut left in the teachers' room and I had it for lunch while making copies... We'll be finding humor in the everyday insanity, chatting with some of your favorite teachers, and just celebrating life on the hot mess teacher express. Choo choo! All Aboard. WATCH THE VIDEO TRAILER!Support the show: for privacy information.
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